Volume 10 Chapter 25 : Dramatic Life


“Misunderstanding? You have lied to this girl to play mouth-to-mouth resuscitation games. Aren’t you a ‘perverted uncle’? Oh my god,” Laura cupped her cheeks with both hands, “I’m so cute, don’t you want to teach me to play mouth-to-mouth resuscitation too?”

“I don’t want to! I never thought about it!”

“We are… not playing, but we… are doing… very serious… things.” Valarie seemed to be a little sensitive to the word ‘play’ that Laura mentioned, so she explained. However, that did not have any effect. Rather, it worsened the misunderstanding.

“Serious things? Brother Xiang, that’s amazing. This girl was fooled by you that she completely did not understand the situation.”

Damn! Lin Xiang covered his eyes with his hands.

“Valarie… let me explain… Don’t speak for the time being, it will make the misunderstanding deeper and worse…” Obviously, Valarie’s ‘serious thing’ that she referred was that it was a serious thing to supply him energy and make him stronger. However, when it came to Laura’s ears, it became a matter that Lin Xiang lied to the child about.

Valarie was a dragon, and he could not tell others that they were transferring energy just now. How could he explain?

“Brother Xiang, people say that I look like a child, but you must have look down on a girl like me who has a well-developed body, right?” Laura said as she stood up with chest that somehow could shake her breasts, Lin Xiang could not describe that situation. If he was really ‘perverted uncle,’ then he would have preferred someone her type instead…

“Sigh— don’t worry, I’m not interested in you.”

“Really! Great! Since you are really a Lolicon, if you are not interested in us, then there is no problem with keeping you. My future meals will depend on you to perfect.”

“That’s why I said, I am not a Lolicon, nor am I a ‘perverted uncle’.”

“I know, I know.” Laura smiled, but she clearly did not believe him.

Forget it, I won’t explain it anymore, the more I explain, the more troublesome it becomes. Anyway, after studying Dragon Roar and going home, it doesn’t matter what the princesses think of me, there will be very few interactions between us in the future, or maybe there will never be.

“By the way, if you are keeping me, aren’t you afraid that I am a big pervert and put strange things in the food?” He asked.

“Don’t be afraid, I heard from others that ‘perverted uncles’ only like Lolis. After all, they’re Lolicons. Naturally, they won’t be interested in normal girls like us.”

“Are you so willing to act sloppy for something delicious?”

“This is an action of belief in you. You should thank me, Brother Xiang, so you have to make me a lot of delicious food.”

“…Let’s talk about this later, are you sure you can keep me? The princess was…”

“Chill, Sister Liz loves me very much, I just have to talk to her, it should be no problem to keep you. But you can’t do these strange things anymore.”

“Whatever… It’s the same if I stay here or not… It was rather better to leave here.”

“No. You will be in trouble if you leave.”

“What’s the trouble?” Looking at Laura’s somewhat serious eyes, Lin Xiang did not feel like she was lying to him.

“Sister Liz is beautiful, isn’t it?” Laura said suddenly.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“And she is a princess, right?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s why the princess had a lot of admirers. Think about it, you are with us this afternoon, and you still stayed here, what will happen if those admirers know about it?”

“There will be trouble… Then won’t it be fine if I move out now?”

“Too naive, Brother Xiang.”

Laura told Lin Xiang some examples. For instance, the princess once taught a male Dragon Descendant, but he was maimed the next day, and could not take care of himself anymore in his future life. There was also a time when a boy confessed to the princess in public, but was trampled to death by a group of Dragon Descendants.

Lin Xiang was stunned for a moment. He did not know if those were the truth. Looking at Laura, who was always acting cute, looked so serious, he wanted to believe her. However, his heart was refusing it, telling him to not believe her.

Well, since what she said was quite reasonable, he chose to believe half of it for the time being.

Finally, Laura friendly patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, and said to him, “It’s alright, I will protect you, as long as you cook well,” then she proceeded to pack all the food he reserved for them into a large plate. After getting another large plate to fill the rice, she took the two plates to upstairs.

Sigh— Although Lin Xiang did not want to explain, it was still very uncomfortable to be mistaken for a Lolicon or something. All he hoped was that the misunderstanding could be resolved someday.

However, in order to protect Valarie, it did not matter to be misunderstood.


After clearing the dishes and washing them, Valarie and Lin Xiang went to the second floor. There was no movement on the third floor, only the lights in the stairwell were on. Lin Xiang wondered how Laura explained.

Arriving at the small living room and turned on the LCD TV, Valarie noticed a funny anime was broadcasting, so she watched it with great charm.

Pada pada—” After a while, there was a sound of slippers in the hallway entrance of the living room. Lin Xiang turned his head and looked over. Laura was wearing her slippers and standing there with her pyjamas.

“Brother Xiang, don’t worry, it’s fine for the time being, but you are not allowed to do anymore weird things and be seen by Sister Liz, otherwise I won’t be able to help you…”

“How did you explain it to her?”

“Don’t mind how I explain, just be careful anyway.”

“Well… what are you doing with your pyjamas?”

“To take a bath. Sister Liz is bathing upstairs, so I’m bathing downstairs. You are not allowed to peek at me when I bath. Otherwise, get ready to be settled by someone who admires me tomorrow.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Absolutely.” Laura blinked at Lin Xiang. Her eyes were full of tease, as if she was deliberately tempting him. That girl…was really not simple.

Lin Xiang turned his head and watched the TV. Laura also went to the bathroom on the side of the stairs.


“That’s great, our food supply is finally saved. I hope he won’t disgust Sister Liz and let her drive him out.” Laura stepped on the little slippers and pushed open the bathroom door.

The bathroom there was very tidy, every part of the tiles was very clean, and there was no stain on the ground.

A bathtub that could only allow one person to lie down was placed inside against the wall, with a shower head next to it. There was also a shelf for various shower gels and shampoos.

Laura walked to the bathtub and turned on the hot water switch. The steaming water jet fell on the bathtub, spattering numerous small drops of water.

“I’m exhausted today, I must take a good bath.”


In the bathroom with the same decoration as on the second floor, a girl with a curvaceous body was bathing in warm water from the shower head. The stream of water slid down the skin that was as soft as raw eggs, drawing a graceful curve.

The girl washed her face and exhaled, “What the heck is going on… If she is really the daughter of the Red Dragon Venus, why would she follow an ordinary boy? And did not resist… that pervert…” She really could not figure it out.

Liz wanted to confirm her own doubts now. Was the child named Valarie the daughter of the Red Dragon Venus?

“Brother Xiang—” At that moment, Liz heard Laura downstairs calling Lin Xiang’s name. After shouting for several times, Lin Xiang’s voice rang again, and then there was no sound. They should be talking quietly, right? What could they be talking about?

Liz had always had a headache for Laura, because as long as a person was approved by Laura, she would be very kind. Although Laura did not really accept Lin Xiang, but because of his cooking, it was enough to let Laura change her attitude towards Lin Xiang.

“She’s a greedy ghost anyway.” With a trace of helplessness and affection, Liz murmured with a smile.

Huh? Just when Liz wanted to wash her body with shower gel, she suddenly discovered that she had not brought the newly bought bottle of shower gel from the room.

Girls really fancied novel things very much. Liz naturally wanted to try the shower gel she just bought. It was only something that could be obtained in a short time, so Liz did not bother to turn off the shower head, so she wrapped her body in a bath towel and walked directly out of the bathroom. Because the body was not completely dry, there were small spots of water stains wherever she stepped on.


“Brother Xiang—”

While watching TV, Lin Xiang seemed to hear Laura calling his name. Was it an auditory illusion?

Lin Xiang ignored it and continued to watch TV.

“Brother Xiang—”

Again, this time he was sure that Laura was calling him.

What’s the matter? Wasn’t she taking a shower?

He got up from the sofa and walked to the bathroom. When he stood in front of the bathroom door, Laura called Lin Xiang again.

“What’s the matter?” He asked through the door.

“Brother Xiang, I got my clothes wet.” Laura’s voice came from behind the door. The corridor lights were darker, and the bathroom light was strong, due to the fact that Laura was leaning on her side, Lin Xiang could see her hot figure through the door made of special glass.

Quickly diverting his attention, Lin Xiang asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Help me get some clothes upstairs, just bring me a set of pyjamas.”

“Hey, the princess is up there. You want me dead, right?”

“Don’t you know that girls take a bath very slowly? Let me think, if it was as usual, Sister Liz should be wiping her body with shower gel now.”

“How do you know?”

“We always washup together, but today she said that she was in a bad mood and wanted to think about things by herself, so I came down. You think I’m not afraid of you peeking at me in the shower?”


“Hey, don’t be silent, I’m just joking. You are Lolicon, so I’m not afraid of you. Hurry up, go upstairs and help me get the pyjamas down. Just take whatever you see. It only takes one minute to get it done, so after you got it, just hurry down.”

“I dare not go.” Who knew if there would be any accidents?

“For the sake of my plea for you. Besides, you have already entered the room of Sister Liz and I that other Dragon Descendants in the village wished to enter, so go upstairs with a grateful heart.”

“Not the grateful heart for me.”

“Fine, don’t be sheepish anymore, hurry up. Oh, I see, you want to wait for me to go out naked after taking a shower.”

“Who thinks that?”

“Then, you must have wanted me to see me wearing wet clothes, to receive a wet temptation.”

“Alright, alright. I won’t be sheepish anymore. I’ll go.”

“You should’ve gone there ages ago. Hurry up. The room with the pink door.” Laura urged, and then the dreamlike figure on the door disappeared. She must have continued her bath.

Great, let’s do this in a jiffy.

Lin Xiang looked at the spiral staircase and suddenly realized that it was so long.

He tiptoed to the third floor. At that moment, there was a splashing sound of water from the bathroom at the top of the stairs. Was the princess taking a bath in it?

Hmm…just be quiet…Go into the room with the pink door and bring the clothes to Laura. Lin Xiang locked his eyes to the pink room at the end of the corridor.

He suppressed the sound of footsteps and walked forward. At that time, with a splat, he seemed to have stepped on some liquid. Looking at the floor, Lin Xaing was unsure why was there water.

The sound of water splashing from the bathroom in the back made him realize that he should not care about those trivial things. He just had to get the pyjamas quickly and hurry down.

However, even though he did not pay attention to the small stagnant water on the ground, it still appeared under his feet all the time, as if it was guiding him to the pink door. He felt something was getting odd.

When Lin Xiang came to the room, the door was open, revealing a gap. Just when he wanted to push it open, the door was suddenly pulled open, and a person with pink hair appeared in front of him. She also noticed him. She came out with letting her guard on, so she bumped into him, and took two steps back.


The princess’s bath towel originally wrapped around her body suddenly loosened and fell to the ground, her fair and tender body was unreservedly exposed in front of him.

The princess and Lin Xiang faced each other with surprises in their eyes.

Oh—yeah—’ Yalide let out a strange moan in his mind. The shower gel in the princess’s hand fell to the ground, and the next second, she screamed, “Ah!!!” The princess who was flustered at once acted rashly and pounced onto Lin Xiang, hugging him.

“You scumbag! Don’t look, don’t look!” The princess’s soft body pressed tightly against him.

“I didn’t look, I didn’t look. By the way, why don’t you let go!” Lin Xiang spread his hands in the air, not knowing where to put them. The princess’s hair was wet and it made his collar damp.

“You scumbag! If I let go, won’t you see everything! Scumbag!”

The two consecutive scumbags made him wanted to die. He really did not mean it. By the way, God are you kidding me? The more I don’t want accidents to happen, the more they happen?

“Go to die, go to die.” The princess hugged him tighter, her well-developed chest pressed against his chest, making him a little uncomfortable to breathe. Lin Xiang even heard her voice that had a hint of a crying tone.

“I… I’m really sorry, I’m sorry.”

“What’s the use of apologising! You scumbag! A scumbag that could not even spare children!” The princess yelled in his arms.

“In any case, I’m really sorry. Also, Princess, I will turn around now, and you can go in immediately.”

“Who would believe you. It’s better for me to do it. Hooo— Ha!”

A burst of powerful force hit Lin Xiang’s chest and blew him fiercely over a distance of more than ten meters. He almost hit the bathroom door.

“It hurts.” Lin Xiang shook his head and rested his hands on the ground. He heard a bang afterwards, and the pink door closed tightly.

Well— Fortunately, that woman used the Dragon’s Roar on you and reduced her power on purpose. Otherwise, you will definitely get hurt.’ Freed spoke to Lin Xiang in a smiley voice. Why does this guy seem like he’s enjoying it?

‘Huh? What are you talking about? It hurts me to death.’ Lin Xiang got up and looked at his body. Fortunately, there were no injuries, it just hurt a lot.

Remember when the lady was kidnapped and you used the Dragon’s Roar against the kidnappers? At that time, you were so immature, but because of the close range and they were unprepared, the usage of your Dragon’s Roar left them all half-disabled. You are not injured now, was not only because of your immunity as a half dragon, it was also due to the woman who reduced her power just now.

‘It’s true that the situation just now was similar to attacking the kidnappers. Our distance is also closer…’

Lin Xiang secretly thanked the princess that she still had some sanity.

But what should he do now? She might hate him even more.

How could it be possible? It is an absolute despise now.’ Freed’s words extinguished the flame of luck in Lin Xing’s heart like water.

‘Can I still save it…’

There’s no way in such a short time, because you’ve only known each other for a day, but don’t worry, take your time and let her discover your strengths. By then, the big problems will become smaller and the little ones will disappear.

‘Really…Should I explain now? Like how I just want to get clothes for Laura.’

Before Freed could speak, Yalide spoke first, ‘Don’t go! Don’t go! You silly boy, if you do, you can’t watch the temptation of that big girl, naked or wet. Ahem ahem, I mean, let that Laura explain it? This will be better.

‘In the end, you still want to see her body, don’t you? You perverted dragon Yalide!’ Lin Xiang really wanted to kill Yalide. Can’t Yalide think of anything else?

Well… it’s fine to explain or not to explain. Anyway, the fact that you were despised is certain. However, you still should explain, and take clothes to the girl who is bathing below. Now that you have a good relationship with the girl downstairs, then the misunderstanding may be resolved soon.


Don’t go, you kid! Don’t go. Just wait in front of the bathroom door on the second floor. Haiyah.’ Yalide made a voice as if he was disappointed that iron did not turn into steel.

When Lin Xiang came to the door, he could hear sobbing inside. It was reasonable, any girl would find it unacceptable when she was suddenly seen naked by a stranger.

He knocked on the door of the room, and the princess’s scolding voice came from inside, “What’s the matter with you, scumbag? Please leave when I am still sane.”

“About that…Princess, the reason I came up was to help Laura get the clothes. That fellow made her clothes wet. When I came up, I heard the sound of water running in the bathroom. I thought you were taking a shower, so I wanted to get the clothes quickly and just left. Who knows…”

“Enough! Stop talking!”

With a “click” the door opened a gap, and the princess who put on her clothes glared at Lin Xiang with reddish, tear-stained eyes. She tucked a set of clothes into his hands. Then with a “bang”, the door closed, “Hurry down. Don’t let me see you now, and don’t let me hear your voice.”

“Well…I still have to say in the end, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

After speaking, Lin Xiang turned and left.

Sigh— Too much happened that day, who would have thought that Laura, who was hostile to Lin Xiang at first, had a better attitude towards him. The princess who had a good attitude towards him turned hostile to him instead.

“This dramatic life… Sigh—” Lin Xiang took the clothes and walked down the spiral staircase.

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