The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 41 : Riverside


The moment the princess opened her eyes, Lin Xiang only felt that time had stopped. Her sleepy eyes were looking drowsy as she blinked twice. It seemed that she was still unclear with the situation.

“Good morning,” Lin Xiang tried to look normal and smiled at the princess.

The princess just looked at him like that, but she did not react for some time. Looking at the hand that he was holding that he was about to put down, and then at the hand around his neck, the princess’s face instantly turned red, and she instantly got up.

“Princess, listen to me…”

“You… don’t have to say anything…” The princess lowered her head, her voice trembling, “I won’t… blame you…”

Plop—” A drop of tear fell to the ground, and there was a dark dot on the grey surface. Gradually, the number of dots began to increase.

“I’m sorry, Princess…” Lin Xiang quickly stood up to comfort her.

The princess took a step back and stretched out her hand to signal him from moving forward.

“You… are not wrong… I know, it’s me who slept like that without knowing… Just… just don’t tell anyone… else… Otherwise…otherwise, I’ll be rude…” the princess sobbed quietly.

“I won’t, Princess, do you really not blame me?”

“Although I don’t like you very much, I still know how to differentiate right and wrong…” The princess wiped her eyes, took a deep breath, raised her red face with two streams of tears and looked at him, “Now, let’s just act like nothing happened.”


“When did Valarie leave?” Sitting in front of the ashes of the burnt tree, the princess hugged her knees and asked while staying some distance away from Lin Xiang.

“I’m not sure. I remember she bid me goodbye, but I was asleep, so that was just a vague impression.”

“Really…” After the princess said, she stood up and patted the dust on her skirt, “then let’s search for some dragons.”

The princess really did kept her composure very quickly, as if nothing had happened just now. The matter about her body was also similar. If it were not for Lin Xiang to mention that she had a nice body figure, she would never speak of it…

Who would what to recall such terrible memories?’ Freed interjected.

‘That’s right…’

“Princess, if we have to look for dragons, how should we find them?” Lin Xiang thought that it was best to only listen and agree with what the princess said.

“This depends on the characteristics of different dragons. I’m uncertain if there are any dragons around here.” The princess raised her head and looked at the forest.

They were located in the south of Seku Forest. Yalide said that the surrounding hills were suitable for dragons to live, and there should be dragon dens too, so it might be quite easy to find dragons. However, he also said that dragons that could not be transformed into humans must be resolutely rejected. To achieve an alliance, one must have high-level dragons who could transform into humans, and they must only be females. That made Lin Xiang had the urge to fight Yalide.

“Well… according to the mentor, there will be a little dragon energy left in the place where the dragon flies in a short time. It’s still early and the dragons haven’t come out yet, so I can’t feel the dragon energy. Let’s walk around and find them. When we find water and food, at least living a stable life here is guaranteed even if dragons are not found.” The princess watched the sky for a while, and then told Lin Xiang her thoughts.

He naturally agreed with the princess, because he was clueless of the habitats of dragons, and was unsure how to communicate with them. Furthermore, that was not the time to be emotional, and the princess’s attitude towards him had become a lot more normal. I must behave very well and not let the princess act cold to me here.

“Then, let’s find a place to wash up. In any case, we also have slept toge… No! No! It’s because we just woke up. It won’t work if we don’t brush our teeth and wash our faces! Don’t think about anything else. That’s right!” The princess panted as she uttered the last sentence. Her face flushed like a cherry.

Even if she did not correct her words, Lin Xiang would not think about anything else either. The princess’s attitude towards him had become a lot more normal now, but mentally, she still treated him as a pervert…


Just like blowing a whistle, the birds that stayed on the trees in the early morning made a pleasant sound. Under the big tree, there were some exotic flowers and weeds, especially the flowers, which had various colours. Even the flowers of the same plant had different colours. When the wind blew, the scent of flowers was infiltrating, making people feel comfortable.

“Hey, don’t walk too fast. If you encounter and get attacked by a demon or a fierce spirit, what should you do if I have no time to protect you?” The princess walking behind him sped up and walked beside Lin Xiang with a certain distance between them.

“Sorry, Princess.” Yalide told him that there was a small river three kilometres ahead, so he wanted to make the princess happy when he found water source.

“What’s the use of apologising? It’s too late if something goes wrong. Go slower, I can’t always keep up with you.”

“Yes…” After hearing what the princess said, Lin Xiang immediately slowed down.

“Why do you seem to know where to go? You just hesitated a short while at the junction just now and immediately walked this way.”

“Well, how should I say this, I guess I just have a stronger sense of direction, thinking there’s a river or something this way.”

“I hope your sense of direction will not let us enter any dangerous zones. Although the Demon Realm is not as dangerous as that place, there is no one here to help us.”

“That place?”

“Ah, it’s another weird place, called the world beyond the skies, the outer world. I don’t recommend you to go though.”

“Really… the outer world…”

Speaking of it, Lin Xiang remembered the moment when he first went shopping with Remi. He met an ill-hearted businessman, and then there were a few dragon descendants who helped them… Was that the princess… Her pink hair… That pair of bright and kind eyes was the princess’s, right? Although she was covering her face with a silk scarf, that female companion should be Laura…

At that time, Lin Xiang thought that girl with pink hair was very nice, and could help strangers without asking anything in return… He did not expect to know her now, but he leave a strange impression for her instead.

Lin Xiang looked at the princess’s profile and scratched his hair in distress.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Noticing Lin Xiang looking at her, the princess moved a distance away and was further away from him. She was afraid of him.

Sweat broke out! At that time, Lin Xiang thought of Laura’s words: Although Sister Liz is a very nice person, she is quite repulsive to people who annoys her.

“Nothing, it’s just that Princess is so beautiful, surely many people like you, right?”

What am I talking about? Even if I change the subject, it’s not supposed to be like that. Doesn’t it seem like I am interested in the princess?

“Yes, everyone treats me very well, but because of Richie, boys dared not get too close to me. One thing I regret most is… letting that boy get hurt. If I didn’t urge to teach him, he would be fine…”

Huh? The princess didn’t seem to think too much about it. Or was I worrying too much?

“The princess offered to teach someone. Was that boy very handsome?”

“He looks ordinary. I taught him, because he was very hard-working, but he just couldn’t learn it. Isn’t it natural to do my best to help him after seeing someone working so hard?”

“Indeed, does Princess have any boys you like?”

“Why… are you suddenly asking me about this…” The princess looked at him, her face turned red again, it seemed like there was?

“Does this reaction mean you have?”

“No. When boys and girls be together… they will hug… and… ki…ki…” The princess seemed to be tongue-tied.


“Kissing, you know? I really don’t understand how the actors and actresses in TV dramas performed that for everyone to watch. Don’t you think these are very…” The princess said halfway, and her eyes suddenly changed, “Oh, right… you… Sigh, why am I telling you this? You don’t have shame anyways.”



After walking for a while and saying some irrelevant things, Lin Xiang felt that he knew a little more about the princess. She was very sensitive to the actions done by boy and girlfriends, such as hugging and kissing. He probably also understood why she hated him so much after seeing Valarie and him ‘transmitting energy’.

The journey along the forest road had come to an end. When looking from a distance, they could see a river reflecting the light.

“There really are rivers. Your sense of direction is pretty good. However, where there’s water, there are creatures, so we have to be careful. Closely follow me later, understand?” The princess showed a serious look, and it seemed that she really did her research on the study of wild life. When Lin Xiang participated in the trials before, he was too reckless and was attacked by the water buffalo.

Lin Xiang nodded and followed the princess slowly approaching the river. The sound of the water flow could be heard clearly. They hid in the grass next to it, observing whether there were any creatures around the river through the gaps between the grasses.

The small river was about five meters, and the water was very clear that its bottom could be seen. Unpolluted water was really the best.

There were some flowers and plants growing by the river. Among them, Lin Xiang saw the Éguilles Grass that he picked before. The grass seemed to be quite precious, but Lin Xiang was unsure about the rest.

Apart from plants near the river, there were butterflies fluttering near the flowers and grass. However, no other creatures could be seen.

“I haven’t seen any aggressive creatures, should we go out?” Lin Xiang asked.

The princess slightly separated the grass with both hands and looked at the outside with a serious expression. Lin Xiang had to admit that the princess was very beautiful like that.

Her slightly lifted nose tip, her long and curled eyelashes, her focused eyes, and slightly thick lips, had exuded her noble aura as a whole, but they were non-dominant temperaments. How could she not be liked by the young men in Dragonborn Village?

“No, let’s wait a minute more… Hey, why are you staring at me again?” The princess saw that he was looking at her, her body shrank slightly, “I, I’ll tell you, if you like me, I suggest you give up. I won’t like you, especially when you are not satisfied with so many beautiful women around you.”

“Uh…I don’t quite understand what you are talking about, but don’t worry, I don’t feel like that for Princess. I feel more apologetic and admiration for you.”

“That’s good.” The princess continued to look outside, “Well, it seems that there are no large spirits, and we didn’t see them when we came just now, which means that there are dragons nearby. Spirits don’t usually linger and stay in the land of dragons.” After speaking, the princess stood up.

“If you are seen by dragons, don’t move too much. If they think you are hostile, they will attack. Not all dragons are as intelligent and docile as Valarie.”

“I see.”

“Alright, let’s wash faces or something now. We’ll look for something to eat in a while.”

Walking out of the grass, the princess walked to the river and bent down, held up the clear water, and splashed it on her face. She exclaimed, “It’s so cold.”

Lin Xiang squatted next to the princess, also holding up a handful of water to wash his face.

It was about eight o’clock in the morning, and the temperature was quite low. Using the river water to wash their faces was inevitably cold. But after washing their face, they felt a lot more energetic.

Hey, brat, it’s not good, there is demonic energy, coming from over there. It’s at high speed, take shelter immediately.’ Just when Lin Xiang wanted to wash up more, Yalide suddenly warned him.

Was there a demon coming? At high speed???

Looking at the princess who was looking into the clear water as a mirror, Lin Xiang took her hand and led her to the grass.

“Hey, what are you doing!” The princess naturally resisted fiercely, and she kept shaking her hand to tell Lin Xiang to let her go.

It’ll be close in about seven seconds.’ Yalide even started the countdown.

“A demon is coming.” Lin Xiang could only explain briefly.

“How do you know? Let go.” The princess scratched the back of Lin Xiang’s hand with her nails, which slightly hurt, but Lin Xiang still did not release her as he came to the grass and pulled the princess down at once.

“What the hell are you doing? Release me! Or I will…” Before the princess finished her words, Lin Xiang covered her mouth. She stared at him with wide eyes and kept pushing with her hands whilst hammering his chest.

Two seconds, one second.

With a serious look, Lin Xiang shook his head at the princess who was close at hand, and then looked through the grass to the river.

“Mmh, hmph—” The princess still made a very disobedient noise, but Lin Xiang was covering her mouth, so she was not very loud. It was very quiet aside from the sound of water.

Time passed…but there were no demons out there, was Yalide lying to him? Just when he thought so…

Howl! With a dragon’s cry, a white figure appeared in his sight, flying over the river, and behind it was a black afterimage.

The white one looked like a dragon? And the one in the back was a demon?

The princess seemed to have noticed too, and Lin Xiang felt the struggle in his arms stopped. At the same time, the black afterimage sent out a black wind blade, which hit the dragon all at once. Thump— The dragon fell into the river. Looking at its shape, it was very small. It was a young dragon and its tail was only about one meter long.

Lin Xiang wanted to go out and help, but Yalide stopped him, ‘There are other demons behind it.

However, the princess could not hear Yalide. As soon as she saw that little dragon fell into the river, she wanted to rush out. He almost let her go, but fortunately, he pulled her back in again and pressed her firmly on the shoulders.

“Lin Xiang! What are you doing? Don’t stop me!” The princess looked anxious. Lin Xiang knew she wanted to help the little dragon too because that was what he wanted, but there was a demon chasing after the dragon, so they could not go out suddenly.

“Princess, be quiet, there are other demons here.”

Lin Xiang looked at the little dragon. It was flapping its wings and struggling, splashing a lot of water, and making cries for help. The wind demon floated in mid-air, looking at the dragon and a huge smile appeared on the face of the void figure. However, it did not attack and it must have been waiting for its companions.

“Lin Xiang, listen, if we don’t go out at this moment, the little dragon will die. If you are scared, just stay here alone. It doesn’t matter how many demons come. Now, please let me go.” The princess kept pushing him.

“No. Just wait a minute, wait a minute…”

“Hey, the humans over there, come out.” The wind demon said in a shrill voice, and said to them.

“We’re discovered by it, it’s useless to hide, so hurry up and let go.” The princess looked at Lin Xiang angrily.

In that case, Lin Xiang let go, and the princess ran out immediately after his release.

“Oh~~ A female? It’s been a long time since I have eaten that, such low spiritual power… It’s fine, I’ll just use you as a toothpick.”

“It is absolutely unforgivable to attack a young dragon that is not even fifty years old!” The princess’s voice was furious as her fists clenched tightly.

“Oh my, don’t you know that dragons are out great natural enemy? Killing it before it grows up can eliminate the hidden danger. Besides, what can you do? Your spiritual power is so weak.”

The princess did not answer. All Lin Xiang could see was that she was lowering her head and adjusting her breathing.

“Hoo—Ha—Hoo—Ha—Hoo—” The princess suddenly raised her head, took a deep breath, and then let out a loud roar, “Windtor!”

A whirlpool of wind swiftly struck towards the demon.

“Dragon Roar!?” The demon looked surprised and wanted to escape. It flew out a certain distance, but was sucked in by the whirlwind, and then disappeared.

After the princess uttered the Dragon Roar again, she ran to the little dragon without even looking at the Wind Dragon’s Roar. Needless to say, she was 100% confident that she could kill the demon.

That’s impressive!

“Don’t worry, we will save you.” The princess shouted at the little dragon that was flapping its wings, and then exhaled, “Hooo— Windtorie!” A small whirlwind spewed out.

The little whirlwind flew towards the dragon that was going down the river and carried its whole body out of the water. After the dragon got out of the water, it was not less afraid, and the screams it had, slowly stopped. In the control of the princess, the whirlwind returned to the shore, slowly disappeared, and placed the dragon down.

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