Volume 10 Chapter 26 : Don’t… treat me… as a kid


The next morning, while Lin Xiang was still asleep, he suddenly felt his face poked hard by someone.


He opened his eyes, Valarie’s eyes were closed tightly and was curled up in his arms, still asleep. It was not Valarie that touched him, the owner of the finger that poked his face was…

Looking in the direction of the fingers, he saw Laura watching him and smiling condescendingly behind the sofa. She mouthed: Perverted uncle, Lolicon.

Sigh—Lin Xiang secretly sighed. He had no choice when it was Valarie who wanted to sleep beside him. Fortunately, he stopped Valarie from undressing before going to bed last night, otherwise things would get worse now.

Lin Xiang moved his body back slightly, and the light movement woke up the sleeping Valarie.

Opening her eyes, Valarie’s hollow eyes looked at him and then at Laura above him, as if she did not know what was going on.

In fact, Lin Xiang was also unsure why Laura got up so early and called him up.

It might be that when Valarie was awake, Laura simply let go of her voice and spoke. She laid on the back of the sofa, pouting and said coquettishly, “Brother Xiang, I’m hungry. I want to have breakfast.”

Lin Xiang looked at the clock, and it was not even six o’clock, “Didn’t you eat a lot last night? Why have you got hungry so soon?”

“It’s because of you. I didn’t expect you to be so lucky that you could meet Sister Liz when getting a piece of clothing. I comforted her for a long time, until late at night. Look, I have panda eyes now.” Laura brought her face closer, and pointed at the bags under her eyes.

Indeed, compared to yesterday, she had dark circles today.


“It’s nothing, it’s my fault, too.”

After listening to Laura, Lin Xiang suddenly realized that she was not so unreasonable after all. Now that he spoke to her in an ordinary way, and when he looked at her up-close, he felt that she was cuter than before.

“Well, there are still leftovers from last night’s meal. There are ham and eggs in the refrigerator. Let’s have fried rice with egg and ham for breakfast.” Lin Xiang pressed down his curled-up bed hair and sat up.

“Great!” Laura yelled happily next to him, making his ears tingle. After all, her face was very close to him.


While he was making breakfast, Laura and Valarie watched TV upstairs. The production of fried rice with egg and ham was very simple. In less than twenty minutes, a pot of steaming fried rice was completed.

“Hope the princess will feel better today.” Lin Xiang murmured, and placed the rice into several bowls. Among them, Valarie’s portion was the most, accounting for almost third-fifth from the whole pot of rice.

The previous day, Valarie supplied some dragon flames when transferring dragon energy to him. Freed said that Valarie took Lin Xiang very seriously, which consumed at least one-third of her own energy. This time, unlike before, she could not recover in half a day because the formation of dragon flame was even more troublesome.

Lin Xiang reached to the bottom of the stairs and shouted to the top, “Hey, time for breakfast.”

As soon as he finished shouting, Lin Xiang realized something was wrong again, because the princess was still sleeping.

“Coming!” Laura the greedy cat responded loudly, and it was hard for the princess not to wake up this time.

With rushed footsteps, Laura came down quickly wearing slippers. Then the first thing she did was hurrying to the dinner table, “Great! Is this super large portion for me? No problem, let me eat it all up.”

“That’s for Valarie.” Lin Xiang reminded.

“What? It’s not fair. This plate is so big and the others are so small.”

“Well… she is growing up and needs to eat more. You see, your figure is so good, so you don’t need to eat anymore.”

“No, it’s not. These breasts are big and it consumes energy. I should eat more.” Lin Xiang thought she would give it to Valarie if he praised Laura, but who knew she could give such a reason.

“Hey, kid, is it fine to give yours to me? Anyway, you don’t seem to be able to grow any bigger. This suits the requirements of the Lolicon too.”

Valarie walked down slowly and looked at Laura who was hogging the big plate. She looked at the bowls on the table, and said, “Doesn’t matter,” She walked to the table, picked up the small bowl, and started eating.

Hearing Valarie’s answer, Laura did not bother her any further and started to eat after picking up the spoon.

“Valarie… I’m sorry.” Lin Xiang thought that he should have cooked more rice just now and fried it with the previous old rice. That way, Valarie would not have to eat so little.

“It’s fine. I don’t really… like rice. Later… go to the… big house and… eat fish.”

The big house that Velia was referring to was probably the restaurant. So far, Lin Xiang found that Valarie did not have any favourite food other than fish and snacks. Since she wanted to eat fish, they must go to the restaurant later.

Thinking about that, Lin Xiang also sat on the chair and ate breakfast.

Because of the small bowl, Valarie and Lin Xiang finished eating in one go. The bowl and chopsticks that Valarie had used were so clean like they were washed.

On the contrary, Lin Xiang’s eating style was not very beautiful. There was still a lot of rice on the sides of the bowl. However, Laura was still eating. Was she always so rough when eating in front of others?

Gada, Gada.” At that time, there were waves of footsteps coming from the spiral staircase. Lin Xiang looked over and saw the princess slowly walking down while holding onto the armrests. The princess was wearing a white lace dress, which added a noble and pure temperament to her. However, her face looked a little haggard with obvious dark circles under her eyes. It seemed that…the incident last night was a knowing blow to her spirit.

Sorry, princess. Lin Xiang silently apologized to the princess with his eyes.

After the princess walked down, as if she had not seen him, she walked to the refrigerator and opened the door of the refrigerator.

“Sister Liz, what’s the matter?” Laura asked as she chewed her rice.

“Cooking something and eat.” Lin Xiang could tell that the princess’s tone had a hint of coldness. Of course, it was not addressed to Laura, but it was for Lin Xiang.

“Brother Xiang made delicious fried rice. Sister Liz, come and have a taste.”

“Who did you say made fried rice? Why can’t I hear anything?”

It seemed that the princess wanted to completely ignore him. In other words, Lin Xiang was a transparent person to her now.

“Uh…” Laura glanced at him, and pouted at him. She swept her eyes towards the kitchen exit, motioning him to leave.

Both Valarie and Lin Xiang were full, so in order not to disturb Laura from helping him intercede with the princess, he took Valarie and left.

Walking out of the house, the weather was very good. Today was not as cloudy as yesterday. The sky was blue. There were a few cotton-like white clouds floating above, dyed crimson by the rising sun.

Some little flying dragons flew past the sky, seeming to be chasing and playing with each other. Their calls from time to time added a touch of vitality to that quiet street.

It was already 6:30am, but the street was still empty and there were no pedestrians. It seemed that the nobles all slept very late.

Lin Xiang stretched his waist and walked towards the restaurant with Valarie.

After walking a long distance and probably leaving the noble residences, soon, there were more people on the streets.

The Dragon Descendants in robes talked and laughed. With groups of two or three, they headed towards the same place, the restaurant.

At the same time.

“Yo, Lin Xiang. And Valarie too. Good morning.” With a voice of high spirit, Lin Xiang was slapped heavily on the shoulder. He turned his head to see that it was Nia, who was smiling at him. Bemiru was there as well.

“Good morning to both of you too.” He smiled at them.

“You didn’t eat together with us yesterday afternoon, why? You didn’t learn the Tyrannosaurus Roar well? Thought of giving up?” Nia walked next to him and walked side by side with the duo. Bemiru also followed and walked to Valarie’s side.

“I didn’t think of giving up. I was just too tired from practicing yesterday, so I went back early.”

“Really? Hard work is a good thing, but you have to take care of yourself. Don’t rush for success and make yourself tired. Like when I practiced the Tyrannosaurus Roar before, I was very desperate, if it wasn’t for the princess to tell me that these things can’t be rushed and give me some advice, maybe I would have fainted while practicing.”

“Yes, I know, thank you for your reminder. However, I have already learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar.”

As soon as the words came out, Nia and Bemiru looked at Lin Xiang abruptly.

What’s the matter? Why look at me with such surprise?

“Hey, Lin Xiang, we are all friends. It’s fine to make jokes, but you can’t lie.” Nia raised her index finger and shook it in front of Lin Xiang, signalling him to remember that.

“Yes, yes, especially not to deceive friends.” Bemiru also nodded.

“About that… how do I say… I really learned… yesterday afternoon.” Lin Xiang touched the back of his head and smiled embarrassedly. If he knew they did not believe it, he would not have said it in the first place.

“It’s a lie, right? Did you really learn it?” Nia and Bemiru ran up to his front and stopped. They looked at him as if looking at a rare animal, then shook their heads, “We don’t believe you.”

“Alright, yes… I don’t know… I was lying to you two.”

“But it doesn’t seem right. The look in your eyes just now was so serious.”

“Yes, yes. We are friends and choose to believe in you. However, when you arrive at the training grounds, you will have to give us a demonstration. We need to know that you also treat us as friends and won’t lie to us.”

The mindset of foreigners… how to put it… well, it felt pretty good. Their way of making friends was to meet frankly and continue being friends if they trusted each other.

In that case, I can’t let them down.

“Of course, no problems.” Lin Xiang nodded vigorously, “By the way, why are you two so early today?”

“I feel that I’m able to release the Dragon Roar of Madness soon, like I was about to grasp that feeling. That’s why I plan to come early and practice.” Nia said so, showing a confident smile.

“How about Bemiru?”

“Me too, I can make half a syllable since yesterday, so I have to make a breakthrough today.”

“Really…” Lin Xiang nodded secretly, it seemed that learning Dragon Roar was really difficult.

“Lin Xiang, if you learned Tyrannosaurus Roar, what kind of Elemental Dragon Roar will you learn next?” Nia suddenly asked him.

“Huh? What?”

“Like, which Elemental Dragon Roar do you prefer, such as electricity, water, or something else. For me, I want to learn the Wind Dragon’s Roar.”

“As for me, I think the Thunder Dragon’s Roar is pretty good.”

Niaa and Bemiru both shared the Elemental Dragon Roar they wanted to learn. As for Lin Xiang, it would certainly be the Fire Dragon’s Roar.

“Maybe, the Fire Dragon’s Roar.” He said so.

“The Fire Dragon’s Roar? This is not bad.”

“There are many people who learned the Fire Dragon’s Roar. If you want to learn it, it should be easy, because there are many seniors you can ask.”


I already know the Fire Dragon’s Roar, but I’ll not share this for now.


When they reached the restaurant, there were not many people at that time. The auntie who was in charge of the rice saw Valarie and Lin Xiang entering and smiled happily at them. Needless to say, when they walked over and she already supplied them two good plates of sea fish.

“Thank you, aun… Big sister.”

“Haha—” After hearing what he said, the auntie’s smile could not suppress itself even more, “You guys, eat more, it’s fine to come back for more if you don’t have enough.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Lin Xiang gave his gratitude again, found a table with Valarie, and sat down.

“Lin Xiang, can’t believe you are quite good in talking.” Later Nia and Bemiru sat opposite Lin Xiang with their plates, and gave him playful smiles.

Indeed, calling an auntie as a big sister… is indeed a bit…

“Well… it’s fine. Do you guys eat only this in the morning?” Lin Xiang looked at their plates and changed the topic.

Nia and Bemiru’s plates contained some fruit and vegetable salad, as well as a few square breads. Could they be full with just that for breakfast?

“We are girls, of course we have to pay attention to our diet. You are a boy you, so you don’t need to care much about it.”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang could not really hear her, but it was probably about losing weight or something.

Nia and Bemiru had very good figures. Although they were wearing long robes, he could still see how hot their figures were. After all, foreigners were relatively precocious, and it should probably be due to their diet.

Lin Xiang had a chat with the girls about the Dragon Roar of Madness, and he finally understood why Dragon Descendants needed to learn the Dragon Roar of Madness first before learning the Elemental Dragon Roars.

The reason was that the Dragon Roar of Madness consumed more dragon energy. Learning it was equivalent to having enough dragon energy to learn the Elemental Dragon Roars. The Dragon Roar of Madness was a like a basic step of the Elemental Dragon Roars. It was very difficult to learn and some people could not learn it for a year. Nia and Bemiru said that those were all based on talent.

After breakfast, the number of Dragon Descendants who came to the restaurant gradually increased. After returning the bowls and chopsticks to the recycling area, Lin Xiang and the others went to the training grounds.


The practice field outside Parche Village was originally a forest connected to the distant forest, but in order to allow the young Dragon Descendants to have a good practice environment without causing a series of troubles, the village chief and the people levelled the woods into a flat ground. It was the most suitable area for releasing Dragon Roars. There were no obstacles from the woods and stones, it was also easier to observe the release distance of Dragon Roars.

There were no other people on the current training grounds, only the four of them. Nia and Bemiru had not forgotten that they asked Lin Xiang to cast the Tyrannosaurus Roar. Once they came, they wanted him to start immediately.

Facing the distant forest, Lin Xiang took a deep breath, “Hooo— Ha ge—!”

The loud roar was accompanied by a strong energy group, the small rocks on the ground all sputtered forward because of the energy released, raising specks of dust.

“Wow! Lin Xiang, are you a genius? You really learned it in one day!” After Nia and Bemiru looked at them, they all showed surprise expressions. It was clear that they were happy for him.

“It’s fine, I guess.” Seeing Nia and Bemiru reactions, Lin Xiang scratched his head embarrassedly. They really regarded him as friends. After all, the expression of surprise could not be faked.

“What do you mean ‘it’s fine’? Tell me how you did it, and what tricks do you have?” Nia’s eyes showed excitement, and Bemiru looked like she really wanted to know the secret behind it.

“How do I say it? I don’t know too well anyway, just practice a little more, find that feeling, and then grab onto it.”

“We know this, you really don’t have any tricks? If you treat us as friends, you have to share it with us.”

“There’s really none.”

“Really… But it seems so… Learning Dragon Roars are like learning a language, which requires your own ability and talent. Lin Xiang, you have a really good condition. You learned the Dragon’s Roar on your own, and now you learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar in a day. If you are able to learn the Dragon Roar of Madness in two days, then you are definitely faster than the nobles’ progress.”

“How can I compare myself with the nobles? Didn’t you want to practice the Dragon Roar of Madness? Why don’t you let me see it?”

“There’s no problem with that, but I can only make half a syllable.” Bemiru said as she straightened up her posture, faced the forest in the distance, and took a deep breath, “Hooo— Ha ge… l…!”

Bang!” A group of energy stronger than the Tyrannosaurus Roar flew straight forward, and disappeared after flying about 15 meters.

“Ha— Phew—” Heaving a big sigh, Bemiru smiled and shook her head, “Did you see it? I got stuck there, I want to say it but I can’t. But I know, soon, I will be able to grasp that feeling.”

“Bemiru is so good, I have to learn half a syllable quickly.” Nia said, and began to practice. It made Lin Xiang wanted to start training now.

“Nia, Bemiru, can you teach me about the last syllable, ‘Li’?” He asked them both.

“This…No way, we are not proficient enough with that word. Lin Xiang, if you want to learn, just wait for your tutor to teach you.”

“Oh, like this…” Lin Xiang responded with slight regret.

Valarie pulled his clothes and whispered, “If you want to learn… come with me.”

Come with Valarie? Does Valarie know the Dragon Roar of Madness?

Lin Xiang asked with some doubts, “Valarie, you know that?”

Valarie nodded, “Isn’t it… normal for me… to know.”

“Oh— That’s amazing.” Lin Xiang could not help holding Valarie and spun around in circles. She was really great. He thought that she was one of the kinds who could treat him sincerely, aside from Silent Water, Satsuki and the others. It was obvious that their races were different, but she was able to do so.

“Ahem ahem… Put me… down.” Valarie, who was in his arms, patted his chest, a trace of crimson appeared on her face, “Don’t…treat me…as a kid… I will be angry.”

“Oh, sorry, sorry.” Hearing Valarie said that she would be angry, Lin Xiang quickly put her down, Nia and Bemiru who were practicing both exchanged inexplicable glances.

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