The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 37 : Queuing Crisis


“Isn’t that fellow Lin Xiang? He’s too overboard, right?”

“Does he think that he is awesome just because he learned the Dragon Roar of Madness?”

“Huh, that kind of stuff, he would be flying in the sky with a Wind Dragon’s Roar. If it weren’t for the princess and Laura to protect him, and that strange little girl, I bet the Blast Fire-scaled dragon of Richie’s family would have swallowed him long ago…”

Those apprentices all whispered.

Although the tourists were not dragon descendants, they also knew that the boy holding the child was in trouble.

“That fellow Xiang, what the heck is he doing?” Looking at Lin Xiang’s figure in the crowd, Satsuki stomped her feet anxiously.

“Hmph, that’s the consequence of being sheepish.” Fire Lotus glanced at Lin Xiang, and looked away.

“Lin Xiang… should be fine, right? He’s just in the wrong team.”  Nagisa clasped her hands together on her chest and asked worriedly.

“You are wrong, Yorikawa. Young Master is queued at the mentor’s team. As an apprentice, respecting mentors is the most basic matter. Now, Young Master is lining up behind the mentors’ team, which can be said to be disrespectful to them.” Kaoru knew those etiquettes since she studied in elementary school.

“Then… what to do…” Nagisa’s face paled after hearing Kaoru’s words.

“Don’t worry. I will never let Young Master be in trouble, even if it causes my life.”

“Well, I can only say that darling is too stupid.” Kamiki was very calm, “Who told him to just listen to anyone.”

“Huh? Are you saying that those guys caused this?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? Just now darling said something to the men behind in the queue, and then he was queued to the mentors’ team. There were so many teams here, so why was he there?”

“Those brats. Come on, let’s teach them a lesson!” Satsuki clenched her fists and faced those boys.

“Risa, don’t get agitated, Master will be fine.” Silent Water pulled Satsuki’s clothes.

“Silent Water, don’t you care about Xiang? Now that he has been rectified by others and is in trouble, aren’t you angry?”

“It’s useless to be angry. Besides, if you go there, what do you plan to do with those boys? Dusty she…” Before Silent Water finished speaking, Reidy answered Satsuki.

“Let’s go, I’ll use electricity to energize them.” Reidy’s slender, white fingers swept a golden electric current. They dared to trick him? They must have thought they lived too long, right?

“Lil’ sis is right, aren’t they mere dragon descendants? I’ll just fight with them.” The warlike blood in Remi’s body was boiling. He had not fight for a long time, so he was uncomfortable.

“Everyone… this is useless and can’t solve the problem.” Silent Water sighed.

“That’s right. Lin Xiang wouldn’t want us to do this… Moreover, we are tourists, so it’s best not to cause trouble… Don’t let Uncle Leon who brought us have trouble…” Nagisa looked at Satsuki and the others nervously.

“Well, we are just tourists. This is Dragonborn Village, so we can’t make trouble. You siblings should keep your powers to yourselves. Although darling is disrespectful to the mentors, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Moreover, Risa, those few boys will lose face in a while, so there is no need for you to punish them.”

“Huh?” Kamiki’s words made everyone feel weird. They only looked at Lin Xiang, but not at the boys all the time. Now looking at them, they found that the tails of their robes were miraculously inserted into the ground. No, it should be said that someone dragged them into the ground.

“Dusty?” Satsuki found out that Dusty was gone. Silent Water even mentioned Dusty just now. She did that, right?

“Why are you calling me? Sister Risa?” Dusty’s head stretched out from the ground. Some mud stuck to her nose.

“You did that, right?”

“Well—They tricked Master, they are all bad guys.” Dusty jumped out, and the hole in the ground slowly closed, as if it had never appeared before.

“Dusty, you are not allowed to run around by yourself next time. Look at you, your clothes are all dirty.” Silent Water patted the dust away from Dusty’s body.

“Hehe~” Dusty scratched her head and smirked.

“The boys are getting karma, but what about Xiang?”

“The princess and the big-breasted girl who loves to eat will not let darling have trouble, so don’t worry, Risa. However… it seems that the old guy is deliberately making things difficult for him.” Kamiki frowned.


“I…I’m late, sorry, I queued in the wrong team.” Lin Xiang scratched the back of his head and smiled embarrassedly.

“Which team are you from? This is a grand festival. Not only did you arrive late, but you also queued up at the wrong team. This is a very serious matter!”

The old man was a steward of the royal family, and his status was in the middle-ups. The Dragon Descendant King and other elders received some news, so they had all gone to the outer world, which made him fully responsible for the arrangement of the festival. Moreover, he also recognized that the boy was Lin Xiang. Richie explained to him that he should “take care” of Lin Xiang, a lot. Now that there was a chance, how could he let it go? It was best to do exactly like Richie said. Lock him up, and leave the little girl alone. Also, with so many tourists there, so he could not allow them to look at the joke. He needed to differentiate between private and public matters, so the old man decided to deal with it seriously.

“That… I just…”

“You don’t need to say more! You…”

In the teams of the nobles.

“Haha, that idiot, did he want to die? He actually came over when Simon wants to speak. He even queued at the wrong team. That’s a good laugh.”

“That’s right. The king and the others are gone, and everything for the festival is handed over to the steward organizer. Now, that hateful Lin Xiang is unlucky.”

“At this rate, his qualification for Dragon-Training will be cancelled, right?”

“Humph~” Richie laughed disdainfully after listening to those dragon descendants’ words. Disqualification? That was laughable thought. He will be locked up instead. In this way, I can find another chance to approach that girl…

“Richie, you laughed? You didn’t say anything to Simon, did you? That’s naughty.” Kyle patted Richie on the chest like a girl.

“It’s fine, but it’s all fate. Who knew Lin Xiang will make a mistake?”

“Yes, he was not lucky, but if the princess came out to help him, he would fine.”

“No, I’ve heard from my subordinates these days. The princess has always had a bad impression of him, so she won’t come out to help him. It was your Laura who liked him very much, but if she wanted to help him? Hmph— She’s just a servant with a royal title, what great effect can her words do?” Richie turned around with a smile and glanced at Liz, who was in the back, and found that she was talking to Laura. She was still watching Lin Xiang while talking, and his smile disappeared suddenly.

“Lala, what the heck is that scumbag doing!” Liz looked at Lin Xiang angrily, “You obviously told him that he had to come early. Look now, he’s late and he even walked to the mentors’ team.”

“Brother Xiang has many harems, so I can’t help it. But, Sister Liz, don’t you think that Simon is too entangled in this matter? It’s actually nothing, right?”

“What do you mean ‘nothing’? This is disrespectful to the mentors.” Liz knocked on Laura’s head, “I told you to study more on the rules, yet your head was busily filled with others.”

“But now Simon says he wants to lock up Brother Xiang for disrupting the festival’s order. Isn’t this a fuss?”

At that moment, several dragon descendant guards had already walked towards Lin Xiang.

“Indeed, this is a bit too much.” At that moment Liz’s eyes met Richie’s. He smiled at Liz and turned his head away. Liz probably understood what happened.

“Surely, it is Richie, right? Sister Liz, go and help Brother Xiang.” Laura had already thought it was Richie. Now, seeing Richie turned around, she was even more certain.

“You owe me this.” Liz glanced at Lin Xiang, and walked towards him.

“Guards, step back.” Liz waved to the guards who were heading towards Lin Xiang.

The guards were men in their twenties. The princess, who was as beautiful as the moon and had an approachable personality, was naturally the goddess of all the young male dragon descendants in Dragonborn Village. When asking any child, who did they want to marry in the future? They would definitely say it was the princess.

It was impossible for the guards to not know about Lin Xiang. The most well-informed ones were the guards. Hearing Simon announced that they should catch Lin Xiang, they immediately set off to catch that enviable fellow. But now that the princess spoke, they also retreated with some unwillingness.

“Your Royal Highness, what’s the matter?” Simon did not expect the princess to step out. Didn’t she hate this boy?

“This person only came a few days ago, so he didn’t know much about the Dragon-Training Festival. I asked him to do errands just now, so he was late. It’s fine since you don’t know about this, Mr. Simon. He doesn’t know this, so please don’t trouble him.” Liz said dignifiedly.

“That’s right. He’s just a newcomer and doesn’t know anything. You just came here, yet you have to arrest him right away. This is not justified, right? If you were the king, you would just warn him not to do it next time. With your actions now, are you not afraid that the king will come back and trouble you?” Laura said everything in place, and Simon was sweating profusely after hearing that.

Laura was right. The Dragon Descendant King was the most upright, new generation king. He treated everyone equally, noble or commoner. If he was there at the moment, he would definitely just say something like forget it.

Simon would be so bold just now by saying that he wanted to arrest Lin Xiang or something was first because of Richie’s wishes, and second, he guessed that Liz would not help Lin Xiang, because he heard Richie mention the relationship between Liz and Lin Xiang was very bad. Who knew Liz would speak for Lin Xiang now?

“Excuse me, your Royal Highness. I just think he should be punished. Otherwise, everyone in the future will learn from him and be lawless and disrespectful to the mentors. But since he was just a newcomer who has been here for a few days, I’ll forget it. Well, boy, be careful next time you queue up. If you are late, ask someone else. Do you understand?”

Hearing that, the boys from just now broke into cold sweat. What if Lin Xiang said it was them? Especially the boy who first pointed out the team to Lin Xiang, it was too late for them to regret it.

“Well, I’ll be careful next time. Thank you for your tolerance. Thank you, Princess and Miss Laura.” Lin Xiang was not the kind of petty person, so he did not say that those boys just showed him the way. He would solve the problem himself no matter what.

“That’s such a good opportunity. Why didn’t Xiang tell off those few brats?” Satsuki felt at a loss for Lin Xiang.

“This is Master, isn’t he?” Silent Water looked at Lin Xiang and smiled.

“Hmph—” Liz ignored Lin Xiang’s gratitude, and turned around gorgeously as her pink hair fluttered in the wind, leading Laura back to her team.

“That’s the first time I saw the princess like that… it feels so cool.”

“Yes, previously, the princesses always looked kind. This look made her very attractive.” The dragon descendants have never seen Liz like that.

Liz had a really good temper. She was kind, just as righteous as her father. Treating everyone equally, she had no arrogance of other royals, and had always put a smile on her face, patiently teaching every dragon descendant who asked her questions. It was hard to believe that she was a princess. That was why she had so many followers, no matter the gender, nobody despised her.

In the past, some people thanked Liz, and she always smiled and nodded. However, her attitude towards Lin Xiang was obviously different, which gave the dragon descendants a sense of freshness.

“Hurry up and find your own team. If there was another time, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Simon waved his hand and motioned to Lin Xiang to find a position quickly.

How did Lin Xiang know where he belonged to? He gave a look of help to Liz, who had just returned to her team, but she turned her face as if she could not see him. Lin Xiang could only smile bitterly. It seemed that the princess still hated him very much.

“Brother Xiang, over there.” Laura mouthed the words, and pointed to the team behind him. Lin Xiang noticed, and led Valarie quickly into the team.

“Ahem, I apologize. We have never used new people for Dragon-Training before. This year, we made an exception of using new people and made such a joke. Please don’t mind. Now, let me talk about the matters related to the Dragon-Training festival…” Simon began his speech. Only the newcomers and tourists listened. After a while, they would definitely yawn and feel bored.

“Oh, that’s sad, Richie. The princess still helped him.” Kyle covered his mouth and giggled at Richie.

“Hmph, if I knew, I would not look at her. Liz probably discovered that I was part of this. Even your Laura was speaking up for him. Otherwise, Liz won’t help him.”

“Yes, according to Lala’s previous character, it’s good enough that she did not add oil to fire this time. But now, she actually helped that Lin Xiang. Kyle smells a dangerous aura.”

“You should have a sense of crisis a long time ago. But don’t worry, in the draw lots session later, I have ordered people to jot down the numbers of the topmost stone. When Liz and Laura draw the numbers, they must take the top stones. Once they wrote them down, I will ask someone to put the same-numbered stone in the secret compartments. Laura’s stone number is at the left, while Liz’s stone is on the right… Remember not to make a mistake, understand?”

“Richie is so sweet, have you already thought about it for me? Well, I originally planned to find someone with the same number as Laura to swap with him. In this way, a lot of effort will be saved.”

“Heh, you have to take this opportunity to create a good relationship with Laura, and I want to spend great time with Liz.”

“Ah, yeah, if you do it, you will become the next Dragon Descendant King. At that time, we will expand to the outer world. Those old antiques like to stick to the rules, there are so many dragons in there, yet they chose to obtain the dragons in the Demon Realm. Their kinds are just the same types, and it’s difficult to find the better ones.” Kyle grumbled.

“Of course we have great dragons, and it’s the daughter of Venus. Under the influence of the demons, our range of activities is not large enough to find other dragons in the depths of the Demon Realm. Although there are many dragons in the outer world, it’s difficult to tame them. You know about the matters four hundred years ago, right? The people there were also very dangerous. Those old guys were not in vain to worry. More outstanding dragon descendants will not come back when they go to the outer world. Now, Olipolia is facing a crisis of lacked talent. But as long as I become King, all this will change!”

“Yes, Richie has this ability, and I’m looking forward to it.”


“Alright, now, the Dragon-Training Festival officially begins!” Simon felt very proud after a long speech. He never thought that he could be “in front of” all the dragon descendants in Olipolia and “in front of” foreign tourists to announce the beginning of the Dragon-Training Festival.

Bang!” Bursts of colorful salutes dyed the sky. Dragon voices sounded in the sky, and flying dragons shuttled in the colored smoke. People on the ground, whether in the square or not, all cheered. The children in the village also bounced in joy. The town had TVs, and the scene of the square was being broadcast on the TV. Although the village was far less developed than the small town, there were still broadcasting speakers. Simon’s words were broadcasted and shared to the four villages of Olipolia.

Dragon-Training Festival was like a Chinese New Year festival for the dragon descendants, especially when it was held once every three years.

The children running in the fields fantasized that they were chasing and fighting each other on cool dragons.

The parents who watched their children at the door showed gratified smiles. They all hoped that their children would become powerful dragon descendants, powerful dragon trainers, and possess their own dragons to glorify their ancestors.

“Now, let’s have the young dragon descendants, who are going to the Demon Realm for dragon-training, draw lots. This time, it’s the same as before. The first project, a group of ten students and a mentor. The second project, a group of two.” After Simon finished speaking, several tall dragon descendants slowly brought up four huge and heavy dragon head statues.

The four dragon head statues could be described as extraordinary craftsmanship. The carvings were lifelike, and every detail was fully displayed, just like a real dragon. The dragon’s mouth was opened wide, and the inside was not visible from the outside. After a while, the people who participated in the second project had to reach into the mouth that looked like it could close anytime, and draw out a small stone with a number printed on it.

“Now, dragon descendants who participated in the first project, please step forward.”

“Hey, let’s go.” The boys were relieved when they saw that Lin Xiang had not told them off, but they did not appreciate Lin Xiang for that. Instead, they felt that he was weak and afraid to speak about them.

Just as they were following the person in front of them, they suddenly felt as if they were being pulled behind them. They did not have their guard on, so they fell back before they could even stand.

“What’s the matter?” One of the boys who fell and hurt his buttocks did not understand what had happened. He looked down and found that the tail of his robe had gone to the ground for some reason.

The surrounding people laughed when they saw it. They were all people who knew magic. Just now, the people naturally saw Dusty quietly pulling the robes of those boys into the ground.

“Hey! The boys sitting on the ground behind! Hurry up and keep up with your team!”

Through the small microphone in front of his collar, Simon’s voice rang through the speakers.

“We…” The boys pulled their clothes hard, but they could not get them out. There were no gaps on the ground. What was happening? Not allowing them to think, Simon’s voice echoed again.

“Hurry up and draw the lots!”

Those were not new, right? Why were they so ignorant? Was it because of me? When he thought of that, Simon even increased his tone, “Come here quickly. If you are not coming, I will arrest all of you.”

After the boys heard that, they were anxious.

With the sound of the tears of fabric, the laughter on the scene intensified.

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