Volume 10 Chapter 28 : Dragon Roars Exchange


“Phew—” Lin Xiang brushed his hands, looked at Guan Jieyan and the others who moaned as they fell on the ground. Lin Xiang could not help shaking his head. They had no skills at all in their fights. They just thought that they could defeat their opponents just with more numbers and power. Well, in the world where there was magic, combat skills, and Dragon Roars, it was true that judo and boxing were unnecessary.

“Not bad… Lin Xiang. But if we compare our Dragon Roars… Boy, you are far worse.” Guan Jieyan smiled painfully while clutching his stomach.

Except for the blue-eyed boy who started the fight, Lin Xiang did not hit them on the head, or on the face. Almost all of them were hit on the stomach with a punch or kick, causing them to temporarily lose their combat effectiveness. Stomach was a very fragile part. Once the hit vibrations oscillated to the stomach, a person would lose strength.

“But all of you didn’t use Dragon Roar, and there should be regulations in the village that Dragon Descendants cannot use Dragon Roar to dispute. Therefore, in close combat, if you lose to me, that means you lose.”

“Heh, indeed… if there were no regulations… you would have flown to the forest over there.” Guan Jieyan sat up.

“Boy… enjoy the feeling of this short victory all you want now. After this… we will apply for a Dragon Roars Exchange from the instructor to coach you or something… By then, you will understand what the consequence of offending us is.” The rest of the Dragon Descendants also got up one after another, and it seemed that their most painful time had passed.

Slowly, many Dragon Descendants came to the training grounds. Looking at a group of people sitting on the ground, they revealed a puzzled expression involuntarily when they saw one of them had a swelling left cheek and fainted on the ground.

“Everyone is here, it’s so shameful now. Hey, you guys, take Boland to that tree. During the gathering later, just tell our instructor that he has heat stroke.” Guan Jieyan stood up first and glanced at Lin Xiang. His gaze was still so disdainful. He even showed Lin Xiang a smile, maybe he thought that Lin Xiang was just good at fighting and was trash in unleashing Dragon Roars or something. Not only him, but everyone else acted the same. There was someone from the gang that made a throat-cutting pose, as if, it was showing Lin Xiang would be dead.

“Hey, Lin Xiang, you are in danger, but they can really apply to the instructor and ‘exchange’ Dragon Roars with you.” Nia walked to Lin Xiang side and looked at Guan Jieyan’s gang that was dispersed. Her tone had a great reveal of the bad feeling she had.

“Yeah, Lin Xiang. They can use the excuse of teaching you to use Dragon’s Roar or something else on you openly.” Bemiru was also a little worried, “Although your attack just now was very skilful, but in front of Dragon Roars, it’s almost impossible to get close no matter how good your skills are.”

“So what?” Lin Xiang shrugged and tilted his head indifferently. That move made Nia and Bemiru furious, saying that he really would not cry unless he met the coffin.

Valarie stood there and bored a yawn. For those characters that Lin Xiang could solve, Valarie would naturally not take any action. If she did, then Lin Xiang really did not know how the situation would become.

“Hey, you.” At that moment, another group of people came towards them. There were males and females, totalling about twenty people. They wore short robes. According to Leon’s words, they were learning the Elemental Dragon Roar.

The one in the lead was an ordinary boy, but even though he looked ordinary, the sharpness in his eyes was not ordinary.

“What’s the matter with this senior?” Nia asked first, for fear that Lin Xiang would offend others.

“Who are you?” The other party looked at Nia contemptuously, “Your looks are okay, but I’m a man who wants to marry the princess, so don’t talk to me.”

He said he wanted to marry a princess? Guan Jieyan and his companions said the same just now. It seemed that the princess had high popularity.

“Um, senior, I am his friend, I just want to ask, what do you want to do with him?” Nia continued to ask. Her voice was very careful.

“Trash, shut up.” A girl responded coldly to Nia.

Nia choked a little. She tried to say something back, but the boy taking the lead was a second faster than her.

“Hey, Norma, don’t say trash everywhere you open your mouth. The princess will look down on people like you.”

“Sorry, Captain Finnland.” The girl lowered her head.

Captain? It seemed that they belonged to the same team. Lin Xiang thought about it, Nia and Bemiru had to split themselves to different teams when they had to learn the Elemental Dragon Roars. Probably after learning Elemental Dragon Roar, a team would no longer be divided into teams. The captain of the team was that man. Hmm… his dragon spirit is the strongest in this team, and it is indeed impossible to justify not being the captain.

“Why? You kept looking at me, do you have any opinions about me?” The boy named Finnland looked at Lin Xiang, like watching a weak animal. That look made Lin Xiang very upset. But he knew that he should not stay upset since he was only there to learn Dragon Roars, not to fight, so he did not want to cause too much trouble.

“No, I’m just thinking why is senior coming to me?”

“Why? I think you should be very clear of it, right? Yesterday, you and…” Before he finished talking, Laura’s sweet voice came from a distance, “Brother Xiang!”

Because of her call and her sweet yet loud voice, everyone casted their gazes over. After seeing that it was Laura, they began to look for the “Brother Xiang” whom she was calling.

Please, Laura, don’t come to me, and don’t wave at me! Needless to say, even the blind could notice him now. It was obvious enough for Finnland and the others to find him, but now, it was even more obvious to the eyes.

Seeing Laura with a smile on her face, the two big fellows in front of her chest would jump every time she took a step. Lin Xiang sighed secretly: That brat definitely did it on purpose.

The princess walked behind Laura as she smiled and nodded at the person who greeted her. When she accidentally met Lin Xiang’s eyes, she immediately scowled, shocking those who had greeted her, contemplating about how they offended her.

“Princess? Why did they come so early today?” The guy called Finnland murmured. He did not dare to say anything to Lin Xiang now. He just looked at Laura and the princess as they stopped in front of Lin Xiang.

“Huh? Brother Xiang, are you making friends? So many people are confronting you?” Laura stood in the middle of Lin Xiang and the captain, looking like she did not know anything as she watched side-to-side.

Seeing Laura pretending to be dumb, Lin Xiang was a little speechless. Since she used the word “confront”, she must know what they were doing, right? But that was her style anyways.

“Your Royal Highness, Miss Laura, good morning.” Nia, Bemiru, Finnland and his team all greeted Laura and the princess.

“Good morning everyone.” The princess kept smiling and responded. That time, she did not look at Lin Xiang at all. It seemed that he was totally despised.

The princess was wearing a white lace dress, looking pure and elegant. Her skin as fair as her skirt, her thin legs, and slightly bulging breasts reminded Lin Xiang of the situation last night.

Pff, no, I can’t think about it. My nosebleed seems to be coming out. Lin Xiang covered his nose.

“Your Royal Highness, you look a little haggard today. What’s the matter?” Finnland asked.

At that time, many Dragon Descendants gathered around, they should be wondering why the princess and Laura came so early.

“It’s nothing.” The princess shook her head and Lin Xiang could vaguely tell that she was viciously looking at him.

“Oh, then, your Royal Highness…” Before Finnland finished, Laura interrupted.

“Hey, what’s your name? Who are you? How dare you ask the princess so many questions. Want to die?”

“That’s right, who are you?” Many people in the crowd booed. Maybe it was due to the princess and the others there, so Finnland could not show his temper. All he did was shaking his head and saying he dared not.

“So, are you making friends? Why are so many people confronting him?” Returning to the topic, Laura obviously had a bias towards Lin Xiang. It seemed that all the rice she ate were not wasted.

“No, no, I just noticed that he was asking questions from the two junior Dragon Descendants, so I come over to see how I can help him.”

“Oh? Really?” Laura looked at Lin Xiang, even Finnland and the others looked at him. He nodded to Lin Xiang, motioning him me to agree. Some people even threatened him with more gestures. Well It doesn’t matter anyways, if all wanted me to agree, then I can only agree.

“Yes.” He nodded.

Laura frowned and glanced at Lin Xiang, as if she was saying: I gave you a chance, but you don’t want it. However, in a blink of an eye, her eyes returned to the way they used to be. They were brilliant but a little confused and naive. People who did not know would think she was a clever innocent and well-behaved girl. But was it the case? Nope. That was why Lin Xiang described her innocence as a bewitchment.

“All of you want to teach him? So many people?” Laura continued to ask questions.

“No, we’re just here to see how Captain Finnland teaches the newcomer.”

“Yes, if we can, we will also help.”

The person at the opposite said so.

“Really? You guys are so nice.” Laura pretended to admire the crowd, “You can even teach me too, I don’t know a lot of things.”

“Dare not, dare not, how can we teach Miss Laura? We are only suitable for newcomers, just newcomers.”

“I don’t know the basics, so I want you all to teach though. Why don’t you all practice with me?”

“Miss Laura, stop joking.”

“That’s right.”

“All of you want to teach him, right?” the princess finally spoke. She looked at Finnland and others.

“Yes… To be precise, it is Captain Finnland.”

“What the…” Finnland turned his head abruptly and looked at the speaker. The man who spoke hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to speak any more.

“No problem, you can teach him. However, theoretical dialogue is useless. If you can, demonstrate him the Dragon Roar. It is best to let him feel the power of the Dragon Roars. Of course, you must control the intensity.”

The princess obviously wanted to teach Lin Xiang a lesson. Since she had spoken, Laura could not say anything. She just gave Lin Xiang a grieved look, indicating that she was powerless at the moment.

“Huh?” Finnland froze for a moment. He was puzzled by what the princess said, but as his eyes rolled, he glanced at the princess and looked at Lin Xiang again. A smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he nodded to the princess, “No problems, Your Royal Highness. Since you said that, I will follow suit.”

I have a bad feeling about this.


Nia and Bemiru wanted to say something to Lin Xiang, but someone yelled to disperse quickly, so they had no chance to talk. They could only take Valarie away and cheer for Lin Xiang with their eyes.

“Hey! If you dare to hurt him, you are dead.” Laura was very domineering to Finnland.

Lin Xiang was now the person in charge of the meals. If he was injured and could not make good meals, how could Laura allow that.

“Yes, yes, it’s just a tutoring, it won’t hurt.” Finnland was a little puzzled, he did not understand what happened today. The princess obviously wanted to use his own hands to punish the newcomer. However, that weird Laura, who always loved to see others get embarrassed, wanted him to be merciful? Did the princess and Laura switch souls? Finnland was still in a daze.

The power of Dragon Roars was powerful and it could be dragged a distance as well, so Lin Xiang and Finnland were separated by a gap of five meters. That was the distance prepared for the next release of Dragon Roars.

There were more onlookers coming along, and they all stood on both sides. After all, no one would be so stupid to stand at both ends as they might be accidentally injured by the Dragon Roar because Dragon Roars were generally vertical.

“Hey, you have to be careful. You are not wearing a robe, so don’t be blown away.” Finnland kindly reminded Lin Xiang.

His words were mainly for Laura to listen. Or else, she would have put the blame of Lin Xiang’s injuries on him. In fact, he really wanted to blow Lin Xiang away with his roars, because he saw Lin Xiang with the princess and the others yesterday. He even got to enter the residence of the princess that was longed by the male Dragon Descendants and did not leave all night. How could that be? Let Finnland, who worships the princess and admires the princess, not ignite the fire of jealousy. Not only he saw that, but numerous people at the scene had seen it, and they were silently cheering for Finnland in their hearts to finish that kid.

“Uh…it should be alright…” Lin Xiang looked at the people around and shook his head. It was not the time to back away at that moment.

“Well, I will try my best to control the intensity.” Finnland used the phrase “try my best.” Trying his best meant that he would try to control the intensity as much as possible, but who knew if he really did try his best.

After that, Finnland would use the Dragon’s Roar to attack Lin Xiang. Of course, Dragon Roars had a distance limit, so it would not cause much damage. Using Dragon Roars to attack each other was called teaching? That might be strange in outsiders’ perspective, but in fact, that was also a way for Dragon Descendants to learn. Only by experiencing the power and energy of Dragon Roar could he give full play to unleash the Dragon Roar.

“Then, I’ll start. Hooo—Ha!”

Hong—” An energy group quickly flew towards Lin Xiang, and slowly dissipated when it was about to reach Lin Xiang. However, it still hit him.

Like being pushed hard by someone, Lin Xiang backed away a few steps.

“Huh? Not bad, you didn’t fall.” Finnland was surprised. Although he suppressed a small amount of energy, it should be enough to knock down such a weak Lin Xiang. Not only him, aside from Valarie, who was squatting on the ground watching the ants, everyone present was very surprised. After the surprise, Finnland continued, “Hey, do you know the Dragon’s Roar? If so, use it on me. Let me feel it.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiang nodded, walked back to the place and suppressed the intensity. Lin Xiang issued a Dragon’s Roar in accordance with the power he felt just now.

Finnland crossed his hands and stood there. His face was indifferent, letting the energy ball hit him as if he was blown by the wind. His hair and short robe fluttered backwards, and his whole person did not have a tendency to retreat.

“Well, not bad, you have the strength I just issued, but I think it’s your limit, right?” The Dragon Roar that Lin Xiang suppressed was Lin Xiang’s limit in Finnland’s eyes. It was the same in everyone else’s perspective. If the Dragon Roar of a newcomer was compared with the Dragon Roar of a middle-ranked Dragon Descendant, wasn’t that like using eggs to hit stones?

“Good, I don’t think you knew the Tyrannosaurus Roar, right? Now, I’ll let you feel the difference between Tyrannosaurus Roar and Dragon’s Roar.” Finnland had a masterful demeanour as he spoke to Lin Xiang, “Step back five meters. We have to be ten meters apart. If you stand shorter than this number, you will be injured.”

After listening to Finnland, Lin Xiang knew that he was looking down on himself, but he wanted to feel what it would be like to be hit by another Dragon Roar, so he did not say anything anymore and stepped back five meters.

“Hooo— Ha ge!” Finnland did not suppress much that time. He seemed to be able to see Lin Xiang lying on the ground with his feet upright. However, that was just his imagination. In fact, the reality made Finnland disappointed. A small part of the energy group disappeared and hit Lin Xiang. This time, Lin Xiang could feel a very large thrust. Although he wanted to stabilize his body, he involuntarily backed up. After four or five meters, he stopped and almost fell.

If it was close range, that kind of strength was simply unimaginable.

Lin Xiang thought silently. If he did not feel the difference between Tyrannosaurus Roar and Dragon’s Roar now, he really would not know how big of a difference they were before. Exhaling a big breath of air, Lin Xiang said to Finnland, “This time, I will try.”

As soon as the words came out, many people laughed, “Hey, stop joking. We saw how much effort you used for the Dragon’s Roar just now. If you want to unleash the Tyrannosaurus Roar, just slowly learn it.”

“Yeah, why don’t you look at how much dragon spirit you have?”

“He already knows it. Don’t laugh, everyone!”

“That’s right. We saw him use Tyrannosaurus Roar with our own eyes.” Nia and Bemiru both spoke for Lin Xiang. However, there were too many people satirizing Lin Xiang, so their voices were quickly drowned out.

“Sister Liz, do you think Brother Xiang really know the Tyrannosaurus Roar?” Laura whispered in Liz’s ear.

“Who knows.” Speaking of Lin Xiang, Liz’s face darkened.

“Fine.” Laura pouted and looked at Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang returned to his original position. The laughter had also lessened. Everyone wanted to see how that weak dragon-spirit boy would unleash the Tyrannosaurus Roar.

Lin Xiang adjusted his breath and released the Tyrannosaurus Roar in everyone’s mocking eyes.

“Hooo— Ha ge!”

Witnessing how Lin Xiang actually unleashed the Tyrannosaurus Roar, Finnland was briefly surprised. After that, he immediately pretended to be calm, still crossing his hands, letting the energy group of the Tyrannosaurus Roar hit his body.

At that moment, he felt a strong force and almost backed away a few steps. Fortunately, his robe had a little blocking effect. But, in that case, wasn’t Lin Xiang a very powerful guy? It’s impossible.

“Not bad, not bad. In this case, I think you will also know the Dragon Roar of Madness, right?” Finnland said it as a joke, but he never knew that Lin Xiang would nod, “Yes, but I just learned it, so I’m not very skilled.”

As soon as Lin Xiang spoke, even Nia and Bemiru did not believe it, let alone the others.

“You know it? Good, this time you will use the Dragon Roar of Madness on me first, I will see how your roar feels like.” Finnland would believe if Lin Xiang knew the Tyrannosaurus Roar, but if he knew the Dragon Roar of Madness too? Forget it. According to Lin Xiang’s dragon spirit, he was considered powerful enough to be able to unleash the Tyrannosaurus Roar.

“Then…how far should I retreat?”

“No need to retreat, just stay there.”

“Uh… I’d better retreat a little bit.” Lin Xiang retreated six or seven meters as he spoke. He had never used the Dragon Roar of Madness before. He did not know how powerful it was, so he retreated slightly.

“Alright, alright, enough. Come on, hurry up. We can’t wait anymore.” Some people hurriedly urged, many of whom had not learned the Dragon Roar of Madness. They all knew that Lin Xiang only came the previous day. Not to mention, he was still practicing the Tyrannosaurus Roar yesterday, how could he finish learning the Dragon Roar of Madness today? Those people who had “more” dragon spirit than Lin Xiang could not believe him.

Liz looked at Valarie who was squatting not far away. She knew that Lin Xiang must have learned Dragon Roars from Valarie. Although it felt very vague, Liz just knew that Valarie was a dragon, and she might be the daughter of the red dragon Venus. Since he learned the Dragon Roar from a dragon, it was not impossible to learn it in one day, but that also required talent.

That scumbag really learned it? Liz glanced at Lin Xiang. At that moment, Lin Xiang was closing his eyes, constantly thinking about the word “Li” in his mind.

Finnland just looked at Lin Xiang like that, he was not afraid at all. He had nothing to fear, even if Lin Xiang really knew how to unleash the Dragon Roar of Madness, he would not have to withstand much damage fifteen meters away. He still had a robe to resist it, so what was there to be afraid of?

He thought so, but the consequences needless to say, was a tragedy.

“Haggeli!” With a loud noise, a super-large energy group gushed out. With a swish, the place where the energy group passed was covered with dust. The onlookers only felt a strong wind passing in front of them, and the dust that flew up. In the next second, a scream from Finnland was heard.

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