The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 51 : Battle In The Bathroom


“Hah—” Lin Xiang sighed and followed Fire Lotus with a sad face. His current outfit might be suitable for the beach, but wearing a pair of shorts and a singlet on a foreign street, while making a hissing sound and rubbing his chest due to pain, Lin Xiang would definitely be seen as a weird person.

“Don’t get so close to me, brat.” That was Fire Lotus’s declaration to keep him away from her. In addition to her being upset when she kicked him just now, another reason was that his outfit was too conspicuous and it was easy to attract people’s attention. She did not like others to look at her. However, as a humanoid spirit, her outstanding appearance still made many men kept their eyes on her.

Fire Lotus’s hair fluttered. Just looking at the back, she would give the impression of a lovely and energetic girl, but in fact it was not like that…

“Mom, that strange uncle is following that older sister in front of him.” At that moment, Lin Xiang heard a little girl next to him talking to her mother.

Noticing him looking over, the mother immediately covered the little girl’s mouth and muttered to herself loudly, “Really, this child isn’t awake yet.”

Hey…please don’t be like this. I’m not a bad guy…not a strange uncle either. How do I look so old?

Lin Xiang sighed secretly, glanced at them, and continued to follow Fire Lotus.

After leaving, he heard the mother’s voice from behind, “Silly girl, don’t speak ill in front of the bad guys, who knows what he will do?”

The little girl’s mother almost made Lin Xiang vomit blood. It was estimated that many people thought of him that way.

Following Fire Lotus to a restaurant near the square, she walked in, but Lin Xiang was stopped by the clerk in front of the door, saying that he was not properly dressed and was not allowed to enter. Lin Xiang called out to Fire Lotus. She did not look back, but walked faster instead, as if she did not want others to know that she knew him.

Lin Xiang was anxious at the time. He had no money to buy clothes. Did he have to stand at the door and wait for the others to come down? Now, Lin Xiang only hoped that Fire Lotus could let Silent Water, or whoever, down.

After standing at the door for a few seconds, the clerk walked over and said that Lin Xiang had affected their business and wanted to drive him away. The other party was a woman, which made him feel badly hurt. He was really sorry for being a hassle.

Lin Xiang tried hard to make her understand, but she just wanted him to go further away. Some male guests near the door also stood up one after another, seeming to treat him as menace or something. Fortunately, the patrolmen passed by. They knew him and told the clerk that he was with the princess. The guests sat down and the clerk reluctantly let him in, otherwise he would be in trouble.

On the second floor, Reidy and the others were asking where Fire Lotus took Lin Xiang, and Fire Lotus replied with a cold answer, “I don’t know.” It was fortunate that Lin Xiang entered. If they waited for him there, and Lin Xiang was outside waiting, then it would be uncertain how long both sides would wait. If he wandered around outside like that, he might be caught by the patrolman who did not recognise him.

It seemed that he had to be nice to Fire Lotus and not let her have such a bad impression of him. Lin Xiang silently thought.

“This smell… Master!” Dusty sniffed, stood up, looked around and saw him. She ran over to hug him.

“Heh…” Lin Xiang smiled at Silent Water and the others while patting Dusty. He walked to the table and sat down, “I’m hungry, have all of you eaten?”

“We have. If Master is hungry, Silent Water will call the waiter now.” Silent Water beckoned to a male clerk. He was in joy with that request, because that place was full of beauties.

“Miss, what’s your order?”

“Well, please have a big bowl of white rice and fried beef with ginger.”

It was as expected for Silent Water. She clearly remembered his favorite dishes. Speaking of fried beef with ginger, it tasted different. Lin Xiang had cooked it for them before, but they did not like it very much, so he seldom made it.

“Alright, please wait a moment.” The male clerk smiled and then left quickly. Beautiful woman gave orders rather well.

“Young Master, have tea.” Kaoru poured him a cup of tea and put it in front of him.

“Oh~ Thank you Senior Kaoru.” Lin Xiang also got a dry throat. He took a sip of the tea, “Pff! It’s hot!”

“Is Young Master alright?”

Lin Xiang did not spit much of the tea, so he just made the table wet a little. Everyone around looked at him with contempt, especially the men. They could not understand why he could sit with Silent Water and the beautiful girls together.

“Lin Xiang, here…” Nagisa held a handkerchief and handed it towards his mouth tremblingly.

“Thank you,” Lin Xiang took the scented handkerchief from Nagisa, and wiped his mouth and clothes. However, Nagisa somehow seemed to be discouraged and sat with her head down.

The white handkerchief was stained with yellow tea stains. Lin Xiang hesitated for a moment. He did not plan to return it to Nagisa, at least he had to wash it clean before returning it, and so he held it in his hand.

“Tsk…It’s way better with burns, right?”

“Electric shock is also good.”

“Hey, why are you two suddenly speaking about such terrible things?” Lin Xiang did not understand what happened to Satsuki and Reidy.

“Sit over there. So, tell me, what remote service can I do for you?”

“No, why do I want your service?” The table was a big round table. Lin Xiang was sitting next to Kaoru and Nagisa. Satsuki and Reidy were opposite him.

“Risa…Reidy…Why don’t I change seats with you…” Nagisa stood up slightly, but was stopped by Satsuki, “No, just take it as a joke… ha ha.”

You just said that you want burns on me right? It does not seem like a joke.

“By the way, where are Kamiki and Remi?” Lin Xiang changed the topic.

“Kuji went back with her butler and said something is going on at home. As for Remi, he went out and wandered after his meal.” After Satsuki finished speaking, the male clerk brought a wooden board with steaming food on it. It came so swiftly.

“Miss, the rice and beef you ordered.”

“Thank you.” Silent Water smiled politely, then looked at Lin Xiang and said, “Please give it to my Master.”

“Alright, Master, right? Ha, it’s really an interesting name…” The male clerk looked at Lin Xiang with complications. Lin Xiang smiled at him without saying anything. He picked up the chopsticks and started eating.


In the luxuriously decorated house, a beautiful girl was sitting on the sofa in an upright manner. With a smile on her face, she was listening carefully to the boy next to her nagging.

“Oh, I don’t know where I’m not good enough. My ability is indeed inferior to Liz, but it is also quite different. I asked my dad to help me send the marriage proposal to her dad. Her dad agreed, but she disagreed, so I failed. Sigh.”

“This is just the shyness of girls. Richie, don’t be too impatient.”

“I’m should be impatient. Last time, I went to the outer world to fight off the evil dragon. Some male dragon descendants who were better than me liked her very much. I am afraid that Liz will like others if I don’t work hard enough.”

“I think Richie is very good. Give yourself more confidence.”

“No, I need your help. With you, I have the capital to propose my marriage through the king again. I want to be the new generation Dragon Descendant King in Olipolia.”

“If possible, I will try my best to help you. However, my energy has not fully recovered. I don’t know if I will drag you back.” Lavra put one hand on her chest, she seemed worried.

“It should be a fierce battle to make the energy of an ancient dragon like you to recover so slowly.”

“Sigh. It is fierce.” Lavra’s gazes changed slightly.

“Cold drinks coming through.” Kyle walked in, carrying three bottles of drink exuding white gas, and placed the drinks on the table.

“Are you thirsty? This drink is really delicious.” Richie opened a bottle of coke for Lavra.

After taking the carbonated drink, Lavra took a sip. She frowned and pursed her mouth, “Ah…Is some sort of sour taste or something? It tastes weird, but it feels pretty good.”

“I think there’s citric acid in it, I’m not sure either. If you like it, there is still some in the refrigerator. You are welcome. You can have as much as you want. If you don’t have enough, we’ll buy it again.” Richie said very lavishly.

For a beautiful girl like Lavra, Richie was very excited to be honest, but the other party was a dragon, a dragon that lived for thousands of years, he did not dare to have any wrong ideas about her. He still hoped that Lavra could promote his status, to marry Liz.

“Thank you.” Lavra sipped the drink, and Richie kept staring at her, feeling that she was very cute. Kyle just smiled and did not speak.


“Sister Liz, what happened in the Demon Realm? Share it.” In the bathroom, the steam scattered, like a fairyland.

Laura was sitting on the small bench, with Liz behind her. Liz was helping Laura to wash her hair. Laura’s turbulent figure was wrapped in a bath towel, and there were drops of water on her plump chest. Liz’s crystal-clear skin was also very conspicuous in the steamy bathroom.

“I told you, we just met the Cleary Sky Dragons, helped them, and then Lin Xiang learned [Fine Weather], that’s all.”

“Is that really it?”

“Really, that’s it.”

“Alright.” Laura would not believe it so simply. After thinking about it, Laura decided to ask slowly, “How did Brother Xiang know those spirits?”

“Him? That’s amazing, even the humanoid spirits were involved, and they still had some kind of status. In addition, an old spirit city lord had no intention of fighting with us, so it was finally resolved peacefully.”

“Oh. How did the two small marks on your leg come from, Sister Liz?” Laura turned her head and pointed to Liz’s tightly clamped thigh.

“It’s—” Like a cat whose tail was stepped on, Liz suddenly became nervous. She would never tell anyone about that, not even her closest mother and Laura. How did Laura see the wound? Liz did not understand. She had been closing her legs just now, and it was logically invisible. Was it when she was undressing previously…

“Don’t you think you asked too much? Turn around quickly, or I won’t help you wash it.” Liz felt ashamed when she thought of it. She felt both grateful and hate to Lin Xiang in her heart.

“I’m just worried about Sister Liz.” The clever Laura found the point in one fell swoop. However, Liz did not say anything. Laura had no choice, but to find a time to ask Lin Xiang.

“I don’t need your worry for me. If it’s not for fear that he will be disadvantageous to other people, I won’t be with him in a team. It’s just… Forget it, it’s nothing.” Liz turned on the shower and washed away the foam on Laura’s hair.

“Sister Liz doesn’t seem to hate Brother Xiang that much. At least you can talk to him normally now.”

“Well, he has helped me. I can’t be too indifferent to the people who helped me. He was not unfamiliar with the demon realm after all. He knows where to go, where to find water, and what kind of fruit to eat, just like a native… Also, I heard from the spirits that he seems to be the only human that the Spirit King currently agrees with.”

“Brother Xiang is amazing. Sister Liz is lucky. In contrast, Akane and I found the water source after more than a day of thirstiness. We stayed hungry too. We would have teamed up with Brother Xiang if I knew it.” Laura raised the small stool, and sat behind Liz. It was her turn to help Liz with the shampoo.

“You won’t die if you starve for a few days, but it’s better to die than to team-up with him.” Liz snorted. The image that made people felt embarrassed that they wanted to die was always lingering in her heart.

“That’s strange. Sister Liz eats and drinks well there. If you don’t know about hunger, then that’s real death~ My breast seems to be smaller too. I have been hungry for a few days. Liz, can you help me take a look~” Laura rushed forward. Her huge chest pressed against Liz’s back, completely deformed like a sponge.

“Ah! Darn Lala, you wanted to piss me off on purpose, right? Okay, let me help you see.” Liz turned around, grabbed Laura’s chest abruptly, and squeezed hard through the towel, “Damn it, would it this big if a girl loves to eat? Look at how I shrink them.” It was uncertain if Liz’s hands were too small or Laura’s breasts are too big, Liz found that she could not fully grasp Laura’s breasts.

“Wow, Sister Liz, you are naked with jealousy. Also, breasts will get bigger the more you squeeze them. If Sister Liz wants to get bigger, I will help you. Watch my trick~~”

“Ah!! Darn Lala, you really dare to do it. Beware of my counterattack.”

In the bathroom, a battle of the century was taking place.

————The next morning

Lin Xiang sat in the lobby of the hotel, enjoying the quiet morning. The sun hung halfway in the air, and the blazing sunlight shone through the gates. The scent of tea came into the nose. It was the tea made by Kaoru, who was sitting next to him. The tea she made was very delicious.

Silent Water and Nagisa watched Kaoru’s every movement, studying the tea ceremony hard. With Silent Water’s learning ability, it went without saying that she would know it if she watched it only once. As for Nagisa, she was an attentive person, so she must have learned it quickly too.

Satsuki and the others were taking a nap. When Remi got up, he said he wanted to go out to exercise. Not many hotel guests were awake, so that morning was really great. There were no unwanted noises, just the sounds of early birds chirping. I wish it could always be like this.

Well, there is a saying called the calm before the storm, so it’s not clear what the future would be.’ Freed always had many logical thinking any time, and they were all useful. Unlike Yalide, aside from women, there would be more women. If that perverted dragon really liked women, why can’t it turn itself into one and touch all it wants?

Hey, if you and Freed are having a conversation between yourselves, why did you have to trigger me? Are you looking for trouble?

‘Ah, sorry. Like how you always talk about women unconsciously, I also trigger you unconsciously.’

Go away, you brat. Remember this, lad. Don’t look for me next time if you have troubles.

‘It’s just a joke, even if you’re the Dragon God, you can’t take a joke.’

Joke? It’s so funny, haha.

Well, this sort of non-beneficial dialogue is also pretty good, as long as there’s peace, anything’s good.

“The… the dragon descendants are back with the dragons.” At that time, someone shouted in the street. Lin Xiang stood up and walked to the door to take a look. There were also tourists on the street who did not know what was happening. Those patrols hurriedly told them to return to their rooms and not to come out.

At the other end of the street, there was the sound of huge footsteps. A group of dragons similar to the Swift Earth Dragons were running towards their side, and all of them carried some dragon descendants on their backs. At the moment, joyful smiles appeared on their faces.

Were they the ones who participated in the first project?

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