Volume 10 Chapter 24 : Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation?


“Who wants to? By the way, didn’t you want me to leave before that? Why did you suddenly become like this?”

Lin Xiang really did not understand what Laura was thinking, the change suddenly happened so fast.

“What do you mean~ I didn’t want Brother Xiang to leave. Previously, I was just slightly teasing Brother Xiang.” Laura’s eyes looked straight at him. If he did not know her true character, he would have believed her by now.

“Laura, what are you doing?” The princess who was sitting next to Laura grabbed her arm, pulled Laura to herself, and said with her mouth close to Laura’s ear.

“What do you think I’m doing? Our food supply is so bad. Now that the Big Chef Brother Xiang is improving our food, shouldn’t we welcome him?” Laura said out loud without any worries. In fact, she did not have to speak so loudly, even Lin Xiang could hear the soft voice of the princess.

“You are so greedy, aren’t you afraid of getting fat?” The princess looked at Laura seriously.

“No, the fats are all gathered in the same place, in the same two places.” Laura lowered her head and looked at her two breasts that could be considered big breasts to women of the same age.

“You…” The princess was tongue-tied when Laura said that. After a long time, she finally spoke, “Did you forget what you said outside before?”

Laura moved her gaze slightly, with a far-fetched smile and pretended to be stupid, “What??? Why don’t I remember at all???”

“Although we have better food now, you still have to consider other people’s feelings too.” The princess got angry for some reason and stood up. The chair she was sitting on fell to the ground because of her sudden action.

“Sister Liz…” Seeing the princess frowned, Laura suppressed her smiling face and said with some complicity, “It doesn’t matter… I will protect him.”

“What…what are you two talking about?” Lin Xiang was baffled by the conversation between the princesses and Laura.

The princess wanted to speak, but she could not seem to say anything. Finally, she answered “Nothing,” and went upstairs.

“Sister Liz.” Laura, the greedy cat, did not forget to pick up a piece of ham fried egg in Lin Xiang’s bowl before leaving to chase the princess upstairs.

“So, what happened suddenly?” Lin Xiang watched Laura disappeared from the corridor and shook his head because of unknown reasons.

Valarie did not seem interested in those matters. Seeing the princess and Laura gone, she stood on the chairs, leaned over the table, picked up a large sea fish and ate it.


“Sister Liz~ What’s wrong with you.” The third floor was different from the second floor. It had several rooms, but among so many rooms, only one was a bedroom, and that was the pink room that Laura walked into now.

Liz sat on the bed, looking at Laura who came in, her gaze was blameful, “Although I know you are weird person and change decisions quickly, but you can’t let Lin Xiang stay. If Richie and the others really did trouble him, are you certain that you can protect him? What if he gets hurt?”

“He won’t. With me here, Richie and those other idiots won’t trouble him. For the sake of future meals, I will fight hard.” Laura squeezed her fleshy little hand. Her eyes were full of confidence.

“No. Richie is very despicable. Last time, I coached a newcomer Dragon Descendant. The next day, he ran away when he saw me, and I could see scars on his body.”

“I remember that. I still recalled Sister Liz went to find Richie for an explanation, right?”

“Yes, I cannot forgive his behaviour. Although he refused to admit it, I know it’s him…”

“I know, that’s how Sister Liz stopped coaching the male Dragon Descendants.”

“That’s right… I can’t let innocent people get hurt because of me. Alas… Now, Lin Xiang is involved… What should I do? I shouldn’t have asked the village chief to arrange this…” Liz said with a face of regret.

“In this case, we must not let him leave instead.”

“What are you talking about, Laura. Today, it’s lucky enough that Richie and the others hadn’t meet Lin Xiang.”

“Yes, but Sister Liz is a princess, and it’s the focus here. When I went to the town in the afternoon, many people witnessed Lin Xiang with us. Therefore, asking Lin Xiang to move out now would be a tantamount to harm him. Think about it, as long as he stayed here, at least there will definitely be security during the night or something. It is impossible for Richie and the idiots to sneak in here at night, right? In the morning training, we are all in the training grounds, and they surely do not dare to take action. In the afternoon, we just have to go with Lin Xiang, and then buy some food supplies on the way home. Won’t he be fine for the whole day?”

“That’s the way to say… but I always feel that your penultimate sentence is your main point… You are so concerned because he cooks delicious food.”

“No, it’s not. I’m just worried about his safety ~ Cooking is just the second reason.”

“Don’t play pretend in front of me. Others may not know you, but do you think I don’t understand you too?” Liz poked Laura’s forehead with her finger.

“Alright, I admit it. But I don’t understand how he discovered that I changed the seasoning. It was obvious that the girl was washing the fish at the time, so she didn’t see it.”

“Maybe his cooking was originally unpalatable, and you changed the seasoning to make it delicious.”

“Oh my God, I actually helped him unknowingly.” Laura acted like she was in a sudden realization.

“Do you really believe that?”

“No, how is it possible? Although I don’t know how to cook, I still know that it’s impossible. Sister Liz, I didn’t eat enough just now… I want to continue eating…”

“Okay, I’m also a little hungry. Lin Xiang’s food is really delicious, but I must explain to him about the current situation, so he can have a little precaution. I cannot let him get fall into danger without any conscious about the issue because of me.”

“Sister Liz, you can do whatever you want by yourself. Anyway, just let him stay here. It’s been a long time since I had such delicious home-cooked food.”

“Hey, I said before that you would marry a man who can cook. Why don’t you just choose him?” Liz joked.

“No, he is so weak, and I will have to protect him when the time comes. Also, I said that I will marry whoever Sister Liz marries. Of course, Sister Liz can never marry Richie and those bastards. Otherwise, I would rather die.”

“I won’t marry him, what nonsense are you talking about? Also, how can we marry the same person at the same time?” Liz squeezed Laura’s nose. She imagined that she would be marrying in the future, which made her really reluctant to leave Laura. However, if according to Laura, two people could marry the same person at the same time, then they could stay together, but wouldn’t that be too outrageous?

In Olipolia, no matter who the person was, there would only be one wife. That was the rule, even for the king. Liz was a more traditional girl, who naturally followed the customs and etiquette of her hometown. In the outside world, Liz did not bother to care if men had three wives and four concubines or if women had five or six husbands.

“Alright, Sister Liz, let’s go eat. If it is all eaten by that kid, it will be bad. Sigh~ Although it may have been stained with Lin Xiang’s saliva, it doesn’t matter, it’s all dissolved in the vegetable soup anyway.”

“You… don’t have to say it in such a disgusting way, okay… I really can’t stop you.”

When they left the room and was about to go downstairs, Laura told Liz that she went to the bathroom, so Liz walked downstairs alone.


Liz adjusted her breathing, and thought of ways to explain the situation to Lin Xiang. Even Valarie’s true identity also made her very confused.

Going down the spiral staircase, Liz looked towards the dining table… At that moment, she was still standing on the stairs when she saw a scene that made her yell, “You…what are both of you doing!!!”

————3 minutes ago

“Valarie, save some for them.” Valarie had gulped the four big fish that were remained as bones. Lin Xiang put the rest of the food on the clean plates he washed and left them to the princess and Laura because he knew that they must not have enough to eat.

What Laura said was right. If they ate the same dish from the same plate, it was equivalent to an indirect kiss. Of course, it did not matter if Lin Xiang ate their dishes, but who knew if they could eat his.

After the food was separated, Lin Xiang sat on the chair, picked up the chopsticks, and ate. He was very hungry because his dragon energy was consumed when he practiced the Dragon Roars. When he was preparing to get the second bowl of rice, Valarie who was next to him put down the fish bones, stretched out her tiny tongue and licked her fingers. She spoke to him, “Do you… have energy left… to use Dragon Roars.”

When Lin Xiang just stood up, he was stunned after hearing what Valarie asked.

Indeed, he did not have any dragon energy left for Dragon Roars, and he even had to learn the Dragon Roar of Madness the next day. But… if he wanted to supplement his dragon energy… he would have to kiss Valarie… That darned Yalide clearly refused to tell him the other ways… Even Freed was unsure of it. Therefore, the only way Lin Xiang knew of replenishing dragon energy is to absorb the dragon soul by kissing Valarie…

There was no chance to absorb the dragon soul for the time being. It was weird enough to kiss Valarie, after all, she was a child. If it was like a brother kissing the sister’s forehead, it would be fine. But the problem was the kiss on the mouth. It was very trivial no matter how, right? She is a kid. I am not even a lolicon.

“What’s the…matter. Don’t you want… energy. It looks like… you are very distressed… You came up…with this method so… why be distressed.”

“No, Valarie, do you know what it means for mouth-to-mouth?” Lin Xiang and Valarie looked at each other.

After pausing for a while, Valarie tilted her head suddenly, “It’s… mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

What is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Although mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was also mouth-to-mouth, it had a different meaning. How did she even know that vocabulary? Wait, she lived in my house before, and used a computer to watch animations or something, she probably knew it at that time.

“That’s not what I meant.” Lin Xiang sighed.

“I’ll stop joking… here.”

So, you were joking just now? I really can’t tell at all. By the way, does Valarie usually joke? Or, did I just never notice it?

“Mouth-to-mouth… is kissing.” Valarie spoke with a blank expression. Girls who said that usually blushed, right? At least that was what happened to Lin Xiang, as a boy, he even felt his face getting hot.

It’s hot because you feel guilty. You are too innocent,’ Yalide laughed.

‘Scram! I’m in this situation because of you,’ Lin Xiang really want to beat Yalide.

“Since you know, then I guess you also know the meaning.” Getting teased by Yalide made Lin Xiang felt less embarrassed again.

“Yes.” Valarie nodded, “However, I… did not feel anything… I never experienced it… before, so… what we did… is not kissing… but called… mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I need… you to become stronger… I need your… strength, so… it can be called… mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.” When Valarie said those words, her expressionless face looked serious.

Valarie was right… He needed to become stronger. If he kept insisting on protecting Valarie and Silent Water, he must have that ability… He looked at Valarie’s small peachy lips…

Lin Xiang! Valarie doesn’t mind so much anymore, in order to become stronger and protect them, it would be too unmanly for you to act sheepish like this. Besides, this can be regarded as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…

Lin Xiang gave himself a self-hypnosis.

“Valarie…I need your energy.” For the next day’s training, in order to become stronger, Valarie, I have to burden you.

“Ok.” Valarie nodded and stood up. The chair was about sixty centimetres high. After Valarie stood up and she was completely higher than him. She bent her knees and looked at Lin Xiang like that.

Lin Xiang gulped, even though he thought of it as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, he still felt nervous.

“I’m coming.”

Holding Valarie’s shoulder gently, he kissed her.

In fact, kissing is nothing more than that, it’s just mouth-to-mouth, just a slight touch.

Just when he thought about it, something unexpected happened, Valarie stretched out her small, slippery tongue, and kept colliding it with Lin Xiang’s stiff tongue.

Hey, this is not good... Just when he was about to separate himself away from her, a scorching sensation suddenly flowed to him from Valarie’s mouth. The scorching heat resonated with something into his body.

What flowed from Valarie’s mouth is… a flame?

Just when he was wondering what it was, a scream scared him and he quickly pushed Valarie away.

“What are both of you doing!!!” Following the voice, Lin Xiang saw the princess standing on the spiral stairs and looked at them in horror. Then, she quickly ran upstairs.

Valarie looked at the direction of the spiral staircase and shook her head slightly, “Just a little more… but I was obstructed… However, this kind of… energy-supplying method… is very convenient… and quick. Your body’s… dragon flame had increased… I believe that your… Fire Dragon Roar will improve… However, I can only… give you this much… Your body cannot bear… to take anymore… dragon flame… Of course, you… must learn the… fire control ability well… Otherwise, the dragon flame… you got can’t… be used normally.”

“Now is not the time to talk about this. Valarie. We should think about how to explain it to the princess.”

I’m doomed! The princess would definitely think that I was a pervert who forced a loli to kiss.

“Why… explain.”

“Because I’m afraid of being misunderstood by others. Valarie doesn’t want others to look at you strangely too, right?”

“It doesn’t matter.” She shook her head. Indeed, she did not care what others thought of her. After all, she did not even bother if she was seen naked.

“What’s the matter? Brother Xiang? Did you eat all the food?” Laura ran down at the moment and asked him hurriedly, then looked at the table to find some food left for them. She heaved a sigh of relief, and then showed a puzzled expression, “Brother Xiang, what’s wrong with Sister Liz?”

“Ah… I don’t really want to say it.” Lin Xiang would not make excuses to lie to Laura because she only needed to ask the princess to know that the princess just saw Lin Xiang and Valarie ‘transmitting energy’, of course the way it was passed was a bit strange.

“You don’t really want to say it? What are you afraid of? Just say it. Sister Liz ran upstairs just now and somehow talked about perverts. Brother Xiang, did she scold you?”

“It seems so.”

“So, what did you do? If Sister Liz says something like this, that means she really hated it… Brother Xiang, don’t think that the princess is usually very nice. When she met a person she hated, she could really show great despise. She wouldn’t even talk to them.”

After listening to Laura, Lin Xiang’s forehead showed beads of sweat.

Laura continued, “So, what did you do? I don’t want you to be kicked out. I still want to eat the food you cooked. Tell me quickly and see if I can help you solve it.”

“It’s kind of… hard to speak.”

“You… spit in the food?”

“How is that possible?”

“Phew~ Great. Then… you just used chopsticks to pick your nose?”

“Who would do that? It’s just that… I… just… well… did mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with her.” Lin Xiang placed his hand on Valarie’s head. At that time, Valarie nodded, “Yes… it was almost delayed… by that woman.”

Please, Valarie, what do you mean ‘delayed’?

“Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Delayed?” Laura raised her head slightly, blinked and looked at the ceiling, seeming to be thinking about the connections in those words. Suddenly, with an “Ah,” she took a step back, “Brother Xiang… did you…”

“That’s why I said it’s a misunderstanding.” Lin Xiang wanted to execute himself now.

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