Volume 10 Chapter 30 : Richie and Kyle


Lin Xiang watched Guan Jieyan and the others make a fuss for a while, shook his head and left. They were just a group of bullies who feared tough guys anyways.

The sun hung diagonally in the air, and exuded warmth on people, but after a long time, it got a little hot. Lin Xiang fanned himself with his collar while commenting the hotness of the weather and so on. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand.

Liz and Laura stood under a tree to enjoy the shade. Looking at Valarie who was sitting on the ground more than two hundred meters away, Laura suddenly asked.

“Sister Liz, you said that the girl named Valarie was the daughter of Venus. Who is Venus? This name sounds familiar.”

“I told you to listen to your elders well. Let me address in a different way. Red dragon, you should know this?”

“Oh. That’s what Dad often said, Red Dragon Venus, Blue Dragon Bessica, right? No wonder the name Venus sounds so familiar, wait a minute. Venus is a dragon, but the little girl is a human… Ah!” Laura suddenly thought of something, “She was the one who sent the powerful dragon pressure just now? But how did she hide her dragon spirit?”

“I don’t know. I just asked her, but she didn’t answer. Also, the scumbag knew the Dragon Roars, which had a likelihood that they were granted by her.”

“Lin Xiang? No wonder he has little dragon spirit, but can unleash the Dragon Roar of Madness… But why does the daughter of the Red Dragon Venus stay with a weak Dragon Descendant? Was it really because he cooks delicious food?!”

“Apart from eating, can’t you think of anything else?” Liz knocked on Laura’s head, “I don’t know about this, but why would such a powerful dragon have eyes on that scumbag…”

“Really, Sister Liz, Lin Xiang didn’t mean it, don’t always call him scumbag. I was the one who told him to go up and get the clothes.”

“Why, now that there is delicious food, you just jumped over to him?”

“I’m just talking based on facts.”

“Well, that incident is considered an accident, then he and Valarie…that…the…kiss…” Liz was very sensitive and not good at those things, so she blushed when she said that.

On the contrary, Laura seemed completely indifferent, “Isn’t it just a kiss? The dragon didn’t resist, it means she was willing. And it’s normal for Lin Xiang because he’s a Lolicon, right? Isn’t it trendy recently?”

“But…Valarie is just a young dragon, so how could she know so much? You said they had a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation game or something, he lied to Valarie like that, and then naturally kissed her… Who knows next time, he will… you know, lie to Valarie to play a doctor game… That kind of scumbag…dead pervert.”

“Lin Xiang…hmm…it’s hard to tell.” After thinking about it, Laura came to the conclusion that if she let Lin Xiang know about it, he would definitely yell that he was wronged.

“Sister Liz, what are you going to do? She won’t listen to you either.” Laura asked.

“Valarie was poisoned by the scumbag too deeply. Before meeting him, Valarie must have never met anyone else… We can only let him leave Valarie by himself.” At that time, Liz Looked at Laura. Her means were obvious: You have many ideas, so you can be in-charged to let Lin Xiang leave.

Noticing Liz’s gaze, Laura turned her face away slightly, and said embarrassingly, “Sister Liz… I can’t… I want to eat the food he cooked…you can figure it out.”

“Hey! Laura, how can you act like this just because you have great meals to have? You were the first to propose to get him away.”

“I… I didn’t know he could cook at the time… Also, Sister Liz, didn’t you also eat deliciously last night? You did it too this morning, you said you won’t eat it, but didn’t you eat it later?”

“That’s… that’s because it would be troublesome to cook it myself… You think I want to eat something made by that scumbag?”

“Sister Liz, let Lin Xiang stay in the house. We don’t usually stay there anyway. If you think he is an eye-sore, we can go back to the town to stay after having lunch and dinner.”

“Then what if he took more advantages when no one is around? No way, we can’t let Valarie suffer anymore.”

“Alright… Sister Liz, I have a solution that can fundamentally solve the problem, so that he can stop pestering Valarie.” Laura rolled her eyes and thought of her idea.

“What is it? Share it.” Liz hurriedly urged.

“That is to change his sexual addiction, let him switch from a Lolicon, to a normal person.”

“How can we change it? None of the Dragon Roars can change a person’s… se, sexual addiction.”

“No Dragon Roars needed. We just have to let Brother Xiang like normal girls.”

“Like normal girls? How?”

“Well… let him understand that normal girls are better than Lolitas, such as physical aspects.”

After listening to Laura, Liz froze for a moment. Laura was unsure what she thought of, but in a blink of an eye, the princess’s face was brushed red, like an apple. She shook her head abruptly, her pink hair fluttering like catkins, “No way, no, I won’t do it, I will not do it. If that guy likes me, who knows what he will do. You go.”

“I don’t want to do it either. Also, I didn’t even mention to make him like us, right? Didn’t he have two friends? Their looks are alright, so we just have to let him like them.”

“Do you want us to tell the two girls, please let Lin Xiang feel that normal women are better than Lolis? No, we can’t harm innocent people.”

“Eh heh~ You’re right, fine. Although this can solve the problem fundamentally, there is no condition for success.”

After several discussions, they returned to the original point. How to make Lin Xiang leave Valarie.

“Sure enough, I still think tricking him to make him angry was the better.” Liz thought for a while, and that seemed to be the only way.

“Don’t count me in, Sister Liz. I can’t make Lin Xiang’s impression of me worse. Although I wasn’t very good at the beginning, I’m working hard to fix it now. If he knows that I still want to trick him, and he stopped cooking for me, do you want me to go to the restaurant to eat those unpalatable dishes?” It was the first time Laura did not listen to Liz for the sake of a boy, although the reason was strange, that was to let him cook for her.

“Fine, Laura, I knew you will do this for the sake of eating. If you don’t do it, then don’t. I will find a way by myself.”

“Good, Sister Liz is usually too serious, it’s time to go crazy. I will secretly give you mental support. Rest assured, I won’t give him any signs.”


Moving along the crowd, Lin Xiang felt that many people were focusing on him. Most of the eyes were from boys. Those gazes were no stranger to him. He had felt them before when he was with Risa and the others. They made his back feel cold.

It seemed that he was now the public enemy of all young male Dragon Descendants. Damn… Obviously, he just came to learn Dragon Roars, why did that happen?

“Hey, boy, Lin Xiang, right?” A few boys in short robes stopped him and looked at him carefully. Before he could say anything, they threw a sentence, “We will remember you,” and just left.

Of course, that was just the beginning. He encountered such a thing several times, and some people told him directly that he would face his death, which was difficult for him to deal with.

Should he fight them directly? They did not really provoke him. If Lin Xiang had to fight… His highest record was facing about thirty people. There were at least two hundred boys there, and some in the village were slowly coming.

Not good, the situation was really not good. Anyway, Lin Xiang have learned the Dragon Roar of Madness, how about leaving?

Coming to Valarie’s side, Lin Xiang clutched his chest and breathed. When he walked in the crowd, it was rather difficult for respiration.

Valarie looked at the sky, a cool breeze came from the woods, the leaves rustled, and her pure red hair was blowing in the wind, like the flame of a candle that was blown.

She was as expressionless as ever, and it was difficult for Lin Xiang to guess what she was thinking now.

“Hey, Valarie.” Lin Xiang tried calling her.

Slowly turning her head to the side, Valarie’s rather hollow eyes looked at him.


“Uh… actually, it’s nothing.” Noticing Valarie not answering him, Lin Xiang was unsure what to say.

Valarie just looked at him like that for a while, probably thinking:  Why are you calling me for? Nothing to do? She then returned her gaze to the blue sky.

After standing quietly next to Valarie for a long time, the loud assembly bell rang.


Some nobles swaggered in front of the instructor and walked into the training grounds.


“How is it, is everything okay? Miss Laura didn’t tease you?” After the Dragon Descendants group training, Leon put his hands in his sleeve pockets and walked to Lin Xiang.

Valarie was there, so Lin Xiang thought it was best not to ask about Venus. While thinking, he replied, “It’s alright.”

“Well, although Miss Laura is naughty, she can still control herself, so don’t worry too much. Today, let’s learn about the Dragon Roar of Madness. You can practice here, or you can join the team I brought to see how other people use the Dragon Roars. It’s helpful for learning.”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang did not know how to tell Leon that he had learned the Dragon Roar of Madness. He learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar only yesterday, and today he learned the Dragon Roar of Madness at once. Would that let people think it was unbelievable?

“What’s the matter? Just say what you want to say. It’s okay. Just don’t tell me that you don’t want to learn or anything similar.”

“Then, I’m going to say it.”

“Go ahead.” Leon nodded patiently. He really did slightly change his attitude towards Lin Xiang since yesterday.

“It’s not that I’m kidding, I’ve actually learned the Dragon Roar of Madness.”

At the beginning, Leon nodded to him, indicating that he understood. However, his expression suddenly changed and looked at Lin Xiang in shock, as if he was only now realizing what Lin Xiang was saying. His low voice raised a little as he said in a surprised tone, “You just said the Roar of Tyrannosaurus?”

“Dragon Roar of Madness.”



“What?” Leon took a few steps back. As if he was just new to Lin Xiang again, he looked at him from head to toe, “Are you sure you are not kidding?”

“I said so in the beginning.”

“Really…really…” Leon murmured, looking a little excited, “I now probably know why you were arranged by the village chief to live in the princess’s house… Did he see your potential? Who is it? Who taught you the word “Li”?

“Uh…” Lin Xiang glanced at Valarie from the corner of my eye, and then said, “Laura, Laura taught me.”

“Miss Laura? It’s impossible. If you say it was the princess, I can still believe… Miss Laura won’t teach you for no reason. Did she ask you anything?”

“She… She just asked me to cook for her.”

“Cook? Indeed, both the princess and Miss Laura are girls who like food, especially Miss Laura. After losing her mother, she had a higher demand for food. She often rejected eating the food in the restaurant or food houses because they were not appetizing… Well, Lin Xiang, let’s not talk about other things, now show me your Dragon Roar of Madness and see where your strength and proficiency can reach.”

“Oh, alright, wait a while. Hooo— Hageli!” Lin Xiang yelled into the distance. “Bang!” a mass of energy gushed out. After watching it, Leon quickly nodded and said, “This quick progress is too awesome. This intensity has reached the level of the middle-ranked Dragon Descendants. If you improve your proficiency, you can learn the Elemental Dragon Roar.”

“By the way, Uncle Leon, how are the ranks of the Dragon Descendants divided? There were junior, intermediate, advanced (also known as low, middle, high ranks) or something like that.”

“These, in fact, are judged based on how much Dragon Roar has been mastered. Junior Dragon Descendants are those who learned the Dragon’s Roar, and those who have not learned it are generally called newcomers. Intermediate Dragon Descendants are those who started learning the Elemental Dragon Roars. Advanced Dragons Descendant has learned more than three Elemental Dragon Roars. From fifteen to twenty years old, you must learn Dragon Roar here. When you are twenty, you can choose to stay. About these levels, we just talk about them casually. It doesn’t mean anything, so you don’t have to mind that.”


“Well, now, you can join my team. Together with everyone, you will improve faster. Hurry up. Let’s go. I want to tell him the good news.”

The “him” Leon was referring to might be Leon’s friend.

“Valarie, you can stay right here, don’t go anywhere, remember that.” Lin Xiang told her.

Valarie did not answer, but she nodded.


Training session began. When Liz and Laura went to another team to teach the Dragon Descendants, the two boys blocked their way. One of the guys with pale white skin said to Liz, “Liz, can’t you just tell me why you let that guy go to stay with you?”

“Yeah, Laura, tell us.” That was what another girly pretty boy said to Laura. He looked at Laura with soft eyes. It was obvious that he liked Laura.

“You guys are so annoying, the princess has said that it was arranged by the village chief, so you can find him by yourself.” Laura’s attitude towards the two boys could be compared to her reaction when seeing a stink bug.

“The village chief has already told us that it was arranged by the princess.” The pretty boy seemed to persuade Laura, “Laura, Lala, can’t you tell us the reason?”

“Do I know you well? Don’t call me that.” Laura glanced at the pretty boy with disgust, but he did not mind at all.

“Did he blackmail you? Tell me, I will teach him a lesson for Laura’s sake.”

“Kyle, if you dare to hurt him, you are dead.” Laura stared at the pretty boy Kyle with big eyes.

“Angry Laura is so cute… Why can’t you accept my marriage proposal?” Pretty boy Kyle looked at angry Laura as if he was intoxicated.

“Piss off! If you cut yourself, I’ll marry you.” Laura said domineeringly.

“This won’t work.” Pretty boy Kyle put his fingers to his mouth, like a woman. Laura found guys like that very troublesome.

“Liz.” Richie looked at Liz affectionately, “Please tell us, as your fiancé, I have the right to know.”

“I don’t remember you being my fiancé. The marriage contract is invalid, and I don’t want to repeat myself.”

“No, I must be your fiancé. The marriage contract was once valid. Although it was invalid now, I will try to make it valid again.”

“Richie, you and Kyle can get lost together. The princess said that if she doesn’t like you, she doesn’t. Don’t be a disgusting being here.”

“Laura? Is it alright for you to speak to me like this?” Richie’s eyes changed from the affectionate look at Liz to having sharp gazes, like a knife. His body also exuded an aura similar to the pressure of a dragon.

Because of the difference in strength and the status of the family, Laura was obviously frightened by Richie’s eyes and aura. However, with Liz there, she quickly felt relieved. Richie would dare not do anything to her with Liz’s presence.

“Really, Richie, don’t frighten my Laura, alright?” Pretty Kyle gave Richie a girly hit.

“Humph!” Richie snorted, “Although you are a noble, your family is just a servant of the royal family. You are just a servant, so speak carefully.”

“Richie, you are too much! Laura’s my sister, it’s none of your business, right? If you dare to talk like this, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Oh, Richie made the princess angry. I told you not to scare my Laura.”

“Who belongs to you? You are a sissy and obviously gay. Why do you even like girls?”

“Ah~ I was scolded by Laura.”

When Laura and Kyle were in a “conversation”, Richie also had a “conversation” with Liz.

“Hmph, Liz, you always dote on your servant like this. She is rude to I, a royal.”

“So, it’s none of your business. The hierarchy is inherently a wrong system.”

“Good, you said so. Then I will ask again, Liz, why do you let that boy stay with you?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“Alright, communication failed. If you refuse to speak, then I will ask the boy in person.” Lin Xiang did not wear a robe, so he was easily recognized. Richie happened to see him talking with Leon, Nia and Bemiru, and he had a shuddering anger in his eyes.

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