The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 40 : Night in the Demon Realm


In the black sky hung the bloody red moon, and the nearby clouds were dyed maroon, drifting slowly, gradually covering the moon. The morning, which was originally daylight, had now been replaced by the dark night sky.

Lin Xiang, Princess, Valarie were standing on a spacious grass field at the moment. The wind blew from time to time, and the grass on the ground made a rustling sound.

The transmission portal emitting white light behind Lin Xiang began to shrink slowly. Finally, it disappeared at a point, and their surroundings became so dark. Only the faint light emitted by the moon after being blocked by the clouds could create a blurry vision for Lin Xiang to see the surroundings.

A large piece of ancient forest stood in the distance, like a group of demonic shadows. Black shadows flew out and landed from time to time. They should be some birds or something.

Lin Xiang took a step forward, and a locust flew up out of the blue.

“Huh.” The princess beside him took a breath suddenly, as if she was frightened, and took a few steps back.

The current environment was very similar to some horror movie scenes. The princess was a girl and it was normal for her to be afraid.

“Princess, are you okay?” Lin Xiang asked cautiously. He was afraid that the princess would casually unleash a Dragon Roar and blow him away due to the nervousness.

“I’m fine. What can happen to me anyways? The surroundings are too dark, so I can’t see clearly and lose my balance.” The princess seemed to be pretending to stay calm, but it was obvious that her voice felt a little anxious.

It was probably because of Lin Xiang’s being as a dragon, so his visibility in that environment was better than that of the princess’s. She should not see anything now, only the roughly human-shaped shadows of Lin Xiang and Valarie.

“Valarie, please make a flame to illuminate the surroundings.”

Da,” with a flickering sound, “Fu—” a group of red glowing matter hovered and appeared, forming a group of flames. The light it emitted was not very strong, but it was enough to illuminate the place within three meters from Valarie.

“Phew—” The princess heaved a sigh of relief, seemingly relaxed, “Thank you, Valarie.”

Valarie did not answer. At that moment, the flame beside her separated into two flames, which floated to Lin Xiang’s and the princess’s side respectively. The separated flames were exactly the same as the first flame, with the same brightness and the same size, but the original flame had not changed at all because of separation.

It always seemed awesome. Lin Xiang was unsure when he would have such fire control abilities. Now, he could only gather flames at the most basic level, and he was very unskilled with it too. He must have a high concentration of energy to do that.

“Where… is this…place.” Valarie looked around then said to Liz.

“I don’t know, I’m here for the first time. The teleportation portal masters did not explain as well…”

————Ten minutes ago

“Then from now on, you may enter the Demon Realm for dragon-training.” After the old man announced, the tourists cheered, “Oh———” It must had been rare for them to witness man-made different-dimensional cracks.

Just as Lin Xiang thought about it, ten old men in silver robes came out from nowhere.

“Teleportation masters, they’ll be in your hands.” Simon and the old man bowed respectfully to the ten old men in silver robes. The dragon descendants present also bowed to them.

Following everyone, Lin Xiang also bent his body slightly. Only Valarie stood straight, but her small body really did not matter if she did not bow.

“Hm.” The old man in the lead groaned, then cleared his throat and spoke. His voice was extremely hoarse and difficult to hear. People had to listen carefully to barely hear what he was talking about.

“We old guys don’t usually do anything, and it’s only on this kind of festival that needs our help…”

“Leader, you exaggerated too much. You are the guide leading us to the Demon Realm. Without you, the Dragon-Training Festival would not be Dragon-Training Festival at all,” the old man, who was also the town’s mayor, showed that he was proud of those masters.

“You still know your words, Texen. Alright, I won’t talk anymore nonsense. Let’s go directly to the subject. Ahem, ahem.” The old man coughed, as if he wanted his own voice to be clearer, but it did not function like how he hoped for, “Dragon descendants who participated in the first project, please get ready. You will enter group by group.”

After speaking, the two teleportation masters stepped forward, looked at each other, and then took a deep breath. Facing the open space in front of the fountain, they unleash a Dragon Roar, “Duck!”

The two roars merged and hit the ground. Sheng— A white aperture appeared and slowly expanded to three meters wide and two meters high like a door, and then it stopped. There was dark black matter inside, like a whirlpool that was constantly rotating and stirring.

“Dragon descendants of the first group, please enter.” The mayor said. Those dragon descendants who participated in the first project were all a little excited and followed their mentor towards the teleportation portal.

After the eleven dragon descendants including the mentor entered, the passage slowly narrowed and finally disappeared.

At that time, the two dragon descendants, who casted the portal retreated, were replaced by the other two. The reason Lin Xiang knew was that the activation of Dragon Roars need to be cooled for a period of time, otherwise it would cause a certain negative effect on the body and deteriorate the effect of the release of further Dragon Roars.

After the last team of the first project left, it was Lin Xiang and the other’s turn. But that time, it was no longer two dragon descendants who released the teleportation portal, but three of them. However, the size of the portal was much smaller than before. It should be that they released the Dragon Roar so many times, which made them lack dragon energy. Lin Xiang thought.

No, it’s obvious that the energy needed for the release of the Dragon Roar this time is larger than the previous ones. They just released a Dragon Roar in each group just to set the teleportation location to a different place. According to the distance of each setting, the required dragon energy is different. So this time, needless to say, they set the teleportation point very far away.

‘Oh. Hey, Freed, their Dragon Roar is so awesome, can I learn it?’

This kind of rubbish…why do you want to learn it for? Master Yalide’s ability to cut through dimensions is the true amazing one.’ Yalide said so arrogantly, which made Lin Xiang a little angry.

When was the time he scarred himself when using that “amazing” ability of his when entering the Demon Realm? Lin Xiang was almost gobbled up by a whale last time.

Hey, brat, use your brain to think about it, the ability to cut through dimensions, can others do that? They are nothing more than just using Teleportation Dragon Roars.’ Yalide did not have any consciousness that he was wrong from last incident.

‘This is at least better than yours. It’s not life-threatening no matter how. If it’s through teleporting, at least we can go directly to the other side, and directly be on the ground. Yours? It’s through falling, heh, amazing.’

You stinky kid, you don’t understand the charm of my ability at all. Teleportation will be disturbed, but mine will not, you…

‘Alright, stop chattering in my head like an auntie. “If Yalide really got agitated, then it would be an endless conversation. The dragon descendants of the second project had already begun to be teleported.

Pff— Auntie. Well, it suits Yalide very well, haha.’ Freed laughed.

Go to hell for a while, alright? You are the auntie. I am the administrator of the Demon Realm, you know? Dragon God Yalide, how could I be an auntie? You brat will understand one day that my ability is not useless superficially.


Thinking back about Yalide’s words, Lin Xiang just wanted to say: Who would understand Yalide’s abilities? So far, he had only used the ability to cut through dimensions and the ability to temporarily stop the demons actions by sabotaging the energy in the demons. Aside from the ability to stop their actions, which was pretty good, it was really useless to cut dimensions.

Lin Xiang, Valarie and the princess were walking on the field, relying on the light of the flame. Their idea was to go to the distant woods and knock down some trees to make a fire because the temperature was quite low at the moment.

“Hoo— It’s quite cold.” The princess held her arms and kept rubbing her hands.

“Yes…cold.” Valarie’s mouth spouted steam as she spoke. Speaking of which, Valarie was a fire dragon, so she was only immune to high temperatures, but not resistant to low temperatures.

The woods were far away from them, and there was nothing around them that could make fire. They had no other choice but to walk.

Twenty minutes later, they reached the woods. Valarie knocked down a tree with one punch and burned it to keep warm.

The princess found a place far away from Lin Xiang to sit down. As soon as she sat down, she rubbed her legs. She should have been sore from walking just now. After rubbing for a while, she hugged her legs, placed her chin on her knee, and watched the burning flame, thinking about something. Seeing the princess looked a little worried, she was probably worried about Laura. According to Lin Xiang’s observations for so many days, those two had never been apart aside from being at home.

“Princess, in fact, you don’t have to force yourself to be with me…”

The princess glanced at him and she knew what he meant. She continued to look at the burning flames of the big tree and sighed, “What’s the use of saying these now… Besides, I worried for others who would be a team with you, you pervert.”

“Ahaha…” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly as he was speechless.

The misunderstanding with the princess really could not be cleared. Even if Valarie had explained it, the fact that he had seen her body could not be denied.

In the middle of the night, the temperature dropped sharply, almost close to three degrees, even if Lin Xiang was sitting next to the flame, he still felt a little cold. The princess hugged herself tightly and shook her body back and forth.

“Achoo—” Valarie, who was sitting next to Lin Xiang, sneezed a little, then raised her head and asked him, “What is it…just now.”

Valarie did not seem to sneeze before… But thinking about the place where Valarie lived, it was at the foot of a volcano with high temperature. When she went to the human world, it was summer at that time, so it was normal that she had never experienced the cold, nor had she experienced the sensation of sneezing.

“That’s a sneeze. It’s a sign of cold. Valarie, are you cold?” Lin Xiang touched Valarie’s arm. The temperature was much higher than usual. Was she generating heat to warm herself?

“A little bit… Are you cold.”

“Well, a little… Achoo!” Cold wind blew and suddenly there was a chill. Lin Xiang’s nose itched, and he could not help but sneeze.

Valarie stood up and walked in front of him. Under his inexplicable sight, she turned her back to him, and then sat on his lap.

Valarie’s small buttocks were not really fleshy. They were very elastic and solid. She leaned her head on his chest, grabbed his hand and put it on her abdomen. She raised her head and looked at him, “This way… it’s much better… right.”

“Yeah.” Lin Xiang nodded.

Valarie’s body temperature was very high, and Lin Xiang felt like holding a stove, very warm. Now he was warm, what about the princess?

Lin Xiang looked at the princess, who was biting her lip and looking at him sideways.

Please, I didn’t ask Valarie to do this for me. Why does the look in your eyes seem to be blaming me?

The princess and Lin Xiang looked at each other for a while, then she stopped looking, and buried her head in her knees.

“Now, Valarie, sit down with the princess, don’t mind me.”

“Not cold.”

“No, I’m a boy anyway, so my resistance is naturally better than that of a girl’s. Go sit at her side.”

“Well… if you… want to… then,” Valarie stood up, the warm objects on Lin Xiang’s chest were gone, and the temperature seemed to be getting lower. Within a few seconds, he could not feel the residual warmth on his chest. After Valarie stood up, she walked slowly to the princess’s side, sat down and leaned onto her.

The princess looked up at Valarie, then at Lin Xiang, and continued to bury her face in her knees.

One day in the human world was equal to two days in the demon realm, so when the human world was close to noon, it was night in the demon world. Although Lin Xiang only woke up four hours ago, he was tired after walking for so long.

Moving towards the fire, he rubbed his cold stiff hands against the flame and exhaled.

It was getting colder. The temperature changes in the demon realm were really big. He had never been so afraid of the cold before… It should be due to his soul reduction… Lin Xiang wondered when it would be repaired…

It’s almost repaired, just another two weeks. At that time, you will find that your mental and physical stamina will be improved, and there may be extra surprises.

‘Huh? What do you mean?’

Your soul has consumed a lot this time. We used dragon energy to reshape it. Your soul is no longer the soul of ordinary people. Well… the improvement is not big either, so it will not consume that much when you use the holy fire in the future. However, I don’t recommend you to consume your soul any more as this is still a risky thing to do. You must work hard to improve your dragon energy, and strive to use the dragon energy to release the holy fire. As for your surprise… You will know it if you have more energy when you encounter any dangers.

‘Oh… By the way, Freed, do you know where this is?’

How can I know? Hey, perverted dragon, tell us what this place is.

You two bastards, you always leave me in the cold, and even have a bad attitude when you need me. I won’t tell you. Hmph.

Oh, you became arrogant?’ Freed’s tone was raised a bit.

Can’t I?’ Even if Lin Xiang could not see, he could still imagine Yalide’s dreadful look.

Nice, aunties like to act like this. If you don’t say it, then don’t.’ Freed sneered, and Yalide became unhappy.

Who’s the auntie!? Fine, I’ll say it. This is the Seku Forest, located in the Bota Plains, about 260 kilometres away from the Fire Dragon’s Valley. For you humans, this is a relatively deep place in the Demon Realm. Be careful not to be killed by the demons, brat.

“Achoo!” Lin Xiang sneezed and did not bother to respond to Yalide’s words.

Looking at the sky, it was about two or three o’clock in the middle of the night. That was probably the coldest time of the entire day. When the sun rose, Lin Xiang believed it would heat up again.

“Hey, you.”

“What’s the matter, Princess?” Lin Xiang looked at the princess only to find her acting a little sheepish, “If it’s cold… you can come sit here… but don’t do strange things.”

Lin Xiang seemed to feel that the princess’s eyes softened when she looked at him. If she was willing to invite him over, it showed that she cared about him. That was a good beginning of repairing their relationship.

“Thank you, Princess.”

Lin Xiang sat next to Valarie, and the heat from her immediately made him feel a lot warmer.

“When it’s dawn… I want to… go back. Take care… of yourself.”

“Valarie, do you know where this is?” Lin Xiang felt a little lonely when he heard that Valarie was going back.

“I don’t know. But… I can go back… by following the birds.”


“I have to… go now.” Valarie’s whisper echoed in Lin Xiang’s ear: Am I dreaming?

His hand moved subconsciously, feeling as if he was holding a very soft semi-circular object.

“Hm—” Lin Xiang gasped, and gradually became sober.

Opening his eyes, the princess’s beautiful face was right in front of him. At that moment, she was closing her eyes and frowning slightly, seemed uncomfortable.

Lin Xiang understood why she felt uncomfortable, because his damn hand was grabbing her right chest. Also, it was unknown when the two of them were holding each other. Her hands were wrapped around Lin Xiang’s neck, and one leg was pressed on his thigh, as if she treated Lin Xiang as a huge doll.

Lin Xiang just remembered that they sat for a long time last night and waited for dawn, without knowing that they had fallen asleep… While Lin Xiang was asleep, he also seemed to hear Valarie’s farewell voice. Wait, I shouldn’t care about this now.

From level one to level five, level five was the highest degree of danger, then that situation he was in was probably at level six now, especially the position of his damn hand.

Lin Xiang wanted to let go quickly, but he was afraid that the movements would be too big and would wake her up, so he held his breath, and made his movements as light and slow as possible.

“Hmm—” The foreign sensation of the chest disappeared, and the princess’s eyebrows relaxed. Lin Xiang let out a light breath as he was relieved that the level-six alarm was lifted and now it was level five.

Cold sweat oozed out of Lin Xiang’s forehead. At this moment, you have to calm down, Lin Xiang.

He took a deep breath, held it, and gently lifted the princess’s legs with his hands, and then flattened them. During that time, her long eyelashes moved, and almost made his heart beat out in shock. But she did not wake up, so he felt more at ease again.

Now, it had been downgraded to level four. As long as the princess’s hand was put away, it would be lowered to level three, level two, and then as long as he leave that situation, he would be safe.

Thinking of that, Lin Xiang was immediately boasted with confidence.

Just when he picked up the princess’s hand, there was a clatter, and the fire on the wooden blocks extinguished, which made a noise.

“Um…mm…” The princess’s eyes slowly opened.

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