The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 47 : Getting Surrounded


“Gu~” Making a hum, the mother dragon touched the dragon’s head with her nose. The dragon felt its mother’s caress, so it raised its little head, and started licking the wound near the mother’s mouth. The scene was truly heart-warming.

“Lin Xiang!” Grabbing the edges of the long robe, the princess jogged over. She stumbled a little while running, which might be due to the lack of recovery of her body.

“Are you alright?” The princess was already out of breath when she ran very close to Lin Xiang.

“I’m fine, just a little startled. Fortunately, the little dragon arrived in time.”

“It’s Linda. Didn’t I tell you that you have to treat dragons the same as humans?” Although the princess had slight breathing difficulties, she would turn serious when it came to dragons, “so, this is the mother dragon? She’s more than a thousand years old, huh? This is too much, where did she get these injuries from?”

“I don’t know.”

The mother dragon was full of scars. It basically had scars all over its body, which was why when Lin Xiang first saw it, he thought they were patterns.

How did she get hurt like this? Lin Xiang did not feel like a demon attacked. It did not look severely hurt, so they were probably just scratches on the skin.

“Niu~” After the little dragon reunited with its mother, it walked up to the princess and Lin Xiang’s front, as if introducing them to the mother dragon.

“Hmph.” The mother dragon let out another breath, seemingly hostile towards Lin Xiang. It might be related to the fruit he threw to it previously.

In order to solve the misunderstanding, Lin Xiang took a fruit and handed to the little dragon. The little dragon put down the egg, took the fruit and ate it, somehow making the mother dragon stunned for a moment.

“We have no evil intentions. Are you hungry? Here, this is for you.”

Placing the fruit on the ground, Lin Xiang rolled it towards the mother. It kept looking at the fruit until the fruit hit its feet. Then, it slowly bent down its huge body, sniffed the fruit, licked it and bit it into pieces.

Having tasted the sweetness and sourness of the fruit, the mother also knew that Lin Xiang meant no harm, and slowly walked towards them.

Lin Xiang made a fire to grill some fish. The fruit were all eaten by the mother and the little dragon. Those few fruits were really not enough for the mother to fill its tummy.

He volunteered to do all the hard work and went to get food again. When he ran out of the valley, he felt that someone was watching him for some reason, which made him stop his feet. There were no other creatures in the valley besides the green grasses. What was that gaze he felt jus now??

Lin Xiang looked everywhere, but he found nothing. Thinking of that as just a psychological effect, he continued dashing towards the forest with his wind speed state.

“Hey, I think we’re lost. Where were the other troops anyway?”

After plucking a fruit from the tree, Lin Xiang suddenly heard someone talking. Staying quiet, he searched for the source of that sound.

“If it weren’t for you wanting to find a rare four-leaf clover to sell it to the material store, we wouldn’t be in this state. Now, look what you’ve done, we don’t know where to go at this point.”

Two people in armor walked out from under the trees. Upon closer inspection, they were somewhat different from human beings. Their skin was darker, their complexion seemed bronze, and their ears were a bit pointed. There were some spirit energy on them, but they were not very similar to spirits either. Lin Xiang remembered seeing them in the Spirits’ Country. They were known as wood spirits.

What were they doing there? Was the city of Spirits’ Country nearby?

“Stop complaining, aren’t you happy when you heard that there were four-leaf clovers as well? Now that we achieved the four-leaf clovers, we only need find our troop back, kill the dragon that attacked the village, and then take it to the material store for money.”

The dragon that attacked the village? At that moment, Lin Xiang thought of the scars on the mother dragon, and the eyes that were watching him after leaving the valley.

Connecting all the dots, he came to a conclusion that the mother dragon went on a craze journey on the previous day to look for its young. It attacked the village of the spirits, and then came back to recuperate because of her injuries, but the spirits tracked it down…

Not good! I must go back quickly.

Lin Xiang jumped off the tree and ran towards the dragon’s cave, which surprised the two spirits.

He sped up to the extreme and almost hit the trees in his way several times in the jumbled woods. Fortunately, he ran out to the side of the river. As long as he walked along it, he could go back smoothly.

When he ran out of the forest and came to the vast grassland, several humanoid spirits jumped out of the ground and surrounded him. They all stared at him with vigilant eyes, as if they would attack at any time.

“About that… I’m just passing by.” He smiled friendly at them, but they were completely expressionless.

“Look at how exposed you dress. You certainly won’t be a good thing. Let’s just grab him.” said a female spirit.

“Yes.” Several spirits nodded one after another.

“Look! That cow is flying in the sky!” As they gathered their magic, Lin Xiang suddenly pointed to the sky and shouted.

The spirits all looked at where he was pointing. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Lin Xiang ran out of the group at once, leaving only those who were not caught up to the sudden situation as they watched him left.

“Ah oh!!!” When Lin Xiang headed through the valley and returned to the dragon’s cave, a large group of armored spirits had their backs turned to Lin Xiang, facing the big dragon in the corner.

Just when Lin Xiang was about to rush forward, Freed urged him to calm down, observe the situation first, and not to rush into conflict with the spirits.

Lin Xiang looked around and saw a small tree on the mountain wall, so he climbed up, clung himself to the branches and watched the situation below.

The princess was in the corner and she was standing in front of the big dragon while the big dragon shielded the little dragon with its body. The little dragon was holding the dragon egg, shivering on the spot. Its head kept turning around while looking at the army of spirit in front of it, clueless of what was going on.

“No need to talk to that human being. There is no doubt that she let the big dragon attack the village. She is the one who injured the innocent villagers. This is absolutely unforgivable!” A middle-aged male spirit who took the lead said in a loud voice. The surrounding soldiers then shouted something like wanting to seek justice for the injured villagers.

There were about five hundred soldiers, and there were all kinds of spirits. The situation was not bright.

“Let’s talk about it again. I really don’t want to hurt all of you.” The princess looked very anxious.

“Not a chance! What a little human being like you do? Even in the face of dragons, we won’t be afraid.”

“They are not aggressive at all, so you can’t hurt them.”

“Even if they have no aggression, that big dragon destroyed one of our villages and injured hundreds of spirits. This is a fact. As the city lord, I must avenge them. This is a reason! Artillery soldiers prepare to attack!”

As soon as the city lord finished speaking, more than a dozen spirits in red armor stepped forward.

No! The princess had not recovered yet, so her strength had weakened a lot. Not to mention, sky dragons were not offensive dragons, if they fought… The result was hard to imagine. Now was not the time to observe the situation. Even if there was really a fight with the spirit soldiers, Lin Xiang was determined to protect the princess and the dragons.

“I don’t want to fight with you. I really hope you can have a good talk with me.” The princess was giving her last advice, but the soldiers had already gathered magic and were about to fire their cannons. Lin Xiang immediately entered the wind speed state, took a deep breath, and shook his hand vigorously, jumping straight to the princess and the others. At that moment…

“Attack!” The city lord gave the order, and scorching fiery cannon balls flew towards the princess and the others. I won’t let them succeed.

“Hooo— Balati!” The princess let out a dragon roar, and Lin Xiang just jumped right in front of them. I won’t get hurt by mistake, right?

“Bang!” As he turned around and turned his back to the princesses and the dragons, he felt that he had hit a solid transparent wall. The flaming balls were all dashed towards him.

“Lin Xiang!?” The princess yelled in surprise, but her voice was soon covered by the sound of the fire exploding cannons.

Damn it! Now’s not the time to act cool. Fortunately, the princess just created a wind barrier. If the dragon roar was of offensive trait, Lin Xiang was afraid he would get hurt.

The sight around him was red, and the flames rushed towards him. Fortunately, they were just flames. If they were the strong gathering blow from other elements, he would definitely find a place in Heaven. He was lucky that time, but he reminded himself to be more careful next time.

“What was the roar just now? And who was the person who rushed in?” The voice of the city lord sounded.

“Report to city lord, he was the human who went out before.”

“Didn’t I order you and your team to catch him outside? Can’t eight of you handle a single human being?”

“Sorry, lord, but we were deceived by that scheming human. He moved so fast that we couldn’t catch him.”

Hey, what do you meant by ‘scheming human’? Such a high-grade derogatory term is a waste to be used on me. Isn’t it obviously because you guys are too stupid?

Lin Xiang tensed his nerves and forcefully gathered the surrounding flames to his hands.

“Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang! Are you okay?” He gathered some flames, so the visibility increased a little. Finally, the princess behind him could see the situation clearly.

“I’m okay, princess.” He turned his head to see that the princess’s face and lips were pale. It was conceivable that the dragon roar consumed most of her remaining dragon energy. After all, that was a three-syllable dragon roar.

“Niu~” The little dragon flew up, as if it wanted to come to Lin Xiang. It kept rubbing its head against the wind barrier, as if wanting to fling open the transparent screen. It looked so cute doing that. On the other hand, the mother dragon was bleeding. It must have been injured when Lin Xiang was away, but it was not serious.

“Lin Xiang, I will open a hole for you in a moment, so come in quickly. This Wind Screen of Covers can withstand a lot of damage, and the magic of the spirits can’t destroy it. We mustn’t fight them, but try our best to convince them.” Princess patted the wind wall, there was no change on the surface as it was still transparent. However, Lin Xiang could see some sparks floating outwards. The princess hugged the little dragon in one hand and prevented it from flying out.

“Princess, your dragon energy is running out. This protective cover will not last long. It will not be able to calm them in such a short time.” When Lin Xiang said that, the princess’s expression turned gloomy, and it was obvious that he was right.

“I will try my best to attract them, and I’d better be able to lead some of them away. By then, all of you can escape.”

“No, with your strength, it is impossible to fight against so many spirits.”

“Princess, you underestimate me too much. Although I am far behind you, I still have a little strength in me.”

“Come in, let’s find a way together.” The princess braved the flame and stretched out her hand.

Lin Xiang looked at the princess’s hand. He smiled, and there was a hot feeling surging in his body.

“Wha… What’s going on with you… The color of your hair has changed.”

“Ah, this, I’m just turning into flames, but my dragon energy is not enough, so it can’t last long. However, with my speed, it is enough to confuse them. Don’t worry, princess, I will be fine. You must protect the little dragon and the mother.”

After turning into flames, the velocity of gathering flames accelerated. Condensing them all in his hands, he formed a fireball.

“Lord Tassel, look! The flame seemed to be flowing to a certain place.”

“What!? Keep attacking that area.”

Boom boom— The flame cannons kept hitting Lin Xiang. Although it did not cause him any harm, it would still hurt to be hit by something.

“There are too many flames, I can’t gather them all!!!” Lin Xiang shouted. The fireball in his hand was already more than half a meter in diameter, and its color was dark red, like a small sun.

At that moment, the attack stopped. Lin Xiang seized the opportunity and rushed out of the sea of ​​flames, intending to throw the fireball in his hand towards the open space in front of the spirits to cause chaos between them. However, a figure wearing a black cloak suddenly appeared in front of him. At that moment, with a refreshing breeze, the anonymous stretched out a hand that looked like a bamboo shoot and touched along the surface of the fireball. Hhong! The fireball in Lin Xiang’s hand turned into a pillar of fire and flew into the sky uncontrollably.

After that, the anonymous hand pressed against Lin Xiang’s chest, and leaned onto him. The red lips under the cloak showed a carefree smile, “Hello~ I really want to see you again.”

The figure was a woman. Her voice was slightly low, but very charming.

Lin Xiang’s body was like being supported by a gust of wind as he floated to the air with her.

She pushed away the cloak on her head, revealing her short purple hair. Her squinted eyes seemed to have no energy, but they exuded an abnormal light, just like the way a researcher would look after finding something interesting.

“You are…” Lin Xiang remembered seeing her before, but he could not remember where.

Wind Chimes.’ Speaking of girls, Yalide’s memory was absolutely superb.

Wind Chimes? Lin Xiang had heard of the name. She was the daughter of the lord in the same spirit town as Reidy. Why was she there? It did not seem like Delsa City was nearby.

“Miss Wind Chimes, you did a great job!!!” The soldiers below shouted, “Quick, defeat him!”

“Hmm hmm~” With a smirk, Wind Chimes looked at Lin Xiang playfully and said, “They want me to defeat you.”

“Then, are you going to defeat me?” Lin Xiang did not feel that she would attack him.

“Of course————not!” After a long tone, Wind Chimes made a sudden change. She hugged Lin Xiang. Her well-developed chest pressed against him.

“Huh??” The soldiers’ eyes widened, including the city lord of the middle-aged spirits. Even Lin Xiang clueless what happened.

“Oh, let me tell all of you. His name is Lin Xiang.” Wind Chimes rubbed her face against Lin Xiang’s neck while speaking to spirits below. After speaking, she kept touching him with her hands, “Hmm~ so this is the human shoulder, the human chest, the human…”

“Hey, don’t mess around.” Lin Xiang grabbed her hand. She blamed him, “You are hurting me, but I like it.”

“Miss Wind Chimes, please leave that human quickly! He is an enemy! Who cares if he is Lin Xiang?”

“That’s right, Miss Wind Chimes, you are the future wife of Master Taroma, you know!” A certain spirit in the front row shouted, and then a black-haired boy jumped out and kicked the spirit away, “You bast*rd, stop the nonsense.”

Lin Xiang had seen that boy before. He and Reidy had an arranged marriage before. He was a fog spirit, and his name was what the spirit that was kicked called him, Taroma.

Taroma looked at Lin Xiang carefully for a while, and was clear, “It really is Lin Xiang! Your hair has changed, I almost can’t recognize you!”

“Lin Xiang? He is Lin Xiang!?” The spirit city lord looked up at Lin Xiang and asked Taroma.

“Yes, father. He is Lin Xiang, very powerful. He can tell my disguise at a glance, which greatly convinced me that I have lost. Otherwise, I won’t give up on Reidy so easily.”

“Lord Tassel, Master Taroma, who is this Lin Xiang? I always feel like I’ve heard the name, but I can’t remember. Should we punish them now or not?”

The spirits were all questioning.

“More than two months ago, the Spirit King announced in various cities that the Spirits’ Country was allowed to be opened to the human being Lin Xiang, don’t all of you remember?” An older spirit standing next to the city lord explained.

“Ah! There really is such a thing! Is he that human being?”

All the spirits looked over.

“Oh, I can never forget the night you hurt me.” Wind Chimes seemed to complain very much as she twirled her fingers on Lin Xiang’s chest.

“What!?” A huge voice with an incredulous tone sounded below him.

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