The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 52 : Richie and Old Richie


As the people who participated in the first project returned, the street gradually became lively.

Many people peeked out of the window to watch the dragons running. Some also took out their cameras to take pictures.

“Lin Xiang.” At that time, a person called his name, and Lin Xiang fixed his eyes to see that it was Nia and Bemiru, who sat on the backs of two dragons and waved to him. They then quickly flashed by him and left.

“Oh, it’s their group. There are so many dragons.”

There were at least forty dragons there, and more than half were unoccupied. They were all land-runners and they were very fast. Soon, the sound of footsteps on the street faded in the distance, leaving only a cloud of dust.

“That’s amazing! Just like the bison season on TV. It seems that dragons aren’t that scary after all.” Nagisa looked at the shadow that gradually faded at the end of the street, and exclaimed softly.

Lin Xiang placed his hand on Nagisa’s head, patted her, and smiled, “Of course, the reason why dragons are scary is only because certain evil dragons that have done terrible things.”

“Yeah… I won’t know it if I didn’t come here. Thank you for your invitation… Lin Xiang…” Nagisa lowered her head and blushed.

Ah, it must be due to my pat on her head. Nagisa isn’t like Dusty and the others, so she would be shy.

However, Nagisa looked adorable. With her head down, her two slender index fingers were constantly turning. As her hands were hung down in a straight manner, her arms unconsciously pushed up her majestic breasts, which was even more spectacular for Lin Xiang because he could see a deep gully from his point of view.

Not good. Lin Xiang retracted his hand and wiped his nose. He felt a little guilty towards Nagisa somehow.

“Young Master! The tea is ready. Please come and taste it.”

“Oh, alright. Nagisa, let’s go.”


After drinking tea, Satsuki and the others were awakened by the noise from the outside. They all walked down, and the lively morning was about to begin again.

————Two days later

The last town of the dragon descendants was Norlean. Unlike other lively villages and small towns, it was very quiet, but within a short while, the tranquillity disappeared and it became noisy. The sound originated from the entrance of the town.

“Your son is so amazing. I’m so happy for you all once I heard such good news when I came back.”

“Yes, he formed an alliance with an ancient dragon, looks like your son’s future has no boundaries.”

A group of dragon descendants, who the youngest was in the thirties, were gathering around a man in his forties in the center. They exclaimed to him one after another, sharing the current news.

The man coped with the situation by nodding his head while hurrying to the house. His face was ruddy, just like an elder who was doing a wedding. He could not close his mouth at all.

A bunch of people pushed and shoved till they reached the door of a big house. The man asked the servant to leave them outside the door because of inconvenience, and entered quickly.

When he reached the living room, a boy who looked almost like him or would become him when he grew up was sitting on the sofa. When he saw his old man coming back, he stood up excitedly, “Dad, you are back.”

“Yes. I heard that you have formed an alliance with the ancient dragon. You really are my son.” Old Richie’s smile had not faded since just now. Now that he could talk to Richie, he smiled more brilliantly, “Where is that great dragon?”

“In the bathroom, I’ll introduce you later, Dad, let’s talk about marriage first.” Richie cared most about that, and nothing else was important except that. As the saying went, to marry the fair, rich and beauty, one has to be a King to enter the pinnacle of life, or something like that.

Old Richie frowned and looked at Richie seriously, “You’ve already made that girl like you?”

“No, but it’s just a matter of time.” Richie smiled confidently.

Old Richie could not laugh though, he still looked serious, “Since she doesn’t, then what are you talking about? You want me to present your proposal to the King again? Last time, I was so ashamed. We promised on this marriage, yet the girl refused. You also know that the King loves his daughter the most. He would certainly follow his daughter’s intentions.”

“I know, but Dad, if we don’t do anything, I’m afraid Liz will be snatched away by other boys. Just like the last time I went to the outer world, many dragon descendants were interested in Liz. If Liz was with others, then how can I be King?”

“Being a King is a must, but that girl refused, so what can I do? I can only blame you for not being able to win her heart.”

“Dad, this time, we are different from before. Think about it, we have Lavra, an ancient dragon. We will definitely be able to succeed. She can transform into a human, can’t you believe how pure her bloodline is? The King has a wind dragon, but although it’s also an ancient dragon, it can’t turn into its human form. So dad, go and talk to the King again, the King will surely agree.”

Hearing Richie’s words, Old Richie nodded. He agreed with Richie’s words, “You’re right. Ah, my son has grown up and thought of a lot of things. Alright, I must get that girl this time for you. When I came back just now, many guys got close to me to learn about your news. It can be seen how much influence your alliance with the ancient dragon has had.”

“Yes, Dad. I haven’t been out for the past few days, because firstly, I have to avoid seeing those annoying guys, and secondly, I have to prevent Lavra from being disturbed.”

“This is what will happen when you have strength and power. After you become King, others will look at you differently. Haha.” Old Richie laughed, as if he had seen his future path, “Finally, I will be the most authoritative person in this country. I have always listened to the King, but from now on, the King will listen to me, because the King is my son. Haha.”

“Yes, Dad.” Richie also laughed.

“Is there anything that makes you so happy?” A gentle voice sounded. A very beautiful girl walked in. She had a smile on her face, and people would be stunned just by looking at here.

“This… is this Lavra you speak of? She’s so beautiful.” Old Richie exclaimed, and then quickly bent over to Lavra, “Sorry, Lady Lavra, I didn’t mean to be so frivolous. It’s just that you are so beautiful.”

Old Richie respected every powerful dragon very much, because they all had great strength and abilities. Like Yanshi, although it was not an ancient dragon, its power should not be underestimated. It was gifted by his ancestors too, so Old Richie treated it like a son.

However, Richie was different. He completely regarded Yanshi as a patron saint, as well as a tool to intimidate others. He had no respect for him when he spoke to him. After all, Yanshi was a dragon that had lived for more than a thousand years. Richie’s ancestors were also obedient to him in every way, so Yanshi did not care that much, and regarded Richie as just an ignorant kid.

“Thank you for your compliment. You are Richie’s father, right? I’m Lavra.” Lavra said, and stretched out a slender hand towards Old Richie.

“Hello, hello.” Old Richie smiled quickly and nodded, holding Lavra’s hand.

“Lavra, my dad is usually very manly, but when facing a dragon, he became particularly meek.” Richie looked at his father and smiled helplessly.

Old Richie let go of Lavra’s hand and sighed solemnly, “What are you talking about? This is my respect for the great dragon. Miss Lavra, my son is young and ignorant, so there is some rudeness, please forgive me.”

“It’s fine, Richie is funny and cute.”

“That’s good, that’s good. Son, is she an ice dragon?” Old Richie turned his head and asked Richie.

“Yeah, Dad, what’s the matter?”

“You know why that girl’s servant, Laura, and her family become servants for generations, right?”

“I know… But Dad, Lavra is a very good person, not like the kind of dragon from before.”

“Hmm…Miss Lavra, why did you ally with Richie? What potential does he have, is it worth it for you to do this?”

“Dad~” Richie did not want his father to trouble Lavra.

“You see, I was injured because of our races’ struggle. Richie saved me. So, in return, I promised him one thing, which is to help him improve his reputation, marry the princess here and become a King. ”

“Really? Can I ask, what is the reason behind the race struggle?”

“Yes.” Lavra smiled slightly, “The dragon race’s struggle is nothing more than a territorial struggle. There are other dragons wanting to snatch the land left by my parents. I naturally wanted to use my life to protect it.”

“I see… I’m sorry to ask you these questions. Some unpleasant things happened a long time ago, and some people have prejudices against ice dragons.”

“Are you asking me to leave?” Lavra looked sad and looked at Richie. She was so fatally beautiful that a man would feel pity when he saw her.

“Dad, why are you bringing up what happened in the past? I won’t let Lavra leave. How would I marry Liz without her?”

“I didn’t say to let her leave. Like Richie said, that was all in the past. That incident has slowly faded out of people’s minds. Only some ancient royal families were still passing this on from generation to generation. Now, people all accept different types of dragons, so please rest assured.”

“Well, thank you.”

“Then without further ado, let’s go to the castle.”


The small town of Norlean was at the farthest region, and there was a wide road. It was a straight road that only allowed five or six large trucks to pass side by side, and it led to a huge castle.

The place where the King lived was that huge castle. The medieval architecture was simple, noble and solemn. The castle had a history of hundreds of years, but it looked very new, showing that the maintenance work had been done very well.

Surrounded by high mountains, it gave the castle a natural shelter. Aside from the small town, which led to the castle, the rest were steep peaks. Surrounding it was a thirty-meter-high city wall, which made the castle have high defence and difficulty to be attacked.

The castle was magnificent. The inner wall of the city wall was like a park and there were many flowers, trees, and several buildings. There was a place that destroyed that park-like beauty very much, and it was the large tower lived by people on the edge. Half of the tower was destroyed, and moss and other plants grew on the wreckage, which looked lifeless under the sun. The walls were also full of cracks. That was the building that was destroyed in an incident more than four hundred years ago. Not only that big tower, even Dragonborn Village at that time could be said to have been destroyed by more than half.

After four hundred years, other buildings either collapsed or were rebuilt. Only that tower remained, which warned people of what had happened.

Dongta—Dongta.” Two Swift Earth Dragons were pulling a luxurious carriage on the road leading to the castle. At that time, the curtain of the carriage window was opened, and a boy looked out from inside. His expression was a little nervous, agitated, and a little disturbed. He was like a son-in-law meeting his father-in-law for the first time.

Sitting next to him was a dignified woman with blue-white hair. She sat very ladylike, with her hands on her knees. The smile stayed on her face as if it would never disappear. Opposite her was a man who looked like the little boy. He did not have the anxiety the boy had, but he was also slightly anxious.

The speed of the Swift Earth Dragons was equivalent to a small car, and they quickly reached the gate of the castle. The gate was closed tightly. Only a small door was opened, guarded by more than ten guards.

“Who are you?” the two guards asked.

“It’s me.” Old Richie looked out.

“Ah, Prime Minister Daniel.”

“Well, make way. I’m going to find the King.”

“Understood.” The guards quickly stepped aside, and the city gate opened. The dragons expertly waited for the city gate to be fully opened before pulling the carriage and walking in.

Watching the carriage move forward, the guards began to discuss, “What’s wrong? Why didn’t Prime Minister Daniel bring soldiers today? And ride in such a simple carriage?”

“Have you not heard? His son, Young Master Richie, had form an alliance with an ancient dragon. Now, you don’t know how many people plan to have a good relationship with him.”

“An ancient Dragon? That’s amazing! Then isn’t the status of their family already equivalent to that of the King?”

“I also heard that the dragon in the alliance with Young Master Richie can be humanized, maybe they have already surpassed the King.”

“Impossible.” A guard intervened, “That one is an ice dragon. The ice dragon is in a disadvantaged position. Therefore, it is impossible to surpass the King. And if it did surpass, then Prime Minister Daniel will become the King. Don’t you guys like the King now?”

“Well, I still like the present King a little bit more. He is kind and is very caring to the inferior people like us. The point is that the people also love him. Even if all the conditions of Prime Minister Daniel surpassed the King, the only thing is that he did not win the people’s hearts. If the heart is not here, then the King will always be the King.”


“Wow~ Those dragons are dancing in the sky, that’s great!” Fire Dance held candy in one hand and Lin Xiang’s hand in the other. Looking up, the flying dragon in the sky showed a childlike smile.

“Yes.” He responded, looking at whether there was anything worth-buying nearby.

“Xiang, how about that? The coconut-like fruit, shall we buy it for a taste?” Risa pointed to the various fruits on a grocery stall.

Ten minutes ago, they said they wanted to go shopping. Lin Xiang forgotten who decided to split them to groups, but he did not think it was necessary. It was good to go shopping together, but the girls all objected to it, saying that it was better in groups. Remi, indicating that he was going to sleep, went back to his room. After a game of guessing, it resulted to groups of three.


Presently, it was the middle of the Dragon-Training Festival, which was the most enjoyable period for tourists. There were different dragons performing on the street and everyone enjoyed watching them. There were also a variety of wonderful foods from the demon realm that were on sale. The Dragon-Training Festival could be said to increase the commercial development of Dragonborn Village.

“Alright, everyone is ready. Get set, go.”

A dragon descendant let several dragons of more than thirty centimeters drill through the ring of fire. The dragons swayed and ran, and then kicked their legs while jumping over the ring of fire at a height of two meters, just like an acrobatic performance in a zoo. The audience felt that they did not give the impression of dragons, but cute animals instead.

“They’re so cute. Master, can we buy one home?” Fire Dance’s eyes glowed as she watched the little dragons jumping over the fire ring and eating the food given by the tourists.

“No.” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly. In Dragonborn Village, dragons were not for sale, and no matter who the person was, or how many assets and power one had, no one could simply take away a dragon. Even if it was just having or eating dragon eggs, it was forbidden.

The dragons there were friends with the dragon descendants, not slaves. The Dragon-Training Festival was actually to let the dragons who did not want to stay there to return to the demon realm every three years while the dragon descendants introduced new dragons from the demon realm. The traditional days kept modernizing and were later slowly modified to the present kind of entertaining festivals.

“Oh~” Fire Dance puffed up her cheeks when she heard Lin Xiang said no,. With an unhappy expression, she spoke, “Master, I want one~”

“You really are a child. Only children will say that they want to raise animals.” Risa looked at Fire Dance sarcastically. Lin Xiang knew her intentions. Fire Dance immediately noticed, and said stubbornly, “I’m not a kid, I’ll just leave it. Humph~” She said so, but her eyes that saw the little dragons remained unchanged.

“Well, although I can’t buy to raise them, you can feed them.” Lin Xiang bought some food that dragons loved, and gave them to Fire Dance.

“Wow, Master is so kind.” Fire Dance held the food and squeezed into the crowd, feeding the little dragons.

“Don’t go with strangers, understand?” Lin Xiang shouted.

“Ok!” Fire Dance responded while touching the little dragon’s head.

“What a child, Xiang, don’t you know why she is like this? Split personality is not so easy to form. Even her mentality is still that of a child, what happened to her must be very painful.”

“Yes, her mother was besieged and killed when she was a child. After that, she was imprisoned.”

“Oh my God, there is such a thing?” Looking at Fire Dance’s back, Risa’s gazes softened.

“So, don’t bully her, alright?”

“I don’t bully her.” Risa pinched his face, “Am I like this in your eyes?”

Risa stood very close to him, and her actions were very intimate, so they looked like a flirting couple.

“What are you doing? You blushed.” Risa herself did not seem to notice, “Is it because I pinched too hard?”


“Brother Xiang is found! Wow! He is showing affection with one of his girlfriends.” At that moment, a sweet voice sounded behind him.

Following the voice, it was Laura and the princess.

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