Volume 10 Chapter 33 : Brain Stuck Like Gears


The day after Lin Xiang left with his sister, Remi was the only one in the house. Looking at the empty house, Remi felt very uncomfortable.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and listening to the ticks of the clock, Remi was extremely bored. It was fine when Lin Xiang and the others were there before, but now Remi was unsure what to do. If he was in the Demon Realm, he could still go out for a walk, pick medicinal materials, kill demons or something. But there…no, it was too peaceful.

Picking up the remote control on the table, Remi pressed the vertical red button in a circle. After waiting for a long time, the TV screen was still completely dark and nothing appeared. After pressing it a few more times, the result was the same.

“What’s wrong? Does this thing have consciousness after all? It doesn’t work every time I turn it on?” Remi walked to the TV, banged twice, and patted the TV, “Hey, turn it on for me, you bastard.”

The TV did not respond, and the screen was still completely dark.

Remi sighed, “I really don’t understand human things. Huh?” At that time, Remi found a long tail behind the TV with two metal plates. He looked at the wall beside the metal plate to find two holes in the wall…

Picking up the “tail” of the TV, he plugged it into the electric hole.

Tzz—” The TV screen slowly brightened. Music and human voices came from inside.

“Yeah.” Seeing the TV that was on, Remi sat on the sofa with a sense of accomplishment. Conquering human electrical appliances was like killing demons. Picking up a bottle of coke on the table, Remi drank while choosing his favourite show.  Finally, he stopped at a channel of a competition for spirit users.

Watching the battle between the two spirit users on the TV, Remi was a little excited while holding the remote control.

“Come on! Guy who uses electricity, you can use the lightning snake chain to entangle the enemy, where are your spirits? Let your spirits attack…”


“Trash! It’s a shame for us who used electricity.” Seeing that the spirit user had lost, Remi threw the remote control in his hand onto the table and leaned back onto the sofa.

Goo—” At that moment, Remi’s stomach called and he was slightly hungry. Nonetheless, he could feel that his magic power was being consumed unconsciously. Lin Xiang told him that in the human world, the elements of magic power were less, and it was difficult for spirits to recover their magic power unless they had a contract.

“Sigh— There are no thunder crystals either. It’s a hassle to eat with replenishing magic potions.” While grumbling, Remi opened the package that was delivered at noon. That was the magic supplement that Lin Xiang bought online last night. It had the effect of restoring the magic power of the spirits.

Opening the parcel, there were more than twenty glass bottles protected by foam. Remi took out one of them, raised it up and looked up at it. the opaque glass bottle was illuminated by the light, showing the volume of liquid occupied in it.

“Too less!” Remi grabbed the body of the bottle with one hand and the tip with the other. With a slight force, the glass bottle was opened.

The liquid inside was colourless and transparent, like water, but with a faint fragrance. After feeling that there was nothing strange, Remi raised his head and drank it all in one sip.

“It’s kind of like magical spring water. It’s alright, it supplemented a little magic. I’ll drink another bottle.”

He drank another and put the potions away. Remi took some money and the key, and went out to eat.


It was afternoon, and it was a Sunday, so there were a lot of people on the street. Remi’s appearance was outstanding, his natural blond hair was naturally conspicuous. Lin Xiang and the others left the previous day, so Remi did not stay at home, but also wandered around there. He was somewhat familiar with the neighbourhood now.

When he came to a western-styled restaurant, Remi opened the door and entered.

When the girl at the cashier heard the bell ringing above the door, she reflexively said “Welcome.” When she saw Remi, she froze for a while, then secretly tidied her hair, showing a bright smile, “Dear customer, seats for how many?”

“One person.”

“One customer.” The girl at the cashier yelled, and then several waiters rushed to Remi to bring him to the table.

Remi was really uncomfortable with girls’ enthusiasm. He had no expression on his face and said faintly, “I will find a place by myself.”

After speaking, he walked inside alone.

The waiters and the female cashier were left to exclaim how cool and handsome Remi was.

The restaurant there was not too big as there were only about twenty tables, no single tables, only tables for two or more people. The tables for two were in a row, so Remi walked up to a table casually and sat down. He opened the menu on the table and looked at it.

“Sister, what do you think we should eat?” A soft voice sounded behind him.

“Well… it’s rare to come to a restaurant like this, so I still want to eat that Kaiseki cuisine,” A mature and calm female voice sounded, and Remi remembered where he had heard it from.

“They don’t have that kind of food here. This is a western restaurant, sister.” The girl’s soft voice had a helpless tone.

“Really… Sorry, Choshi, I have never been to such a place before. When I came to a place like this for the first time, I was following Young Master and the others to the super luxurious hotel. I even followed they food orders. It’s embarrassing to be a big sister who doesn’t understand anything.”

“There’s no such thing. My sister doesn’t understand this because of your painstaking sword-training and hard work for the Suehiro Family. On the contrary, I can’t do anything. I am very proud of such a sister.”

“Choshi… Just keep it like this. I will protect you.”

Remi felt that the mature female voice was more familiar. He turned his head and looked at her. A tall ponytail was right in front of him. Opposite the owner of the ponytail was a delicate little girl who happened to turn her head and saw Remi. She immediately seemed to be frightened and lowered her head.

“What’s the matter, Choshi?” The ponytailed girl turned her head when she saw her sister suddenly lowering her head as if there was someone behind her.

“Are you… Reidy’s brother?” Kaoru recognized when she turned her head. The handsome blond guy sitting behind her was Remi.

“Ah, and I was thinking how the voice sounds so familiar, it turns out to be… uh, what’s your name?” Remi naturally could not remember the name of people who he was not very interested in.

“Suehiro Kaoru. You seem to be Remi, what are you doing here?”

“Obviously, to eat.”

“No, I meant that you should have gone to Dragonborn Village with Young Master and the others, so why are you here?”

“Don’t mention it… I regret not going there. How did you know they went to Dragonborn Village?”

“It’s a shame to say it, but I was too attached to sword practice yesterday and didn’t see the text message.” Kaoru’s cold expression showed a trace of pity.

“Oh… Hey, why don’t we go to the Dragonborn Village by ourselves.” Remi suddenly had the idea of ​​going there.

“Go by ourselves? No. I called Satsuki Risa. She talked about the past experience in the village. It was a bit complicated. It was difficult to go there without anyone leading us.”

“Ah… Damn it, the more I think about it, the more I regret it. Why didn’t I follow them in the first place, damn it.” Remi hammered the table, and the teacup on it jumped up with a bang. Choshi, who was sitting not far away, shook her shoulder, she seemed to be frightened. Some customers around also looked over.

“Hey, don’t you know some, well-informed friends with a great family background?” Remi said to Kaoru with his hands on the table. His face was facing sideways.

“I… have no friends… Wait, someone with a great family background?” Kaoru recalled someone.

————In the study room of a luxurious mansion.

That was just a study room, but any outsider who saw it would think that it was a library.

It was a two-storeyed circular structure. Each storey had a large circular bookshelf, and the bookshelves were filled with various books.

In the middle of the study room, there was a large wooden desk on which books were piled up high.

In front of the desk, a girl with black hair, that was grown straight to her back, exuded arrogance. A girl wearing black ladies’ glasses was flipping through a book titled “How to Get His Heart.” Next to her were more books, like “Girls Need to Know”, “Why Opposite Genders are Distancing Themselves from You”, “Things done that could annoy people” and other strange books.

Turning to ———— How to get his heart

The following are the forewords:

You, who reads this book, if you are a beauty, then you have this advantage and you are basically successful, you don’t need to read this book.

If you are not a beautiful woman, it doesn’t matter. If your looks are ordinary, you can capture his heart as long as you pour all your heart into it. After all, boys are very simple creatures. Next, I will introduce some methods and examples to you.

Oh, sorry, before entering the topic, forgot to mention, if you are a girl who can’t even look like an ordinary girl, first of all, thank you for purchasing this book, after that, please put down this book and go to the beauty salon. Author knows a…

Seeing that, Kamiki took off her glasses and rubbed her temples.

“Who the heck wrote this book while having brains that were not cured of meningitis during childhood?” Turning back to the cover, the author’s pen name was: Key Man.

Publishing House: Produced by Kamiki Group 748 Printing Factory.

“To be able to print this kind of book… It seems that the editor of this 748 printing factory feels that life is too leisurely.”

Throwing the book down, Kamiki lied on the table. Her hair covered her face, only exposing one sharp eye as she stared at a picture on the desk set in a frame. It showed a photo of Kamiki and her mother when she was a child. At that time, Kamiki was still an innocent child, smiling with no worries.

“My marriage cannot be decided by myself… Since being rescued by him, my dad has even asked me to marry him… After asking him what he thought of the marriage contract a few days ago, he hesitated again. He obviously did not think it matters… Sigh— I feel so tired. It’s difficult to act like a lady in front of him. These stupid books… Kissing and hugging had no effects at all, it’s annoying!” Kamiki murmured. She suddenly sat up and swept all the books to the ground.

Picking up the frame and touching the photo, she spoke, “Mom, you kept telling me that we should live for ourselves. Now, I finally know what you meant. Good! I am Kamiki Kuji, and I’m always Kamiki Kuji. I will not change for others. Even if it is an order from the family, it is the same. Lin Xiang, you can either like me and fulfil our engagement. Otherwise, you can just hate me and cancel it.” A golden light flashed in Kamiki’s eyes, and she decided not to play pretend anymore. The former Kamiki Kuji has returned.

You all don’t understand— A song played. Kamiki looked at the source of the sound to find a phone vibrating along with the fallen books on the ground.

Putting down the frame and picking up the phone, it was Suehiro Kaoru. Kamiki answered, tilted her head slightly, and pressed the phone to her ear.

“Hello, good day. I am Suehiro Kaoru, please let Kamiki Kuji listen to the phone.” Kaoru on the other side spoke politely.

“I am, what’s wrong, what’s the matter?” Kamiki sat on the chair, her slender legs folded together.

“I heard from Satsuki that you didn’t go to Dragonborn Village with Young Master.”

“Yes, I have been busy recently.” Kamiki looked at the books on the ground. She had been reading those books for the past few days.

“I want to ask you, Kamiki, do you know how to get to Dragonborn Village?”

“Dragonborn Village? I don’t know, I haven’t been there. I should know if I ask the butler. Why, do you want to go there?”

“Yes, with Reidy’s brother, Remi. Could you please do us a favour? I have no idea who to contact to get there.”

“I see, I will ask later, you guys can gather at Kamiki Bookstore tomorrow. But before that, you should ask for a leave from the principal.”

“I understand. Thank you, Kamiki.” Although Satsuki and the others asked Kaoru to address them by their names, Kaoru still felt that it was not good, so she always called their surnames.

“It’s nothing, I want to go anyway.”


“Why are you guys here!?” Lin Xiang showed a surprised smile.

“Thanks to Kamiki. Young Master, I’m sorry I didn’t meet with you in the principal’s office a few days ago. I have been practicing swordsmanship that day and didn’t see any text messages.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, have you met Risa and the others?”

“Oh?” Hearing Lin Xiang starting to call Satsuki’s name, the corners of Kamiki’s mouth rose slightly, “It seems that after only a few days of separation, your relationship with Risa has improved a lot.”

“Well…” Lin Xiang vaguely felt that Kamiki was a little different. It felt as if she returned to the time when they first met.

“Eggs… hate it.” Valarie licked the egg white on her hand and frowned. At that time, Lin Xiang realized that the egg in his hand had fallen on Valarie’s head.

“Sorry sorry, Valarie.” Lin Xiang used his hands to spread the squishy egg, but it did not help much.

“Then do you want to introduce, who is this little girl?” Kamiki asked with a smile.

“Uh… I’ll talk later… There are too many people here.”

“Well, no problem. Is there a policeman or anything nearby? There is a pervert who is kidnapping a child here.”

“Hey, don’t get me wrong.”

“Indeed, your brain works exactly like gears that are stuck and won’t turn, so you can’t do such a thing.”

“Classmate Kamiki? Why do I feel that you have changed?”

“Well, this is the real me. Ah— I’ve been depressed for too long, but now it’s so much more relaxing.” Kamiki looked relieved and stretched her body, “Where are Risa and the others? Nobody answered our calls, so we don’t know where they are.”

“They’re in the first village, how did you come to the town?” Lin Xiang listened to Kamiki’s previous sentence and began to secretly recall what had happened before.

Since his relationship with Kamiki became “better”, she had spoken less often. Sometimes, she would even quarrel with Satsuki. It was true that in the book nerd Lin Xiang’s memory, her vicious tongue would not spare anyone when scolding others. Now that she said so… Was it possible that Kamiki changed back to who she used to be?

“I just asked the butler to make arrangements, so I came here, and didn’t go to the first village. You left them in the first village, where you brought a little girl here to buy eggs and made her dirty. Sure enough, let’s call the police over.”



“Young Master, Satsuki and the others are in the first village, why don’t you call them here?” asked Kaoru, who helped Lin Xiang pick vegetables. Remi, who stood next to him also wanted to know why Lin Xiang left his sister there.

“You see… There are four villages here. The first one is open to tourists, the second and the third have relatively few people, whereas the fourth, which is just a little bit over there, is the fourth village, Parche Village. There is to practice Dragon Roars for the Dragon Descendants. Ordinary people cannot enter there.”

“Oh— No wonder we were hindered when we wanted to pass this morning.”

“Yes… tourists can’t go there. The Dragon Descendants who brought me here was a mentor. He is not capable enough to let Risa and the others stay here, so there is no other way but to keep them there.”

“As a local Dragon Descendant, why can’t the mentor bring people to live in a small town. What a waste. It must be just that kind of mentor who teaches newcomers or lower students.” Kamiki smiled faintly and asked Lin Xiang, “What place are they staying at?”

After knowing where the girls stayed, Kamiki took out her mobile phone and dialled a number, “Hey, butler, help me contact the town mayor. My friends want to come to the town. They are now staying in the first village, at a guest house called ‘Take A Break’.” After a few short words, Kamiki hung up without knowing if there was a response on the other end of the phone.

She’s so cool! Lin Xiang thought secretly. The current Kamiki… was still the same in terms of appearance. It was arrogant, noble and cold, even with sharp eyes but she was very different from the previous Kamiki. Maybe that was the real her. At that time, Lin Xiang also recalled the sight of Kamiki’s body when he was was taken by Yalide to the bathhouse of Suehiro’s house. He was still wondering that according to Kamiki’s bold behavior in the past, she would not be shy. Now, he finally understood…

“Kamiki? Already settled?” Kaoru could not help looking at Kamiki with wide eyes.

“Probably. Hey! You guys, don’t hide anymore. I said not to tag along, but you guys didn’t listen. Do you want to die?” Kamiki’s eyes swept to the side and saw several bodyguards in black suits.

“Miss Kamiki, it’s a coincidence… We, just come out to buy things, we never knew we could bump into you.” A bodyguard came out from a corner with a sneer. Several others walked out from other corners.

“Your relationship is so good, a group of big men out shopping.” Kamiki looked at them with sharp eyes.

“It’s alright, I guess. We have finished buying things, we should also leave. Goodbye, Miss Kamiki.” A bodyguard spoke as they all leave the supermarket, for fear of annoying Kamiki.

“Humph—” Kamiki snorted, “Annoying fellows, don’t let me see you again.” After speaking, Kamiki looked at Lin Xiang again, “You came to buy vegetables, does that mean you have a place to stay?”

“For the time being…”

“Who is there?”


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