Volume 10 Chapter 29 : Red Dragon


“Hageli!” Lin Xiang successfully released the Dragon Roar of Madness as a powerful group of energy rushed forward. He saw that Finnland, who was standing still and sweating on his forehead, was hit head-on and flew more than ten meters away. He fell to the ground and rolled like a cylinder, and finally got up in a desperate manner. Aside from the teammates who rushed to help him up and asked him if he was injured, the scene was dead silent.

“It’s none of my business… I said that I’m not familiar with it.” Lin Xiang never thought that the Dragon Roar of Madness would be so powerful. Looking at Finnland, Lin Xiang noticed that he had no obvious wounds except that he was covered in dust, which made him a little relieved.

“Hey, this can’t be true? That newcomer actually unleashed the Dragon Roar of Madness.” The silence lasted only a few seconds, and the crowd was drowned with whispers.

“Lin Xiang! Awesome!” Nia and Bemiru ran up to him from the crowd very happily. While praising him, they said jokingly, “I really can’t believe that you locked your secrets so tightly. Also, we’re sorry. We’re obviously friends, yet we just suspected that you wouldn’t be able to unleash the Dragons Roar of Madness.”

“That’s right, we should be disqualified as a friend. Alright! It’s decided, we will go to the town at noon today, and we will treat you to something delicious.”

“You don’t have to spend money on me.” Lin Xiang waved his hand just to see Laura walking towards them.

“It’s a must. This is also a celebration for Bemiru’s learning of the Dragon Roar of Madness. Also, I can finish learning it in a while.” Nia was more confident after finding that Lin xiang had learned the Dragon Roar of Madness. When she was going to ask how he learned it, Laura walked up to him and showed her cute and mischievous smile to Lin Xiang, “Brother Xiang! That’s amazing! I never noticed it before!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Lin Xiang responded with a little perfunctory.

“Huh? I wanted to ask this just now, but what is the relationship between Miss Laura and Lin Xiang? Relatives?” Nia asked Lin Xiang curiously.

“Not relatives, how should I put it… we…”

“You don’t have to worry about it that much. Now’s my turn to ask, who are you two? Brother Xiang’s girlfriends?” Laura’s gaze swept across Nia and Bemiru’s body.

What’s with the extra “s”? Do I look so carefree?

“No, no. We are friends.” Nia and Bemiru denied while waving their hands.

“Oh, really? I heard what you said just now. Are you going to take him to a small town for dinner? Let me tell you, this won’t work.”

“Why? Miss Laura is not Lin Xiang’s relative, so you shouldn’t restrict his actions, right? Even if you are, you can’t do this either.”

“I didn’t restrict him. I was protecting him. Do you think you can fight the Dragon Roars of other nobility?”

Nia and Bemiru looked at each other, shook their heads, and then questioned, “Does it matter?”

“Yes, of course!” Laura said solemnly, “He lives in the princess and my house now. What will the admirers of the princess and me think?”

“Living together!? This… they might want to punish Lin Xiang… Captain Finnland and the others came over for trouble might be for this reason…” Nia and Bemiru first showed a surprised expression, and then they came to a conclusion.

“So, do you think you can protect him? No, right? Then he can’t go with you.”

What Laura said was very reasonable, but that was only superficial. In fact, she just wanted Lin Xiang to cook for her. If he could not cook, she would have let him leave.

“Won’t it be better for Lin Xiang to leave? Since i’s so dangerous to live with you and the princess.” Nia and Bemiru looked at Lin Xiang. Their eyes were filled with the concerns of friends.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Laura stretched out a finger and shook it twice, “How stupid are you? As long as he lived in, even if he moved out, the consequences would be the same. Oh, I won’t tell you so much. Brother Xiang, I have to return to the princess, she…you know, she refused to come over. It’s still early, so most people gathered here are junior Dragon Descendants, they dare not do anything to you if you know the Dragon Roar of Madness. But beware of male nobles. They were classified to middle-ranked and high-ranked Dragon Descendants. The princess and I are here, so they dare not take action. Maybe they will come secretly, so protect yourself, our food is all on you.” Laura finished, and blinked at him. She turned her head and ran towards the place where the princess was. On the other hand, the princess was talking to Valarie who was squatting on the ground.

Valarie looked up at the princess from time to time, but she did not answer. Lin Xiang was unsure what the princess was talking about.

The people around also dispersed. Some of them were pointing at Lin Xiang, seeming to be discussing about him.

Just like what Laura said, most of the people on the training grounds now were Dragon Descendants in long robes. Aside from Finnland and his team, there were only a few with short robes around the area. It seemed that there would still be trouble.

“Lin Xiang, don’t worry, although we are not very capable, we will help you.” Nia spoke as if she read Lin Xiang’s thoughts and patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“Yes, Lin Xiang. Don’t worry too much. Dragon Descendants are forbidden to use Dragon Roars privately. You will be fine with those powerful close-range skills.”

“Hm.” He nodded. Looking at Valarie again, at that moment, Valarie stood up and walked towards Lin Xiang. The princess looked at Valarie’s back and bit her lip. It might be that she was angry because Valarie did not listen to her. She noticed that Lin Xiang looked at her, as if groaning at Lin Xiang, she turned around and left with Laura.

“Hah—” He sighed.


When Bemiru taught Nia to learn the Dragon Roar of Madness, Lin Xiang saw that no one was around. He quietly asked Valarie who just returned, “What did the princess say to you just now?”

Valarie looked up at Lin Xiang, then looked into the distance, and said faintly, “That woman… knew that… I am a dragon… She said… that I taught you… the Dragon’s Roar… Tyrannosaurus Roar and… the Dragon Roar… of Madness.”

“She actually did notice it… Maybe she knew it when she first saw you, so she always followed you.”

“Yes… and, she mentioned… that I am the daughter… of Red Dragon, Venus.”

“Wait, isn’t Venus…”

Valarie retracted her gaze from a distance and returned to look at Lin Xiang. He could see that her eyes were a little confused, “Yes, she said, Venus… is dead, along with… Water Dragon, Bessica.”

Hearing that, Lin Xiang was stunned for a moment. He glanced at Valarie’s face but he could not judge her expressions. His tone was very careful, “No way… Then, did you… ask the princess how they died…”

“No. But, I will… get take my revenge… on her.” After Valarie said that, a murderous aura flashed in her eyes. At that moment, Lin Xiang could feel the dragon pressure exuding from her body, but it was only for a moment. Even so, it still affected the Dragon Descendants who were training. They stopped training one after another, and looked everywhere, trying to find who released the powerful dragon pressure just now.

“To whom do you want revenge on?” Lin Xiang gulped. He never seen Valarie like that before.

“Water Dragon Bessica’s daughter… Bellina.”

Bellina, the daughter of the water dragon Bessica, was mentioned and Valarie stopped talking to Lin Xiang after she said the name. She sat alone in the shades of the big tree in a distance.

Seeing Valarie sitting and looking at the sky in a daze, Lin Xiang had a weird, surging feeling. He always wanted to say something to Valarie and comfort her, but he was unsure how.

Valarie just knew that her mother was just leaving beforehand, but now, her mother really “left,” permanently. Lin Xiang would never understand the feeling Valarie had. She had been waiting for more than four hundred years, just to get that kind of result, that kind of mood.

Ah— Are the two of them… dead? It’s a pity…Venus and Bessica both have nice tits…‘ Yalide sighed in Lin Xiang’s head.

‘You bastard, why must you say horrible things at this time???’ He really wanted to kill Yalide. Why can’t this perverted dragon hold anything else other than H stuff?

There are others, like the Map of the Demon World.’

‘Go to hell.’ Lin Xiang was not in any mood anymore after being played by Yalide like that.

Ahem, ignore that disgusting thing, let me analyse all the information we have now.’ Freed pretended to cough, trying to attract Lin Xiang’s attention.

What do you mean disgusting thing? Freed, say that one more time!

‘Freed, tell me what you think.’

Alright. The water dragon and fire dragon died. What do you think is the reason?

Hey, ignore me if you both dare,’ spoke Yalide while yelling. Well, the dragon’s wish is our command.

‘I think it’s the restriction of the elements they had, that’s why they killed each other.’ Lin Xiang gave his thoughts. After all, the dragon flame and the cold air in his body were fighting fiercely before.

No, no, no. I said it a long time ago. After they met us, although they would fight occasionally, they would never fight seriously.

‘Like you and Yalide?’

Well, it’s like…

Are you really going to ignore me? I am the son of darkness, the Dragon God Yalide, hello?’

You’re damn noisy.’ Freed roared, and Yalide stopped speaking. Lin Xiang wondered if that dragon went in a corner to draw circles and cursed at them while doing so.

Yalide did not speak, so Freed continued, ‘They became just like me and the annoying guy just now. Now, why would the Dragon Descendant princess know that Venus and Bessica were dead? There are so many fire dragons out there. Just why can she know that Valarie was the daughter of Venus? After you figure out these two questions, you should be able to understand what happened at that time. After that, you can ask the other Dragon Descendants to see if they knew. If they don’t, then only the princess can tell us.

‘The princess, huh…’

Yes. Congratulations on your success to annoy her last night, and increase the difficulty of all this. Therefore, it’s best to be able to inquire other Dragon Descendants for information.

‘I got it.’

After looking at Valarie, Lin Xiang decided to figure out why Venus and Bessica died.

Lin Xiang did not know anyone else. He was familiar with Nia and Bemiru at the moment so he decided to start with them. They were now discussing about how to make the last half-syllable of the Dragon Roar of Madness.

“Yo, Nia, Bemiru, excuse me.”

“Huh? Lin Xiang, what’s the matter?” They stopped talking and looked at him.

“Ah, you see, I want to ask if you know the name Venus.”

“Venus? A familiar name, but I can’t remember it though. Does Bemiru have an impression of it?”

Bemiru frowned, and tried to recall. After a while, she knocked her hand with the other, as if thinking of something, “Isn’t Venus the Goddess in the fairy tale?”

“Oh yes, she seems to be the Goddess of Love, one who rules marriage.”

“Uh…thank you so much.”

What they were talking about was from a fairy tale… It was not about the red dragon at all, so both of them did not know…

“That’s right, Lin Xiang, did you feel a very powerful dragon pressure just now? It happened in a flash. If many people had not felt it, we would think that it was an illusion.”

“Oh, I don’t know… Then, I won’t bother you two…”

“Lin Xiang, are you in something right now?”

“I’ll consider it as a yes.”

“That’s a pity, I still want to ask you how you learned the Dragon Roar of Madness. But if you have something, go first.”


Leaving Nia and Bemiru, Lin Xiang walked in the training grounds. There were Dragon Descendants, but there was none he recognised. At that time, he saw a few familiar-looking guys who were walking towards him, but when their eyes met, they suddenly turned around and left.

“Hey, Guan Jieyan.” Lin Xiang shouted at the figures. One of them stopped, turned his head slowly, and squeezed a smile at him, “Ah! How can this newcomer know me? Am I too famous?”

“What silly thing are you talking about? Half an hour ago, you wanted to get me into your team and you had a fight with me. Why, you have amnesia? I don’t remember hitting your head.”

“Oh, my brain was short-circuited just now. Isn’t this Lin Xiang? Ah, hello.” Guan Jieyan grabbed several companions who continued moving forward, having an “if he had to die, then they would die together” kind of vibe. He turned around and greeted Lin Xiang with a wave of his hand.

Lin Xiang walked up to them, and they somehow stepped back, seeming to be keeping a distance from him. Were they scared?

“What are you guys doing? Where’s your previous spirit?”

“Brother Lin Xiang…We are not good in Dragon Roars, and we can’t beat you up close… You also have some connections with Miss Laura… Then, where can with get our spirit from?”

“You guys really are fellows who bully the weak and fear the tough ones.”

“That’s right, that feeling is better. Would you like to join us?” Suddenly, Guan Jieyan’s tone changed and he became a little proud.

“Forget it… bullying is not for me. I’m here to ask you one thing.”

“What’s the matter? Don’t ask what our princess likes, you lucky fellow, we will never let you woo the princess.”

“Yes, yes,” the other men responded.

“What do you mean ‘woo’? I’m just asking you about a name. Heard about Venus about?”

“Venus?” Guan Jieyan and the others looked at each other, then they shook their heads, “I haven’t heard of it. Who is that?”

“I don’t know, so I asked you.”

“I don’t know that person. Instead of talking about this, hey, Brother Lin Xiang, Brother Lin Xiang, can you tell me how you stayed in the princess’s house? What’s the secret?” Guan Jieyan looked at Lin Xiang with bright eyes. Others also looked over with scorching determination.

“How do you know that I stayed in the princess’s house?” They were clueless about that matter before though.

“Who doesn’t know about that? The news spreaded! We felt strange when we heard Miss Laura addressed you Brother Xiang, and then the crowd had been spreading the news. Yesterday, someone saw you with the red-haired child, the princess and Laura. You went to the supermarket and bought a lot of vegetables, but you didn’t leave after that. Tell us how you do it.”

“No comments.” The princess arranged Lin Xiang there. What did they want him to say? Besides, if it were spread by them, the princess would definitely hate Lin Xiang even more.

“You brat… are we even from the same country?” Guan Jieyan said in pure Chinese.

“Yes, are we even from the same country?” A white man also said the same.

“You and I are from different countries, right? Forget it, I’m not telling you so much anymore.” Lin Xiang turned around and left. It seemed that those new Dragon Descendants were clueless too. I’ll ask Leon in a while.

“Wait! Do you want to run away?” The white man just reached out and pressed Lin Xiang’s shoulder.

Lin Xiang stopped and looked back at him, “Do you have any opinions?”

“If you… dun hav knooledge, you will ged a pot ov duust, I wan to helb you ged rid ov et.” [If you don’t have knowledge, you will get a pot of dust, I want to help you get rid of it.] The white man might be scared when he responded to Lin Xiang with severely miss-pronounced language. He then he pressed on Lin Xiang’s shoulder and gently patted Lin Xiang’s clothes.

“Nomincan, you timid brat.” Guan Jieyan and the others showed contempt at the white man.

“Eef u can, u goh.” [If you can, you go]

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