Volume 10 Chapter 35 : Prickly


When Lin Xiang reached the town, it was already exceeding the scheduled time. There were fewer pedestrians on the street than before, and everyone must have went eating.

Walking into the promised restaurant, the hall was already full of people. He looked around, looking for Nia, Kamiki and others. After a while, he heard someone calling his name in the corner. It was Nia and the girls, but Kamiki and Kaoru were sitting at the same table with them?

“Why are you sitting together?” After squeezing through the crowd, Lin Xiang took Valarie and walked to the corner.

“This woman came over ten minutes ago and asked if we were your friends or something. Lin Xiang, do you know them?” Nia looked at Kamiki and her friends while asking. Others were busy praising Valarie’s new dress.

“Yes, I do. This is Kamiki Kuji, my classmate. This is Suehiro Kaoru, my senior. They came to visit the Dragon-Training Festival.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Fortunately, we didn’t think they were weird and drive them away.” Bemiru looked as if she was relief from danger. At that time, an unknown girl asked Kamiki, “Kamiki Kuji, right? I wanted to ask but how do you know we are Lin Xiang’s friends? Obviously, there are a lot of people here, yet you just walk to our side once you watch the crowd in a circle. You were not sure, so you wouldn’t come and ask, would you?”

“Hey~ Of course, I’m sure. Most of the people here are dressed in modern clothes, and they are all over twenty. If they were darling’s friends, the age of those people was obviously not suitable. They were only here for fun anyways, so my darling who learns Dragon Roars certainly had no interaction with them. Alas, there are only three tables of people in robes left.”

After listening to Kamiki’s words, Lin Xiang looked around and found that there were really two tables with other young Dragon Descendants.

“So, it’s a one-third chance, how do you know it’s here?” the girl continued asking.

“Well, as long as you understand his character, you can understand it. All of you here are girls, right?”


“That’s right, the other two tables have boys, but this one does not, and you are not ordering food like others, but chatting. It is not difficult to guess that you are waiting for someone. Besides, my darling is not strong in anything, but he is very good at seducing girls.” Kamiki put her hands on the table to support her chin. She looked at Lin Xiang and smiled, her sharp gazes made it hard to look directly at her eyes. Also, I don’t have the ability to seduce girls as you said.

“That’s amazing.” After hearing Kamiki’s commentary, the other girls were fascinated. Even Lin Xiang had to say Kamiki’s reasoning ability was strong. If it was him, he would only wait at the door or somewhere else.

“By the way, where is Remi?” Lin Xiang could not see Remi anywhere. At that time, Kaoru stood up. I wonder where she wants to go.

“He said he wants to go shopping outside when we said you are not here. Do you two have any ulterior secrets? For example, that disgusting boy x boy thing.”

“There are no such secrets, stop spouting nonsense.”

“Hmph~ Who knows? Darling, you are really a guy who doesn’t like girls.”

“Who said that? Hey, don’t look at me with that kind of eyes, guys. I’m normal.” When Kamiki said that, Nia and the others looked at him in a slightly different way.

“I am… hungry. I want… fish.” Valarie’s words sort of reloaded the atmosphere. Then Bemiru said, “Maybe Lin Xiang’s just hitting puberty a little late. Valarie is hungry, let’s start ordering food.”

“Yeah, Lin Xiang isn’t the kind of gay guy, sit down.” Nia smiled at him. In fact, no one would really think Lin Xiang was gay. Just when he thought so…

“If he was gay, it would be understandable for the princess to let him stay with them. But, ah, aren’t gays very… like that?”

“Shh, don’t say it so loud, what generation is it now? Aren’t they loving too? I really want to see his partner now.” The two girls were whispering. Lin Xiang had good hearing, so he heard from A to Z. Snap. Lin Xiang seemed to overheard his heart smashed to pieces. He was regarded as a pervert by the princess, and was now regarded as a gay by girls who were not entirely his friend. He knew that his life in Dragonborn Village was over.

His senior, Kaoru, who did not know all of that, pulled two chairs from the walkway and placed them next to her seat. She looked at Lin Xiang with big piercing eyes and said, “Come on, Young Master, sit beside me.”

“Oh— Thank you, Kaoru-senpai.” Fortunately, Kaoru had not heard them just now. She was the kind of staid person. If he was misunderstood, he could not imagine what would happen.

The table was a big round table. The number of seats were just right when the ten girls sat together. Now, with Valarie and Lin Xiang, it seemed slightly crowded. Kaoru sat upright with her hands on her knees, his hands kept sticking to hers from time to time. The heat from her tender hands made him withdraw his hands to one side.

“It’s a bit stuffy. I didn’t expect Lin Xiang to have friends over here before. Ah, it doesn’t mean that you guys are not welcome, but if I knew it, I would have asked for a bigger table. Alright, everyone, please order your favourite dishes.” Nia divided some papers with different dishes on it. The upper row was full of Olipolia texts, but there were also texts of several different countries, so that outsiders could also understand it.

Lin Xiang took one. There were a lot of dishes that he had not heard of. He was unsure what to eat, so he ordered fish with Valarie. There were not many types of fish, but he could easily tell what type of fish they were just by reading the dish names. It could prevent Valarie from not being full.

After Lin Xiang put the paper down, Kaoru who was sitting next to him reached out and took a closer look.

“Hmm…” Kaoru groaned. She probably did not know what to eat either. She stared at the menu for about half a minute before deciding to order a dish called ‘white silk meat’.

Nia and the others had already ordered them by experience. Kamiki also took a look at it and decided what she wanted. After calling a busy waiter and telling him their orders, they chatted up and waited for the food.

Naturally, Niya and the others would not let go of the opportunity, and asked about the identities of Lin Xiang and Valarie. When Kaoru accidentally said that she was Lin Xiang’s guardian, Nia and the others exclaimed, thinking that his identity was not simple.

In fact, no matter who was the sword-bearer, Kaoru would be that person’s guardian. Now that he had acquired the cold sword, Kaoru had become his guardian. Of course, Lin Xiang did not want Kaoru to be other’s guardian, especially people like Terayama.

The girls kept asking, when they had no further questions, they started asking what they cared about the most—How he learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar and the Dragon Roar of Madness. In that regard, Lin Xiang could only smile, unable to answer. It provoked them to say that he was stingy, because he was not willing to share his experience or something.

————The empty land around the first village.

At that time, five people wearing robes and hoods staged a magical confrontation on that empty land.

Hhong!” Flames, whirlwinds, lightning strikes, water polos, earth blades, all were concentrated together as they exploded. Multicolour elements interlaced, emitting smoke. The scene was very spectacular.

“Phew— I’m tired.” Watching the magical explosion, one of the girls pushed off the hood on her head, revealing a delicate and beautiful face. She gently swept the bangs on her forehead that had become moist due to sweating.

“What’s the matter? Out of strength?” The other girl stopped releasing the next electric magic, and also pushed off her hood, revealing her conspicuous golden hair.

“Yeah, I don’t have mental power and magic power like yours. I have persisted from the morning till now. I’ve been pretty good, right?” The tired girl panted slightly as went to the shades and sat down.

“It’s you who said that you want to become stronger, yet you are the first to get tired. Really?” The blonde girl made a small complaint.

“Well, Reidy, Satsuki were different from us, don’t force her. Yorikawa is tired too, right?” a girl with dark blue hair said in a soft voice. She was quiet, delicate and charming. She was the type that boys would never forget when they met her.

Of course, as everyone present took off their hoods, people would find that they were beautiful girls, rarely seen anywhere.

A girl with a doll’s fringe at the front and a bunch of hair tied to the back responded to the blue-haired girl with a soft and weak voice, “Sorry…My magic power is too low… and my mental power is not good…” She bent over to apologize. Although she was wearing a robe, the two giant half-spheres on her chest were conspicuous. They shook as she bent over.

“It’s fine, you girls are serious enough. It’s noon, let’s take a break and go back to eat.” The blue-haired girl smiled with full understanding.

“Eat? Good, good~ Let’s eat~” The last of the five was a girl with a pony tail. The energetic girl jumped up happily when she heard the word ‘eat’.

In fact, there were not only five girls present. There was also a girl with fiery-red hair and a cold face that exuded a sense of rejection from a thousand miles away, watching them under a big tree in the distance.


“Risa… are you okay?” Nagisa walked to Satsuki and asked while kneeling down.

“I’m fine, it’s just that I used too much magic today, so I’m a bit weak. I’ll be fine with some rest.” Satsuki leaned on a rock as she fanned herself with her hand while exhaling with her small mouth.

“Risa has worked very hard in the past few days.”

“Of course, look at Silent Water and the others. They are girls of the same age, but they are at a level different from ours. They used so much magic, yet they did not show a hint of tiredness. On the contrary, I just used a few, but I already feel powerless. I have to work hard to reach their level.”

“Yeah, they are so amazing… I really want to have their strength, in that way, I can help Lin Xiang.” Nagisa sat next to Satsuki, looking at the white clouds floating in the sky.

“Yes, so we are going to work hard together. In the past few days of training, I always feel that my magic power increased a bit. My proficiency in releasing magic has gradually increased as well. If this continues, I will definitely be able to advance to the second rank of the Intermediate Mage.”

“Hey~ Sister Risa, Sister Nagisa, it’s time to go back to eat.” Dusty yelled not far away, and ran to Fire Lotus.

“Let’s have lunch and continue this afternoon. We have to let Xiang come back and see our stronger self.”

“Yes, that’s true…” Nagisa felt a little uncomfortable when he remembered that Lin Xiang was defeated by Matthew. She hated her inability, and she believed that Lin Xiang was defeated because of her own sake. She felt that Matthew recognised the wrong person, and then when he saw that she was with Lin Xiang again, and he started his attacks so hard. Being able to knock a person into a coma in an enchantment indicated that his attack power was very strong.

“Let’s go, what are you thinking about?” After Satsuki stood up, she shook Nagisa’s shoulder.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Let’s go.”

At that moment, in the building named ‘Take A Break’, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit was standing upright, waiting at the entrance for their return.


After the meal, the atmosphere between Lin Xiang and his friends was fairly harmonious. Remi was still nowhere to be seen, because he never showed up. That made Lin Xiang felt inevitably a little worried because Remi had a bad temper. If he quarrelled with others, it would be troublesome.

“Then Lin Xiang, we won’t bother you and your friends.” Walking out the door, Nia and the others waved to him. They promised to meet him that afternoon, and left. When they were leaving, Lin Xiang could still hear the conversation of the two girls who were whispering before: It’s a pity I can’t see his partner. Or something like that.

Please, are you two serious?

Watching them disappear at the end of the street, Kamiki behind him spoke, “I didn’t expect darling to eat the meal that the girls paid for. It’s really a big step forward. How many times do you have to join them? Shameless darling?”

“I haven’t reached the point of having free meals… They said they were treating me, so I can still treat them back later.”

“Sigh— You’re right, it’s better to cook by yourself and let them fall in love with you. Foreigners or something, have hot bodies, boys like them most.”

“By the way… I haven’t seen you for a few days, yet your words sound prickly.”

“Can I consider this as an objection since you changed the topic?”

“No, you can’t. I don’t have that thought either. I’ll just invite them back in a restaurant. Cooking for so many people is so exhausting I could die. I…” Before he finished speaking, Valarie tugged his clothes and said a word to him,


Speaking of that, she did not eat much just now. Lin Xiang wanted to save Nia and the other’s purses, so he told Valarie to eat less when they arrived. She really did obedient listen to what he said. Lin Xiang placed his hand on her head and patted, “I’ll cook some fish for you in a while.”

“Hmm.” Valarie responded and pushed his hand away. Lin Xiang was unsure when, but Valarie seemed to stop him from touching her head.

“Oh~ I figured out the identity of this girl. It turned out to be a missing child who was tempted by darling to leave home for delicious food.”

“Kamiki, Young Master wouldn’t do such a thing.” Kaoru had a serious expression. She was indeed a girl with a staid personality. It was obvious that Kamiki was ‘joking’ to ask him the true identity of Valarie.

“Sigh— It seems that it won’t work if I don’t tell you clearly.” He looked around. When there was no one, he then said to them in a low voice, “Actually, she is a dragon.”


Just like Risa and the others in the beginning, Kamiki and Kaoru all showed unexpected expressions, expressing their disbelief.

“Do you want… me… to prove it.” Valarie raised her head and looked at Kamiki and Kaoru. She was fine with it, but if someone questioned her identity, Valarie would never allow it.

“Don’t, Valarie.” Lin Xiang hurriedly smiled at Valarie. He could not let her release her dragon pressure there.

“What’s wrong? Are you becoming a dragon and bite us?” Kamiki looked at Valarie with aloof.

Valarie replied, “Stupid… human,” and she stopped looking at Kamiki. Lin Xiang was rather relieved that she was not angry or anything.

“I feel that Young Master won’t lie. Young Master said that this little girl is a dragon, so she must be. Right, Young Master?”

“Of course, I didn’t lie to you, you can ask Risa and the others.” Kaoru was so nice. She really did believe him from the bottom of her heart.

“Since you say that, I can believe it. However, it is a bit difficult to accept a dragon that can become a human.” Kamiki held her chin and bent down, as if she was studying Valarie, observing her from head to toe.

Valarie, who was stared at by Kamiki so much, did not show discomfort at all, so she stared back at Kamiki.

Suddenly, Kamiki stretched out her finger and poked Valarie’s face, and her small face sank in, showing good elasticity.

“Oh…human skin.” Kamiki said as she poked a few more times.

Da.” That was Valarie opening her mouth and biting in the direction of Kamiki’s finger, but she did not really bite, just pretending. Kamiki seemed to have expected it a long time ago, as she withdrew her hand calmly.

“Don’t… poke me… in the face. Otherwise… real bites.”

“Oh my, you can bite people. What a ‘cute’ little dragon. Huh?” Kamiki emphasized the word ‘cute’. When she spoke “huh?”, she looked behind him. Was there something behind him? Just when Lin Xiang wanted to turn around…

“Master!” A lively voice sounded, and a hot body pressed against his back. Two small soft cushions were also leaning on it.

“Dusty?” Lin Xiang naturally recognized the owner of that voice. Turning his head, Dusty was smiling at him with her innocent smile. In a distance, he saw Silent Water and the others walking towards their side.

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