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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 50 : Richie’s Dragon Alliance


Like a lotus that was grown out of the mud, the girl in front of Lin Xiang had Silent Water’s calm and delicate aura. She was mature and tall. With a smile on her face all the time, she gave the impression of a kind girl next door.

However, that was just ordinary people’s point of view. For dragon descendants, the most amazing thing was the dragon spirit on her.

“This is a lie, right? That beauty is a dragon?”

“It turns out that dragons that can transform into human beings really exist. My dad was not bluffing after all.”

“It’s so enviable, how did Richie and the other find her?”

The dragon descendants exclaimed one after another, and the tourists were all attracted by that beauty. They were clueless that dragons could be transformed into humans, so they all pointed at the girl and discussed as if she was someone new and rare.

Richie had a face full of domineering. He acted like he had not seen everyone around him, and held the girl’s hand intimately. He said to Simon, “Hey, Simon, her name is Lavra. She is an ancient dragon of my alliance. Go do some preparations and find a better flying dragon. I want to take her back, so that the eyes of these trashes will not pollute her.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Simon was so excited that if Richie asked him to die, he would follow suit. With small trots, he left to make arrangements.

“Lavra, this is the Liz I told you about. Liz, she is the ancient ice dragon I met in the demon realm, Lavra.” Richie led the girl to Liz.

The princess looked at the girl with slight confusion, and then nodded to her, “Hello, my name is Liz.”

“I’m Lavra. You are really just like what Richie said, a beauty. I have the urge to make you mine, hehe.” Half-joking, the girl looked at Lin Xiang unintentionally. At the same time, her pupils suddenly shrank, but almost at that moment, they returned to normal.

Lin Xiang was unsure if anyone saw that, but he could clearly see that sudden change. Nonetheless, if he met that type of girl, he could not help but feel a sense of resistance, as if something in his body was repelling her.

What’s wrong? Is it because she’s an ice dragon? Is this why the dragon flame in my body is repelling her?

“Master, that big sister is so beautiful.” Dusty said, while pulling Lin Xiang’s hand.

“Hmm…” Lin Xiang answered while wondering. What exactly was that feeling? He was not sure.

“Hey! You brat, don’t keep staring at Lavra. Be careful for I will blind your eyes.” Richie warned Lin Xiang. And the girl said sheepishly, “I don’t like that guy too. He seems dangerous.”

“Yeah, Lavra, this man is very perverted. I heard people say that he is gay. Don’t talk to him or look at him, so as not to hurt your eyes.”

“Well. If Richie says so, then I’ll do so.”

“What, you wh*re, Brother Xiang is a very good person.” Laura clicked her tongue, which angered Richie, “Laura, you are getting impatient with your life, aren’t you?”

“What are you talking about, human-injuring enthusiast? And you, darn girly, you’ve been smiling like a chrysanthemum after you return.” Laura roasted Richie and Kyle like a limitless machine gun.

“What do you mean human-injuring enthusiast!? Don’t talk nonsense. Is there any evidence?” Richie was a little shaken, and his anger was gone. It was obvious that the fact he hurt Laura was true.

“Evidence? What I said is evidence? And you, girly, you met me a few days ago. No, you came to me on purpose and stabbed me with a knife.”

“Where are the wounds? If there are no wounds, and no witnesses, then what are you talking about?”

“Akane can prove it for me.” Laura said as she looked at a tall girl in the dragon descendants’ team.

The girl was noticed by everyone. Her face flushed, and she ran away in fright with her hands covering her face.

“Ha, that’s your witness? Stop kidding. Liz, you don’t think I will hurt your servant, right? Do you think she is believable?”

“I believe in Lala. There is really no evidence now, but if I find it, I will make you and Kyle apologize for this and be punished.”

“Hey Liz, don’t say that. We are going to be husbands and wives. This is not good for your fiancé.”

“Stop with the fiancé. We never have this kind of relationship in the past or in the future.”

“Yes, yes, it’s better to get married directly. Liz, just wait, you will become my wife soon.”

“Master Richie, the flying dragon is ready.” Simon returned and waved to the back. A noble-looking flying dragon draped in cotton flannel landed. The dragon saw Lavra and backed away quickly, just as how the dragon met Valarie before.

“Oh, don’t be afraid, come over here.” Lavra waved to the flying dragon with a charming smile, but the flying dragon was still afraid to approach her. Not only that flying dragon, even the other dragons that were brought back by the dragon descendants were afraid of Lavra.

“Ah, I don’t think I’m likable.” With the same smile, Lavra did not feel unhappy about it.

“They are too low-grade. They can’t accept the high-grade you. Let’s go, let’s walk back like this. I have a home nearby.”

“Sorry for the trouble, Richie.” Lavra showed a shy look, making the boys around felt as if their hearts were flying out. She was so beautiful.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Richie smiled happily, and led her away.

“I like you quite a lot.” As she passed by Laura, Lavra said to her, and then walked along the emptied pathway by tourists.

“I like you too, Laura.” Kyle also smiled and said to her, and then followed.

“Why do they act alike?” Laura had a chill down her spine and covered her arm.

“Ice Dragon… How did Richie and Kyle meet her?” Liz murmured while looking at the direction where Richie and the others’ figure faded.

“Princess, what should we do? That guy Richie had an alliance with an ancient dragon. This is something your ancestors haven’t had since more than two hundred years ago. People here might not understand the importance of alliance with an ancient dragon, but when the king and other royal elders came back, they would definitely treat him like a treasure. Even if he wanted to marry the princess again, he would definitely succeed.” Laura quickly thought of what might happen in the future. Letting Liz marry Richie? Laura never wanted that even it cost her life.

“Father won’t agree this. Don’t worry, Laura.” Liz had also thought about that, and she was a little uneasy, but when she thought of her father’s nature, he was not greedy for strength but for personality, so her anxiety disappeared again.


“Lin Xiang!” Lin Xiang, who was learning about what happened in the past few days from Dusty, heard Satsuki’s voice and looked sideways, only to see her, who was squeezing through the crowd, came angrily. Reidy followed close behind.

“What’s the matter with Reidy and Risa…”

Cold sweat began to across his cheeks. Lin Xiang had a bad feeling.

“Say, why were your clothes on that Liz?”

“That’s right, tell me what happened to you guys.”

“Nothing happened!” Liz replied before Lin Xiang. And the sound was so loud, everyone looked over.

“You seemed so nervous, how could something not happen?” Reidy raised her eyebrows and looked at Liz condescendingly.

“There’s really nothing. It’s just that I accidentally torn my clothes when I was drying them after taking a bath.” Recalling the time when Lin Xiang helped her suck the venom, Liz felt hot on her cheeks. She was not only embarrassed, but furious too.

“Are you dressed while bathing?”

“Isn’t this a must, what should he do if he sees me?”

“Then, if your clothes are torn, didn’t that mean that he seen you naked?”

“No, he didn’t.”

“No? Your body has never been seen by him?”

“No…no!!!” She recalled the moment when Lin Xiang watched her face-to-face at home, Liz almost wanted to tear Lin Xiang apart. Shouting her objection, she ran away.

“Sigh— Sister Liz. Uh… Brother Xiang, take good care of yourself.” Laura dropped a sentence and left.

Lin Xiang watched Laura catching up to Liz, and could not help but wonder what Laura meant. Suddenly, there was a burst of crackling lightning and the sound of flames behind him. When he turned his heads, Reidy’s and Satsuki’s faces gloomed. Magic were gathered in their hands.

“You’d better speak up while you still can, otherwise there will be no chance to speak a while later.”

“I…” Lin Xiang promised Liz not to say anything. If he shared it, he would certainly be killed by Liz. However, if he did not say it, he would be killed at that moment. After considering the pros and cons, Lin Xiang decided to speak out. All he hoped was for Liz to not find out that they knew.

“I am willing to confess and be lenient, ladies.”

…Somewhere in the corner

“Then, in order to save Princess’s legs, I can only help her suck out the venom…”

“That’s why you forced a kiss on a girl’s thigh? You must have thought it would be better if there was no venom at the time.”

“This is straight perverted behaviour, and it’s never changed.”

“Hey, I have no other ideas. I just want to save the princess. Just know among yourselves, don’t tell others, and never let the princess know I told you this.”

“Hmph~ Alright, but you have to stay away from her and that Laura.”

“Yes, kept staring at other people’s breasts, do you like big breasts like that?” Reidy put her arms on her chest and squeezed, trying to make it look bigger, but there was a little effect, just a little.

“That’s right.” Satsuki also squeezed, but hers was more obvious than Reidy’s.

“Eh? Sister Satsuki and Sister Reidy’s chest seem to be bulging. Oh ho, I want to try it too.” Dusty clamped her chest with her arms, but there was no obvious change. She pressed with her palms again, but no changes were observed. She scratched her head and laughed, “Ahaha, I don’t seem to have it.”

“That’s not something to be happy about…”

“Huh? Should I be sad?” Dusty did not understand at all.

“No, just be yourself. I like Dusty’s appearance very much.” Lin Xiang smiled at Dusty. Innocent Dusty was the true Dusty.

“Me too, I like Master the most. Shoo~” Dusty hugged Lin Xiang happily, and then licked his face.

“Ah!!! What are you doing? How many times should I say this? Don’t lick him. You are no longer the same as you used to be.” Reidy quickly pulled Dusty away.

“That’s right, Dusty. Girls can’t do this.” Satsuki also preached to Dusty.

“No, no, Master likes me, and I also like Master the most. Why can’t I lick him? My mother used to lick me like this. This is a manifestation of feelings.”

“Are you a dog?” Satsuki tried roasting her.

“Yes, a mutt dog, to be precise.” Dusty answered Satsuki in a serious manner, making Satsuki face-palmed herself. She was speechless.

“Xiang, what did you instil her with. Xiang…Lin Xiang?” Satsuki suddenly found that Lin Xiang next to her was gone. Reidy just grabbed Dusty, who was struggling, but did not notice.

“That guy… ran away?” Satsuki looked around. There were some alleys there, so she could not know where Lin Xiang had gone to.

“Dusty, hurry up and smell where the human is.”

“No, no. Sister Reidy and Sister Satsuki are bad guys. You won’t let me communicate with Master, so I won’t say anything.” Dusty puffed up her mouth and turned her face away.

“Oh ho?” Reidy did not expect Dusty to not listen to her words. She could not help but smiled and said three words, “Dinner is cancelled.”

When Dusty heard that, she suddenly turned her head back, “Sister Fire Dance just took Master away!”

————A certain alley

“Master, you are finally back.” Fire Dance buried her head in Lin Xiang’s arms.

“What happened to you all of a sudden, Fire Dance?” Lin Xiang placed his hand on her head and patted it. He was pulled there just now.

“Because, Master has never been here and doesn’t play with Fire Dance. Fire Dance is very lonely.”

“Isn’t there Dusty to accompany you?”

“Dusty is very nice, but I still want to be with Master. Being with Master is the happiest thing.”

“I’m sorry, I will accompany you girls more.”

“No~ You can only accompany Fire Dance. Master is Fire Dance’s.”

Children were easy to get jealous. Fire Dance had a mature look, but she was still a child at heart.

“Heh~” Lin Xiang smiled. When he was about to say that she should not be so overbearing, several ice cones with white light flew under the refraction of the sunlight in the alley.

“Get down.” Lin Xiang hugged Fire Dance and threw themselves to the ground. “Piang Peng—” the cones of ice hit the wall, turning into fragments, as they fell to the ground, instantly turning into a puddle of water. It evaporated, as if not wanting people to discover the ice cone’s presence.

Lin Xiang looked towards the place where the ice cones originated. There was a dark corner and no one was there.

“What the heck?” Lin Xiang did not understand who on earth attacked him, and what was the purpose of doing so.

Lin Xiang only knew those who used ice were Silent Water and Takahashi. It was absolutely impossible for Silent Water to attack him, and so was Takahashi. Was that… Lavra’s doing just now? No, it could not be her. She left with Richie a long time ago, and she might not know that he was right there. Who on earth is that?

Lin Xiang was thinking, and was suddenly pushed by Fire Dance below. Lin Xiang immediately fell towards the back and sat on the ground.

“Hey, you brat. What do you want to do to Fire Dance?”

“This suppressing speaking intonation…is this Fire Lotus?”

Fire Lotus stood up, raised her head slightly, and looked at Lin Xiang with contempt, “Of course it is me, otherwise you brat would have put your hands on Fire Dance long ago. No, or maybe I came out at the most suitable moment.”

“Fire Lotus, listen to me…”

“Explain that to my shoes.” Fire Lotus kicked Lin Xiang in the chest. He moved back quickly.

“Want to leave?” Fire Lotus kicked again, and Lin Xiang quickly reached out and caught her ankle.

“Ugh. Let go.” Fire Lotus tried to pull her foot back, but she could not.

“I didn’t know who initiated the attack just now. I just wanted to protect Fire Dance. Don’t get agitated.”

Fire Lotus looked around, and found no traces of previous attacks, so she did not believe Lin Xiang. She had to trick him to let go.

“Alright, I won’t hit you. You can let go.” The strength on Fire Lotus’s feet became weaker, and Lin Xiang let go of her.

“Go to hell.” Fire Dance just retracted her foot and kicked again.

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