The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 42 : Princess’s Dragon Roars


“Achoo, achoo.” After the princess’s whirlwind brought the dragon ashore, the dragon was sneezing non-stop.

“Luckily… that was so close.” Seeing that the little dragon was alright, the princess heaved a sigh of relief and walked to its side. She knelt down and patted its head.

That little dragon was different from the dragons seen in Dragonborn Village. The other dragons walked on four legs with a pair of wings on the back, yet that little dragon did not. It stood on two feet, but the legs were unlike the flexion legs of the Swift Earth Dragons. Its hind legs were straight and thin, similar to the enlarged version of chicken drumsticks. Its front paws were relatively short, and behind it was a pair of wings that were larger than its body, but now those wings were gradually shrinking.

Its body was not streamlined. It was a bit elliptical and looked very cute. There were a few scars on the abdomen, which should be the wounds left by the previous attacks.

It sat on the ground with its legs stretched forward, with two short horns on its head. Next to the horns were small pointed ears, which moved with each stroke of the princess. It raised its head, and looked at Princess and Lin Xiang with its dark but bright eyes that revealed the brilliance of wisdom, and called “Niu—“ as if it was thanking them.

However, it was still too early for it to show its gratitude, because those demons have already arrived.

Lin Xiang turned his head to see the end of the river turned at a corner. Due to Yalide’s influence, he could see, that’s right, more surges of demonic energy there.

“Good~ Good.” If they were dragon auras, the princess might found out, but they were demons’ aura, so she did not sense it yet and proceed to play with the little dragon. The dragon was not afraid of strangers at all as it raised its head and enjoyed the princess’s touch.

“Princess, demons are here.” He reminded, several wind-attributed demons flew in the sky, and earth-bounded demons appeared at the end of the river. There were a lot of them, probably more than thirty. They consisted of elemental types and animal types, each of which had an intermediate level or above.

“That’s perfect, we haven’t settled with their actions of injuring the dragon either,” The princess patted the dragon on the head and stood up, “Look closely, I will help you get rid of those nasty things.”

“Niu~” The little dragon flapped its wings that were reduced to half a meter in length, flew up slightly and then fell to the ground, looking at the demons with the princess.

“What’s the matter? There are humans? Where did Sid go? He couldn’t be killed by these humans with weak spiritual power, right?” The wind-attributed demons flying in the sky looked at them and said.

“It looks like he was either killed by these two humans or killed by this little dragon.”

“That’s really troublesome. Let’s hurry up and grab the little dragon to lure and kill that rebelling dragon.”

“Ah ouh—” The little dragon yelled at the demons furiously, but it was young, so its angry tone was insufficient, and its deterrent power was limited.

“Really, they want to catch you and threaten your family,” The princess took a few steps forward and stood in front of Lin Xiang, as if she was telling him, “Hey, protect the dragon. There might be a little chaos in a while.”

“Chaos? What do you mean, Princess?”

The princess did not answer, she took a deep breath, and Lin Xiang could feel the dragon aura around her strengthened.

“Hey, that woman seems to have the scent of a dragon.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“What are you afraid of? Do you think she can kill us in a second? Hey, those behind, hurry up. Let’s make a quick fight and catch that little dragon.”

The speed of the demon running over increased. In the lead was a rhinoceros-type demon as it pointed its head’s black unicorn horn at the princess.

With so many demons, can the princess really handle it alone? Even if Lin Xiang’s soul was intact, it was impossible to defeat those demons! He had never fought a bug number like that before. Dragon Roar’s attack had a limited range, and the demons would dodge… so it was unlikely that the princess could win the fight.

“Princess, you…” Lin Xiang wanted to ask the princess to take the dragon to flee first. He planned to postpone the time, but the scene that was about to happen made Lin Xiang realize that what he originally thought about not being able to defeat those demons, was just because of his weakness.

“Baiteo!” The eardrum roared, and a wind tunnel with a diameter of about three meters appeared. It was as sharp as a cutting machine with a powerful suction force. The flowing river water was immediately sucked in, and then splashed out and sprinkled on the ground. What was not splashed out, was revolved around the wind tunnel, and looked like a spinning water ball. The surrounding flowers and plants were sucked in, and were immediately cut apart by the wind, turning into debris and mixing with water.

“Dragon Roar? The female knows Dragon Roars, retreat quickly, retreat quickly.” The wind-attributed demon flying in the air wanted to escape, but their consequences would be the same as the previous demons, being sucked in. They screamed as they slowly turned into gas and disappeared. They were really a one-shot KO. That was so powerful!

Lin Xiang quickly stabilized his body, barely being sucked away.

Those demons who rushed over stopped one after another, especially the rhinoceros-type demon. It was too big, and it was too fast to stop. Along with the attraction of the wind tunnel, it floated into the wind tunnel. The water around the wind tunnel immediately turned black as some black liquid splashed out, dripping on the ground and turned into smoke. What powerful lethality!

The suction power of the wind tunnel was getting stronger, and the princess’s slender body was as stable as a mountain in that attraction force. The surrounding grasses were uprooted and flew into the wind tunnel.

“Ah niu—” The little dragon stretched its paws into the ground, but could not stabilize itself, and was slowly sucked over, leaving several claw marks on the ground.

“Come here.” Lin Xiang beckoned to the dragon while holding a big tree.

“Hmm niu!!!” The little dragon crawled towards him with great force. When it was just a few centimetres away from Lin Xiang’s outstretched hand, it suddenly failed to grasp the ground and flew up.

Lin Xiang jerked forward and swiftly grabbed its foot.

“Niu~” The dragon’s ears moved, and it shouted at him, as if saying thank you.

“Hey! What’s the matter with that human!? Go, go.” The demons all backed away, trying to resist the strong attraction.

“Aren’t you all going to catch it? Come on! I want you to know the consequences of hurting the dragon!” The princess waved her hand and the wind tunnel began to move forward.

“Damn it, don’t run away, just kill her directly, and that strange wind tunnel will disappear!”

A demon yelled, and then more than thirty demons turned around one after another.

“Go to hell, human!” Several elemental demons released numerous magic. The princess uttered a Dragon Roar, but it seemed that there was nothing happening. However, when the demons’ magic approached, it was blocked by a transparent wind wall.

Upon seeing that, the demons launched an even-more-intense attack.

“Hmph.” The princess laughed disdainfully, and then released a Dragon Roar at the wind tunnel, “Windtor!”

A whirlwind hit the wind tunnel, and the radius of the wind tunnel doubled immediately. Its attraction was much stronger.

The trees around the wind tunnel also became wobbly, as if they would be sucked in if they were bigger.

“Niu~Niu~” The little dragon who watched the princess fight suddenly let out a nervous cry.

Lin Xiang naturally saw the rising stone near the princess’s feet. Was that a rock-attributed demon?

“Princess, watch your steps.”

“Huh?” The princess also noticed the abnormality of the ground at that time. As her attention shifted, the suction power of the wind tunnel became weaker. It really was the princess who controlled it to exert greater power.

A big stony hand grabbed the princess’s feet and lifted the princess. The princess’s skirt drooped due to gravity, which made Lin Xiang notice the pink underwear and her pair of pale-skinned thighs.

The princess’s face turned red immediately, and she did not forget to shout at Lin Xiang to not look at her. Then, she uttered the Dragon Roar of Madness at the rock demon, “Hooo— Haggeli!”

The Dragon Roar of Madness hit the demon’s leg, and its leg flew away immediately, but the princess was not released because on the other side of the Dragon Roar’s attack range, there were two more legs supporting the rock demon as it stood with a posture that humans could not do. It smiled triumphantly, “It’s just a little girl who makes all of you scorched, yet you guys usually say that I’m just the worst fool. The real fools are you guys, see?”

“Stop the nonsense, quickly end her and let the wind tunnel disappear.” Although the power of the wind tunnel had weakened, the demons were still very afraid of it.

“Lin Xiang, take the dragon and leave, I can handle this.” The princess shouted, and then continued to release the Dragon Roars at the rock demon.

How could it be possible to leave a girl there and run away by himself?

“You have to hug this tree.” Lin Xiang put the little dragon by the side of the tree. It hugged the tree with its front paws and hind legs, and answered him with a “Niu~”.

“Don’t worry, how could something happen to me?”

It had been a long time since Lin Xiang entered the wind speed state. He closed his eyes, felt his inner self as his body began to lighten up.

“Human over there, you don’t have to run away, we will catch up with you in a while, don’t waste our time.” The rock demon said and raised the princess two meters high, and smiled at her, “Give me another Dragon Roar. It’s fine, but a while later, you won’t be able to unleash it even if you wanted to.”

“Damn it. Lin Xiang, take the little dragon and leave away quickly.”

“No way, Princess.” Lin Xiang suddenly came to the demon’s front, jumped up high, faced his elbows against its arm and slammed it downwards. It hurt a bit.

Crackkk.” The demon’s hand broke, and the princess who fell down immediately called out, “Ah!”

But before she landed, Lin Xiang carried her, and then quickly moved back.

“You, where are you hugging!!!” The princess in his arms struggled violently, and he realized that the soft touch of his palm turned out to be the princess’s breast. He was so scared that he quickly put her down.

“That’s… That’s straight-up perverted behaviour!” The princess scolded while blushing, and said, “Leave now.”

“If I leave, what about Princess?”

“If you don’t leave, I can’t do anything. Retreat quickly, I don’t want to hurt you later. Remember to protect the little dragon.”

When the princess said so, Lin Xiang was stunned. Did the princess have any other moves that she had not revealed? Was that wind tunnel not powerful enough?

“Oh, it hurts, human kid. I can’t believe you can break my hand…” The hand of the rock demon soon regenerated as it spoke to Lin Xiang in surprise.

Shouu—” The wind tunnel disappeared, and all the things that had been sucked in were all scattered on the ground. The ground was in a state of chaos. Was that what the princess meant?

As the wind tunnel disappeared, the demons began to move forward again.

“Lin Xiang, thank you for what you’ve done earlier. You are very brave.” The princess glanced at Lin Xiang approvingly. She also knew that his hand’s placement was not intentional, “So don’t drag the time anymore, just take the dragon and keep it fifty meters away.”

“Princess…you have to be careful.” He turned around and went back to the dragon’s side. As what she ordered, he took the dragon fifty meters away.

The little dragon looked at the thirty-plus demons facing the princess and trembled a little. Its eyes revealed anxiety and tension. Me too… Could I really not do something, and only watch a girl fight?

That’s why you have to work hard to become stronger. You now, will only have an advantage if you fight one-on-one with the demon. You can’t fight a large number of them for the time being. Your Fire Dragon’s Roar has not enough release range, not enough distance, and not enough power. You still need room for improvement.’ Freed sighed.

‘Damn it, I thought I was strong enough since I had killed some superiors, some special demons and the generals. Sure enough, without the holy fire, I’m nothing.’

You are still growing. After all, you are not from here. Don’t be discouraged. There is a lot of room for improvement in your incineration. As for your sword skills, you haven’t practiced for a long time, so you just have to find the same feeling from before then you’ll be fine. Now, you can take a good look on how powerful a great dragon descendant is.

“Human, without that wind tunnel, you are dead!” A demon, like a mutant monkey with double scarlet sharp nails, rushed out towards the princess. Not only it, many demons also attacked the princess one-by-one.

The princess did not dodge. Instead, she took a long, deep breath in the face of many attacking demons, “Hooo—————Swellu-o!!!”

Bang!” An unusually strong airflow appeared, almost knocking Lin Xiang down in the distance.

“Ugh!” He bowed down, pushed back with one foot, and stabilized himself. Holding the dragon in one hand and blocking his eyes with the other, the strong wind made it impossible to open his eyes.

Hiss—” At that moment, Lin Xiang felt a small cut on his palm when he was blocking his eyes. His clothes seemed to be slightly torn. That wind… was sharp?

In order to prevent the little dragon and himself from getting hurt, Lin Xiang hurriedly backed a few distance away, and the impact was lessened. Lin Xiang could finally open his eyes. The scene he first saw after opening his eyes made him speechless in surprise.

A semi-circular windshield with a diameter of more than one hundred meters and a height of about five stories covered the princess and the demons. From the outside, it was impossible to see what was happening inside. The wind was opaque and was constantly rotating.

If the wind tunnel was described as a black hole, then that super-large wind shield was a white hole at that moment.

The trees around it were all blown away, and the forest trees on both sides of the river tumbled. The river that originally flowed from upstream to downstream was all pushed back by the strong wind, forming a scene of countercurrent water flow.

That… was simply too powerful… Was that the true power of Dragon Roars? Gradually, black matter began to surround the windshield, and it should have been that the demons were gasified after their deaths.

Hmm, yes, that blow from that Liz girl has the power of a newly-matured ancient dragon. For dragon descendants, it was considered quite powerful. No, it was very powerful. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to real dragons though. As I said, dragons are powerful creatures. A newly-matured ancient dragon can easily destroy a village, and a longevity-ancient dragon was much more powerful. Its one roar can at least turn a small city into ruins. Of course, now that the longevity-ancient dragons are gone, and the blood species are scarce, but they are the first targets the dragon races attacked in the dragon war. I’m not sure about the outer world, but there were none in the Demon Realm.

‘I’m more worried about the princess than these things…’

Don’t worry, she can control the wind, and her ability to control the wind is much better than you. Although she is not immune to fire like you, but at least she has a strong resistance to wind and will not be injured.

“Niu~” the little dragon looked up at Lin Xiang. Its dark pupils were shaking, and it was worried about the princess too.

“It’s fine, she’ll be fine.” Lin Xiang patted the dragon’s head.

The windshield lasted for more than ten seconds, and then it began to shrink slowly. The airflow caused by the strong wind also weakened a lot. The river water that was constantly pouring ashore by the wind also gradually receded and slowly continued to flow downstream.

After a minute, the windshield was reduced to a few meters, and the princess must have been inside the windshield. The surrounding land was sunken and was cracked layer by layer, as if it had experienced an explosion. The trees that were more than fifty meters, all tumbled down. Some wood was flowing down the river. Those demons had long since turned into gas and disappeared in the sharp wind.

Fufufu—” the windshield disappeared completely, and clouds of dust were all that was left. The princess stood there with her eyes closed. After a while, she finally opened them and waved at Lin Xiang and the little dragon.

“Niu~” The little dragon jumped out of Lin Xiang’s arms, flapped its wings and flew in the direction of the princess. The princess opened her hands and hugged the flying little dragon in her arms.

“I told you before. I will surely help you get rid of those nasty things.” The princess stroked the dragon’s head, and the dragon raised its head to feel the princess’s touch. It licked the princess’s face with its tongue.

“Aha~ That tickles, stop it.”

“Heh~” Seeing the princess and the little dragon like that, Lin Xiang could not help laughing. He walked towards them, but at that moment, he suddenly felt the soles of his feet stepping on emptiness, which made his body fell into the ground. No way, he seemed to be pulled by something. It was that rock demon!?

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