Volume 10 Chapter 34 : Was That… Necessary


“That’s really amazing, darling, Risa and the others just didn’t look at you for a while, yet you’ve already hook up the Dragon Descendant princess and her follower in such a short time? You deserve it.” Kamiki looked at Lin Xiang with a smile on her face.

“It’s not like that… Actually, I can stay here because of her.” Lin Xiang pointed to Valarie, “Let’s talk about the details later… Have you eaten?”

“Not yet, I don’t know if I can try the dishes made by Young Master again.” Lin Xiang knew great sword skill as well as cooking. Even the taste of the dishes was very good, which made Kaoru impressed.

“I don’t think you can today. These are for the princess and the other. I have friends who will treat me in the restaurant at noon, so if Kaoru-senpai wants to eat, I will make them for you later. You can go to the restaurant with me later.”

“Friends that Young Master knows… I don’t think it’s good to interfere.”

“Let’s not talk about this. Hey, Kamiki right? When will my sister and the others come over?”

“Someone is taking care of it, so they would be here this afternoon.” Kamiki did not even look at Remi, but just stared at Lin Xiang, “Alright, I’ll go to dinner with you later, and meet the friends you know.”

“Uh…Okay…” Lin Xiang nodded nervously, but he felt that something was wrong deep down because Nia and the others were all girls. Although there were boys who ate together before, they did not come that day. It was obviously a unilateral proposal by the girls. Just hope that there would zero trouble… Lin Xiang prayed silently.


After deciding where to meet with Kaoru and the others, Lin Xiang took Valarie back to Liz’s house.

Within three seconds after knocking on the door, the door was opened. Lin Xiang saw Laura’s baby-like cheeks bulging slightly, and complained to him with her pouting mouth, “Brother Xiang, you’re so slow, taking so long to buy something.”

“I met a few friends, so I was late for a while. Don’t you like to eat eggs? Look, I bought a lot. I’ll let you try Japanese omurice (omelette rice) at noon today. How about that?”

“Omurice? I haven’t heard of it. That’s a strange name, but I know it’s delicious when I hear it. Brother Xiang, hurry up, I want to eat, I want to eat. If I don’t eat anything, my breasts will shrink.”

Pff—” Lin Xiang looked at Laura’s chest that was moving with her body. He could not speak for a while. When Valarie pulled Lin Xiang’s hand and pointed to the slimy egg liquid on her head, he quickly said to Laura, “Take Valarie for a bath.”

“What’s wrong? Oh~ There’s a fishy smell, and white slimy liquid, Brother Xiang, did you…”

“It’s all in your head.”

“I mean, you hit the egg on her head, right? Brother Xiang, why did you say that it’s all in my head? Brother Xiang wanted to get the egg on my head too?” Laura’s eyes blinked and looked just like a child. Lin Xiang was unsure if she was really clueless or not.

Time was a bit tight, so Lin Xiang no longer talked nonsense, “If you want to eat, take Valarie for a shower first. I’m going to finish it quickly.”

“No problem! Hurry up, kid.” Laura said and hooked arms with Valarie.


Entering the kitchen, Liz was sitting in a chair drinking water. Seeing Laura took Valarie upstairs, she could not help but feel a little strange. She stared Lin Xiang who was entering and asked, “What happened to Valarie?”

“Nothing, it’s just that her hair was accidentally stained with egg fluid.” Lin Xiang put a bag of eggs and other ingredients for omurice on the cooking table.

“Hmph, it must be due to your mistake. I really don’t understand why she stayed with someone like you.”

“Well…I don’t know how to answer either. By the way, Princess, I want to…” Lin Xiang put down his things and walked towards the princess.

“You, what do you want… Don’t come here…” Liz put her hands on her chest and stood up.

“I didn’t want to do anything. I just want to…”

“No! Don’t even think about it!” Liz’s face slowly turned red, “If you think about it, I will bust you away with Dragon Roars.”

“Hey.” Lin Xiang patted his forehead and stopped. He just wanted to ask about Venus and Bessica. He was also very hot and his throat was very dry, so he walked towards Liz just to drink water. But now, Liz obviously thought of him as a pervert and kept her guard up. It seemed that what happened last night really caused his image to fall to the bottom. Lin Xiang sighed.

“I just want to ask, how much does the princess know about Venus.”

“You, you just ask this?”

“Yeah…otherwise, what else are you thinking of.”

“I, I didn’t think of anything else. I knew you wanted to ask this, hmph, I won’t tell you. If you know, you will definitely control Valarie even more.” Liz herself had misunderstood Lin Xiang, so she felt embarrassed now. Her blushed face was as red as blood. If there was nothing happened just now, if Lin Xiang did not come over, if he did not speak so strangely, then she might tell him what she knew.

“That’s why I said it’s a misunderstanding…”

“No need to explain. You are a pervert who deceived a young dragon, scumbag.” Liz snorted and sat back on the chair.

“Alright… I’m going to drink a bowl of water now, don’t hit me…” Lin Xiang walked over slowly, picked up a bowl, and looked at Liz with the corner of his eye to prevent her from attacking himself. Liz turned her head and looked away, not looking at as he poured water for himself.

Now, she did not know if it was because she hated Lin Xiang or because of the embarrassment just now, she did not dare to face Lin Xiang.

After Lin Xiang finished drinking the water and finally walked to the stove, Liz heaved a sigh of relief.

No way… I seem to be too nervous, fortunately no one else is here…

Watching Lin Xiang’s busy figure, Liz felt a little guilty. She let him in, caused him trouble, and now she was still letting him cook… But Liz thought of Lin Xiang kissing Valarie. In that scene, as well as the way he stared at her body without blinking his eyes, that little guilt was instantly replaced by anger and shame.

Hmph! When I first saw him, I thought he was just an ordinary boy, but I didn’t expect him to be a pervert. Letting him live in here is a clear picture of his true colours. For this kind of person, there is no need to feel guilty for him.

Feeling a pair of eyes looking at himself, Lin Xiang turned his head and asked Liz carefully, “About that… what is Princess doing here…”

“Nothing, just to see if you put any weird things in.”

“It’s the same as what Laura said…” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly. Yesterday Laura was causing trouble. As the saying said, ‘Drunkards didn’t mean to drink’, and it kind of applied to the princess. It seemed that the saying was indeed true… Lin Xiang knew that he should continue to finish his cooking quickly. He could not let Kamiki, Nia and the others wait long.

———-More than twenty minutes later

The strong egg scent wafted through the kitchen, and Liz, who was sitting behind watching Lin Xiang cooking, could not help exclaiming in awe. With skilful techniques and clever control of the heat, Lin Xiang, a boy who cooked even better than a girl, made the princess felt self-contained. What was it that makes a boy’s cooking so good? Liz was a little curious. When she wanted to ask Lin Xiang, there were pattering footsteps on the stairs, and Laura’s voice echoed.

“It smells good! Are you done?”

“Almost.” Lin Xiang responded as he wrapped the fried rice with thin omelettes.

Laura ran downstairs and took a look. Her eyes flashed like stars, “That’s amazing! Brother Xiang, can I eat it?”

“It’s not quite done yet. Where’s Valarie?”

“She’s upstairs, I asked to help her take a bath, but she refused. She even told me to wait outside the door, so I ran down when I smelled the scent.”

“Oh. Did you change her clothes?”

“Speaking of clothes, Brother Xiang, I wanted to say this since yesterday, why do you give her such a cheap robe? The robe is not beautiful and too long for her to wear. Ah, but if Brother Xiang likes this, then I am just too unknowledgeable.”

“I don’t have that kind of interest.”

“It’s great if you don’t have it. The last time I recalled my childhood with Liz, I happened to bring my old clothes. I gave her a set. Brother Xiang will definitely see her in a new light, but don’t be too excited and do some weird things to her. That can pollute my eyes and Sister Liz’s.”

“If you continue, there will none for you.” Lin Xiang really wanted to knock Laura on the head and asked her what was in it.

“Mmhm!” Hearing that there would be no food for her, Laura immediately covered her mouth. She blinked at Lin Xiang, as if she would not speak anymore.

“Now that’s an obedient girl.” Lin Xiang brought two big portions of omurice to the table next to Liz.

“The appearance is not bad.” Liz looked at the bright yellow omurice and said in a voice that Lin Xiang could hear.

“Oh~ Thank you for the compliment, Princess.” Lin Xiang was glad to hear Liz say that. It seemed that the princess did not completely despise him.

“Don’t be proud, let’s see how it tastes first.” Liz picked up the spoon next to the plate, ready to take a bite.

“Wait, Princess. There is something else I haven’t added.” Lin Xiang took out the tomato sauce and painted the egg with an S. Omurice of a standard restaurant was complete.

“Brother Xiang, you might as well go open a restaurant. I guarantee you will make a lot of money.” Laura was naturally very interested in that kind of novel food. At that moment, she was getting greedy, so she grabbed a spoon and get a large good scoop of the omurice.

The egg on the surface cracked, and the fried rice wrapped in the egg wafted out of heat. Its fragrant was everywhere. “Ah omm.” Laura opened her pink mouth and took a bite of the fried rice with egg crust and tomato sauce, instantly revealing a happy face, “Great taste! Brother Xiang, I like this so much!” Laura gave Lin Xiang a thumbs up. She turned on her anti-lady mode, and started gobbling up the food despite her image.

Seeing Laura like that, Liz smiled bitterly. Lala is exaggerating too much. It’s just spreading fried eggs on the fried rice and adding some tomato sauce. No matter how good it tastes, how can it be better.

Liz scraped up a little omurice, and slowly tasted it in her mouth.

At that moment, she found out that what she had thought was wrong. That was not ordinary food-matching.

The egg was fragrant and smooth, the fried rice was elastic and refreshing, and the sweet and sour combination of tomato sauce added to the appetite. That plate of rice was the best one Liz had ever eaten.

“Taste, not bad. Cooking, it’s hard work.” Liz lowered her head and started eating, as if she had not spoken just now.

“It’s not hard at all, Princess.” Lin Xiang felt that if that continued, the misunderstanding would be resolved soon.

Dong, dong, dong.” There was the sound of footsteps from the spiral staircase. Lin Xiang looked over saw Valarie walking down. At that moment, her dress really made Lin Xiang see her in a new light.

She wore a light black one-piece dress. There were not many decorations, just some patterns on the skirt, which was generally simple. Its length just covered Valarie’s feet, but it was not dragged on the floor. The waist part was very tight, which highlighted Valarie’s small waist. Of course, that was not the main reason why Lin Xiang’s eyes shine. The main reason was that the collar of the long skirt hanged down completely, revealing Valarie’s collarbone and neckline. The fabric on the chest was all folded together. To put it simply, Valarie had no chest. Wearing that skirt could not support her chest completely. Her chest looked empty, so the collar of the dress was naturally loose.

Valarie also noticed that, so the first thing she did when she came down was to ask Laura, who was eating in a quick pace, “Are there… any other… clothes? This… the other parts… are very tight… It’s just that… the chest… feel empty… It’s weird.”

“No more, the dresses were all tailor-made. That was the smallest one. You have that feeling because your chest is small.” Laura did not even look at Valarie, as if someone would snatch her food from her.

“Big chests… get in the way.” Valarie looked at Laura’s big breasts and patted her own chest. The loose fabric on her chest seemed to vent air, “This way… makes exercising… more convenient.”

“Ah, that’s true, it’s actually quite troublesome to have big chests I wore that dress before, and my chest felt empty. Now, I can’t experience that kind of feeling aside from not wearing clothes. I really miss it.” Laura recalled while eating.

“What are you talking about…” Lin Xiang was a little speechless, why did Laura speak so boldly? Also, wasn’t that tailor-made? How could her chest feel empty?

“Isn’t this dress yours?”

“No, it’s Sister Liz’s.”

“Princess? It’s impossible, right? There are so many fabrics on the chest. Is this a skirt from a few years ago?” Lin Xiang said quickly without thinking.

Bang! Liz, who had not spoken all the time, hit the table and stood up when she heard the word ‘impossible’, “It’s from three years ago! Why couldn’t it be mine? Can’t I hit puberty at that time? I can’t help it when it doesn’t grow anymore, right!?”

After speaking, Liz was stunned and looked at Lin Xiang blankly for a while.

What, what did I just say! It doesn’t grow too big anymore, and I can’t help it. I actually said this to a boy… it’s too embarrassing.

“Ah uh!” Liz’s face turned red in an instant, she covered her face and ran upstairs.

“Brother Xiang… Sister Liz used to have a very good figure, especially her breasts. Richie and those stupid guys always stared at Sister Liz back then They couldn’t even blink. And I, mine used to be flat. It finally started growing two years ago. With me as a comparison, Sister Liz always felt that her breasts were no longer growing larger, and she was troubled by it. By the way, Sister Liz’s mother was very beautiful and had huge breasts. Actually, Sister Liz wasn’t someone who care much about her figure, but because of me and her mother, she became a little concerned recently.”

“No, I think she has a very good figure. It’s pretty nice.” Lin Xiang realized that something was not right as soon as he finished speaking. Fortunately, Laura did not react as she still ate her omurice normally. However…

“Lin Xiang! You scumbag! Forget what you saw last night! Or I will kill you!” Liz’s voice came from the spiral staircase, and she was almost yelling.

What do you mean it’s pretty nice? You dead pervert!

Originally, Liz just came back to remind Laura that she was not allowed to share more to Lin Xiang. When she first returned, it was too late. Laura had already said it all. Now, she was going crazy when she heard Lin Xiang’s words like that.

“Brother Xiang! You are so perverted! How dare you talk about Sister Liz’s breasts!? Sister Liz! I’ve caught him, hurry up!” When Laura noticed something was wrong, she dropped her plate and hug Lin Xiang’s arms, as if catching a bad guy.

“You brat!?” Lin Xiang wanted to resist, but his arms seemed to be sucked in by Laura’s chest. The more he moved, the deeper he sank. It felt very spectacular. The two hot, soft cushions were tight as they clamped his arms tightly, so he did not dare to move, let alone think.

“Laura! So do you, don’t try to avoid it. He just prepared you something to eat, how can you just blurt out everything about me? Won’t you sell me off later?” Liz walked down angrily.

“It’s none of my business.” Laura shook her hand quickly. Then, as if she had made a big decision, she looked at Lin Xiang as if she was about to make a heroic sacrifice, “Brother Xiang, until now, if you escape yourself, I think it is enough.”

“Hey, can you not change attitude so fast?”

“Brother Xiang, you know, I’m on your side.” After Laura finished speaking, she let go of Lin Xiang, ran to meet Liz, and hugged her firmly from the front, “Go! Brother Xiang! Go find your friends!”

“Lala, you traitor, let go.” Liz pushed Laura’s face with her hand, and Laura kept sticking to Liz’s body, “Brother Xiang! Remember what I did for you. You have to make me something delicious tonight.”

“No problem… and Princess, I’m really sorry!” Lin Xiang bowed to Liz who was having a mental breakdown.

“What’s the use of apologizing? Come here, and I promise not to kill you. I’ll just beat you to amnesia.” Liz was really furious. The good impression she had for Lin Xiang was rebounded, but now, it had fallen to a negative value again.

“Anyway, I’m sorry. Valarie, let’s go. Don’t touch it. No matter how you touch it, it’s still loose there. I’ll help you tie up the collar in a while.” Lin Xiang said, and quickly walked out of the kitchen. If Liz really hit him, he would not dare to resist, so he better leave first.

“Oh.” Valarie replied. At that time, Lin Xiang had already walked out of the kitchen. Valarie passed by Liz, stopped, and said to the struggling girl, “Your body… was just seen… was that… necessary.”

After that, Valarie walked out of the kitchen slowly under Liz’s watch.

“Lin Xiang! You pervert!!!” Lin Xiang, who had just walked to the front hall, suddenly heard Liz’s yells. Therefore, he could not help but looked back and saw Valarie exiting the kitchen. There was no one else behind him, so he felt relieved. He thought Liz was catching up to him, but now Lin Xiang had questions again, why did the princess suddenly say that to him?

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