The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 45 : Sucking Venom


“Don’t touch me…you pervert…” The princess pushed Lin Xiang with her hands, but she could not exert much force now.

“Princess, don’t move, too much movement will accelerate the blood flow to the heart.” Lin Xiang quickly tore a piece of cloth from the robe and tied the upper part of the wound.

“I have fixed the venom around the wound…Will you leave me alone…I don’t want boys to touch me…”

“Up until now, what are you talking about, Princess?” Lin Xiang ran to the lake, fetched some water, and sprinkled it on the wound as simple cleansing.

“I… I don’t want any boys that I don’t like to touch me… Lin Xiang, don’t mind me… I’ll be fine…”

“Princess, do you have any methods to save yourself? You know, like using a dragon roar to force the venom out?”

“How can there be such a convenient… ability. Just maintaining the venom… firmly in the same place… is the best thing I can do. I don’t want to talk… I’m dizzy…”

Wow, boy, is this woman going to die?

‘Shut up, Yalide, don’t talk nonsense.’

Lin Xiang looked at the princess’s drowsy eyes, as if she was about to fall asleep, and he got very anxious. The little dragon also kept calling out, “Niu niu” next to him.

What do I do? Does kissing work? If it works, it will be fine even if I get beaten by Princess.

Why on earth do you have this idea?’ Freed was rather surprised with Lin Xiang’s thoughts.

‘Didn’t we save others many times before this through kissing?’

No…The premise is that the damage must be caused by demons or devils. This girl was bitten by a poisonous snake. How can it be effective? If you are bitten, we can get rid of those toxins because we are in your body.

‘Then what should I do? Are we just leaving the princess like this?’ Lin Xiang looked at the princess’s thigh, and its original whiteness had turned black.

Well… I’ve seen many accidents while traveling in parallel worlds. Among them are snake bites. The simple treatment is using serum, and in this world, detoxification magic is used. But now that none of these can be achieved, let’s use the one that is common to both worlds—sucking venom!

‘Sucking venom? Do you mean by sucking out the venom?’

That’s right.

Lin Xiang fell into deep thought. Sucking the venom out… involves using the mouth… and Princess’s wound is fifteen centimetres above her knee… It seems even worse than kissing the princess’s mouth… Also, why the heck will the snake bite there?

“You… can’t help either… so… go away…” The princess’s voice was a little weak, “Don’t worry… I won’t die… maybe I’ll just lose a leg…”

“Hey, Princess, don’t scare me, alright?”

“This is no big deal…If we get involved in the fight between dragon descendants and evil dragons… We must be prepared to be crushed… to be torn…”

“But this is not a battle with the dragons. Princess, I won’t let you lose your leg.” After speaking, Lin Xiang regained his confidence, lowered his head and pointed his mouth at the wound on the princess’s thigh.

Her thigh was a bit cold, but there was no doubt that her skin was so smooth!

That was his first thought, and in the next second his head was sandwiched between two soft and elastic things.

“Dead scumbag! What the hell are you doing?” Although the princess’s voice was very weak, she was clearly furious.

“Ugh…” Lin Xiang patted the princess’s thigh. How would I talk when she caught me between her thighs?

The feeling of being sandwiched between two thighs was weird…soft and fragrant.

Boy, you finally understand.’ Yalide was in awe, just like a teacher who saw the dumb student who finally regained senses.

‘Understanding is all in your head.’ Lin Xiang did not mean that on purpose.

“Hurry up… Hurry up and get your head away…or I’ll chop it off…you perverted… darn scumbag…you actually chose to treat me like this now… I won’t let you… succeed in what you’re doing …even if I die.”

Although Lin Xiang wanted to put his head away, the princess clamped it so tightly… Princess, please, I can’t even speak.

Ah, there is no other way. Since the princess gathered the venom around the wound, Lin Xiang had to suck some of it out first.

Tsk tsk tsk.” Lin Xiang forcefully sucked the princess’s thigh, the wound, to be precise. Suddenly, an overwhelming taste of blood poured into his mouth.

“Ah… you… you… scumbag… don’t… don’t suck… Ah—” the princess let out a gasp, and the strength of her thighs became lesser. Her voice was trembling.

Not allowing the poisonous blood to flow into the stomach, Lin Xiang pushed the princess’s legs with his hands, then raised his head and spat out the black blood out in the distance.

“You scumbag.” The princess yelled at him, and the thigh that he was holding exerted strength, seemingly attempting to close her legs. Lin Xiang blocked her thighs, and then continued to suck the poisoned blood.

“Ah— Stop… don’t suck anymore…” The princess’s strength weakened again, and her body moved uncomfortably.

Splat!” Lin Xiang spat out the blood and continued to suck.

His dead anyways, so he thought it was better to suck out all the princess’s venom, maybe he would die a less painful death.

“Scumbag… In this case…I would rather…I would rather… not have my leg…” The princess’s hand pushed his head, but she was weak, so it had no effect on Lin Xiang at all.

After sucking for about five to six times, the black part of the leg slowly turned dark red.

It should be fine. Lin Xiang let go of the princess’s legs, and she immediately curled up into a ball, crying, “I…I can’t get married anymore…”

After saying that, the princess’s crying suddenly stopped, and her body did not move. What’s wrong?

Lin Xiang looked at the princess, and saw that she closed her eyes, but there were still some tears at the corners of her eyes. She was sound asleep.

Well, although she said she kept the venom in one place, she didn’t do it immediately. When she was bitten, she unleashed a dragon roar to attack the snake, so part of the venom had already flowed to the upper body. Also, she was too ‘stimulated’ just now, she reacted a bit much, so the effect of the toxins increased, that’s why she was temporarily unconscious. There should be no danger for her, but there would be effects of snake venom, such as chills and fever.

‘Now, Freed, did I do something terrible?’

Well… it’s even more terrible if you sucked slightly upwards.

Lin Xiang’s cheeks were a little hot when he heard that.

“Niu?” The little dragon walked to the princess, bent down and licked her, but the princess passed out, so there was no reaction. It could not help, but looked at Lin Xiang nervously.

“Don’t worry, it’s alright.” He smiled.


After cleaning up the princess’s wound, Lin Xiang began to put on her a skirt.

Wearing a skirt was a troublesome thing. Lin Xiang picked up the princess’s slightly scented dress and fiddled with it for a while. Lifting the princess’s body, he pulled the dress and slipped it onto head, just like putting on a T-shirt.

Dresses are worn like this, right…

While wearing the dress for her, Lin Xiang more or less encountered the soft chest of the princess, which made him feel scared, but sort of exciting.

After three minutes, he finally put on the princess’s dress for her. With that done, Lin Xiang also wondered if it would be much easier if he bought the Barbie dolls sold in the supermarket and change their clothes beforehand.

Phew, anyway, since I succeed, then I’m not wrong.

The princess closed her eyes tightly. Her hair was undone, so she looked like the sleeping beauty in a fairy tale. However, Lin Xiang dared to say that she was definitely more beautiful than Sleeping Beauty.

The princess’s face was still red, and her breathing was a little hasty. Lin Xiang swept away the bangs on her forehead, and placed his hand on it… It was hot. That was one of the poisoning phenomena that Freed said, fever.

Her wound might be inflamed, so Lin Xiang asked Yalide what medicinal herb was anti-inflammatory, It seemed that the Éguilles Grass had that effect.

Lin Xiang asked the little dragon to look after the princess. Without any further ado, he entered the wind speed state and ran towards the river from before.

When he brought back the Éguilles Grass, the little dragon was lying on the princess, sleeping. Hearing his footsteps, it raised its head and looked at him. Seeing that it was Lin Xiang, its ears moved twice, and stood up, “Niu~”

Lin Xiang washed the Éguilles Grass and looked around. There was nothing to use for grinding, and he could not apply externally to the princess. What should I do?


“Dusty, Dusty, is it that scary to be bitten by a snake?” A red-haired girl sat on a chair and asked another bronze-haired girl.

A movie was now playing on TV. It was about the male protagonist and the female protagonist getting lost in the mountains. The female protagonist was accidentally bitten on the arm by a snake. After the male protagonist sucked out the venom, the female protagonist went into a coma.

“Yes, it’s terrible. Some members of my previous family were bitten and died. It hurts to think about it.”

“Really, I have seen a snake in Fireback Mountain once. It was huge and wanted to eat me. I was so scared that I fell asleep. After waking up, I never saw it again.” Fire Dance put her finger to her mouth and recalled.

“Pff! You were so scared that you slept? Are you a genius?” Satsuki smiled and slapped the chair.

“Goo~ That’s not funny, you bad guy.”

Fire Dance always remembered the moment when Satsuki and she were fighting for Lin Xiang in the principal’s office, so she was a little hostile towards her. She even pouted while talking.

“Oh, this kid…” Satsuki took out a lollipop from her pocket and shook it in front of Fire Dance.

Fire Dance glanced at the lollipop and pretended not to see it, but from time to time she looked at the lollipop in front of her. Finally, she could not help it and snatched it from Satsuki’s hand, saying that it was blocking her TV view and wanted to eat it. That made Satsuki laughed so much that her stomach hurt.

A kid is a kid after all.

“Why did that man put those grasses in his mouth? Is he hungry?” Fire Dance asked while licking the lollipop.

“I don’t know this either.” Dusty shook her head.

“Ah… Well, he’s just crushing the herb. After crushing them, he will apply the herb to the wound of the snake bite to sterilize it.” Satsuki took a sip of tea and responded casually.

“Oh~~” Fire Dance and Dusty both exclaimed. Soon, they watched the TV more seriously to find out what the man was going to do next.

“Hey, why do you guys want me to babysit these two big kids… When will you guys come back soon…” Satsuki looked at the clock and felt helpless.


That’s bitter!

Lin Xiang put the Éguilles Grass into his mouth and chewed a few times. His mouth was full of bitterness, and he felt vomits surging.

He picked up the cloth of the robe that was tied to the princess’s leg, washed it in the lake. He spat out the herbs, wrapped it in the cloth and put it in the lake to wash the saliva away. After that, he bandaged the wound near the princess’s thigh and stood up.

The princess’s body temperature was higher than before, so he tore another piece of cloth, damped it, and put it on her head.

“Ah…” After doing all that, he was tired and lied on the ground. He was really exhausted for the day, especially when his soul was not fully recovered, and his energy was not enough… But why was a snake there?

Lin Xiang always wondered, wasn’t there supposed to be no other creatures in the place where dragon lived?

Maybe the snake wanted to have some dragon eggs while the mother dragon is gone.’ Freed spoke its thoughts.

‘Snakes eat eggs… well, that’s possible.’

About ten minutes later, Lin Xiang got up again. The dark clouds in the sky had dispersed, and it was afternoon. The sun made the surroundings very hot.

Gently picking up the princess, Lin Xiang put her in the shade of a tree, constantly changing the wet cloth on her head.

He was a little hungry, so he went to the lake and found no fish. With slight regret, Lin Xiang asked Yalide if there were any fruits to eat nearby, but there was none. Should I go back pick the fruits again?

He was a little worried about the princess, but now there was no other way. If the princess woke up, she would definitely be hungry, so besides the fruit, he had to get some fish. The river before seemed to have them.

————Somewhere far away from Lin Xiang

“Akane… It’s so painful… Come and help me.” Laura clutched the ice-covered arm that stopped bleeding, and walked back to the temporary camp.

“Ah, Laura, what’s the matter with you?” A thin girl with a height of 1.8 meters showed a look of surprise, and hurriedly walked up to see what happened to Laura.

“That damn girly and rascal attacked me for no reason. When I get back, I must tell the princess.”

“Who attacked you?” Akane asked while checking Laura’s arm.

“Don’t you know who girly and rascal are? Those dumb Kyle and Richie. Their craziness ignited and they stabbed me with a dagger. They also said something like wanting to borrow some blood from me. I’ll give them a big-headed ghost. If they wanted blood, why won’t they cut themselves instead?” Laura complained, cold sweat continued to flow down her face with pain.

“You handled it well, Laura. You froze your wound, and there was no infection and no tendency to continue bleeding.”

“Luckily Sister Liz and I learned the Swift ● Footsteps Dragon Roar to run fast. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing me now. Those two darned psychopaths…”

“But why did they hurt you with a dagger? Kyle should like you.” Laura slowly melted the ice, and Akane saw that there was a deep wound on Laura’s fleshy arm.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. If I knew, I’ll be a psychiatrist by now. Oh, Akane, you have to help me, if my hands are scarred, I don’t want to live anymore.” Laura pouted, as if going to cry.

“Don’t worry, Laura, this wound is not too deep, I can handle it.”

“Thank you so much, Akane.” Laura’s expression was as fast as flipping a book, and she laughed instantly and hugged Akane.

“It’s fine. I’m just curious though, why did they hurt you…”

“Don’t worry about it that much. They are dead after they go back.” Laura was upset when she thought of what had happened just now. Really, why do I have such bad luck meeting them?

“Alright, I’ll help you deal with the wound now. Hoo— Magen!” A soft green light attached to Laura’s arm, and the wound began to heal slowly to the extent that it was visible to the naked eye.

“It’s itchy.” Laura’s other hand’s fingers kept scratching it, as if she could not help but ease the itch.

“Hold on for a while.” Akane blew on Laura’s wound, and the wound healed much faster.

“Wow, it’s getting itchier. I can’t help it. I can’t help it.” Laura was not the kind of person who could bear it.

“Ah~” Lola moaned comfortably, and then looked terribly, “It won’t leave scars, right? I don’t want scars.” Checking her arm quickly, it was as good as before, and the wound disappeared completely.

“Hooo, Laura, it won’t. Fortunately, it healed a moment earlier. If it was later, there would be scars.”

“Even if there is, Akane will help me heal it.”

“Scars can’t be cured. You can only cut it open and let it grow flesh again.”

“Wow, I can’t do that. It would hurt a lot. But it’s great that there are no scars left. Ugh… I wonder what’s going on with Liz and him. I’m so hungry… I really want to eat the meal made by Brother Xiang.”

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