The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 49 : Fine Weather


Boom, the shaking on the ground stopped. Standing in front of Lin Xiang and the princess, the mother dragon’s silver eyes kept staring at Lin Xiang. After a long time, the dragon moved its mouth, “Dala, moru, yisimasu.”

“Huh?” He could not understand what the mother dragon was saying.

“She meant you have a special energy.” The princess looked at Lin Xiang carefully and shook her head, “That’s weird. Do you have it?”

The mother dragon should be talking about Freed’s and Yalide’s energy. Although their dragon energy was now used to transform souls, but there were still some energy left to be reserved for Silent Water and the others. The princess was not a dragon, so it was normal not to see it.

“Nalopki, kakatami, kadoe.” “She asked if you want to learn [Fine Weather]. I remembered that [Fine Weather] is a dragon roar that eliminates negative weather and clears the sky.”

“Sidnie rhoda, pabuli.” “I’ll show my gratitude with this.”

“Oh— a dragon roar that makes the sky clear? It feels so awesome. It won’t show conflict with the aura of the fire dragon, right? I want to learn it.” Lin Xiang nodded quickly.

“Mali akou.” “I hope it suits you.”

After the princess had finished the translation, the mother dragon raised its head, and then faced the ground,”Hooo— Cadoe.”

Shining light, two strange-shaped characters appeared on the ground, floating with faint fog.

“Princess, aren’t you learning it?” He asked.

“She asked me too, but I refused. If I want to learn the Weather Dragon Roar, I only have to learn ‘Coming Wind’. This is more suitable for me. Oh, furthermore, Weather Dragon Roar controls the weather, so you need more dragon energy for this than ordinary Dragon Roars. I guess it’s about three times that of the Dragon Roar of Madness. Well, I don’t mean to belittle you, but I think you will not be able to unleash dragon roars for a long time after this.”

“Is that so?” The princess’s words made him hesitate. The dragon roar, [Fine Weather] did not seem very useful.

Who told you it’s not very useful? Although clear sky dragons are the weakest among all sky dragons, it is also the most fearful one among other sky dragons. Because [Fine Weather] can eliminate the negative weather and invalidate the roars of other sky dragons. Is this still considered useless? Listen, kid, there are no bad dragon roars. It all just depends on how you use them.

‘You’re right. The number of dragon roars I know is really pitiful anyways. It’s not bad to learn as a spare.’

The mother dragon probably noticed that Lin Xiang did not absorb that, so it made a questioning grunt and shook its head left and right.

“What’s the matter? Can’t it be absorbed? It is really difficult to absorb the words awarded by the dragon. Don’t worry, take your time. When Igro taught me, I also spent a lot of time.”

“Hmm…” Lin Xiang closed his eyes, listened to Freed’s teaching, and searched hard for the dragon’s energy in the darkness…


After Lin Xiang closed his eyes, Liz did not speak any more. It was not easy to absorb a dragon roar. Turning around, and walking towards a rock, she needed a rest because she was pretty exhausted.

Fu—” A sudden air current came from behind. She turned her head to find that the words on the ground were turning into small meteors, floating up and rotating around Lin Xiang’s body.

Lin Xiang opened his eyes at that moment, and all the rotating small meteors sank into his body.

Lin Xiang only felt a faint power occasionally flowing in his body.

Liz could not believe her eyes. He absorbed that so quickly? That’s impossible, right?

“Lin Xiang… Could it be that you are a genius?” Liz looked at Lin Xiang dumbfounded.

“Huh? What’s wrong with you?” Lin Xiang was feeling the energy of [Fine Weather], and he was taken aback when he heard Liz say that.

“Your learning ability is superb! You are the definition of a genius. If your dragon energy is greater, then you will definitely become a very powerful dragon descendant. Is this why Valarie had her eyes on you?”


“Hmph~” As if satisfied with Lin Xiang’s abilities, the mother dragon faced the skies and called out, “Ah ooh!”

“Niu~” Lin Xiang faintly exuded a familiar energy at that time, so the little dragon rashly ran towards him and hugged his thigh.

“It seems that they have regarded you as a partner of alliance.” The corner of Liz’s lips rose, showing a beautiful side of her.

“Really, is it that easy to form an alliance with a dragon?” Lin Xiang was a little surprised. Patting the head of the little dragon, he looked at the mother dragon.

“Of course not, to form an alliance, you must get the acceptance of a dragon. You gave the big dragon food, persuaded the spirits who were about to attack her to leave, and helped her heal her injuries, so she naturally accepted you.”

“Oh, then will she give me a dragon crystal too?”

“Not all dragons own dragon crystals. The production of those is extremely complicated, and there are no detailed records in the books I read. I only know that ancient dragons generally have them, and each dragon only has one, just like a part of their body. With it, you can summon the dragon. Don’t tell me Valarie gave you her dragon crystal.”

“She did.”

“Holy! Look how much trust she has in you, yet you deceived her innocence like that, what a beast.”

“Uh ha ha…” Lin Xiang scratched his head and smiled bitterly, then changed the topic, “If there is no dragon crystal, how can they be summoned?”

“With a special dragon roar. You remember Richie, right? He used a special dragon roar when he called the dragon that served his family, the blast fire-scaled dragon. No matter how far away, the summoned dragon can still hear it, and is able to fly to the place where the dragon roar is emitted. However, when a dragon descendant uses this in the human world, the dragon of the demon realm cannot hear it. You should know that the human world and the demon realm are different spatial layers.”

“I know.”

“Alright, take this as a chance to expand your knowledge. There is also a dragon roar that works just like summoning spirits, which can directly summon dragons. However, this kind of dragon roar requires a lot of dragon energy. Some excellent dragon descendants can’t master it.”

“Oh, so the dragon crystal is the best. We can summon the dragon with just a little bit of dragon energy. Then we can summon the dragon with the Summoning Dragon Roar, but the dragon energy needed is a lot. The last one is with the Calling Dragon Roar, but the dragon will come over slowly, right?”

“That’s right. I think what the big dragon taught you, [Fine Weather, Cadoe] can also be used to call her.”

“Leskantu, ronona, doka.” The mother Dragon added.

“Oh, she said that as long as it’s other way around, you can call for her.”

“Is that so…”


Saying goodbye to the reluctant little dragon, Lin Xiang and Liz left the sky dragon’s home to look for other dragons. But for a few days, they have not encountered other dragons, but some scattered demons.

When the four-day deadline came, Lin Xiang and Liz returned to the starting point. After staying there for a long time or so, a white portal appeared.

“We’ve got nothing.” Liz sighed with a slight regret on her face.

“Isn’t it a gain since we met the little dragon and her mother?” Lin Xiang smiled.

“That’s true, we gained something after all. At least we met cute little Linda, and you also learned [Fine Weather]. I wonder how Laura was doing. Let’s go back soon.” Liz finished and ran into the teleportation portal. Lin Xiang followed behind and walked in.

After walking out of the teleportation portal, Lin Xiang and the others returned to the Fountain Square. A burst of cheers and applause surrounded them.

“Our princess is back. May I know if the princess has encountered any dragons?” Simon walked up to Liz and asked expectantly. He naturally ignored Lin Xiang, although he was very puzzled why he only wore a singlet and shorts.

“We met a pair of clear sky dragons, a mother and her child. They were attacked by demons, so we helped them.”

“That’s great, the princess is too brave, and very kind.” Some people exclaimed.

“Helping dragons with difficulties is what a dragon descendant should do.” Liz responded modestly.

“Well, then did the princess encounter any other dragons? Did you form an alliance with them?” Simon obviously disdained clear sky dragons. In his opinion, dragons without combat effectiveness were useless.

“No, apart from meeting the clear sky dragons, there are no other dragons in the area where we are teleported to.”

Hearing that, Simon’s smile stiffened, but he still kept smiling. He had high hopes for Liz because Liz’s strength was favored by many senior dragon descendants. And as a princess, she did not bring back any dragons during the Dragon-Training Festival, making Simon disappointed.

There were obviously some people inferior to the princess who brought back dragons…

“Brother Xiang! Princess!” Laura ran out of the crowd with her sweet voice. She hugged Liz in an instant. Liz smiled like an elder sister and kept patting Laura’s head.

Feeling the presence of Liz and the warmth of her embrace, Laura’s lonely heart within the past few days slowly healed.

Lifting her head, she looked at Lin Xiang carefully, and then at the robe on Liz. Laura whispered a ridiculous sentence, “Brother Xiang, did you tear Sister Liz’s clothes?”

“Pff…” Lin Xiang, who was looking for Silent Water and the others among the tourists, almost choked on his saliva when he heard such a question.

Liz’s face turned red after hearing that. The hand that was patting Laura’s head moved to Laura’s face, and she slightly pinched her, “What are you talking about? Believe it or not, I can pinch out your mouth.”

“Boot, Bwother Siang’s oubbit iz zo ezbosed, and Sisder Wiz iz weawing Bwother Siang’s cloves, izn’t wit? (But, Brother Xiang’s outfit is so exposed, and Sister Liz is wearing Brother Xiang’s clothes, isn’t it?)”

“If that’s the case, you won’t see him coming back.” Liz was really dumbfounded. She pulled Laura’s face a little and let go, “Don’t spout nonsense. Fortunately, it’s noisy around here. If someone heard this, it won’t be good.”

“Oh.” Laura nodded, and then pursed her mouth, looking like she wanted to cry, “Sister Liz, I forgot to tell you this. Richie and Kyle, those brats stabbed me with a knife.”

“What!?” Liz was startled after hearing that, “Are you okay?”

“How could I be okay? They literally wanted to kill me. They said they would borrow my blood to use, and then they stabbed me. Fortunately, Sister Liz taught me how to pronounce the syllables for Swift ● Footsteps before. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be seeing me here, Sister Liz.”

“Let me see, is the wound serious?” Lin Xiang asked quickly.

“On my buttocks, Brother Xiang, there are many people here, I’ll show you later when we get back later.”

“…” Lin Xiang’s face flushed red. He coughed a few times, murmured his rejection, and turned his attention away.

Laura wanted to laugh out loud, but she could not do that because she had to pretend to be pitiful now, so the princess could punish those two idiots well.

“Really… stabbed in the buttocks?” Liz asked.

“The arm, it was really right to be in the group with Akane at the time. She helped me treat it. If there are scars on my pinkish and tender arm, I will take my life.” Laura’s expression tried to act as exaggerated as possible.

Having known Laura for so long, how could Liz not know what she was thinking, “It’s alright, at least you’re fine. Don’t worry, I will teach those two scumbags severely.”

“Ok, Sister Liz is the best.”


The dragon descendants who participated in the second project basically all returned, and some brought back dragons. Although they were not some powerful dragons, the tourists did not really care. Once they saw the fire dragon with its tail on fire and the lightning dragon with lightning on its wings, they all exclaimed in awe. They went there just to watch the dragons.

“Riche and Kyle haven’t return.” Liz waited in place for a long time, but did not see Richie and Kyle coming back.

“Maybe they were eaten by the demon. They deserve it.”

“Laura, you can’t say that. Although you hate someone, you can’t joke about their lives. Everyone is not equal, but life is equal, unless they are really evil and not worthy of having the gift of life.” Liz was no doubt a girl of justice with a clear distinction between public and private matters.

“They both hurt me.  Is that not evil enough?”

“They must have a reason to do this. Didn’t Kyle like you? Why would they stab you for no reason?”

“Who knows? They are the dumb duo. How can normal people like us know what the idiots are thinking?”

“Well, when they come back, I will ask properly and seek justice for you.”

————On the second floor of a restaurant where Fountain Square could be seen

“Ah, Young Master is back.” Kaoru, who had been watching outside the window, said after seeing Lin Xiang coming out of the portal.

Fire Dance, who was competing with Dusty on who could eat the fastest, had the fastest reaction. She jumped up and leaned on the window alone, ​​”Where, where? Where’s Master? Where’s Master? Ah, I saw him.”

Satsuki and Reidy stood up one after another, pulled Fire Dance away, and looked outside.

“Eh, what do you think?” Satsuki looked at Reidy with a smile.

“Electricity.” There was a hint of light from the corner of Reidy’s mouth, and her whole person seemed to exude a black aura, similar to Satsuki.

“What happened to the two of you… You look creepy… Shouldn’t we give Lin Xiang a good celebration when he returns?” Nagisa was unsure what happened to Satsuki and Reidy suddenly, and she became worried for Lin Xiang.

“Yeah, you two are not allowed to hurt Young Master, unless you step over my body.” Kaoru said righteously.

“Senior Kaoru, please look more clearly.” Satsuki pointed to the window.

“Ah~~ Don’t press my head, I want to see Master, I want to see him.” Fire Dance’s head, who was pressed by Reidy’s hand, kept moving forward, like a baby who saw a milk bottle and wanted to drink it but could not reach it.

“Are there any problems?” Kaoru looked at Lin Xiang carefully, but found nothing strange.

Nagisa also stood up, walked to the window, and took a look, “Lin Xiang’s clothes were worn by the princess.”

“Oh, it turned out to be this. Hmm… Young Master’s body is very strong. His muscles are very obvious, which is much better than some skinny or fat boys.”

“Senior Kaoru, where is your focus? Shouldn’t you be wondering, why were Lin Xiang’s clothes on that Liz?”

“Is that so?” Kaoru hammered her palm and suddenly realized, “Why were Young Master’s clothes on Princess Liz?”


Lin Xiang looked everywhere, but he could not find Silent Water and the others. Just as he was about to give up, a figure sprang from on the ground and hugged him, “Hey, Master. You’re back, haha.”

“Dusty…” Lin Xiang smiled and patted her, “Don’t scare me, you can just walk over here, you know?”

“There are too many people, so I can’t squeeze in, hee hee. Huh? Master has a shallow wound on the face.” Dusty licked his face at a thunderous speed, and immediately made him back up several steps.

“So many people are here, what are you doing?”

“Disinfecting for Master. Mom always used to be like this when I was scratched on my leg or body by something.”

Seeing Dusty’s innocent smile, Lin Xiang sighed, “Next time, when there are a lot of people, you don’t have to do this.” He looked around, and the boys all showed disgusted and blameful expressions at him.

“I understand, I’ll lick for Master when there is no one else.”

“No… no need.”

“Huh, what are you pretending to be serious for?” The princess gave him the white eye, and looked away as if she did not want to look at dirty stuff. Laura spread her hands to Lin Xiang and pouted, “What on earth are you doing, Brother Xiang? Do you want Princess to hate you more?”

I don’t want to, okay? However, he could not blame Dusty. Lin Xiang reached out and patted Dusty’s head. At that moment, someone came out of the last portal.

“Master Richie and Kyle are back.” Simon hurriedly walked to the portal. Richie and Kyle came out, but there were more than the two of them. An alluring girl with blue and white hair like ice flowers also exited. Her body exuded the aura of a dragon.

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