Volume 10 Chapter 31 : Blast Fire-scaled Dragon


“You and some of my apprentices already known each other, right? I believe you can blend in with them soon.” Leon took Lin Xiang to his team, patted him on the shoulder, and smiled.

Now, the way Leon looked at Lin Xiang was getting ‘fancier.’ He also gradually understood why Qian Libing would like him so much.

“Well, I see… How long should I continue learning?”

“Why, do you want to leave?”

“I miss my friends.”

“Those little ladies, right? Hmm… It’s a pity, I don’t have the ability to let them stay in the small town. Otherwise, it’s alright to let them come.”

“I won’t bother you, I originally planned to leave after learning the Dragon Roar of Madness.”

“Then at least, learn an Elemental Dragon Roar? If your learning abilities are really that strong, you should be able to learn it quickly. Do you have any Elemental Dragon Roar you want to learn? I think the Wind Dragon’s Roar is pretty good. It can increase speed and aid in attacks.”

“I… Well, if I want to learn, I should learn the Fire Dragon’s Roar. By the way, Uncle Leon, I want to ask you one thing.”

“The Fire Dragon’s Roar is also good. What do you want to ask?”

“It’s about Venus, do you know the name?”

“Venus?” Leon seemed to be recalling something after listening, and then he asked, “Is it the Red Dragon Venus?”

“Yes, it’s her.” Lin Xiang was a little excited when he noticed that Leon somehow knew about her.

“What are you this asking for?”

“It’s nothing. I heard someone say something about Red Dragon Venus before. I found it very interesting, so I’m just asking if you know her.”

“Her? Of course, I know. After I came here, I often heard the old men and women talk about it, but those people have died of old age. Now, there are fewer people talking about it, so the new Dragon Descendants don’t know.”

“Well, what did those old people say?”

At that time, Nia and Bemiru just finished unleashing the Dragon Roars, so they entered a short period for breaks. Seeing Lin Xiang and Leon behind the teams, they walked towards them.

“Lin Xiang and Teacher Leon, what are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing, just asking a question.” Lin Xiang smiled at the girls, then looked at Leon, waiting for him to explain what the older generation had said.

“Speaking of the past, I can’t remember it very well. I only remember a small part of a poem: Red Dragon Venus, with very strong scales, its sharp claws cut both iron and mud, its flames burned snow. Heroic appearance was alluring, red hair was like a wedding dress, flames around the mountain walls, and the roars were shocking. Probably that’s it.”

“Oh~ It feels like an awesome poem. So, the Venus that Lin Xiang asked was a dragon?” After listening, Nia and Bemiru exclaimed in awe, but they were curious about it, “The first half of the poem fits the image of a dragon, but why does the rest seem to describe a person?”

“The world beyond the skies, known as the outer world, do you know this place?” Leon did not answer, but instead asked Nia and Bemiru.

“I don’t know, is it similar to the Demon Realm?”

“No, it’s more powerful than the Demon Realm. I have an old senior who had been there. He said, there were some dragons there, which could turn into humans.” Leon lowered his voice.

“What!? Turn into humans?” Upon hearing that, Nia and Bemiru shouted in surprise, and everyone else looked over. They stuck out their tongue embarrassedly and apologized to the people around them.

“Shhh, don’t be so excited. Once you reach a certain level, you will naturally be able to go to the outer world. I am old and don’t have the ability, so I can’t go. I don’t know whether it is true or false, but if a dragon can turn into a person, then it’s certainly not simple. I heard from the older generations that all dragon races that can become human have pure and ancient bloodlines. The biggest reason they turn into humans is so that they could consume lesser energies in human form.”

“I know that the larger the creatures, the more energy consumed. As long as the body is made smaller, it won’t consume unnecessary energy. That’s great. I also want to see dragons in human forms.”

“Me too.”

Looking at Nia’s and Bemiru’s face of admiration, Lin Xiang could not help being amused. You’ve seen one a long time ago, and you even embraced one.

The words Leon remembered, did not give Lin Xiang any hints. Apart from knowing that people had seen Venus before, there was no information about her death at all.

“Ah, yes, I remember there is another poem about Blue Dragon Bes… Bessica.” Leon suddenly remembered that there was also a poem related to Bessica.

“Huh? Uncle Leon, come and share it quickly.” Lin Xiang felt that only one poem could not solve his doubts, but maybe two poems could have some connections and make him learn more.

“At the beginning, similar to Venus’s, Blue Dragon Bessica…”

“Hey, that boy over there!” Just when Leon was about to say a poem about Blue Dragon Bessica, Richie and Kyle walked over and interrupted him.

Lin Xiang looked at the two boys without robes, then looked at the princess and Laura walking behind them. He knew that the other party should be of high-status in Dragonbron Village.

“It’s Richie and Kyle…” Nia made a tone as if something bad was going to happen. She also heard that Lin Xiang lived with the princess and Laura. Aside from being surprised, she was also worried.

Richie and Kyle, the princess’s and Laura’s number one suitor, are now finding Lin Xiang for trouble.

However, despite facing the nobles, Nia and Bemiru did not step back. Friends, should not abandon each other in times of crisis, right?

Richie was the first to come over, he looked at Lin Xiang angrily. Without a word, he hit Lin Xiang with a fist.

Lin Xiang did not dodge. Stretching out his hand, with a snap, he firmly grasped the opponent’s hand.

Seeing that Lin Xiang’s reaction speed was not slow, Richie wanted to withdraw his hand. However, he found that his hand seemed to be clamped by iron tongs, unable to move.

“Oh?” Richie was surprised, and then said coldly to Lin Xiang “Let go.”

“No problem.” Lin Xiang forcefully shook the hand forward. He thought that the opponent would be untenable, but Rich just retracted his hand in a very ordinary way. His body did not swing due to the force.

“While you can still talk now, tell me how you stayed with Liz and Laura.” Richie’s body exuded an aura similar to the pressure of a dragon. That aura made the surrounding Dragon Descendants felt out of breath, but Lin Xiang did not feel much about it, because that was so much different from the dragon pressure that Valarie exuded when she was in the hotel.

“Your language for our first meeting is really special.” Lin Xiang looked at him and smiled.

“Stop it.” Liz, who was walking behind speeded up her pace and stood in front of Lin Xiang. Laura quickly pulled Lin Xiang back.

“Liz, don’t tell me you like this weak guy.”

“Who would like that… It’s none of your business no matter who I like. Don’t touch him.”

“Liz, I always listened to you, but if someone wants to snatch you from me, sorry, I can’t do it.”

“Brother Xiang, are you okay?” Laura who pulled Lin Xiang behind asked with concern. He was the source of good food in the future and she could not let him get hurt, or else he could not cook anything.

“I’m fine, who is that guy?” Lin Xiang looked at Richie who was talking with Liz.

“That person? Don’t pay attention to him, he’s sick and always treats Sister Liz as his fiancé.”

“Oh, then he really was very sick.”

“This half-breed Dragon Descendants, if you talk about Richie like that, be careful of dying.” The pretty boy Kyle came to Lin Xiang and Laura from behind at some point.

“And who is this again?” Lin Xiang felt the girlishness emanating from Kyle and he could not help moving away from him.

“Like that Richie, he’s sick.” Laura glanced at Kyle with contempt.

“Ah~ Come on, Laura, if you say this, someone’ll be very sad.” Although Kyle said that he would be sad, Lin Xiang knew that he was very happy from his constantly swaying body.

Is this the legendary person of M attributes?

Lin Xiang put a label on Kyle.

“Go to hell.” Laura cursed at Kyle, but he obviously took that as a compliment.

On the other hand.

“You don’t need to talk about it, don’t care about my business. Apart from being the same as royal families, I have nothing to do with you.” Liz yelled angrily and said to Richie. Although she hated Lin Xiang, she was the one who brought Lin Xiang into the house. Liz was a righteous person who could differentiate public and private matters. She would not ignore protecting Lin Xiang just because she hated him.

“Good, good, good.” Richie said three consecutive times. Although he had quarrelled with Liz before, he would not really get angry. Now, Liz was arguing with him because of a boy, and she intended to protect that boy. How could Richie not get angry? He glanced at Lin Xiang and then roared at the sky, “Pato!”

A golden ray was emitted with an accompanying roar. When it reached a certain height, it spread out to the surroundings, like fireworks.

“Richie, you…” Seeing the ray, Liz’s forehead oozed a drop of sweat, and the Dragon Descendants who knew that Dragon Roar were all showing fear. The pretty boy Kyle even covered his mouth and said, “Richie is angry.”

“Brother Xiang, run quickly. The sick person has called for the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon enshrined in his house.” Laura hurriedly pushed Lin Xiang’s shoulder.

“What?” Lin Xiang looked at Laura inexplicably. After a while, a loud noise came from the sky.

“Ah—Oh—!” The deafening cry of a dragon rang through the skies. Then, Lin Xiang could see a red dot moving from the other side of the sky. Soon, a dragon with a straight line of burning fire from the backbone to the tail came with a dragging long spark. It appeared on everyone’s heads.


The fire dragon flapped its wide wings and slowly descended. The people below all scattered around to make room for the dragon. With a roar, the dragon landed steadily near Richie.

“Hey, Young Master Richie, don’t make trouble!” The leader of the aristocratic team was the village chief, an old man in his fifties. He saw the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon of Richie’s family appeared, and quickly squeezed between the crowd of Dragon Descendants to face him so he could persuade Richie.

The Flying Dragon Patrol Team that maintained order in the sky also rushed to the training grounds with their flying dragons because they saw the appearance of the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon. But because the flying dragon they were riding in was afraid of the dragon, none of them dared to get too close. The captain of the patrol team could only shout to Richie, “Young Master Richie, please don’t summon the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon in the training grounds. You promised your father that you will not cause trouble in the training ground and other places.”

“I didn’t make trouble. I clearly remembered the rule of not allowing the use of Dragon Roars to fight, but my dragon is hungry and wants to find something to eat.”

“Richie, you!” Liz listened to Richie’s words and turned to look at Lin Xiang.

It’s all because of me… No, he must not be injured.

“Liz, don’t think of hindering me, unless you tell me the reason. Otherwise, I will let my dragon eat that boy in one bite.” Richie pointed at Lin Xiang. The reason why he pointed at Lin Xiang was just to make the dragon notice him. Just by that gesture, the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon had its eyes on Lin Xiang.

“Brother Xiang…it’s not good, try not to move now, and leave it to Sister Liz and I.” Laura patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder and ran to Liz.

Leon, Nia and Bemiru looked at Lin Xiang with worries. They wanted to help, but that was not something they could get involved in.

“Young Master Richie! We told you to not mess around! Otherwise, don’t blame me for the consequences!” The village chief’s angry old face turned green. The authority of the village chief was obviously higher than that of Richie’s. It was easy to defeat Richie, but he was afraid of hurting him. Richie’s father was manager of the second largest country aside from the Dragon Descendant King in Olipolia. He loved Richie very much. Who knew what the consequences would be if he accidentally hurt his son?

“Young Master Richie, please don’t do this!”

“Chief, and your patrols, it’s none of your businesses, it’s just a half-breed Dragon Descendant. His dragon energy is so low, it’s best to feed him to the dragon.”

Hearing those words, Liz was completely irritated. Her face was dark that it lost its colour. Just when she was about to explode, a rather low voice sounded from behind. It was not the tender voice an ordinary girl should have.

“What. You said you… wanted to feed him… to the dragon.” A petite and exquisite red-haired girl walked out of the crowd and stood beside Lin Xiang.

Richie glanced at Valarie and thought the girl was a little strange, but he could not tell how strange it was.

“Hey, kid, you’d better go away, or even you will be eaten. Yanshi (焱士also known as Flame Warrior).” Richie shouted the name of the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon. After waiting for a few seconds, he did not hear anything, so he turned his head. At first glance, the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon, which was raised from his family, was actually backing away. There was also a slight heat wave from its mouth as it made a low roar. That was the unique sound that the dragon would make when it encountered an enemy, but the premise was that the enemy was a strong one.

“Yanshi, what’s the matter?” Richie walked up to the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon, only to see it staring at a certain place and retreating continuously.

“Hmph—” Liz smiled. She almost forgot that Valarie was there. As long as she was there, the scumbag would be fine.

“Come on, it’s fine, just scare these people who do not know the value of living.” Richie continued to persuade the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon, but it did not even look at Richie, just staring at Valarie and slowly backing away.

The Dragon Descendants present were all surprised by the unexpected change. They murmured in low voices.

“Come here.” Valarie hooked her hand at the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon. The dragon did not stop retreating because of that. With flames from its mouth, it exposed its sharp teeth.

The sentence that Valarie told the dragon made Richie chuckled. That was the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon that our family had supported for more than two hundred years. How could it be possible to listen to mortals? This is just a naive child. Many people also thought so, like Richie.

“Don’t… make me… angry. Come here.” Valarie’s eyes narrowed slightly. Her words had a commanding tone.

“Hooo hmph—” The dragon stopped its steps. Its nose emitted flames, and then under the surprised gazes of Richie and everyone else, it dragged its flame-burning body towards Valarie.

This dragon’s bloodline is pretty good. It’s about a thousand years old, a newly matured adult dragon. However, compared to Fire Dragon Valarie, apart from being older, its other conditions were a bit worse.’ When Freed felt that it was time to supplement Lin Xiang’s knowledge, he would naturally not let go of the opportunity.

‘Huh, fortunately. If it really rushes over, I don’t even know what to do.’

It’s fine, it’s not as fast as your wind speed, so it can’t bite you. Besides, it is also of fire attribute. Unless it is an ancient dragon and has its own flame specialties, it will hurt you.

‘Oh… Hey, can powerful dragons give commands to weaker dragons?’

Generally speaking, this is the case. However, if the dragon has higher intelligence, it will naturally not be easily commanded. Didn’t you see that it continued to retreat just now? That was a sign that the dragon has a sense of resistance.

Boom, boom.” The heavy footsteps stopped, and the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon stopped in front of Valarie.

It had a height of four meters. Valarie looked very tiny when she stood under it.

The fire-burning spine and tail of the dragon made a straight line. The bright red scales on the body gave off a seemingly hard texture. Its nostrils and mouth spew out flames from time to time, like a burning stove.

No one could believe that such a dragon would obey the words of a little girl, but the reality made them hard to believe.

“Get down.” Valarie said simply.

“Humph!” Erupting fiery smoke, the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon slowly leaned down.

“Ka… Rosala teneroka… Venus… yiluna.” Valarie communicated with the dragon in a strange language. Of the hundreds of people present, only a dozen or so people knew that language. It was the Dragon Language.

The veteran Dragon Descendants who knew Dragon Language said that they could only understand a little bit of the dialogue, that was, Valarie asking if the dragon had ever seen a dragon named Venus.

“Venus!?” After hearing what Valarie said, Richie’s eyes widened instantly. He looked at Valarie carefully. Out of blue, there was a feeling in his heart… That was, that girl was the daughter of Red Dragon Venus.

Not only Richie, but also those who knew the story of Red Dragon Venus, like the village chief, had that feeling. That girl was the daughter of Venus. However, there was no dragon spirit in Valarie, which made the situation very puzzling. If she was a dragon, she must have it.

“Ah loki… pushu mali… nora khaqi, domona si.” The Blast Fire-scaled Dragon spoke as if responding to Valarie. The sound was very loud but muddy, making it difficult to listen.

Although many Dragon Descendants at the scene had seen dragons, they had never seen a talking dragon like that one. After all, not all dragons could speak, because talking dragons had certain IQs.

In addition to the dragon’s ability to speak, Valarie’s identity also made them curious. They wanted to know, who, that girl was.

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