The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 48 : Resolved In Peace


“I don’t understand what you are talking about!” Lin Xiang looked at Wind Chimes in amazement, and she sheepishly said, “You’re bad! You don’t understand, but I do.”

After Wind Chimes finished speaking, all the spirits screamed in anger, “Damn human being, what did you do to Miss Wind Chimes!?”

“Miss Wind Chimes, move away, we want to destroy him!”

“Hey! I didn’t do anything!” Lin Xiang turned his head and looked at the princess. At that time, the flames had dissipated, so he could see the princesses and the dragons clearly. The princess held the dragon and pointed at Lin Xiang with a smile on her face, “Linda, you are so cute, so you have to be careful of perverts.”

“Niu~” The little dragon’s big black eyes blinked at Lin Xiang, and its front paws kept swinging, as if it wanted him to hug it. It wouldn’t think I was a pervert, right? Wait, I’m not even a pervert.

“What? Do you want to spit him to death with a dragon roar? No, this is not the behavior of a lady. However, in order to prevent the number of victims from increasing, this may be a good solution.” Princess, who gave you the authorization to translate? How could it mean like that!

It was over for Lin Xiang. The atmosphere was completely changed after Wind Chimes appeared. The princess and the spirits were all pointing the hostile spearhead at him.

“Don’t talk nonsense, alright? Put me down.” Lin Xiang looked at Wind Chimes with a serious expression. She did not feel scared at all. Instead, she smiled and reached a hand behind her collar. She then took out a small book and a writing brush.

Oh!!! It turns out that the big balls can also be used to store things. What a big discovery! I really want to grab it and knead it well for research purposes.

‘Research your head! It’s just a secret pocket there.’

Wait a minute, when she pressed against me just now, there was no sense of foreign objects. It was soft. How did she do that? Ah!!! Why am I struggling with this! I should explain to everyone quickly!

“Hey, if you don’t put me down, at least explain to everyone quickly! Otherwise, I will be killed because of you.” Lin Xiang anxiously shook her shoulders, and she, who was writing, stopped. She flipped the notebook over and showed him what she had written.

“Who can read this?” Wind Chimes’s writing was illegible, and she was probably the only one who could read it.

“Then, let me translate it for you. This is the investigation report of the second close contact with humans fifty-seven days and ten hours ago.” She serious read what she had written, “After many days from that incident, today, I met Lin Xiang, the subject of the investigation. He has a bad memory and forgot what happened that night. He is attempting to avoid the responsibility. When the spirits were fighting justice for me, he wanted to escape, but he was caught by my wind block technique. After that, he threatened me to put him down, or else he would grabbed my ‘beep—’ intensely.

“When did I say that!? And how did you write for your first close contact with humans? What did you write?”

“Want to know?” She turned back a few pages. They were densely packed with words.

“Nope! Consider this my plea, can you help me resolve this misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding? Where’s the misunderstanding?” Wind Chimes tilted her head and poked her chin with the writing brush, seeming to not understand what he was talking about. Don’t act foolish.

“Hey! That human named Lin Xiang! What the hell is going on with you? Originally, my Taroma and the daughter of the Reiworth family had an arranged marriage, but because something happened, she ran away from home, yet you took the opportunity to take her for contract. Fine! I don’t mind this, but now that you have something to do with the second girl my Taroma has to marry, I just can’t understand. Are you targeting our Terran family?” The spirit city lord glared at Lin Xiang. If the anger in his eyes could be emitted, Lin Xiang was afraid that he would be burned to death even with a body immune to flames.

Taroma next to him said weakly, “Dad… I don’t actually like Miss Wind Chimes…”

“Shut up, only by combining with a strong family can we nurture better offspring. Miss Wind Chimes is undoubtedly the best candidate. The combination of fog and wind can play a greater role.”

“Dad…I…” Taroma wanted to say something, but his father glared at him, so he swallowed the words. After reprimanding Taroma, the city lord stared at Lin Xiang again with his angry eyes, “Hurry up! Give me a reasonable explanation!”

“City Lord Tassel, I’m not interested in your son. And please don’t scare my research subject, alright?” Wind Chimes tucked the notebook back to her chest, looking sharply at Tassel.

“Miss Wind Chimes, what do you mean? Is my son incomparable to a human being?”

“In my opinion, yes.”

“What? Miss Wind Chimes, I hope that you are just joking, otherwise, I would be rude.”

“Dad… Sigh—” Taroma wanted to say something, but after all he did not say it.

“You’re welcome? I’m so scared. Then before you become rude, I want to ask, has your son seen the Spirit King? Has he entered the Deli Temple? No. Based on these two points, Lin Xiang is better than your son. A hundreds times better. Also, did you see the fireball just now? The energy is quite high, and it almost burned him. No wonder the chef of the fire sect was optimistic about him.”

“Chef… of the fire sect?” Looking at Tassel’s expression, he must be clueless about that. In fact, during the announcement that stated Spirits’ Country to be opened to Lin Xiang did not include those details, so not many people knew about it. Ah, where Wind Chimes found out from?

“The chef of the fire sect is optimistic about that human? This is a lie, right…” The fire spirits who attacked before showed unbelievable expressions. The other spirits also talked about it.

“It’s impossible, Miss Wind Chimes, you have to be careful when you speak. Deli Temple is a holy land for spirits. How could it be possible for humans to enter? This is absolute nonsense, let alone having the chef of the fire sect to be optimistic about a human being.”

“Oh, you, as the city lord, who only received a written report, would not understand anyways. Then explain to me, why did the Spirit King open the Spirits’ Country to him?”

“This… Fine! Let’s not talk about this. Our original purpose was to crusade against the dragons that attacked the village. Human, don’t interfere.”

“No way! I won’t let you hurt them.”

“Oh~ This sentence is so cool, I have to write it down quickly.”

“If you intervene, then you are our enemy. Lightning strikers, step forward, prepare to attack.”

“City Lord Tassel, Miss Wind Chimes is…” The lightning spirits felt helpless.

“It’s fine, she will avoid it herself.”

“Stop it all, don’t attack.” The elder spirit standing next to Tassel spoke, and the spirits who had just created a lightning ball in their hands stopped releasing magic.

“City Lord Bart, why?” Tassel quickly asked the old spirit.

“City Lord Tassel, you are too emotional. We, as spirits, don’t like battles. This dragon attacked the village, and the local spirit soldiers had made it retreat. That’s already enough. However, you go your own way and forcibly took the elite troops with you, wanting to destroy the dragon. I don’t know what your intention is behind all this.” The old spirit glanced at Wind Chimes.

Intention… Lin Xiang was curious about that too. Was it related to Wind Chimes?

Let me ask you.’ Freed spoke, ‘If you, or your son, are looking for a wife, will you not want to show her your strong side? That fog spirit is obviously like this, and wants to prove his strength to the wind spirit by hunting down the sky dragon.

‘It turned out to be like this.’ That could explain why so many spirit soldiers appeared, and why Wind Chimes was there too.

“I’m just…” Tassel was a little anxious when the old spirit asked about his intentions.

“Listen to me, just forget it. Since the king was willing to accept this human being, it means that he has things that other humans don’t have. If you attack him and it reaches the king’s ears, who knows what will happen?”

“I am the lord of the city, how could the king punish me for a mere little human being?”

“Then you can try. I followed you because I am worried about you. Your personality is not very good. Your father was very different from you, but your son is not bad. I have not stopped you just now, because I wanted to see if you can wake up. What a pity… You are not wrong in thinking for your son’s future, but don’t do it wrongly.”

“Yes…” Tassel was so ashamed by the old spirit’s words, and he lowered his head.

“Old Man Bart’s respond is too slow. You should have spoken a long time ago. Well, anyway, you all are safe now.” Wind Chimes covered her mouth and chuckled at Lin XIang.

“Huh?” Hearing those words, it seemed that Wind Chimes have been helping them?

That’s right, this spirit is very smart. Everything she does is to anger the fog spirit, making him launch an attack, and to let the old spirit stop him.

After listening to Freed’s words, Lin Xiang also understood. After returning to his senses, he wanted to thank Wind Chimes. He noticed that she wrote something in the notebook again and she also read it out loud, “He seems to have a soft spot for my breasts. He was so distracted by them all the time…”

“I don’t…”

“Well, he is now far away from imagining weird stuff about me and is trying to justify himself.” After writing, Wind Chimes raised her head and asked him, “Do you want to rub it?”

“Eh… hmm hmm.” Lin Xiang was taken aback for a moment, and shook his head.

“A man, who doesn’t follow his own desires, is a gutless man.”

“Please, don’t write these weird things.”


The wind wall was not lifted. The princess was talking to Wind Chimes in a corner. She must have been worried that Wind Chimes or other spirits would harm the mother dragon and the little dragon. But, how long could the princess’s dragon energy last… Lin Xiang just hoped that the princess would not be exhausted.

“Your Excellency Lin Xiang, I hope that this incident will not make your impression of the spirits worse.” When Lin Xiang walked in front of the two city lords, the old spirit city lord bowed to him to apologize.

“No, no.” Lin Xiang shook his head.

“Well, that’s good. Your Excellency Lin Xiang is welcomed to visit Moratia City anytime.”

“Yes, Lin Xiang, you must come. After you arrive, I will show you my new illusionary tricks, and I promise that you won’t recognize me this time.” Taroma looked at him with confidence in his eyes.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Lin Xiang smiled wryly.

“Hmph.” Tassel looked like he did not want to talk to Lin Xiang anymore. Lin Xiang did not want to speak to him either, because he attacked the princess and the others just now.

On the other hand, the spirit soldiers stared at his face one by one, as if to imprint his appearance in their minds.

“The dragon caused a lot of damage to the village, but no spirit died, which is a great blessing from misfortune.” The old spirit looked at the mother dragon, “Although this dragon is weak in attack, it is a dragon after all, so it is still destructively strong. If we fight with it just now, at least one-third of the spirits here will be injured. The result now is the best. But your Excellency Lin Xiang, since you and that female human have chosen to protect It, and it didn’t attack both of you, then please let it stop attacking the village.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t do this again. In fact, it was not intending to destroy the village. You see, the dragons encountered a demon attack yesterday. After the little dragon was chased away and got lost, the mother dragon flew outside to find it in a hurry.” Lin Xiang explained. .

“Is that so? No wonder, it’s clear that no dragon has visited the village for so long, but it came yesterday, yet it was not a battle-type dragon… Hmm.” The old spirit kept nodding his head. He already understood the reason behind the sudden attack. The other spirits also discussed it one after another. Their doubts were lifted, so they would not want to attack the mother dragon anymore.

Tassel looked to the sky and pretended not to hear them. Lin Xiang felt that he did not want to admit that he attacked the dragon previously.

“Well, in this case, medical team, heal that big dragon. We wrongly accused a loving mother.”

“Yes.” More than two dozen spirits in white robes among the spirit soldiers responded in unison.

“Then your Excellency Lin Xiang, please speak to the girl who has the power of the dragon and let her unravel the barrier.”


“In order to prevent the dragon from becoming hostile to us, only ten members of the medical team would approach the dragon. Don’t worry. With your Excellency Lin Xiang here, the mother will not be hostile. It won’t attack the team.”


Ten healing spirits followed Lin Xiang and walked in front of the princess.

“Oh, oh, that’s how it is, that’s how it is.” Wind Chimes continued to write on the notebook as if it were magical.

However, when the princess, who seemed to be making a testament, saw his approach, she glared at him, squatted and drew circles on the ground with her fingers. She stopped talking.

“Uh ha ha…” Lin Xiang scratched his head with a wry smile, wondering what the princess and Wind Chimes said.

“Princess, relieve the dragon roar, the spirits won’t attack anymore. These are healing spirits, and they will help the mother dragon recuperate.”

The princess looked at the spirits, as if to make sure they were not aggressive. She closed her eyes, and opened them again. Soon, she took a deep breath, and her expression relieved as if she put down a great load on her shoulder. The wind wall finally lifted.

“Niu~” The little dragon, that was constantly pushing the wind wall, fell forward because of the disappearance of the barrier to the ground. It then climbed back up and flew into Lin Xiang’s arms. Hugging him with its front paws, the dragon constantly rubbed its head against his chest.

“Good~ Good.” Lin Xiang patted it, while the spirits walked towards the mother dragon.

“Goo…” The mother dragon stared at the spirits, and grunted.

The spirits stopped in fear and turned to look at Lin Xiang.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. You are injured, and they are here to help you heal.” Lin Xiang said to the mother dragon.

“Hmph.” He was unsure if it could understand him. In short, it was just staring at the spirits and not letting them approach it.

The princess stood up and said a few dragon-language words to the mother dragon. It was not so defensive anymore.

“Ah oh!!!” After healing the mother dragon, it spread its wings with a shriek, opening and closing numerous times, seemingly excited about its recovery.

“Phew~ The dragon’s body is really huge and strong. It got hurt so much but it only involved the damage of the epidermal skin. No wonder our ancestors taught us to avoid fighting with dragons.”

“Yeah, if we started fighting just now, who knew what we will become. Fortunately, it was resolved in peace.”

The spirits all exclaimed in relief. Wiping their sweat off their foreheads, they told, “Your Excellency Lin Xiang, our work here is done.”

“Ah, thank you all so much.”

Watching the spirits return to their troops, Lin Xiang noticed that Wind Chimes had been writing since just now. Her grinning smile from time to time made Lin Xiang felt afraid and worried.

“Miss Wind Chimes, please come back, we are going back to Moratia.” A spirit shouted to Wind Chimes.

There was no response. Wind Chimes raised her head to look at Lin Xiang, and continued writing, “When I was writing, he looked at me with a very greedy look. It was very H. It was almost similar to what the Dragon Descendant Princess said, a gentleman.”

“Hey, there are many misunderstandings about the princess.”

“Although he wanted justice, what he said was not convincing. There’s a need to improve his language skills.” After Wind Chime finished writing, she turned into wind and vanished. Lin Xiang felt that his butt was touched after that. Lin Xiang turned his head in fright to see that Wind Chimes was looking at him with a smile, “Good expressions, who knew when our next meeting will be, so I’m taking this opportunity to touch more.” As she spoke, she stretched out her hand.

“Are you a perverted uncle?” Lin Xiang stepped back several feet away from her.

“Tsk. It’s obvious that the subject wants to be touched, but who knew where the reserved trait came from. Human beings are really troublesome.” Wind Chimes once again turned into a gust of wind and disappeared before his eyes. Lin Xiang quickly turned around. She had returned to the spirit troops, and was lowering her head, looking at her notes.

After the spirits left, the princess was completely relaxed. She looked at Lin Xiang and said contemptuously, “That night, you were really awesome.”

“I… I don’t really know what you meant.”

“The spirit called Wind Chimes has already told me that what a beast you were that night, it broke her heart. Do you still want to deny it?”

“I’m innocent, what did she say?”

“She said, the night you two met for the first time…”

“Who did that! Who took the initiative to touch her? And, who attacked her while she was sleeping? It’s obviously the other way round.”

“The other way round? That’s impossible, how can there be girls who…”

After explaining to the princess for a while with the additional elaboration of Wind Chimes’s weird character, she finally believed him. She also realized why Wind Chimes would say that. Because in that way, the princess would assume that everyone was a victim, so she just tell her some matters for her to take note.

“I’m sorry, Lin Xiang!” The princess clamped her hands together and lowered her head in front of him.

“It’s fine…” Lin Xiang looked at the mother dragon licking the little dragon’s head. He heaved a sigh of relief. This is the best for now.

Noticing Lin Xiang’s gaze, the mother dragon stopped licking its young. Straightening up, it walked towards Lin Xiang and the princess with big footsteps that made the ground rumbled. What was it going to do?

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