The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 46 : Although The Person’s A Pervert


As the sun went down, the horizon was dyed red. Although the sky of the Demon Realm was originally red, the afterglow of the setting sun made it bloodier.

The princess’s body temperature dropped a lot, but she was still unconscious. She talked in her dreams from time to time, such as: Lin Xiang, go to hell. Lin Xiang, you darn beast. I will stop you, Lin Xiang… or something like that.

Those words made Lin Xiang horrified. He was worried that the princess would throw him into the wind tunnel when she woke up.

“Lala… No way… Don’t be deceived by the dishes he cooks… He’s a bad guy… You have to see his true colours…” The princess was dreaming again and Lin Xiang could not stop sighing.

Picking up the warm wet towel on the princess’s forehead, Lin Xiang went to the lake to wash it, then wrung it, and placed it on the princess’s forehead.

Chomp squish chomp—” The little dragon made a noise while eating the fruit. The dragon egg was right beside it. After all, it would be its own younger brother or sister after it was hatched, so it must protect the egg at all times.

The temperature dropped a bit, and Lin Xiang returned to the dragon’s cave and pulled the trees that turned dry and had no life left due to demonic magic to make a fire for grilling fish.

Flicker—” The dead wood pile soon burned. While it was not too cold, Lin Xiang wanted to take a shower or something. He was all sweaty after a whole day’s rush.

He stood up and took off his robe. He had a vest and boxer briefs inside, which he wore for the convenience of taking a bath. They finally played a very good role. If the princess woke up suddenly, at least she would not be mad when she saw him naked.

Taking off his shoes, Lin Xiang walked towards the small lake.

Unknowingly, the moon had risen. Although it looked very red, as if stained with blood, the light it shone was soft natural light, and the earth did not turn red because of the sky. The same was true for the sun.

Splash—” The water flowing down from the mountain smiled brilliantly under the shining of the moon. The lake also reflected the bloody lonely moon. The surroundings were very quiet. If Lin Xiang was a photographer, he would definitely not hesitate to take a shot of that stunning view.

The lake was slightly chilly, and Lin Xiang could not help shuddering. The deepest part of the water was to his chest. Lin Xiang took a deep breath and squatted down.

“Hooo— Ah~” Soon, he stood back up and wiped his face with both hands.

“Niu~” The little dragon called, and it flew over and landed near him.

Flip flop plop splash” Needless to say, it was the sound of the dragon drowning and desperately flapping its wings to save itself.

Lin Xiang walked over and picked it up. “Ah, pff.” The little dragon clamped tightly onto his body in fear. Its breathing quickened and it was sneezing constantly.

“What are you doing? It’s so dangerous to do that all of a sudden.” Lin Xiang patted its head.

After that, Lin Xiang swam in the water while the dragon was standing on his back. It bounced on his back with novelty, as if it was conquering the waters, constantly screaming, “Niu! Niu!”

When they climbed ashore, Lin Xiang found that his clothes were all wet, so he sat down by the fire, and dried it with the flame. He also dried his robe and put it on for a while.

The princess beside him was not awake yet. She was sweating constantly, her eye balls were moving, and her body temperature rose again.

Lin Xiang changed her damp cloth, and then started to eat the cooked fish.

“Hoo—” The grilled fish was slightly hot, so he blew it a few times. At that moment, the little dragon stood in front of him, bent slightly, and looked at him from bottom to top. Its front paws kept opening and closing, and its tail wagged numerous times.

Are you a dog? I have to say, this little dragon has great intelligence here.

“It’s very hot.” He handed a grilled fish to it, and it stretched out its front paws to touch it, but immediately retracted, “Niu.”

“Told you it’s hot. I’ll just put it here, you can eat it later.” Lin Xiang stuck the branch of the fish skewers on the ground, and blew his fish.

The dragon looked at him, then looked at the fish stuck on the ground, took two steps back, and made a sound like “Hoo.”

Does it want to blow too? That’s so cute… No, wait!

Lin Xiang did not have time to stop it. With a “Pff!” a shock wave of air current hit Lin Xiang side. The fish stick that was stuck to the ground soared into the air, and the dragon stared at the fish and chased after it.

As for Lin Xiang, his body seemed to be hit by someone and fell to the side, but luckily his reflexes were quite good, so he stabilized his body by pressing his hand onto the ground in time.

“Huh? Why is the ground soft?” Lin Xiang felt as if his hand was pressing onto a round object, and he squeezed, “Huh…?” The princess made a sound.

I can’t be that lucky, right? Lin Xiang turned his head slowly to find that his hand was pressing onto the princess’s chest just like he thought. On the other hand, the princess also slightly opened her eyes with pain, “It hurts…”

A drop of cold sweat fell, and Lin Xiang swallowed his saliva. As soon as he wanted to explain, the princess spoke with a weak voice, “Mom… Is that you…”

Huh? Is her consciousness still in a fuzzy state?

”Yeah!” Lin Xiang deliberately raised his pitch, and spoke like a woman.

“Mom…your voice has changed… have you caught a cold…”


“Take care of… yourself… My chest hurts… and there is something hot pressing me… so uncomfortable… what is it?”

“Just the little dragon, it fell asleep on your chest… Uh… I’ll remove it for you now… cough, oh.” Lin Xiang wanted to raise his pitch higher, but he almost coughed out and quickly covered his mouth.

“Oh, the dragon… just let it sleep, don’t touch it… it just hurts a little…”

“It’s uncomfortable to sleep like this, I’d better remove it.” Lin Xiang took advantage of that opportunity and quickly withdrew his hand.

“Alright… that’s fine… Mom… I’m so tired… I want to…” The princess was halfway through her words, her eyes closed again.

Damn… I’m almost scared to death. Lin Xiang panted quickly while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Hey, it’s a good chance, boy. Hurry up, let’s do a body check-up for Princess Liz to see if there are any bites.

‘Why not let me bite your head off to check your head?’

Lin Xiang wiped the princess’s sweat from her face and neck with a towel. After another wash of cloth, he started eating the grilled fish. The little dragon was licking the grilled fish not far away, as if reluctant to eat it. Finally, it opened its mouth, ate the fish in one bite, and ran back to ask him for more.

At night, the temperature dropped a lot. As he was sitting and dozing off, Lin Xiang heard the princess speaking in her dreams again, “It’s cold… Lala… Mom… I’m cold…Pass me the blanket…”

Lin Xiang checked the princess’s temperature and the fever was gone. However, it was gone too far, and now the princess was in chills. She frowned and her lips were shaking.

There was nothing around to cover her body… Oh no.

Lin Xiang looked at the little dragon. It was laying on its side not far from them, hugging his unborn sibling— the dragon egg, in its arms.

No way…

He scratched his head. The little dragon had provided him some signals, but doing that was… Well, no matter what, Lin Xiang just hoped the princess was alright. She would understand him.

Lin Xiang lay next to the princess, and his sleepiness disappeared. His breathing became rushed, and his heartbeat also accelerated a lot. After taking a few deep breaths, he was like the little dragon, leaning on his side, and tremblingly raised the princess’ head. One arm stretched over to be her pillow, while the other was placed on her abdomen, hugging her.

That was the first time Lin Xiang consciously placed his arms around a girl to sleep. The princess’s face was right in front of his eyes. What he breathed, was what she exhaled. Lin Xiang felt that his heart was about to escape.

Calm down, calm down. Lin Xiang kept counselling himself.

Lin Xiang, you are not doing anything bad now, so don’t be so nervous… nope! I’m sleeping with the princess in my arms!

Phew— Since Lin Xiang could not relax himself, he tried diverting his attention and started counting sheep…

He was unsure how many tens of thousands he counted. Feeling very drowsy, he slowly fell asleep.


At around five o’clock in the morning, the sky was dark red before the sun rose.

Liz slowly regained consciousness, and she felt that she was in a very warm place now. Just like the embrace of her mother when she was young, warm and reassuring.

“Gooh—” Liz became more awake with that snore. Opening her eyes, she found a grey robe around her. She raised her head to find a neck, and the snoring sounded above her head. Without further thoughts, Liz knew that it was Lin Xiang.

Why is he holding me to sleep???

Pushing Lin Xiang with her hand, Liz found that she could not exert any strength. After being pushed, Lin Xiang still remained in place. With a short hum, he hugged Liz tighter.

“What!?” Liz was a little out of breath while being hugged. She put her hands on her chest to prevent her body from touching Lin Xiang.

This scumbag is so annoying! Even in his sleep!

With all her strength, Liz pulled out the Lin Xiang’s two hands that were holding tightly around her. She moved her body back, and successfully escaped from Lin Xiang’s ‘bear hug’ and sat up.

After sitting up, Liz only felt weak in her limbs and her head was heavy. Hmm!?

Liz found that her skirt was put on at some time, and she looked at Lin Xiang. Her pale face was switched between red and green. Apart from anything else, she checked if there was anything abnormal about her.

The result of the inspection was that there was nothing unusual except for the cloth that was tied to her thigh.

Untying the cloth, it was clearly stained with some scraps of grass, and there were only two tooth marks on her thighs. There were no signs of swelling or inflammation. It should be the effect of those herbs.

Seeing that, Liz could not help changing her thoughts about Lin Xiang.

He did not do unacceptable things to her while she was unconscious, but applied anti-inflammatory herbs to her leg instead. At that moment, Liz felt that although Lin Xiang was a pervert and forced her legs apart regardless of her thoughts, but objectively speaking, he took the risk of being poisoned to help her suck out the venom and saved her one leg. That was worthy to give her thanks. Not to mention that he had very good character as well.

Her body was a little sticky. Liz stood up and staggered towards the lake.

Kneeling down, Liz took a sip of water and drank it. The cool lake water made her feel a little less burning in her throat. After taking a few more sips, Liz washed her face, and she was more energetic, but that sense of powerlessness still existed.

With her bare feet, Liz slowly walked down into the lake. It was cold in the morning before the sun rose, but Liz did not care so much. She had to soak her body in water. Otherwise, the sweat would make her very uncomfortable. And if Lin Xiang woke up, it would not be easy, who knew if he peeked or something.


“Hooo— Windtorie.” A dragon roar, followed by the sound of fabric tearing, made Lin Xiang woke up.


What’s wrong? Lin Xiang sat up and looked at the forest in front of him. There was nothing strange around him. Turning his head, he found that on the edge of the lake, the little dragon was licking the princess’s hand. The princess with wet hair was squatting on the ground and clutching her important parts. All around her were fragments of her skirt, and the cloth of her pink underwear was sandwiched between them.

Although Lin Xiang was clueless what happened, he knew that the princess’s clothes were torn apart.

“Ah!!! Don’t look here, Lin Xiang, don’t look here!!!” The princess yelled at him frantically, holding her body tighter, and finally simply blocked herself with the little dragon.

Lin Xiang looked away, and asked in puzzle, “Why were Princess’s clothes torn?”

“Wind, I didn’t control my wind, so I accidentally broke my clothes. Anyway, don’t look at me.”

“Sigh…” Lin Xiang stood up, turned his back to the princess and took off his robe.

“Hey, although I can’t control my wind well, I’m fine with dealing you, Lin Xiang. Don’t mess around.”

“I just want to give you my clothes, Princess.” The princess was worried about his actions, which made Lin Xiang baffled but depressed at the same time. He threw the robe he took off to the back.

“Ah…” The princess finally understood his actions, and apologised to him, “I’m sorry, Lin Xiang… I didn’t mean it… Thank you, for all kinds of things. But, are you fine like this?”

Lin Xiang looked at his boxer shorts and tank top. He never felt so lucky in his life before, because he was grateful for wearing them to the realm. Although it had been hot before, they existed for that moment, no?

“It doesn’t matter, Princess, as long as you don’t mind me wearing like this. Princess is hungry, right? I’ll get you some food.” The food of the previous day was eaten by the big appetite dragon.

“I’ll leave it to you, Lin Xiang, thank you.”

“Always willing to serve you, Princess.”


After finding some fruits and catching some fish, Lin Xiang went back to the high plateau where the little dragon lived, and picked up wood to make a fire.

He picked up several dry pieces of wood at once. At that time, his hand was almost full. Lin Xiang found that there was another one in a distance, so he just wanted to leave after getting that one last piece of wood.

When he bent down, his hand just touched the wood when he found that the ground suddenly darkened, the dark shadow continued to expand, and at the same time, there was the sound of flapping above him.

When Lin Xiang looked up, a huge dragon with the same patterns on its body and had the same looks as the little dragon appeared above.

The wood in his hands fell to the ground and it was too late to pick them up. Lin Xiang hurriedly backed away and the place where he was standing was occupied by the landing dragon. He also saw clearly that those on it were not patterns, but scars. That was the little dragon’s mother.

Its dark eyes stared straight at Lin Xiang and walked towards him, each step it took would make the floor vibrate.

He stepped back slowly, and after a while, his back had reached the mountain wall. Lin Xiang had nowhere to go, what should he do? The princess said before that upon seeing a dragon, he should not make huge movements. Otherwise, the dragon would assume that he was aggressive. He had to enter the wind speed state and leave, but who knew if it would fly away or when it would return.

It stopped in front of Lin Xiang. Lowering his head slowly, Lin Xiang made a relaxed posture, and said in a very soft voice, “I have no malice, your…”

“Ah Ohh!!!” Before he finished speaking, it roared at him. The deafening sound almost broke his eardrums, and there was some saliva left on his face.

Putting its nose closer, the mother dragon sniffed the smell on Lin Xiang’s body and let out another roar. It seemed that the pain of losing the child was vented through the roar.

“Hmph—” The dragon snorted, and the dragon continued staring at him. Lin Xiang looked at the fruit and fish tied with a tree stalk onto his waist. After that, he untied a fruit, shook the fruit in front of it, and then threw at it.

That action frightened the dragon. It quickly backed away, and the fruit fell to the ground. After rolling to its feet, it stomped the fruit to pieces, and showed some hostility to him.

“Niu!” The naive cry of the little dragon diverted the mother dragon’s attention. It turned its head to look at the woods when the little dragon flew out holding the dragon egg.

“Waoh!” The mother dragon roared and headed towards the young dragon.

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