Volume 10 Chapter 36 : Dragon-Training Festival


“Nie— Dad, can we see other dragons today?” In a village, a child in front of the door looked at the sky that was stained with colourful smoke from the colour cannons, and asked the father who was cutting wood in the house.

“Not today, probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. At that time, we will go to the town to see the dragons brought back by the older brothers and sisters.” The middle-aged man smiled and wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel around his neck.

“OK, dad! Go to town, go to town.” The boy smiled joyfully. Looking at the flying dragons flying by in the sky from time to time, his eyes were full of determination, “Dad, one day, I will also participate in the Dragon-Training Festival and become a dragon trainer!”

“Hahahaha!” The man couldn’t help laughing when he saw his son. He did not laugh at his son’s innocence, but felt gratified like a parent when a child from an ordinary family said he would strive for a prestigious school in the future, “Yes! Until that day, our whole family will be proud of you. My son.”

“I will definitely succeed! Dad!” The boy clenched his fists and looked to the distance, the place under the colourful smoke was the small town and the Dragon-Training Festival was now being held.


At that moment, many people gathered in the streets of the first town, the small town of Varido.

The sound of crowds, salute cannons, musical instruments, and the voices of dragons hovering in the air filled the very lively town, but that was not the busiest time. The busiest time was a few days later when the dragon descendants brought the dragons back from the Demon Realm. That moment was the time when the atmosphere of Dragon-Training Festival was at its highest peak.

In a place by the window of a teahouse on the second floor, a girl wearing a blue princess dress was drinking tea with extremely noble temperament. Watching the crowded street below, she had a smile on her face. She was the princess of Dragonborn Village, Olipolia. There was also a girl with her. The girl had a childish baby face, which was adorable, but her figure was not doll-type at all. It was the hot body and big breasts that made men’s heartbeat.

“Sister Liz.” Laura called Liz.

“What’s the matter?” Liz retracted her gaze and looked at Laura. At that moment, she accidentally saw the people at the table behind them. Her original smile disappeared and was replaced by an annoyed expression.

It was a combination of eight beautiful girls with different looks, a red-haired Loli, a blond handsome guy, and a black-haired boy. They were drinking tea and chatting at a big table.

Of course, Liz did not show her expression to other people. The reason why she showed such an expression was entirely because of the black-haired boy—Lin Xiang.

A few days ago, those beautiful girls suddenly appeared. They seemed to be very familiar with Lin Xiang and often stuck with him. Lin Xiang was a pervert, Liz deeply believed that. With a strong sense of justice, she advised her female peers to avoid getting close to Lin Xiang. However, those girls did not take her words seriously. Instead, they showed hostility towards her, as if Liz was going to rob Lin Xiang away from them.

Please, how good can that kind of perverted scumbag be?

Liz could not understand. However, she felt that it was impossible for so many women to fall in love with a pervert at the same time. It must be all his doing. He must have caught something from them, and threatened them to do things they did not want to do.

No, I must free them from the control of that pervert.

“Sister Liz? Sister Liz?” Laura shook Liz’s hand, and Liz finally came back to her sense, “Ah, Lala, what’s the matter?”

“Sister Liz really wanted to sit there, right? It’s really boring with us two alone.”

“Who wants to? Lala, you have to dispel this idea and stay away from that scumbag Lin Xiang.”

“But… Brother Xiang is pretty nice… Otherwise, there won’t be so many girls chatting with him.”

“Pretty nice? When you realize that he was really ‘nice’, you will regret it. Anyway, just prevent staying close to him.”

Although Lala(Laura) did not really favour that scumbag, she already fell in love with the food he cooked. That was very dangerous. Who knew if the scumbag would take advantage of Lala and threaten her to do things she did not want to do? That was absolutely impossible to let go of.

“Alright…” Laura still listened to Liz. Although Liz hated Lin Xiang, at least Lin Xiang cooked the meals now. However, Liz would be there to supervise him when he cooked to prevent him from inserting suspicious materials. It was fine as long as Laura had something to eat. But, with that said, she still felt a little uncomfortable now, because Laura also wanted to join Lin Xiang’s and the other girls’ happy chat. She was a lively person after all.

“That’s good, Lala. You may think I’m unreasonable, but one day you will see his true colours and understand my intentions.” Liz said meaningfully. She glanced at the smiling Lin Xiang, and snorted softly.

That guy, has an ugly smile!


The Dragon-Training Festival began. Silent Water and the others had been here for several days. Lin Xiang really felt great to be with them.

Drinking tea and listening to them talking about their training, Lin Xiang felt for the first time that he was not the only one who wanted to be strong, the girls wanted to as well. They wanted to help him and fight alongside him, which made his heart warm.

While speaking, Lin Xiang received the gazes of hatred from the princess time to time, which made him speechless.

Since noon that day, the princess’s attitude towards him had become even worse. She did not answer or look at him when he talked to her. Especially after meeting Silent Water and the others, she even said in his face that he was a pervert or something, and asked them to stay away from him. That caused him to suffer a bitter experience later because he was questioned by Risa and others about what beasty things he did to the princess.

“Hey, Xiang, how come you were chosen to train dragons in the Demon Realm?” Risa took a sip of tea and asked him.

The Dragon-Training Festival was to let the dragon descendants go to the Demon Realm to train dragons. There were two projects in the festival. The first was to increase dragon species. That was done by some old dragon descendants leading the new ones, and they were usually common dragon species with large amounts of introduction. The second was to allow the excellent new dragon descendants to form an alliance with excellent dragons to help and benefit each other. However, it was not possible to achieve an alliance with dragons.

Firstly, there were not many dragons that were great and had high IQs, so it was difficult to meet them. Secondly, the higher the rank of dragons, the stronger their self-awareness. They would not let people approach them casually, and would attack those who approached them. Therefore, it was difficult and dangerous to form an alliance with dragons. That was why there were so many dragon descendants in the whole Dragonborn village, but only few people had alliances with dragons. The reason why Richie was a noble and a royal family was because his ancestors formed an alliance with the Blast Fire-scaled Dragon more than two hundred years ago and worshipped him. Only then did he have that status till this day.

In short, the second project of the Dragon-Training Festival was of little significance, because there were not many people who had reached an alliance with dragons for so many years. Its purpose was mainly to train the skills and quality of independence.

On the other hand, the aspect for who would participate was in the decision of the members. Nobles, according to their own wishes, could participate in the first project or the second project. High-ranked dragon descendant teams could only select up to five members to participate in the second project, three for the middle-ranked and one for the low-ranked. The second project was dangerous, in order to avoid unnecessary casualties, the selections were all outstanding dragon descendants in the team. And Lin Xiang was selected as the person to participate in the second project yesterday afternoon. The reason was that he was the best one in Leon’s team.

“Well, because I’m relatively strong in the team, I was chosen.”

When he said that, he did not feel happy because in his low-ranked team, apart from him, the only ones who learned the Dragon Roar of Madness were Nia, Bemiru, and three other dragon descendants.

“Oh~ Young Master is amazing.” “Master is the best.” “It’s pretty good, isn’t it?”

Of course, Kaoru who did not understand the rank of the team thought he was amazing.

“It’s fine.” He just smiled. Compared to others, he was too far behind. Besides, he did not know much about dragons.

It’s alright, just think of it as a holiday to the Demon Realm.’ Freed smiled in Lin Xiang’s mind, ‘Anyway, you have already formed an alliance with the fire dragon, which is enough to make other dragon descendants envious.

‘Freed, I still don’t understand why Valarie would have her eyes on someone like me… I was obviously so weak before I met her.’

No worries, aren’t you slowly getting stronger now? Moreover, the dragon energy we produce is special. Unlike ordinary dragon energy, ours can be converted into many kinds of energy. Although her dragon energy can be shielded by us, high-ranked dragons can still feel it. You’re a dragon descendant with special dragon energy, how can dragons not be curious about you? Besides, you left a good impression on the fire dragon. She thought you were good, so she chose to ally with you and grant you Dragon Roars. Because of your character, she knows that you will not betray her in times of crisis.

As Freed explained, Lin Xiang remembered what happened previously. When Valarie was surrounded by demons, she told him to escape, but he did not.

Yes, that’s right. That was how she tested your loyalty, whether you deserved her trust. In fact, those one hundred demons were nothing to her.

‘…Yes… She killed them all in one shot after that.’

Well, that’s right, so don’t ever confuse yourself with why she chose you. She chose you, all because you have won her trust with your own deeds.


“Master, be extra careful, the Demon Realm is not safe.” The dragon descendants who participated in the Dragon-Training Festival were about to assemble. Before leaving, Silent Water helped him sort out the folds of his robe. After doing all that, she looked up and used her beautiful eyes that normal human beings did not have to look at him.

“Ah, I will.” Lin Xiang patted Silent Water’s head and smiled at her.

“Oh, young people nowadays…but they’re a perfect match.” Several tea-drinking lady masters looked at them and laughed.

Silent Water and Lin Xiang were now on the first floor, while Risa and the others were still on the second floor. There were only two of them. To outsiders, they were like boyfriend and girlfriend or something.

Ah~ I’m so embarrassed.

Lin Xiang looked at Silent Water again, her face seemed to be covered with red veil. Her rosy blushed face with her perfect facial features, made Lin Xiang’s heart beat faster.

“Master… your face is red, are you alright?”

“No, it’s you, Silent Water. Your face is so red…”

“…” Silent Water lowered her head in embarrassment, with a slight smile on her red lips.

The surroundings were very lively, but their place was very quiet. We must say something to break this awkwardness.

“Lala, have you seen any scumbags nearby?” Alright, now I don’t have to break the silence, the princess is coming downstairs.

In order not to make his impression worse, Lin Xiang took a few steps back, and Silent Water also backed up tacitly.

After the princess got down the steps, she walked straight to the door and snorted as she passed by Lin Xiang. Laura stopped in front of him, “Brother Xiang, the dragon descendants who will be participating in the Dragon-Training Festival will gather in a while. Don’t talk too long with the older brothers and sister-in-laws.”

“I said before, we are not, and that Remi is not my gay partner, we are just ordinary friends.”

Laura placed her hand on his shoulder and lowered her sweet voice. With a face as if she understood him, she said, “I understand, Brother Xiang.” Then she left.

You understand nothing, you…

Seeing Laura slowly catching up with the princess’s tail, Lin Xiang could only helplessly smile at Silent Water. She also understood him and spoke in a soft voice, “It’s fine, Master. Don’t care too much about the way others look at you. No matter what, Master is the best in Silent Water’s eyes.”

“Silent Water…” He was so touched that he wanted to hold her and spin in circles.


Moving towards the central square of the town with Silent Water and the others, Lin Xiang found that it was almost full of people.

In the centre of the plaza, there was a fountain surrounded by dragon heads. More than a dozen small dragon heads sprayed fine drops of water around a large dragon head in the centre, reflecting a few rainbows in the sunlight.

In front of the fountain, hundreds of dragon descendants gathered. They were divided into many teams, all listening to the old man standing on the steps near the fountain.

Lin Xiang separated from Risa and the others as he squeezed into the crowd with Valarie and merged himself into one of the teams.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” The boy in front of him turned his head and asked after noticing Valarie and him.

“I’m late, so I don’t know where my team is.” Lin Xiang could only tell the truth.

“Ah, I remember your name’s Lin Xiang, right?” The boy looked at his face carefully and said his name. At that time, several people around also looked over.

They knew him, but he was not surprised, because… he stayed with the princess, had several beautiful friends, and had a relationship with a handsome blond guy, plus being Lolicon and something else. The overboard rumours about him had already spread among the young dragon descendants.

That was why Lin Xiang was so touched when Silent Water said that no matter what, he was the best person in her eyes.

Now, aside from Nia, Bemiru and the dragon descendants he had meals with previously who could still talk to him normally, the others were basically looking at him with pervert filters.

Just like the boys in front of him, those expressions seemed to question how all the good things happened to Lin Xiang, as if speaking: You damn gay, stay away from me, and so on.

“Yes… I’m just standing here for a while. I’ll leave soon.” Lin Xiang looked at the old man who was speaking about the origin of the Dragon-Training Festival. He thought the old man should be endless with his talk for a while more, so it was kind of deceptive to say he was just there for a while. No matter what, he knew that seniors should finish their speeches first.

“You should go back to your team soon. There will be role-calls later. If you are not there, you will be disqualified from the festival.” The boy was unexpectedly enthusiastic.

“There are so many teams here, I don’t know which one.”

“Is that so?” The boy looked around, and then pointed to a team near the front, “That’s the one.”

“How do you know?” Lin Xiang looked at the team, and it was difficult to see who was in it. Everyone at his side was wearing robes and hoods.

“That’s the team participating in the second project, believe it or not, it’s on you.”

“Yes, my friend belongs to that team. They’ll have to draw lots to choose partners in a while. Go ahead.” The other boys also nodded quickly.

Seriously? Lin Xiang looked at the boy dubiously for a while. He found that the princess and the noble’s team were not far away. The princesses and the others were undoubtedly participating in the second project. Maybe that team was it. Alas, I’m all to blame for talking with Risa and others for too long. It was obvious that Laura reminded him before.

“Then… we must continue this fine tradition to the very end.”

Pakpakpak.” Applause echoed from the scene. The old man who was speaking went down the steps of the fountain, while the boys said it was time and urged him to sneak past.

Lin Xiang took Valarie’s hot little hand and walked towards the team the boys were pointing at.

He quickened his pace, and stood at the end of the team in a jiffy.

“Hey, that young dragon descendant over there, why did you queue up to the mentor’s team?” Another old man stood on the steps, and he saw Lin Xiang. He had a serious expression.

Feeling uncomfortable, Lin Xiang turned his head and took a look. The dragon descendants from the teams behind him stared at him and whispered. The boys from his previous meeting just looked at him and laughed.

Sh*t! I was tricked. The mentors of Dragonborn Village were much respected. He was now in the mentor’s team, as if he was showing that he had the ability of a mentor. It was disrespectful to the mentors. Damn it, why were those guys so wicked?

“Hey, the boy holding the child, I’m asking you something!” The old man’s words were powerful and loud. At that time, everyone was staring at Lin Xiang.

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