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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 43 : To the Dragon’s Cave


“Uh!” After Lin Xiang felt his body sink, he immediately threw his hands forward, barely keeping his upper body on the ground.

There was a huge pull on his legs, as if trying to force him into the ground.

“Lin Xiang.” The princess ran over immediately upon seeing the situation.

“That woman is too difficult to deal with. I’ll just use you to threaten her.” A round head protruded from the ground next to him, and then an upper body appeared. The rock demon put a hand on Lin Xiang’s head and exerted a lot of strength, “Be obedient and go down.”

“That’s a… pretty good suggestion. But… Hooo— Feiya!” The rock demon’s body was very long. Lin Xiang spewed a flame at its chest, and the force on his head and feet disappeared immediately. The demon screamed and melted into the soil, but Lin Xiang was unsure if it was dead.

Lin Xiag did not stay idle, and immediately climbed out of the hole in the ground. It was fortunate that the hole merged as soon as he climbed out.

That demon was not dead after all. It just wanted to clamp Lin Xiang’s waist, that damn demon.

He had to get rid of the demon. Otherwise, it would keep lurking nearby, and sneak an attack when both of them were unprepared.

“Lin Xiang, how are you doing?” The princess who ran over saw him from top to bottom, and she sighed in relief after finding that nothing happened. “Fortunately, if something happens to you, Valarie and your girlfriends will definitely not let me go.”

“They… are not my girlfriends…” Lin Xiang laughed bitterly.

“Niu~” The little dragon’s front paws grabbed him, as if it wanted Lin Xiang to hold it. Lin Xiang only patted its head, because there was still danger that was not solved.

His sacred fire could not be used. Even if he could use it, it would have no effect on the demons lurking underground anyways. What should I do?

Ahem! At this point of time, let the great Devildom Administrator Yalide do the work.

Is there a way to kill it, or force it out? Lin Xiang was distressed, because the ground was blocking him from detecting the demon energy, so he could not locate it…

Don’t ignore me, brat! How dare you ignore the great me? Just find a way by yourself.

‘I’m just kidding, how could the great Yalide not take a joke? Come on, what are the ways?’

Lin Xiang naturally would not directly ask to use Yalide’s method, otherwise he would be so proud that he was lifted to the sky.

Hmph, you, dark-hearted kid, are just like Freed, always playing tricks on others.’

‘When did I have a dark heart? When did I play tricks? I was hesitating. Do you think we are like you, just saying anything idiotic without thinking twice? Hurry up, don’t waste time. If there’s any way, just speak directly.’

You… brat… If it weren’t me living in your body, you would have been slapped to death by me more than a thousand years ago.

‘Stop talking nonsense, are you making excuses for your weakness? If you were Freed, he would have already started killing the demon for me.’

‘Good! Let the great Yalide show you how great I am.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” The princess stretched out her hand and shook it before Lin Xiang’s eyes.

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. Princess, the rock demon is not dead. It is still lurking underground, waiting for an opportunity to attack us.”

“I know this, but we can’t help it if it doesn’t come out…” Lin Xiang found out that the princess seemed unwell. It should be due to the usage of too much dragon energy just now.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.” He patted his chest, then turned around and pressed his left palm to the ground.

A faint black light began to appear on the left hand and it continued to flicker.

“What kind of energy is this…” The princess behind him let out a startled voice.

Lin Xiang did not answer, but concentrated on sensing the location of magic in the ground.

Twenty meters away at three o’clock…

As soon as he applied force, the black light in his hand was immediately led into the ground. Within 3 seconds, the demon appeared from twenty meters in the direction of three o’clock. It looked at its body in surprise, as if it did not understand why it ran to the surface and could not move if he wanted to.

“Princess, right now.”

“Oh? Oh.” The princess seemed to be overwhelmed with reactions, “Hooo— Windtor!”

A whirlwind hit the demon and pushed it into the air. The whirlwind with cutting force made the demon screamed in pain. Soon, black gas came out of its body, and its body turned into small stones and fell to the ground.

Hmm? Do you see the abilities of Master Yalide? Anything with magic power can’t resist my bondage at all.’ Yalide said very proudly.

Yes, that’s amazing! It’s so powerful that the effect of restraining high-level demons and devils has been greatly reduced.’ Freed obviously would not forget to criticise such an arrogant Yalide.

‘What? Why are talking like it’s my problem? Isn’t it obvious that this kid’s dragon energy is not good enough? With the ordinary dragon energy given by the fire dragon, I have stopped a high-level demon. Isn’t that amazing enough?

‘Yes, yes, it’s amazing. If you let the demons blew themselves up, that’s even more amazing.’ Lin Xiang just perfunctorily spoke, because Yalide was so noisy.

That’s possible, you know? Only if you have energy though, so listen, brat, I am very upset that I can’t use a lot of my skills. It’s all because of your low energy limit. Hurry up and become stronger for me, stinky kid.

‘Ha—‘ Lin Xiang could only sigh.

“Lin Xiang, I am not surprised that you knew Fire Dragon’s Roar, but what is going on with that black magic?” The princess stared at him, as if to see if he would lie.

“Uh… this is my ability, to temporarily restrict the demon’s actions. This is taught by my family, so I can’t tell the details, sorry.” Lin Xiang naturally chose not to look at the princess’s eyes. Otherwise, it would be suspicious if he looked at them and diverted his attention.

“Really…” The princess made a dubious voice, “But, restricting the actions of demons… Lin Xiang, your ability is very rare. Valarie look up to you, might be due to this ability.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“However, don’t show your ability casually. Let me tell you that there is an evil organization in the outer world that specializes in serving demons, called demon apostles. If your ability is seen by them, you will be in trouble. If you are seen by the guards or something, you will be arrested as a demon apostle. This ability should not be revealed unless you are in front of someone you can trust. Of course, it depends on the situation.”

“Ah, I know, Princess. The reason why I dare to cast in front of Princess is because I trust Princess too.”

“Alright.” The princess nodded, and then continued to play with the little dragon.

This woman is very interesting. You just said that you trust her. If she was a normal girl, she would definitely blush and thought about something else, assuming that you are interesting to her. But she didn’t, uh… she was the same as your kind.

‘What do you mean?’ Lin Xiang did not understand what Freed was suddenly talking about.

Nothing, you won’t understand this.’ Freed said with a sneer. It made Lin Xiang slightly unhappy. If you say it, won’t I understand?


“By the way, Princess’s dragon roars are so destructive.” Looking at the mess around them, Lin Xiang exclaimed.

“It’s fine. Actually, there are other dragon roars that can destroy the demons, but the longer the time is, the more dangerous it will be, so I had to use the Roar of Violent Winds. For that, I feel sorry for destroying so many things here. I hope the earth spirits can forgive me.”

The so-called earth spirits were divided into several types. Soil spirits, they specialized in repairing damaged surfaces. Water spirits, purified polluted water bodies. Tree spirits, healed the wounded and dying plants…

The lifespan of those spirits were not long. Basically, wherever there were disasters, they would be borne. They were little spherical luminous spirits that were infinitely generated. It could be said that it was Mother Nature who produced the spirits for self-healing.

Of course, there was no such as a spirit human world. Lin Xiang was unsure about the outer world though, but that knowledge was obtained by Lin Xiang, a former nerd who read tonnes of information.

“They won’t blame you, Princess, because you killed so many nasty demons.” Lin Xiang said comfortingly.

“I hope so.” The princess touched the little dragon’s head, but her expression looked a little guilty.

“By the way, Princess, what kind of dragon is this?” Lin Xiang changed the topic.

Just a sky dragon,’ Yalide said with disdain, ‘It can’t become a woman, bad reviews!

“Hmm…” The princess picked up the little dragon, looked up and down, and then said, “It’s a sky dragon. Look at its colour. It’s a clear sky dragon.”

“Clear sky dragon? Will it be sunny with clear skies if we have it?”

“Probably. The sky dragon has the ability to control the weather. Although some mages and others can do it, it requires a lot of magic and talent. The sky dragon only needs a weak dragon roar. Some elemental dragons can also change the weather. For example, wind dragons can induce strong winds and tornadoes, electric dragons can make the sky flash and thunder, but sky dragons can directly interfere with those conditions and make the weather according to their familiarity. After all, they are originally the ones that control the weather.”

“Uh… it’s a little complicated…” Lin Xiang scratched his head. In short, sky dragons are dragons that can control the weather, right?

“You have not learned the knowledge of dragons, so it’s normal to think that it’s complicated. The relationship between dragons is inherently complicated and diverse. Oh, that’s right! We have to bring it back to its mother. Generally, if young dragons of this age left home, the mother dragon would be frantically looking for it.”

“That’s right, let’s hurry up. Maybe the big dragon is still fighting other demons.”

“Well, little dragon, do you know where your home is?”

“Niu.” The little dragon flapped its wings, left the princess’s arms, and flew in the direction it came.

After walking for more than ten minutes, the dragon taking the lead stopped due to tiredness. The princess explained that it had exhausted its strength during its escape just now.

“Why don’t we take a break?” Lin Xiang asked.

“No, I can just carry it and continue walking. The sooner we arrive, the better.” The princess bent down and picked up the little dragon on the ground.

“Let me do it, Princess. It’s quite heavy, and you will get tired if you hold it for a long time.”

Looking at the little dragon that extended its paw to Lin Xiang, the princess put the little dragon in his arms, “It seems to like you very much.”

“Really…” Lin Xiang looked at the little dragon in his arms, and its dark eyes kept turning while looking at him. Well, it was probably because he helped it before.

In that way, they walked along the river for a long time. After experiencing a battle, the princess who was walking in a hurry, was pale at her lips and face at that moment, so Lin Xiang suggested stopping and take a good rest.

The princess was a little unwilling, but under his insistence and the little dragon’s coquettish act, the princess sat under a big tree to rest. The princess was very responsible and compassionate, and she would rather look for the dragon regardless of her state.

“Princess, are you hungry?” It was about eleven o’clock, and they had not eaten anything since the previous night. With all that fighting and rushing on the road just now, the princess was most likely hungry.

“No.” The princess held the dragon and shook her head. “Goo—” The princess blushed, and said with sophistry, “It’s not me, it’s this little guy.”

“Niu?” The little dragon tilted its head in confusion.

“Fine, I’m hungry.” The princess lowered her head and said frankly, “But there is no need to find food or anything, because it’s a waste of time. We have to go to its mother as soon as possible.”

“Well, may I ask why must the parent be a mother?” Lin Xiang asked in confusion.

“Because after a dragon couple…ahem, you know, the male dragon will leave. The female dragon will hatch the eggs and accompany the young dragon to grow up.”

“What about the male dragon?”

“Creating a new territory and fighting with other dragons. Generally speaking, dragon battles involve more male dragons. When there are battles, there will be casualties. This results in fewer male dragons than female dragons, so some dragons will look for a new spouse. Anyway, they’re just like you, unfaithful.”

“Why is it connected to me again…”

“It’s always connected to you. Alright, we have enough rest, let’s keep going.”

“It’s only a few seconds, so fast? Princess, wait here, I’ll just go find some food.”

“No, Lin Xiang, if you have time to find food, it’s better to move forward quickly.” The princess stood up.

“Princess, your body is the most important thing. Take a rest when you are tired, and eat when you are hungry. Otherwise, if you get tired in a while, do you want me to carry you?”

“No… That’s unnecessary, but Lin Xiang, no one is familiar with this place. What if you can’t find food, or get lost? What should we do?”

“Don’t worry, Princess, I have a good sense of direction. Wait a moment for me.”

After speaking, Lin Xiang ran into the woods while the princess and the dragon stared at him leaving in a distance.

Yalide told him the most likely place to grow fruit, was not far from there. Although it was a bit wasteful, in order to save time, Lin Xiang entered the wind speed state and found the fruit in less than a minute.

The fruit was red, which was similar to the dragon fruit, but several times larger than dragon fruits. The skin was also tougher.

Climbing up the tree, Lin Xiang picked several swiftly. He tied them all up with branches, and then returned to the place where the princess and the little dragon were.

“So fast?” The princess noticed that Lin Xiang returned within ten minutes, bringing back the fruits. She looked at him in surprise.

“It’s alright.” Lin Xiang put down the fruits, and the little dragon stretched out its two front paws with a small call, “Niu~”, and kept opening its paws while facing towards the fruits on the ground.

“Do you want to eat it? We’ll have to wash them first.” Lin Xiang picked up the three fruits, washed them by the river, and distributed them to the princess and the dragon.

The little dragon took the fruit, opened its mouth and bit it. Now, its mouth was full of red juice. In less than ten seconds, it ate a fruit the size of a basketball. It waved its paw at Lin Xiang, signalling that it wanted more.

“Lin Xiang, I feel like you are very familiar with the Demon Realm.” The princess said to him while tearing the peel.

“Really? I have a good sense of direction, so it’s just my luck.”

“How did you know that the demon was here before then?”

“Well… it’s just by feeling. I’m particularly sensitive to demonic energy.”

“It feels like you are hiding something. Since you don’t want to say it, then I won’t go deeper. Anyway, thank you for bringing us food.”

“I’m always willing to serve you, Princess.”

After eating all the six fruits, they rested for a while and moved on. The little dragon had enough strength after eating, so it flew and led the way by itself, which relieved some of Lin Xiang’s burdens.

Walking along the river, they arrived at the end of the woods. After that, there was a piece of green grassland. There were some several mountains that faded into the distance, but those were not that huge. The surrounding sky was very clear. Only the top of the mountain was covered with dark clouds, and the river meandered to the direction where the mountain was.

“Niu~” The little dragon turned its head and glanced at them, then its wings suddenly became longer and wider. With a swish, it flew towards the mountains under the dark clouds at a very fast speed.

“I originally wanted to keep my strength to prevent another demon’s surprise attack, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Lin Xiang, I will catch up to him, so try to keep up.” After speaking to Lin Xiang, the princess unleashed a dragon roar, “Hooo— Mo!”

An afterimage appeared behind the princess, and she also followed the little dragon with outstanding speed.

The princess seemed to have only uttered a syllable. The more syllable the dragon roar, the more powerful the effect would be. If it was two or three syllables, she would definitely be faster than him in his maximum state of wind speed.

Without further hesitation, Lin Xiang entered the wind speed state and chased after them.

What happened under those dark clouds? Were demons fighting the mother dragon?

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