The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 39 : Drawing Lots (2)


“Hey, where did Liz and the other go? They disappeared all of a sudden?” Richie looked for Liz’s figure everywhere. After the lottery was drawn, the dragon descendants were in no order at all, and everyone was looking for mutual partners.

“If the two of them changed their numbers with someone else, the plan with them would fail.” Kyle cupped his face in his hands, looking distressed.

“No, Liz follows the rules very much.”

“But she loves Lala very much. If Lala says she wants to be with her, she will break the rules too, right?”

“That’s right, but we watched them for so long just now, they haven’t exchanged stones with others, so it should be fine.”

“It’s hard to tell. Oh, I saw Lala and the other. Let’s go over and check with them.”


“Liz, I’m 17, how about you?” Richie walked up to Liz, smiling, and asked casually.

“The princess is also number 17! Young Master Richie, this is fate!” Laura answered first without waiting for Liz to speak.

“Huh?” Richie was puzzled about Laura’s attitude for a while, but when he heard that Liz was also number 17, he did not worry about those pesky little things.

Richie’s smile turned brilliant, and he exclaimed, “It’s really fate, Liz. It seems that this Dragon-Training Festival is bound for two of us to create miracles.”

“Lala…” Liz gave Laura a short glare, “What are you talking about?”

“Huh? Isn’t it, Princess?” Laura looked at Liz blankly, and her expression was just like it was true.

Liz was uncertain what Laura was thinking again, but watching her wink at her secretly, she nodded, “It seems so…”

Hearing that Liz herself said so, Rich was even happier. Holding the stone tighter with excitement, he feared of losing it.

“What’s your number, Lala? I’m 15.” Kyle thought they would change numbers, but they did not change them now, which made him a little surprised.

“Huh? Why does it seem that there is a very sissy voice around here?” Laura put her hand on her forehead and looked around, as if looking for the source of the sound.

Kyle, who was standing in front of her, shrank his body and looked at Laura shyly, “Lala is really bad, don’t pretend that you can’t see me.”

“It turns out that no one is talking, I heard it wrong. Oh, yes, Young Master Richie, don’t make a mistake and mistaken 35 as 17.” Laura kindly reminded him. Olipolia’s 17 and 35 looked similar.

“No, no, mine is definitely 17…” Richie was puzzled when he finished speaking. Laura usually had a very bad attitude towards him. What did she mean by saying that now? Liz’s number was 35? Impossible… The inspector’s eyesight was very good, so it should not be wrong. Or did she want to deliberately disturb his thoughts and let him change numbers with others? Just in case, Richie decided to go find someone with number 35. Laura, thank you, you darn maid for the reminder that made my plan more successful.

“I remembered that I still had something to discuss with someone, so I’ll leave first and see you later, Liz.” Richie said as he left in a hurry and squeezed into the crowd.

Kyle said, “Wait for me,” and ran after him.

After Richie and Kyle left, Liz looked at Laura with a serious face, “Lala, what are you doing? Do you want that scumbag to have trouble?”

“Of course not, Sister Liz. Did you see them chattering in front of us? They are annoying especially that sissy’s piercing voice. I’m just keeping them away for us to have a quiet space. Don’t worry, Sister Liz. It’s impossible for them to find Brother Xiang. Even if they find him, there is the fire dragon girl. What can they do? Now, we give some hope to Richie. When they decide the teams in a while, let’s just wait to see his idiotic face.”

“I feel a little sorry for Schweia.”

“Sister Liz, what are you talking about? She hopes to be with Richie when she prays to God and worships the Buddha. You haven’t seen her in the training ground these days and I heard others saying that she went to visit the Dragon God to bless her. We are actually being her Dragon Gods now.”


“Hey, Valarie.” After Lin Xiang tried to call Valarie, she raised her head and looked at him slowly.

“After you return to the Demon Realm, are you really going to find Water Dragon Belina?”

Looking at him, Valarie nodded.

“But… we don’t even know how Venus and Bessica died.”

“Last time… Venus… said like that… when she… left.”

More than four hundred years ago, the Valley of Fire was no different from that of the present day. The symbolic big volcano had black smoke from the top. Into the hole, hot magma inside burst from big bubbles from time to time.

Due to the high temperature, the surrounding vegetation growth was very lush, just like a tropical rain forest. However, it never rained in the Valley of Fire, but the plants could grow and flourish, which was very incredible.

At the foot of the volcanic mountain, a woman wearing black tights, perfecting her sexy figure, and with bright red hair, was looking up at the dark red sky.

About ten years old, a little girl with the same fiery red hair like the woman came out of the cave and stood behind the woman. Her spiritually shining eyes reflected the woman’s back.

“Ah—It’s so boring, Valarie.” The woman grabbed her long hair grumblingly, then turned and looked at Valarie, “It’s decided! I’m going to find that darn woman, Bessica, and have a fight with her. Guard the house well, and wait for me to come back.”

“Yes.” Valarie nodded.

“However, I might not come back.”

“Huh?” A strange light passed by Valarie’s eyes. She seemed to understand what the woman was talking about, but she did not seem to understand either.

“When you have the strength, go and fight with that woman’s daughter. It doesn’t matter if you lose. Just remember that the thing that restrains fire is not water, but the flame itself. Well, you are still young, and now you shouldn’t understand what I said, but one day, you will understand.” The woman’s charming eyes with natural red eye-shadow looked at Valarie lovingly. She reached out her hand and patted Valarie’s head, and said something like “remember it well,” as she turned around and left.

“Ma…ma?” Valarie’s voice was very soft. She wanted to say something, but she could not. She only sounded like “Ah…ah…” like a child who just learned to speak. Innocently stretching out her hand, she tried to hold the woman’s hand, but the woman had already gone far. She could only watch the woman slowly fading into her tears, gradually blurring her vision.

“Venus said she… is going to find… Water Dragon, Bessica… As long as I… go to the lake… and defeat Belina… then maybe… I can understand… everything.”

“Is that so… But Valarie, aren’t you afraid of water? The last time I took you back to the Demon Realm and fell into the lake, you didn’t have any energy at all.”

“So… I need… your help… You… will help me… right.”

“Of course, Valarie, but is there any other solution? It doesn’t have to defeat the other, right?”

Valarie did not answer. She looked into the distance again, and Lin Xiang could not figure out what she was thinking about.


“Everyone got the numbered stones, right?” The old man who had just started to talk came back on stage. All the dragon descendants who participated in the first and second project responded resoundingly to him.

“So, now, there are forty-six groups in the second project. Now, the pair who had drawn number one please step out.”

Two boys raised their stones and walked out.

“Very good, then number two… number seventeen.”

Richie was standing in front of Lin Xiang. He raised his hand proudly when he heard “number seventeen.” He stood out, and looked at the princess not far away.

He kept looking at the princess like that and his expression changed from happy to doubt. Like Lin Xiang, many people could not understand what happened to him because the person in his group was on the other side of his vision.

It was a fat female noble, and the skirt that obviously did not fit her size seemed to be forced onto her. Her hair was tied into two pigtail braids, showing her lively side, but the makeup on her face was so thick that it could not be any thicker. Her blush was like a monkey’s butt, and the eyes were as black as a panda’s. Lin Xiang remembered that was a kind of smoky eye or something. The lips were painted with orange lip gloss. In short, it was Richie’s luck to have such a woman as his partner.

“Liz? Why don’t you come out?” Richie had not met the “partner” standing behind him, but continued to look at the princess.

“I’m sorry, the princess is number 35. Young Master Richie, your partner is right there!” Laura said with a little joyous with Richie’s pain. Was she the one who arrange it?

“Huh?” As soon as Richie turned around, the chubby noble folded her arms on his chest, lowered her head implicitly, and then secretly lifted up to look at Richie, just like a little girl with her first love.

“Schweia, are you number 17?” Rich seemed to know the fat girl.

“Yes, Brother Richie. This is the arrangement of fate.” The fat girl named Schweia showed her pretentious sweet voice, which made Lin Xiang feel the goose bumps. On the contrary, Laura was not like her. Her pretending voice sounded very comfortable, maybe it was because it was similar to her original voice.

“Impossible! Impossible! Hey, which bastard is number 35? Come out quickly! Come on!”

“Ah, princess, he scolded you a bastard.” Laura knew how to catch the key point of words. When she said that, Richie shook his head quickly, “No, I meant the other one. Liz, I didn’t scold you. I want to change numbers with that bastard.”

“Young Master Richie, please don’t do this. You can’t change your numbers. You and Miss Schweia are now in the same team.” The old man said.

“But, Mayor…” Richie seemed to be a little afraid of the old man. Did he have more seniority than that organizer Simon? Did he call him “Mayor”?

“Young Master Richie, please abide by the rules set by the ancestors.” The mayor groaned, but Richie was still unwilling, but put on his young master’s pretence, “I won’t follow it, what can you do? The one with the same number as Liz’s number 35, get out!”

“Young Master Richie, do you want to shame your father by doing this? Please stop making trouble. Otherwise, you will be disqualified for your expedition to the Demon Realm.”

“Mayor, who do you think you are? You’re just an older guy, and you have just a little bit of strength. This time, the one in charged is Steward Simon.”

Upon hearing Richie’s words, Simon stood up and shook his head immediately, “Young Master Richie… please forgive me, but this is a rule set by our ancestors. Please follow it.”

Richie ignored him, but looked around for the person yielding the number 35, like the princess.

Lin Xiang looked at the stone in his hand, and then squeezed it tightly. Who would even let you be with the princess?

“Bastard, useless junk.” Richie shouted for a while before no one responded and then yelled. Lin Xiang looked at him from a distance as he was persuaded by the old man and Simon. There was also the fat girl, Schweia, who constantly made nauseating movements to him and said cringing words. Lin Xiang could not resist from help laughing with his mouth covered.

There were many people who reacted like Lin Xiang. However, they did not dare to laugh, just holding it. Laura was different though because she laughed the loudest. Richie was so angry that he could not speak, and withdrew to the side with a cold face. It seemed that he was going to see who got number 35.

“Alright, then let’s continue.” The old man continued to recite and count, “number 18… number 26.”

On the 26th, it was Laura. With her was a tall girl, but she looked rather subtle.

“Sigh—” Kyle sighed in front of him, “it’s only a one-digit difference…” When it announced the 27th, he went out. It seemed that he wanted to be in a team with Laura. Unfortunately, that was impossible. Laura was so smart, unless she wanted to, otherwise no one could team-up with her.

After announcing a few more teams, it was finally Lin Xiang’s turn and he was getting a little excited.

“Number 35.”

The princess lifted the stone slightly and walked out of the small crowd.

Guan Jieyan and the others all looked at Lin Xiang enviously, because they knew that he was number 35. Of course, he ignored the sight they casted.

“Valarie, stay here for a while, and come back later.” Lin Xiang asked Valarie softly, and then the old man’s voice sounded, “What about the other one? Please save time.”

“Sorry.” Lin Xiang raised the stone in his hand and walked towards the place where the princess was standing.

“What!? That guy!? How could he be so lucky?”

“He literally killed thousand knives. That guy was blessed by the Dragon God, right? Why did he meet with all the good things? Share me your luck too, bastard.”

“That kid is very arrogant. He came out so late deliberately to make Richie mad, is it?”

Many people had made many assumptions.

“Hmph—” The princess snorted, seeming to think that Lin XIang came out so slowly on purpose. She rolled her eyes at him and flicked her hair, leaving a faint fragrance, and stood in the corner.

Lin Xiang really could only smile bitterly about that.

Bang!“Lin Xiang looked at Richie who hit the wall behind him. It was dented by his punch, and there were signs of soil falling off. At that moment, he was looking at Lin Xiang with a killing look, which made Lin Xiang’s breathing a little hasty.

If he were someone else, he might have directly hit him long ago. But because of Valarie, aside from looking at him with murderous eyes, he could only endure his anger.

Lin Xiang’s eyes stayed on him for about two seconds, and he walked to the princess’s side. The team members must stand together.

“Brother Xiang!” Laura called to him and gave him a thumbs-up when he looked at her. She said with her lips: Good job.

Sigh, I didn’t even mean to be annoying.

“So, the above is the team participating in the second project. Please be careful, the Demon Realm is a dangerous place. The place you will go is deeper than the members of the first project. Remember, if you encounter a demon, if it is powerful, please avoid it as much as possible and don’t fight face-to-face with them forcefully. The same goes for dragons. Personal safety is the most important thing. Maybe you will not bring back your dragons when you return, but what you bring back is the skills and abilities to survive alone in the outside world. Now, you are all elites of the young dragon descendants. The prosperity of Olipolia is entrusted to you. Now, the dragon-training begin!” After the old man finished speaking, the audience burst into deafening cheers again.

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