Volume 10 Chapter 32 : Eggs… Hate it


“Daogu… noki kassth, olimera.” After talking to the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon, Valarie turned and returned to Lin Xiang’s side.

“I want to return… to the Demon Realm. You… open the… different-dimensional… crack.” Valarie raised her head and said to Lin Xiang. She did not bother the indifferent gazes of the people around her.

The ability to spilt the space membrane to open the different-dimensional cracks was an ability of Yalide. If he wanted to use it, he must have a special dragon energy that was different from the ordinary dragon energy, which was the kind that was slowly generating in Lin Xiang’s body. However, as soon as that kind of dragon energy was produced, it was used to repair his soul. Therefore, Lin Xiang could not open the cracks in different dimensions.

“Sorry Valarie, I can’t open it now.” Lin Xiang clamped his hands together and whispered to Valarie.

When opening the different-dimensional crack, Freed told Lin Xiang that he must not let people, who he did not know or trust, see it. With so many people there, even if Lin Xiang could open it, he must say he couldn’t.

“Alright.” Valarie did not say much, nodded and turned to the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon and said, “Parocaka… weidide… shankarus.”

“Dumo… paju sam, norton rasiu… weidide.” After hearing the words of the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon, Valarie walked up to Liz. She looked at her and moved her lips slightly, “When… will you go… to the Demon Realm.”

“There are still five days, after the Dragon-training Festival begins.” Regarding the dragon language, Liz did not master it well, but she could probably hear that Valarie was asking the dragon if it could take her to the Demon Realm. The dragon answered no, but later, the Dragon Descendants will open the gateway to the Demon Realm. That was why Valarie came to ask Liz the princess.

“Five days.” As if confirming, Valarie repeated the date and walked in the direction when she came from. The Dragon Descendants hurriedly gave way to her, and Valarie returned to the big tree to sit down at her usual place in front of everyone’s eyes.

There was a lot of discussion at the scene. Many Dragon Descendants were discussing the identity of Valarie. Some people said that she was a dragon, while some people said those who thought she was a dragon were stupid. Without dragon spirit, how could she be a dragon? Valarie might be a descendant of a dragon trainer or something. There were different conclusions. A small group of people was also discussing about Lin Xiang. What was the origin of that newcomer? He was able to stay in the same house with Laura and the princess and let them protect himself.

“Hey, Liz, you let this boy stay because of that girl, right?” Richie was not stupid after all. He had great thinking abilities, so he guessed it at a glance.

“So, what if it’s not? Richie, what you did today disappointed me.” Liz turned her head, took Laura’s hand, walked up to Lin Xiang, and said to him in a low voice “Although I really don’t want to talk to you, I must say sorry, I almost put you in danger. But rest assured, as long as Laura and I are here, Richie will not intervene and that Blast Fire-scaled Dragon would not hurt you. Moreover, with Valarie, nothing will even happen to you.” When she mentioned about Valarie, Liz thought of what Lin Xiang did to her. She angrily glanced at Lin Xiang, then left, leaving Lin Xiang speechless for a long time.

“Alright. Don’t be discussions anymore, everyone! Hurry up and continue to practice!” The village chief shouted. Although the Dragon Descendants had doubts in their hearts, they could not discuss anymore. Anyway, they had a lot of time during the break at noon.

It seemed like nothing happened just now, and the training ground was returned to its previous appearance.

“It’s terrifying… Lin Xiang, fortunately you are okay.” Nia looked at the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon not far away, feeling a little frightened in her heart.

“Yeah, it’s great that you’re fine. Lin Xiang, let me ask you one thing. What are you and Valarie’s identity?” Bemiru looked at Lin Xiang seriously, and she felt a lot of confusion.

“Me? I’m just an ordinary Dragon Descendant, and Valarie was just a child of my relatives. It’s kind of her ability to make animals obedient.” Lin Xiang lied.

I’m sorry! I cannot let you girls know the truth.

“It feels a bit fake…but… if you don’t want to say it, then forget it. We can continue being friends, right?”

Lin Xiang nowadays was a mystery to Nia and Bemiru. He seemed to be very powerful, but not very powerful at times, so they could not figure it out. Generally, people like him had complicated and noble life experiences.

“Of course.” Lin Xiang showed a hearty smile.

Leon looked at Lin Xiang, then at Valarie under the big tree, and nodded secretly. These two children were not simple.

“Richie, what do you think of that little red-haired girl?” Kyle asked Richie, who was looking at Valarie.

“Want her.”

“Huh?” Kyle thought he had heard something wrong.

“I want her. That girl is Venus’s daughter.”

“Although I have thought about it, how can a dragon not have dragon spirit?”

“I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure she is the daughter of Red Dragon Venus. I want her to be my own dragon.”

In addition to the ability to slay dragons, the Dragon Descendants also possessed the ability to train dragons. Of course, the ability to slay dragons was directly proportional to the ability to train dragons. Only the stronger the ability, the dragon could be subdued.

However, when it comes to slaying dragons, there was nothing more like absorbing the dragon’s soul after it dies. Absorbing the dragon soul could enhance the dragon’s energy of the absorber. The stronger the dragon soul, the greater the aid for the absorber.

But! Not any dragon could have an appearing dragon soul and then being absorbed after death. Generally speaking, low-level dragons had weak souls and disappeared directly after death. For a slightly stronger dragon, after the body died, the soul would emerge. At that time, if no one absorbed it, it would return to the dead body and become a Bone Dragon.

“Do you think you can? If she is really a dragon, it means that she has a high sense of autonomy if she can become a human. And I think she has a connection with that weak boy, so you are not likely to get her. Just wait for the Dragon-training Festival obediently and go to the Demon Realm to find your own dragon.”

The battle of the Dragon Descendants was usually not alone. After all, Dragon Descendants were humans, and there was a big gap between human and dragons. Therefore, when Dragon Descendants fought certain dragons, they would have companions or their own dragons.

The so-called “own dragon” was that the dragon was tamed at one’s command. It was similar to the spirits with psychic abilities. However, the Dragon Descendants could not contract with the dragons. If the dragon hated its own tamer, it could escape in battle. That was called a betrayal. Of course, spirits do that too, but their situation was not as many as dragons. Moreover, ordinary spirits would fight till death for their masters instead of betraying and fleeing.

“I’m telling you, only those who owned a dragon that can transform into a human form is considered a powerful Dragon Descendant.” Richie smiled and looked at the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon, “Ah, it’s not that you are bad, you are a dragon that was enshrined by my family more than two hundred years. Of course, you are very important, but you are the property of the family after all. If I can have that girl, I will definitely become the next generation of Dragon Descendant King.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t. You can’t own an ancient dragon just because you want it. If I also have the blood of the ancient dragon, I won’t be entrenched in this small place. I yearn for the Demon Realm, where there were no restrictions.” The Blast Fire-scaled Dragon magically spoke human language. After a trace of flame spewed from its nose, it flapped its wings, set off a strong wind and flew into the sky. However, it did not immediately leave, but said to Richie, “Although you have a good talent for learning Dragon Roars, don’t touch that human again. Ancient dragons’ might is not something a child like you can bear.”

After that, as everyone looked up, the dragon uttered a dragon cry. Dragging a long spark, it flew away. The Flying Dragon Patrol Team was relieved to see that nothing happened in the end, and left with their flying dragons.

Looking at the little sparks of the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon remaining in the air, Richie shook his head, “You are wrong, Yanshi, I will definitely find an ancient dragon to be my own dragon. Even if it doesn’t work now, I will definitely do it in the future.”

“Oh~ Richie’s eyes are serious. Ancient dragons? Except for the three ice dragons, fire dragons and water dragons four hundred years ago, we never have ancient dragons here again.”

“Now there is an ancient dragon coming, that girl. All I have to do is get her trust and let her give me the dragon crystal.”

Dragon crystal was a tool for Dragon Descendants and dragons to communicate with each other in different places. If the dragon gives someone the dragon crystal, they would be in an alliance. Richie did not seek to tame Valarie, as long as he could have an alliance with her, then his status among the Dragon Descendants would be greatly improved. Especially Valarie, if she really was the daughter of Venus and formed an alliance with him, then Richie believed that the king would definitely agree with his marriage proposal for his daughter.


Because of all the things that happened before, the junior Dragon Descendants looked at Lin Xiang with more complicated gazes, especially for the team led by Leon. Due to Lin Xiang’s joining, the atmosphere became a bit subtle.

The sun slowly rose above the head. Without a robe made of special materials, Lin Xiang was already sweating at the moment.

He used several Dragon Roars of Madness, and was now waiting in the back of the line to rest. The sun got fierier, so the nobles had basically left. Liz and Laura ware standing not far from Valarie and waited for Lin Xiang. They were also protecting Valarie from being disturbed by Richie and the others.

“Well, this morning’s training is over.” The chief instructor, the village chief, cleared his throat, as if using a loudspeaker, his voice was very loud.

“Great, it’s finally over!” Although there were robes, but after all, standing in the sun made many Dragon Descendants hot and sweaty.

“Lin Xiang, shall we go for a meal together? If you bring Valarie along, I’m sure those nobles will not dare to touch you.” Nia, who walked behind Lin Xiang, spoke. In addition to Bemiru, there were five girls who had dinner with Lin Xiang yesterday.

“A meal… No, that fellow Laura disagrees.” Lin Xiang pointed to Liz and Laura under the tree.

“Laura this, Laura that, Lin Xiang, do you like girls like Laura?” Nia just finished speaking, and the other girls made an exclaiming “wow”.

“Like that fellow? How could it be possible.” Lin Xiang looked at Laura who was not far away.

She was less than 1.6 meters in height and had the appearance of a child. Just looking at it, she was no doubt a child, but the two big half-circles on the chest, that were the same as Nagisa’s, seemed to indicate that she was not. Her short height made them seem bigger there.

Her big eyes twinkled, like countless stars shining inside. The first impression she gave was that she was a girl full of curiosity and innocence. But in fact, how was that even possible?

For girls like Laura, Lin Xiang did not hate anything about her. It could be said that Lin Xiang hardly disliked girls, even boys. However, if some boys gave him a bad impression at the beginning, it was another matter.

“Then, it’s fine to have a meal with everyone, right?”

“Uh… I’ll go and ask first.” Just in case Laura had any weird ideas, Lin Xiang walked to her while Nia and the others stayed where they were waiting.

Seeing Lin Xiang coming, Liz put her hands on her chest, turned her head away, and did not look at him. Laura looked at Nia and others in the distance, and knew what he wanted to say, so when Lin Xiang came over, she immediately replied without hearing his speech, “No.”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang was speechless. What happened to this girl?

“Aren’t you going to have meals with them? It’s a no.”

“Hey, why not? With Valarie here, no one should dare to do anything to me, right? Besides, Dragon Descendants cannot use Dragon Roars to fight privately and I’m confident with my fists.”

“Tsk— Violent scumbag.” Liz muttered in a voice that Lin Xiang could hear. Actually, she purposely did that to let Lin Xiang listen to it.

“Uh haha…” Lin Xiang could only smile wryly when Liz said so.

“Brother Xiang, didn’t you say you want to take care of our food? If you go to eat, what shall we do, do you want to abandon us?” Laura looked at Lin Xiang with a pitiful expression, her big eyes flashing and begging in glitters. Her cotton-soft hands shook Lin Xiang’s arms, as if her parents were about to leave, and the child was reluctant to let go.

Damn… this girl is so coquettish…

Lin Xiang could not stand girls doing two things. First, crying, and second, acting like a baby. Especially when Laura acted like that type of spoilt girl by acting like a baby, its super lethal power could make men hard to resist.

“It’s rare for them to invite me, I must go. Why don’t you go too?”

“No~ I’ve been to all the places where I can eat in the town. There is no one that can compare to the delicious dishes made by Brother Xiang. Brother Xiang, cook for us~” Laura shook Lin Xiang again.

“Uh…then can you I cook lunch for you before going?”

“Deal! That’s the decision.” As soon as she heard that there was something to eat, Laura immediately agreed.

“Hmph—” Liz snorted and did not comment. Although Lin Xiang made her annoyed, the dishes he cooked…Well, she could barely eat it, hmm yes, barely. Besides, going out to eat would trouble the cooks, so letting Lin Xiang do it and troubling him was fine.

Lin Xiang did not know Liz’s thoughts. He just felt relieved when he saw that Liz had no objections.

“Then you go back first, I’ll go shopping in the town.”

“Understood!” Laura saluted Lin Xiang, “Then Brother Xiang, please hurry up!” After speaking, Laura took Liz’s hand and left.

“Sigh—” Lin Xiang smiled and heaved a sigh.

“What’s the matter, Lin Xiang, she wouldn’t allow?” Nia and the others came over and heard Lin Xiang’s sigh.

“No. I will go, but I will be a little later, is that fine?”

“Of course, it’s fine. Valarie is coming too, right?”

“Yes. But if she’s coming, she will give your wallets a slimming exercise.”

“No problem!” Nia patted her matured European-American breasts, and said proudly, “If I can’t afford it alone, everyone will invite you together.”

“Yes, that’s right. On the contrary, Lin Xiang, you have to tell us the secret of learning the Dragon Roar of Madness!” The girls altogether wanted to know how Lin Xiang learned the Dragon Roar.

“Uh… this…” Lin Xiang smiled, but did not answer, because he was unsure how.


When he asked Valarie if she wanted to go to have a meal with Nia and the others, Valarie’s answer was to ask if there were any fish. After explaining that there were fish, she nodded and said that she was going. That made Lin Xiang sweat: How much was her love for fish?

When they came to the town, there were not many people on the street because it was noon. However, there were still some passers-by.

After asking Nia and the others which restaurant to go to, Lin Xiang separated from them and said that he would go later. The girls did not ask much and reminded Lin Xiang to remember coming. Soon, they walked into a quaintly-decorated restaurant.

Bringing Valarie to the supermarket, Lin Xiang began to buy ingredients. At that time, a familiar voice that sounded like a big sister’s tone sounded behind him, “Young Master!”

Lin Xiang, who was holding the egg, turned his head and saw that a majestic-looking Suehiro Kaoru was standing there with a ponytail and wearing denim jacket and trousers. Of course, she was not the only one. Remi and Kamiki Kuji was with her.

“Why are you guys here!?” Lin Xiang smiled with surprise, the egg in his hand slipped and fell on Valarie’s head. With a splat, it broke.

The egg yolk along with the transparent and fishy viscous egg white slowly flowed down. Valarie touched the egg white on her face with her hand, licked it, and frowned, “Egg… hate it.”

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