Volume 10 Chapter 27 : Join Our Gang


After lying to Nia and Bemiru that he was taking Valarie to the toilet in the nearby woods, Lin Xiang and Valarie walked to the side forest.

In the forest, the sounds of birds, cicadas, and crickets formed a beautiful symphony. The breeze blew and the leaves rustled, as if they were an accompaniment. At that moment, the woods were full of the summer feels.

Valarie was standing under a big tree, seemingly waiting for Lin Xiang to confirm that he was ready. He took a deep breath, refreshed his thoughts, and nodded to her.

After seeing his nod, Valarie closed her eyes. Soon, her eyes opened suddenly and made a heavy voice to the ground, ‘Li’.

It had a very strange text structure like ‘Ge’. The syllable ‘Li’ exuded smoke-like gas, as if it had been inserted into the ground. It gleamed with a faint light from time to time on the ground.

Boy, close your eyes, feel the airflow and absorb it.

Following Freed’s words, Lin Xiang closed his eyes to feel the said airflow. In fact, he was unsure how to feel it. Just like how he used to learn the Fire Dragon’s Roar, all he did was just feeling the heat, and then somehow learned it. Now that there was no hot feeling, he really did not know what to do.

Without the heat, you can still feel the energy similar to the Tyrannosaurus Roar.

‘The same energy as the Tyrannosaurus Roar?’

Lin Xiang closed his eyes. Needless to say, there was darkness in front of him. However, if he felt it seriously, he seemed to be able to see a faintly glowing bright spot in the dark. It was that, right?

Just after he found the bright spot, his chest felt as if it was suddenly hit by something. A syllable of ‘Li’ was deeply engraved in his mind. When Lin Xiang opened his eyes, a luminous air stream floated around him and submerged into his body. A group of thin energy similar to the Tyrannosaurus roar, but not exactly the same, also poured into his body. Is this the energy that accompanies the syllable?

The occurring of the series of events made Lin Xiang’s breathing felt a little uncomfortable. It took a while before he slowly recovered.

“As always, you… have great… absorption power… You have… an awesome… talent.” The syllable ‘Li’ that was on the ground disappeared, as if it never existed. Valarie stood in front of Lin Xiang, looking up at him.

“Valarie actually taught me well.” He smiled and patted her on the head.

“I said before… don’t… treat me… as a kid… I am far more… mature than… what you have seen.” Valarie blocked Lin Xiang’s hand and looked at him with serious eyes.

Strange, what happened to Valarie? She would never say that when he did that before. Lin Xiang could not help but wonder.


“Ah, Lin Xiang, I have learned the pronunciation of half a syllable.” Returning to the training grounds, Nia was very excited and waved to him, sharing her joy.

“Oh~ That’s awesome.” Lin Xiang responded to Nia with a smile, and looked at Bemiru again. At the moment, she was closing her eyes and adjusting her breathing.

“Bemiru is about to successfully learn the Dragon Roar of Madness. Let’s just wait and see.” Just when Nia finished speaking, “Hageli!” A loud roar sounded, echoing across the empty flat ground, shaking the air around them.

“Succeeded! I succeeded!” Bemiru looked at the energy group gradually dissipating in the distance, and jumped up happily. Nia also gave a loud cheer and hugged Bemiru.

“I knew you could learn it today, Bemiru.”

“Yeah. After studying for a month, finally! I have learned the Dragon Roar of Madness! Once I practice and become familiar with it, I can learn the Elemental Dragon Roar soon.”

“That’s great. I have to learn the Dragon Roar of Madness as soon as possible too. However, Bemiru, if you want to learn the Elemental Dragon Roar, you have to leave our team…” As Nia spoke, her tone changed from joy to reluctancy.

“What stupid thing are you talking about? Even if I get to other teams, I will still be with you guys.” Although Bemiru said so, the sadness on her face could not be suppressed and it was vaguely revealed.

It was understandable for them to be like that. The bond between the weak was to value each other and empathize with each other. It was precise that they could understand each other because they were a relatively weak person and were also looked down upon by others.

“Friends, would not quit friendship just because they were separated. I used to fight with a good friend. After the fight, he dropped out and went to another school. I thought I would never be able to bid him goodbye, but recently, we met again, and we were still fighting…”

“What is that, Lin Xiang? Have you and your good friend become enemies?” Nia and Bemiru were quite amused by Lin Xiang’s inexplicable words.

He was not joking though, “Listen to me. Although we had a fight, I found that we are still good friends because we have never forgotten each other. As long as we remember the other in our hearts, he is still my friend. No matter how long the duration is or what happened, friends, will remain as friends. You are not going here and there either, just changing teams. When we are eating or when we come to the training grounds, aren’t we still staying together?”

“What… Lin Xiang, you are so good in talking. Good, then I’ll have to practice quickly too. Bemiru, let’s see who can learn more Dragon Roars in the future.”

“Bring it on. But you should learn the Dragon Roar of Madness first.”

“I’ve already learned half a syllable. I will be quick.”

Seeing them so energetic, Lin Xiang knew that he could not relax himself either. At that time, he really wanted to try the Dragon Roar of Madness, but Nia and Bemiru were there…

“Hey, if I could unleash the Dragon Roar of Madness, what would you do?” Lin Xiang asked them.

“What would we do? It will be a matter of time before you learn anyways. When that happens, let’s go celebrate together.”

“No, I mean, right now…”

After hearing what he said, Nia and Bemiru hesitated for a while, as if they had not reacted to what he said. After a long time, Nia smiled and said jokingly, “If you can now, I will be your girlfriend immediately.”

“Me too.” Bemiru also nodded.

“Well… forget about the girlfriend thing. It’s fine as long as we can still get along as friends.”

“Listening to your tone, it seems that you really can?” Nia raised her eyebrows, revealing a puzzled expression. Her aquamarine eyes kept staring at him.

“Well… indeed…” Just when he was about to say “I can,” there was a noise from their side, speaking in English, “Hey, that boy over there.”

Looking towards the source of the voice, Lin Xiang saw several boys in robes approaching them.

“Lin Xiang, aren’t they calling you?” Nia asked him in a low voice.

“It seems so, yeah.” Lin Xiang looked at the few people who arrived and saw the disdain and arrogance on their faces. Although it was unclear what they want, but at a glance, it was certain that the people who came had no good intentions.

“They are from other teams. They arrived here less than two weeks ago, yet they all are able to unleash the Dragon Roar of Madness. They haven’t fully mastered it though, so they have not yet learned the Elemental Dragon Roar. Their characters are not very good, and they often bully those Dragon Descendants who are not as powerful as them. Lin Xiang, what did you do to offend them?” Bemiru clearly felt that the other party’s intention was not simple, and her expression was a bit confused.

“I don’t know…” Lin Xiang now suspected that they were all followers of the princess, as Laura said. They must have saw him and the princess yesterday, so they came for trouble.

“May I know what do you guys want from me?” Lin Xiang also responded in English.

“Early in the morning, I saw you with three girls here. You that amazing?” The one who was leading seemed to be an Eastern person like him. His looks were considerably fine. He crossed his hands, stood in front of Lin Xiang, and asked smugly.

“I’m not amazing, I’m just asking them for advice.”

“Yes. Guan Jieyan, don’t make trouble.” Nia stood in front of Lin Xiang and spoke to the boy in Chinese.

Guan Jieyan (关杰严guān jié yán*) … That name… was amazingly weird. It was like a certain disease, arthritis (关节炎guān jié yán*) or something, especially when it was spoken in Chinese. [T/N: Hahaha, same pronunciations in Chinese!]

“I’m not making trouble, are you new here? Where are you from?” The boy named Guan Jieyan looked at Lin Xiang and asked.


“China? It’s the same as me, hmm… We’re from the same country, so it’s a bit difficult to handle…” Guan Jieyan murmured.

“He is our friend, don’t think of bullying him. Let me tell you something, I also learned the Dragon Roar of Madness.” Like Nia, Bemiru also stood in front of Lin Xiang. Although he was indeed very touched, but letting girls protecting him or something made him question his existence as a boy. Also, did he look so weak? Well… it did look very weak… After all, the book-judging in humanity was a very common problem.

“Learned the Dragon Roar of Madness? That’s amazing. You obviously learned it for more than a month.”

“You… don’t think that you can look down on others casually just because you have better talents.” Lin Xiang could not see Bemiru’s expression at the moment, but judging from the constant shaking of her shoulders, she should be furious.

“Of course, I can look down on others casually. Learning Dragon Roars needs talent! Without talent, you can only do nothing. When we train and slay dragons, you can only plant in the fields.”

“Yes, yes, this is the truth.”

Guan Jieyan’s companions followed suit.

“Hmph! You can only brag with us ordinary people. If you have the ability, why don’t you brag to the middle-ranked, high-ranked Dragon Descendants, and the nobles?” Nia was slightly agitated.

“I will. One day, we will surely do this. We will step on those nobles and everything, and become the new nobility. By then, I will also marry the princess.”

“Hey, the princess is mine.”

“What do you mean she’s yours? She’s mine, alright?”

Speaking of the princess, Guan Jieyan and his companions had some small fights between them.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to wait till your death day to do that.” Nia let out a fake spitting noise when she heard them imagining to marry the princess.

“That’s all, we won’t talk about this anymore.” Guan Jieyan comforted his companions, then looked at Nia and smiled, “Heh– I don’t care about women so much. Hey, you, for the sake that both of us are Chinese, I’ll exempt the treatment for newcomers. Why don’t you join our gang? What can you discuss with the ladies who have learned something for so long? Just join us. Also, seeing your weak dragon spirit, you must have learned the Dragon’s Roar only, right? Don’t worry, we will teach you the Tyrannosaurus Roar.”

Huh? It seemed that they did not come because of the princess.

“Who wants your teaching? He already…” Just when Nia wanted to explain that Lin Xiang had already learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar, Lin Xiang patted her on the shoulder. She turned her head and looked at Lin Xiang, to see that he was shaking his head to her.

Nia knew that he wanted her to not speak out, so she said to him reproachfully, “Don’t be so humble, that’s how they look down on people.”

“It’s fine.” Lin Xiang looked at Guan Jieyan and the others, and smiled, “My name is Lin Xiang, Guan Jieyan, right? I’m very happy with your invitation, but I don’t want to be a follower. If we be friends, then I’m alright with that.” Lin Xiang left behind Nia and Bemiru and walked in front of Guan Jieyan.

“Friend? You are not qualified for that yet.” Guan Jieyan narrowed his eyes slightly and looked like he really deserved some punches.

Where did they get their confidence from? Were they really that happy to bully someone weaker than themselves? What should Lin Xiang do now? Try the Dragon Roar of Madness on them? No, it would hurt them. The other party would not dare to use Dragon Roars at them eithers, so they must be using only the number of people to brag to others.

“Really? Then, I’m sorry, I won’t join your gang. I don’t want to bully others with you.” Lin Xiang narrowed his mouth and put on a “come-hit-me” face.

“Hey, aren’t you an arrogant boy? It’s your honour when we asked you to join us.” A foreigner with black hair and blue eyes who was taller and stronger than Lin Xiang walked a few steps forward, standing next to Guan Jieyan. The look in his eyes seemed like he wanted to eat him, but such threats were useless to him.

Lin Xiang did not answer, just shrugged.

“Boy, either you follow the orders or face the consequences. I can still knock you down without using Dragon Roars.” The foreigner was very fluent in Chinese, and as soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out his big hand and attempted to grab Lin Xiang’s collar. Guan Jieyan took a step back, and it seemed that he did not intend to intervene.

OK, so you decide to initiate a move first.


Lin Xiang looked at the quick movement of the hand that the blue-eyed boy stretched out. With a calm expression, Lin Xiang slightly turned his side to avoid getting grabbed, and grabbed one of the blue-eyed boy’s hands. He held the boy’s chest with his back, then pulled hard with both hands and bowed his body. With a beautiful over-shoulder fall, the blue-eyed boy’s huge body leaped into the sky, forming an arc, and “bang!”, he fell to the ground head-on with a grim and painful expression.

The people present did not seem to have reacted, because all that only took three seconds, from the blue-eyed boy grabbing Lin Xiang to the moment he fell to the ground.

Nia and Bemiru, who watched the boy fell in front of them, screamed in fright. After a few steps back, they looked at the boy on the ground blankly.

However, the foreigner was a strong person after all. With a few coughs, he climbed back up. His dark grey robe was covered with dust.

“What’s with this sudden attack!” The boy looked at Lin Xiang very angrily. He never thought that Lin Xiang would actually use close-range skills.

“Oh? I attacked you? That’s really embarrassing.” A smile appeared on the corner of Lin Xiang’s mouth.

“Bastard!” The boy was only furious for a while, that’s why he said that. Everyone knew that he attacked Lin Xiang first. Now that Lin Xiang talked back at him, the boy was even fuming with rage. His embarrassing self was seen by his companions, and even by three girls. Boys, especially the young ones, really treasured their dignity.

“Hooo–” The boy took a deep breath, and Lin Xiang knew what he wanted to do. Guan Jieyan and others also stopped him, “No.”

“Ha–” To everyone’s expectations, the boy just heaved a big sigh, “Although I am darn furious, it’s not worth it to deal with a weak Dragon Descendant like you with a Dragon Roars. Come on, let’s fight with our fists.”

After the boy finished speaking, he put on a boxing pose.

“Oh? You want to fight me with bare hands?” Lin Xiang smiled and shook his head, “In fact, it doesn’t matter if you use Dragon Roars.”

“Stop underestimating people. Ya!” The boy swooped his strong fist as he aimed for Lin Xiang’s stomach. That kind of attack with no fighting styles had no effect on Lin Xiang, who used to treat fights as food.

With a jump backwards, the boy’s fist hit the air, and Lin Xiang rushed forward again to punch the boy’s fist that was just retracted. Lin Xiang was about to continue with an attack on his face…

Puff–” The boy’s head twisted back under the attack, spitting out some saliva. His body was driven by his head. He turned around, and then fell to the ground.

“That’s amazing.” Looking at his dizzy companion, Guan Jieyan showed an interested smile, “Since we were from the same country, I planned to let you go though. Heh, Lin Xiang, right? You thought you are so great with close-range skills? However, no matter how great you are, can you beat so many of us?”

Guan Jieyan and the rest of his companions lined up in a row, all staring at Lin Xiang, everyone’s fists clenched tightly.

“Hey, don’t mess around.” Nia and Bemiru were a little scared. There were seven people on the other side, while Lin Xiang only had himself. With such a huge gap in numbers, how could Lin Xiang win?

“Hmm–” Lin Xiang laughed, and shook his hand to relax his muscles and bones, “Do you know, I haven’t fought empty-handed for a long time, I feel my fists are about to rust.”

Hooo–” A gust of wind blew as Lin Xiang’s black hair swayed numerous times. His black pupils reflected the seven figures that were rushing towards him.

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