The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 38 : Drawing Lots


“Ahaha! Those boys deserve it.” Satsuki was clutching her belly and laughing at the moment. Tears oozed from the corners of her eyes.

“Heh, that’s worse than I expected. Hehehe.” Kamiki showed the loftiness of a lady, and her smile was not very obvious. In fact, no one had ever seen how she laughed.

“Idiotic.” Fire Lotus turned her head to look at the sky, not feeling interested at all.

“This… is this…too much…” Nagisa whispered.

“Well, although it’s a bit much, those who deceived Young Master should have known the consequence.” Kaoru did not think those boys were funny, but she did not sympathize them either.

“Not too much at all, Dusty, good job.” Reidy patted Dusty on the head.


“How to put it, this kind of little prank is also quite interesting.” Remi smiled. In fact, it was the best if he could fight them.

Silent Water did not say anything. Her sight only focused on Lin Xiang.

The boys pulled their robes too hard because they were too nervous. As a result, the robes broke apart and turned into split trousers worn by children. Everyone had different degrees of torn robes, some showed their thighs, some broke only to their calves, and some were more exaggerated as their underwear was in sight.

“Aaahhh.” Hearing the laughter around them, they blushed and hurriedly wore their hoods, so that others could not recognize them as they left the scene. The angry Simon’s face turned blue.

It’s rare for me to host such an important festival. Can’t these brats don’t cause me trouble?

However, Simon decided to ignore them and treat them as addition fun and enlivening the atmosphere.

Four dragon heads, three of which were placed together, were used to for the dragon descendants involved in the first project through drawing lots. There were hundreds of small stones in them, and ten of them have the same number. The fourth dragon head was left alone. Needless to say, they were all used for the second project. There were probably less than a hundred stones in it, of which there were only two stones with the same number.

There were two people standing next to each dragon head, spying at each dragon descendant who had drawn to prevent them from taking more and secretly exchanging.

“Sister Liz, shall we be together?” Laura said quietly in Liz’s ear.

“Together? How can we do that?” Liz looked at Laura inexplicably.

“After drawing lots, we will see if someone else has the same number, and then we can exchange it with them.”

“Huh? Isn’t that bad? It’s cheating.”

“Sister Liz, please don’t be a pain, alright? This system is inherently problematic. Wouldn’t it be better to have familiar people to go to the Demon Realm? How could the ancestors let friends split up through drawing lots? I really can’t understand what their thoughts.”

“Hey, don’t say bad things about our ancestors. This is also to cultivate our ability to be independent. We can also improve our communication skills with people we don’t know very well. The ancestors have only thought about this before making this system.” Liz knocked Laura on the head.

“Ah~~ I don’t care, I don’t care, I just want to be with Sister Liz, otherwise I can also be with Brother Xiang.”

“Hey, you want to be with that pervert, don’t you want your life?”

“Brother Xiang won’t do anything to me…” Laura thought for a while, “He is not interested in me because I only have a baby face, not a Loli’s figure.”

“That scumbag will get a taste on anyone, as long as they are women. He did not even let off that blond boy. He’s simply too mad.”

“Alright… but Sister Liz, we must be together.” Laura kept shaking Liz’s hand and begged.

“Ah—” Liz sighed, then nodded silently.

“Yeah~ I knew Sister Liz will not leave me alone.”


The dragon descendants who participated in the second project began to draw lots. Simon cleared his throat and said, “Your Royal Highness, please draw first.”

Nodding slightly, Liz slowly walked out of the team, came to the front of the dragon head, gently bent down, and inserted her pale and smooth hand, which countless boys wanted to touch, into the dragon’s mouth. She took out a small white stone, but she did not look at the number and just retreated to the opposite side of the lottery team. Laura stepped forward, reached in her hand and grabbed a stone casually. She went back to Liz without looking at the number.

“Ah, they didn’t look at the number on the stone, so we won’t know what their numbers are.” Kyle seemed to have expected it a long time ago, just covering his mouth and laughing.

“It’s fine, there is a small hole behind the dragon head where you can see the number they got.” Richie said, winking at the two people standing behind the dragon head.

“Sister Liz, what’s your number?” Laura looked at the little stone in her hand, which was engraved with the odd-shaped number, 15.

“Um… 17. What about yours?”

“Mine’s 15, it’s a pity, there is a difference… Look, Sister Liz, Richie is making eye contact with the inspector. There’s a problem.” Laura wanted to see where Lin Xiang was in line. Unexpectedly, she saw Richie instead.

Liz looked over, and sure enough, Richie and one of the inspectors were communicating with their eyes. Liz’s face changed. She was smart and knew what Richie was scheming, “Lala, you touched the top one, right? He might have talked to the inspector and noted the number of the topmost stone. Then, in some way, he would let them touch the stones of the same number as ours…”

“Ha~ What’s there to be afraid of, Sister Liz? Anyway, we have to exchange it with others. By then, Sister Liz can just find an ugly girl and exchange yours with hers.”

“No. I can’t let someone else suffer for me.”

“Sister Liz, although Richie is annoying, a group of women wanted to hug his thigh. Otherwise, before you change it, tell her that this is the same stone as Richie’s. Ask her if she want to change it. If she doesn’t want to, you can find someone else. There will always be someone who is willing.”


“Well, after Sister Liz has changed, I will find someone with the same number as you. Then, we can be together.”

As the dog of the royal family and the princess, Richie did not follow Liz and Laura to draw lots, which really made people wonder. But if he did not, there were naturally other dragon descendants, and several male nobles who were the first to go up, and they all wanted to be able to get the same number as the princess.

After getting them, they all ran to Liz and asked her what her number was, to see if they were lucky enough to match them with Liz.

Liz just smiled and shook her head, saying it was confidential, which made those apprentices look forward to it even more. Human beings were always yearning for beautiful unknown things. They all imagined that they would be teamed up with the princess later.

More people finished drawing lots, and Laura quietly pulled Liz, leading her to the crowd to find two identical numbers.

On the other hand, Richie and Kyle also successfully drew the 17th and 15th. They were now talking and laughing towards the crowd who finished the drawing the lots, hoping to go to the Demon Realm with Liz and Laura as soon as possible.

“Sister Liz, those two guys are here, let’s find someone to exchange. Otherwise, the teams will be officialised after the session ends.”

After hesitating for a while, Liz nodded.


When the people in front have finished, Lin Xiang would be the last one. That should not be considered lot-drawing because there was only one stone left in the dragon’s head.

Putting his hand into the dragon’s mouth, Lin Xiang fumbled and took out the last stone. He looked at the words engraved on it… What the— Who knows this number?

Holding the stone, Valarie and Lin Xiang walked towards the crowd. Those who had finished the draw were now chatting, and some were even starting to find their own partners.

Partners… By the way, does anyone even like to be with me? Thinking of that, Lin Xiang stood in the corner, keeping a little distance from the crowd.

Sigh— I’ll just settle the matters with partners when the time comes. Otherwise, it’s fine if it’s just me. Anyway, Valarie wants to go back to the Demon Realm, so I should consider it as a trip to the Valley of Fire.

Lin Xiang looked at Valarie next to him, and he was unsure what she was thinking. She had been looking into the distance without speaking since just now.

“Hey, Lin Xiang, what’s your number?” His shoulder was suddenly pushed, and he turned his head to find Guan Jieyan and a few unknown boys.

“Look at it yourself.” Lin Xiang did not know the numbers there, so he just let them see when he lifted the stone.

“What, 35, it seems that no one in the crowd is 35. This guy, it seems that you are destined to be alone. Haha.” Guan Jieyan and the others laughed, and one of them was putting his shoulder on his partner and giggled.

“It’s fine… It doesn’t matter even if that happens, so can you guys please don’t bother me…” Before he finished speaking, Laura ran out of the crowd, “Who is 35? Who did you say number 35 just now?”

“It’s him, what’s wrong with Miss Laura?” The boy who was laughing on someone else’s shoulder pointed at Lin Xiang.

Laura saw him and she seemed to be looking for number 35? Was she in a group with Lin Xiang? Well, that’s fine, at least it’s a familiar person. I can ask her anything if I don’t understand.

“Brother Xiang, are you 35?” Laura looked at him in surprise.

“It seems to be it.” He nodded, and then looked at the stone in his hand. It turned out that those strange numbers meant 35.

“Hey, piss off you guys, don’t let me see you again.” Laura placed one hand on her waist and said to Guan Jieyan and the others. Her tone was beyond doubts.

“Yes, yes, pissing off now.” Guan Jieyan and the others nodded quickly and walked into the crowd.

At that time, the princess also walked out of the crowd. She saw Lin Xiang and stunned for a while, then immediately turned her attention away, and asked Laura, “Lala, who is number 35?”

“Brother Xiang…” Laura looked at him with a wry smile, and then at the princess.

“Huh?” The princess’s eyes were wide-opened and shook her head quickly, “No, no, no way. Lala, hurry up and exchange with her and him.”

“Oh. Brother Xiang, I…” Just as Laura lifted the stone in her hand, the princess stopped her again, “It’s still not possible. You and Akane are in the same team now. If you change with him, wouldn’t it be harmful to Akane?”

Princess, I’m so sorry that I am harm in your eyes.

“But Sister Liz, if we don’t take advantage when those two fools can’t see us, there will be no time left. How many opportunities we missed just now, we almost didn’t switch to teaming with them.”

“Anyway… just can’t… Akane definitely disagrees to team-up with him. She is more afraid of strangers, so you should be with her. As for me… it doesn’t matter, it’s better to say that teaming with him this way can prevent both men and women from being his victim.”

“Cough cough…” Lin Xiang was about to vomit blood when the princess said that to himself.

“Ah— How mighty you are, Sister Liz. Why don’t you be with Akane, and I’ll be with Brother Xiang, let me be mighty for once.” Laura said as she was about to put the stone in her hand into Liz’s hands, and take her stone.

“No!” Liz was taller than Laura and lifted the rock high. Laura could not reach it, so she jumped, but still could not reach it. Instead, the two big fellows in front of her chest kept bouncing, making Lin Xiang dumbfounded.

“I’m most worried about you. You wanted to team with him because you want food, but he team-up with you because of something else. Look, his perverted expression, he’s staring at your chest won’t blink. “The princess said as she stared at him fiercely. Lin Xiang could only smile embarrassedly and scratch his head.

“Brother Xiang, how could you, H~ And I still believe in you so much, but you have crooked thoughts about me instead.” Laura became shy once in a while, blushing and covering her chest.

“No…” He swallowed his saliva. That kind of Laura was… How should he describe? He was used to seeing her carefree attitude, but now she became like that so suddenly, which made her look very attractive…

“Now you can see his true colours clearly.” The princess snorted and put her hand down.

“Well, very clearly.” Laura nodded, and then suddenly snatched the stone from the princess’s hand, and ran behind Lin Xiang. She poked her head from behind him and looked at the princess who looked at her blankly and did not know what was going on. She spoke, “I’ve researched before, Brother Xiang’s harems are girls full of special characteristic, all mature and beautiful. I am such a child, so I’m not the type that Brother Xiang likes. Moreover, Sister Liz, you want Akane and I to team-up? How do we live in the Demon Realm? We don’t know how to cook, so I should follow Brother Xiang, he must have a way.”

“Lala, there are fruits everywhere in the Demon Realm, and it’s more than enough for you. Also, it’s even scarier because he lacked girls of your type.”

“No, it’s not. Brother Xiang, are you not interested in me? Hmm?” Laura blinked at him from behind.

“Even if he answers you now that he’s not interested, that is just to brush you off. Are you sure what he said is sincere? Don’t wait until something happens, and you come holding me, crying. By then, everything is too late.”

“I… sorry…” Lin Xiang wiped the sweat that slowly slipped off his cheeks.

It’s over… The princess’s impression of me is unexpectedly worse.

“Then, is Sister Liz afraid?”

“This…Of course…If I can, why would I want to team-up with him…”

“I want!”

“What if he can’t cook?”

“Uh… you can’t use this as a prerequisite.”

Hey! Laura, you hesitated just now, right!? You really did hesitate? Sure enough, if I don’t know how to cook, I’m just an irrelevant person to you, right?

Thinking about it too, it seems so~ Laura, that brat, who became so close to me, only started after eating the food I cooked… Sigh— Lin Xiang felt a little disappointed.

“Alright, return the stone to the princess.” He sighed.

“Ah~ Brother Xiang, if you don’t know how to cook, I’ll still be with you.”

“Don’t lie. I’m a pervert, you see? Looking at how cute you look and such a curvy figure, swoosh~ be careful, I might eat you.” Lin Xiang pretended to lick his tongue.

“Uh… fine…” Sure enough, his frights made Laura a little scared. Her figure trembled, and her face flushed, “Brother Xiang… After coming back, you have to cook some delicious food for me. You are not allowed to have crooked thoughts about me, at least not like how you showed just now…”

“Eh, no problems,” he nodded, and Laura came out from behind him. She returned to the princess’s side, and gave the stone back to her.

“You, I’m really worried about you.” The princess tapped Laura’s head with her finger, then looked at Lin Xiang and said, “I consider that as you know yourself well, Lala is my little sister. I’ll never let you lay a finger on her even if it causes my death.”

“I won’t, princess…” Lin Xiang found that he could not find other expressions to face the princess except for showing her a wry smile.

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