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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 44 : Pardon My Rudeness


“Ah!!!” A huge dragon cry echoed across the grassland.

After that, Lin Xiang saw a dragon that looked almost like the little dragon flying upwards. It turned its back to them, flapped its huge wings, roared again, and flew away.

“Ah, oh!” The little dragon stopped and howled at the big dragon, but the big dragon did not hear it because the distance was too far away. The little dragon’s shout was not obvious enough, and the big dragon kept flying forward.

“Ah, oh!” The little dragon gave a cry again, and then flew to the sky, but its speed could not catch up with the big dragon as they slowly grew apart. Although the big dragon was large, its flight speed was not slow. Nonetheless, they were still several kilometres away from the mountains where it departed, so it was impossible to catch up with the dragon. Even Swift Flying Dragons could not catch up to it, let alone the little dragon and the others.

“Ah, oh!” The little dragon shouted several times in the air. When the big dragon’s figure completely disappeared, it slowly flapped its wings and landed.

“Niu—” It plunged into the princess’s arms, with a frowning face, and its dark eyes seemed to become reflective, as if it was on the verge of tears.

“Good… It’s alright. She’s just looking for you, she will come back.” The princess patted the little dragon’s head, comforting it.

“Princess… Why did the mother dragon fly away?” Lin Xiang walked to the princess, clearly puzzled.

“That’s why I said before. If the mother dragon loses her young, she will go crazy and look for it everywhere. We should have come here sooner.”

“Sorry princess, it’s all on me…”

“No, you did nothing wrong. If we didn’t rest or eat, this little dragon wouldn’t have the strength to fly, and our speed of coming here would be even slower. Now, let’s not say who is at fault, but head to their lair and take a look, to see if there are any demons or something. The mother dragon can’t find her little dragon, so she will come back.”


Walking into the valley, there were gravels everywhere on the road. The plants next to it were either crushed by rocks, or broken and scattered on the ground. Only a few lives that grew in the corners were spared.

The little dragon led them into the depths of the valley and came to the end. At the end of the place was a flat ground with high mountains on both the front and right sides. A wide plateau was at the right part of the mountain, located near the middle. Meanwhile, on their left was a forest.

That place was supposed to be a small green forest, but now it had been destroyed beyond recognition. Some plants and rocks were still burning in black flames.

The little dragon hovered in the air for a while. With a “Niu~” it flew to the high plateau on the right.

Since the high plateau was halfway up the mountain, neither the princess nor Lin Xiang could see what was on it. The little dragon did not appear or call again after landing, so the princess anxiously called out to the name she just gave for the little dragon.

“Linda, come down quickly.”

After shouting a few times, the little dragon did not appear in sight. The princess was anxious and asked if there were any demons nearby. Lin Xiang shook his head. There was only the remaining demonic energy. It was very weak, so the demons either died or escaped.

Lin Xiang had also encountered the situation where demons gathered to slay dragons. It was the case of Valarie. More than a hundred demons deliberately encircled her that time. If it was not for Valarie’s worry that he was there, or she just wanted to test what kind of person he was, she would have settled them within seconds with a powerful dragon roar. There was a big gap between the strength of the dragons and the demons, especially now that the demons’ ability was so weak.

“Linda, come down quickly—” the princess yelled again. At that time, the little dragon finally responded, but its voice was not energetic, just like when it called to its mother before.

Fu—Fu—Fu—” A pair of wings flapped, and the next moment, they saw the little dragon slowly flying down, embracing a big egg.

“Princess… is that a dragon egg?”

“Well, that’s right. It is a dragon egg with a baby in it. There are two types of dragon eggs, one with babies and the other without babies. The one without babies can be used for food, just like chicken eggs. ”


Watching the little dragon slowly flying down, the princess stretched out her hands and carefully took the dragon egg that was the size of a watermelon.

The dragon egg was light grey with some spots on them, similar to bird eggs.

The princess touched the dragon egg, put it close to her ear, and smiled, “It’s growing well, and it will probably hatch soon. Are there any more?” The princess asked the little dragon.

The little dragon made a sound and flew onto the high plateau again. It took a while for it to return. However, it was not holding a dragon egg, but a small, young dragon similar to it. There was still some slimy liquid on that young dragon. Was that a newly-born dragon? Lin Xiang looked at the princess, but her expression was not as pleasant as seeing the dragon egg just now. She was frowning, a little uneasy.

“Niu.” When the little dragon brought the young dragon to them, Lin XIang discovered that blood was leaking from the corner of the dragon’s mouth, and its skin was not completely grown. It was like breaking the eggshell and letting it die without the hatching process. That… must be the demons doing.

The princess put the dragon egg in his hand. Without caring about the viscous liquid, she took the dragon whose head and tail were drooping, and softly stroked the dragon’s head. A dragon that could not breathe…

The little dragon continued to fly to the high plateau.

There were five eggs in total. One was intact, three were completely broken, while one had a hole. All the egg fluid was gone. Needless to say, the dragon hatchling inside was also dead.

Looking at the unborn younger brothers and sisters who died on the ground, the little dragon sat on the ground. His dark pupils were constantly shaking.

The princess did not speak. She found a few large leaves nearby to wrap up the corpses of the young dragons. Then she uttered a dragon roar at the ground, and used the wind to dig a hole. All the leaves covering the corpse were buried in it.

After doing all that, the princess said with a slight nasal tone, “They were obviously small life that is about to be born, but… mff.” The princess covered her mouth, and her tears slowly slipped down her face.

“Princess… don’t be sad, we have no other way…”

“Niu.” The little dragon stood up and hugged the princess’s skirt.


“Since we’re unsure when the mother dragon will come back, let’s stay here for the time being.” After the mourning, the princess regained some energy. Sitting under the tree stump, she stared at the little dragon and the dragon egg as she spoke.

“Does Princess want to form an alliance with the mother dragon?”

“No. Sky dragons are not what I want. They are dragons of peace and there are very few attacking dragon roars they knew, so the establishment of alliances is not very useful.”

“Oh, like this…” Lin Xiang looked up at the sky, and the dark clouds were above them, “Then, if we wait here, won’t Princess miss the opportunity to find the dragon you want?”

“The purpose of the second project of Dragon-Training Festival is to allow us to establish alliances with powerful dragons, but in fact, it is just to strengthen our independence and survival ability. The main focus is on the first project, introducing new dragons into the demon realm. We will not imprison the dragon’s freedom, so every three years, dragons that want to leave can return to the demon realm. Nonetheless, there are many dragons that leave every time, so we need to introduce other dragons to our country. Now that we just left, Olipolia is holding activities, such as Flying Dragons’ sky-dance performances or something else. At the end of the festival, there is an inheritance contest. The winner can learn the roar taught by the elders in person. Since you knew the Fire Dragon’s roar and your learning speed is abnormally fast, there’s no harm joining that. At least you won’t be defeated in the preliminary rounds.”

“So… does Princess also participate?”

“As for me, I can’t. I’m much better than the dragon descendants of my age, and even better than the mentors, so I can’t.”

“Princess is really awesome. Who taught you your roars?”

“Igro. Igro is an ancient dragon that has served my family for more than four hundred years and it is very powerful. But, it usually basks in the sun in the garden, not moving at all.”

“Wow, I really want to see that Igro.”

“This is not possible. Ordinary people cannot enter the royal castle, so it is very difficult to see it. Also, it does not like others approaching it.”

“Really… then will it become a human being?”

“No, not all ancient dragons can be transformed into human. Does your reason to see it just for looking at its human form?” The princess looked at Lin Xiang with contempt.

“No… I don’t have this idea…” He gave a wry smile. The princess’s attitude towards him seemed normal, so he assumed her thoughts towards him had also changed. He did not expect that he was still a pervert in her eyes…

“Phew—” The princess stood up, and then walked to the woods at the left.

“Princess, where are you going?”

“Take a stroll.”

“I’ll go too.”

“Don’t come here, pervert.” The princess turned her head angrily and looked at him, “I’m going to take a bath. If you dare to come and take a peek, I will let you taste the feeling of being cut by the wind.”

“No… Go slowly. I promise not to peek.” Lin Xiang quickly sat down.

“Niu~” The little dragon flew up and followed behind the princess.

Seeing that, Yalide said regretfully, ‘Drat, why didn’t I stay in that dragon’s body? Hey boy, follow up secretly for a while and admire Princess Liz’s body. That night was too sudden, so I didn’t get enough of it.

‘Are you dreaming for a girl’s body so much that you have gone crazy? Don’t drag me in if you want to die. I haven’t lived enough yet.’

Tsk, coward. Back in my days, I rushed directly into the public women’s bathroom and saw quite enough. There were no beautiful women at the time though, just middle-aged aunties.’

‘Pff! Master Yalide, I truly admire you. Then why don’t you slowly recall the scenes you have seen before, and don’t ask me to peek at the princess taking a bath? I really don’t want to die, and I am not at all interested in the princess’s…’

Do you want to say that you are not interested in the body? You want to say it like that? Stinky kid, think about it, s girl’s body, is rather amazing. Why are there big or small breasts? Soft, yet flexible? And why are boys’ just flat? Why below…

‘Enough! Well…Although I am interested in girls’ bodies at my age, I can’t do things like peaking, so stop bothering me. I’m not like you. Who the heck thinks of these weird things all day long?’

Cowards love to make excuses.

Ignoring Yalide’s unqualified radical method, Lin Xiang looked everywhere. The princess mentioned to take a bath, how did she know where water was? The river before that did not flow in either…

Oh? At that time, Lin Xiang found something glowing and falling from the mountain by the forest. Was that water?

Lin Xiang did not see it before because there were dark clouds obstructing it. Now that the dark clouds were gradually dispersing, the sunlight was coming in, and the water flowing down the mountain refracted fluorescence and became conspicuous. Did the princess notice that?

After a while when the princess finished bathing, Lin Xiang wanted bath too. He was pulled down to the ground previously, so his robe on the lower part of the body was all dirty. After washing it, he could dry it with a flame.

It was a great way to practise his fire control ability, but if he failed, he would burn his robe instead… Uh…that’s a bit risky…

Looking at the sky in boredom, Lin Xiang suddenly heard “Wah!” The princess screamed.

What’s wrong!? Lin Xiang quickly got up and ran into the woods.

Hhong—” The running water on the mountain splashed from higher ground. The mountain walls were like stairs, layer by layer, so the sound was suppressed a lot, which was why Lin Xiang had not heard the sound of water beforehand.

Lin Xiang ran fast along the forest road, and trees backed up before his eyes. Soon, he saw the princess and the little dragon.

Running out of the woods, a small lake with a waterfall appeared in front of him. A waterway flowed to the opposite woods. That was a lake surrounded by countless trees.

The princess was standing next to the lake, and her eyes were now focused on the grass beside a tree.

“Princess, what’s the matter?” There was nothing unusual, so why did the princess scream just now?

“It’s nothing, just being scared by a snake. Thank you for your concern, but leave quickly now. You are not allowed to come here. If I take a bath and find you here in a while, you will be dead.” The princess stretched out her finger, and pointed at him while warning.


“Also, you don’t need to come over when you hear dragon roars later. I’m just using the roars to dry my clothes, understand?”

“Yes… understood.” Nodding, Lin Xiang turned and walked back. What on earth, I’m just worrying for nothing.

“Niu~” The little dragon flew up to him, as if asking him why he was not with them.

“I’ll come back in a while, you guys go first.” Lin Xiang waved, and the dragon made a noise and flew back.

…Twenty minutes later


Lying on the rock and resting, Lin Xiang heard the princess let out a dragon roar. He opened his eyes slightly, and closed them again. The princess said that she used the dragon roar to air-dry her clothes. She only let out one roar, so she did not seem to be in danger, which made Lin Xiang feel at ease. In other words, the princess was so powerful, and there was no need for him to protect anyways.

The wind blew gently, and Lin Xiang moved his body with slight enjoyment. Aside from the sound of the breezes, no other sound interrupted him. He was really enjoying the tranquillity.

“Niu~Niu~” At that moment, he heard the little dragon’s voice. Opening his eyes, he saw it flying out of the woods.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lin Xiang.

“Niu Niu~” The dragon flapped its wings and circled. Lin Xiang was completely clueless of what it was expressing.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Niu~” The little dragon landed on the ground, making wild gestures with his front paws. Please, how can I tell?

“Is the princess in trouble?” he asked.

“Niu!” the little dragon nodded quickly.

“What trouble can the princess have?” Lin Xiang did not hear any other voices, and Yalide felt no demons. Could it be that the princess accidentally broke her clothes with the dragon roar? Then, Lin Xiang was even determined that he must not go.

“Niu.” The little dragon’s front paws gestured again. Lin Xiang tilted his head and observed it. It yelled at him twice, lied on the ground, sticking out its tongue, and retracting it. Sticking out its tongue, and retracting it again, as if imitating something. Then it crawled forward like a bug on the ground for a certain distance, then sat up, bent down, and bit its feet.

“No… I really don’t understand… Wait? Did you mean that Princess was bitten by a snake???” With the little dragon’s imitation, and the snake Princess mentioned, Lin Xiang suddenly had such an idea.

“Niu!” The dragon flew up, and headed to the woods, motioning him to follow.

“Damn, why can’t I react faster?” Entering the wind speed state, Lin Xiang directly surpassed the little dragon and ran to the lake.

When he reached the lake, he saw the princess wore a lace cloth that was just as long as her thigh, lying on the ground. Her undergarments were almost showing.

Not far from her, a brownish-grey snake with a length of about thirty centimetres fell on the ground. Its belly was faced upwards, and it was unclear if it was dead.

“Princess, princess, are you alright?” Lin Xiang ran to the princess and lifted her back.

The princess’s face was pale and her lips were a little purple. She shook her head and kept insisted that she was fine while covering her chest with her hands.

“You are trembling even when you speak, how could that be fine? Where did you get bitten?”

“No… I didn’t get bitten. Don’t care about me, hurry up and leave.” The princess subconsciously clamped her thigh. Lin Xiang glanced over, and there was a small blood stain on the ground under her pale-white thighs that were tightly clamped together.

“Pardon my rudeness, Princess.” Lin Xiang split open the princess’s legs with his hands, and a pair of tooth marks was printed on the inner part of the princess’s right thigh. The flesh there had swollen. It was blackish purple, and two rows of blood slowly shed…

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