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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 53 : Marriage Proposal


“Oh, why are both of you here?” Lin Xiang waved to Laura and the princess.

The princess was wearing a white long dress, highlighting a kind of innocence. Laura, on the other hand, was in a black short skirt, which was in line with her open personality. Since people said that black could make a person look thin, she wore it in a way that made her breasts looked more obvious.

“Why can’t we be here? Brother Xiang, do you think Sister Liz and I interrupted your date with your girlfriend?” Laura grinned at him, her teeth were shining, and her cheeks were slightly plumped. People would have the urge to squeeze it with just a glance.

“What girlfriend, Risa and I…” Before he finished speaking, Risa suddenly hugged his arm, and the feeling of the soft chest made his heart, beat.

“Yeah, we are lovers. It’s not polite to come over and disturb us knowing we are lovers.”

“Hey, Risa, what are you…”

“Xiang, don’t speak. In order to reduce future troubles, now we must not increase the number of enemies, but let them retreat.” Risa whispered, keeping her eyes on Laura and the princess.

So, what are you doing? Also, what enemy are we up against anyways? Who are you competing for? Although Lin Xiang had a lot of doubts, he could not speak now.

“Not polite? It’s normal to come greet Brother Xiang when we meet him. Are you telling me it isn’t possible? Brother Xiang’s lover, Satsuki Losa, right?” Lin Xiang could feel that what Risa said aroused Laura’s eagerness.

“It’s Satsuki Risa, remember it well, Loli cow.”

“Oh oh~ so it’s Losa, hmm, hello. I’m sorry to disturb you and Brother Xiang. I thought your date is formed in a large group. I didn’t expect you to be quite affectionate, Brother Xiang, nice.”

“Alright, Lala, let’s go.” The princess glanced at Lin Xiang, then at Risa, sighed and shook her head, as if feeling sorry for Risa be with someone like him.

“No, Sister Liz, this street is not hers anyway. Nonetheless, Sister Liz is a princess. This is Olipolia. Where can’t you go? I want to be here, don’t go~” Laura spit out her little tongue, making a face at Risa.

“Fine, then you can stay here. Xiang, let’s go.” Risa dragged his arm and walked forward.

“Hey, Fire Dance is still there.” Lin Xiang looked at the crowd. Fire Dance was having fun playing with the young dragon with a few children. Asking her to leave would definitely make her happy, but she could not be left alone either.

“Although she has a child’s mentality, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t think. It seems that she will play with those children for a long time. It will be fine if we come back to pick her up later.”

“Hey, is it really fine…” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance and was dragged away by Satsuki.

Well, it’s really fine. Even if she gets lost, you just have to summon her. Don’t forget, she is your spirit.

‘Oh yeah, I rarely summon her, so I forgot this.’

Then, hurry up and go. Don’t feel sorry anymore.

‘Freed, why do I feel like you are waiting for something interesting?’

It’s just your imagination.

In that way, Lin Xiang was dragged by Risa to another place, and Laura took the princess and followed.

“Tsk… It’s the opposite now.” Risa glanced behind her, stopped and said to Laura and the princess, “Hey, you guys, can you not follow us?”

Laura put her hand in front of her forehead, as if looking into the distance. She looked left and right then met Risa’s eyes. She was shocked, as if she had just discovered them, and shouted, “Huh!? It’s Brother Xiang and Risa! It’s the first time I found out that Olipolia is so small, can’t believe I can meet them all.”

“You’re too pretentious! Everyone can tell you did it on purpose.”

“You’re too much to say so.” Laura had a humiliated expression on her face.

“Am I wrong?”

“Heh~” Laura’s expression was as fast as flipping a book. She looked like she was about to cry just now, but now she turned into a little devil, smiling, “Yes, I did that on purpose, so what? How can you not allow others to go the same road as you did?”

“Fine, fine, you can follow along. With you two here, the local businessmen dare not lie to us instead.”

After being dragged for a while, they returned to the place where they first departed. Fire Dance was still playing there. There was nothing unusual, so it was really great.

Risa had a better attitude towards Laura and the princess at that moment for some reason, and was talking to them.

The change in attitude was that when they were eating, Risa suddenly hugged him and took a bite of the meat skewers he was eating, as if her action was deliberately made for Laura and the princess to see.

When Risa saw that Laura and the princess were also eating skewers and talking about puppies, she murmured, “There is no hostility. It seems that I was too nervous.”

After that, their relationship inexplicably got better. Girls’ mentality was really incomprehensible.

“I only think of Brother Xiang as the big brother who cooks delicious food.” That was the comment that Laura gave when Risa asked her what she thought of him.

“Hey~ I really don’t understand why a good girl like you can… If there is something unspeakable, tell me. It’s fine. I will help you solve it.” The princess completely regarded him as a bad person.

Presently, they were discussing the topics about girls. Lin Xiang was not a pervert, so he naturally would not interrupt, so he walked towards Fire Dance.

“Hey~” A child threw out a few pieces of dragon food, and several young dragons jumped up and caught the food one after another. The other children did that one after another, and then they laughed together. Fire Dance squatted next to them, holding a piece of dragon food, and swayed a few times for a relatively small young dragon that could not catch it even after jumping for a few times.

The young dragon noticed Fire Dance, ran over briskly after smelling the dragon food. It opened its mouth, stretched out its tongue and gave the food a lick. Then, it carefully bit the food so as not to bite Fire Dance’s hand.

“Good, good~” Fire Dance touched its head, with a very soft smile on her face. She was unexpectedly mature. Lin Xiang thought she would throw food like other children and let the dragon pick them up.

“There’s more.” After the young dragon finished eating, she handed over another piece of dragon food.

Lin Xiang walked to her and squatted down, and the young dragon ran away quickly for some unknown reason. Fire Dance blankly watched the young dragon return to its group of dragons, and gave Lin Xiang a vicious look, “You bastard, why are you here?”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance in a little surprise. Was that Fire Dance in his eyes? That did not seem scientific, how could she smile? And an innocent smile of all things?

“Sure enough, with a bad character, the aura that you exuded doesn’t even make animals dare to approach you. Humph.” Fire Lotus stood up and looked at him condescendingly.

Fire Lotus was wearing a one-piece light gray dress. She kept squatting just now, so the end of her dress was turned over, and the degree of exposure was quite high. From his angle, he could just see a little red fabric.

“That… your panties are exposed.” Lin Xiang shifted his gaze and looked away. He thought that she would not criticize him that time.

Just when he thought so, the response to him was a back attack, “Who told you to see it?”

“Ah.” Lin Xiang held his forward-leaning body away from the ground with his hands. He turned his head and looked at Fire Lotus, who had retracted her legs and was tidying her clothes. Lin Xiang only felt helplessness surging. It seemed that once a person hated someone, no matter what the person did, the other person would feel annoyed.

Lin Xiang got up, and everyone around him pointed at them, “The young couple quarrelled. Young people nowadays really are…”

Fire Lotus listened. Her face was gloomy. With a clench of her fist, Lin Xiang thought she was going to hit him again.

She did not speak. After making a fist for about two or three seconds, she relaxed herself and left.

“Phew—” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. Just when he was about to feel grateful of his escape, the princess rushed towards him in fury, “Lin Xiang!!!”

Grabbing his collar, the princess’s beautiful face, that was flushed with anger, was very close, “What did you scumbag just say!?”

“What… did I do?” Lin Xiang looked not far away, and Laura was giving him a thumbs-up. Her mouth moved as if she was saying: Brother Xiang is awesome. On the other hand, Risa shrugged at him, as if hinting that she did not mean to expose him.

“Didn’t I tell you not to tell anyone!?” The princess shook his head.

A flash of lightning flashed across his mind, and cold sweat began to emerge, “It wasn’t the snake…”

“Go to hell with your snake! I’m telling you, you are dead, be ready for your enlightenment!!!”

“Princess, there are so many people here. It harms your image to be this rough.”

“If I don’t kill you, I won’t have my image. Hooo—” The princess took a deep breath, and a dragon roar was coming right up.

“Princess! I promise I won’t tell anyone again.”

The princess inhaled harder.

“Your Royal Highness!” Two dragons flew from the sky, and one of them sat a middle-aged man who looked like a messenger.

The princess diverted her attention, and exhaled, “What’s wrong? Uncle Zeduli.”

Great, I’m saved. Lin Xiang gently twiddled the princess’s fingers, trying to remove her hand, but she glanced at him from the corner of the eye, and he immediately stopped moving.

“Your Royal Highness, there’s a large crowd here, please pay attention of yourself.” Uncle Zeduli coughed. The princess’ anger was replaced by shame, and let him go.

“Well, let’s talk about business, your Royal Highness. Please go back to the castle right now. All the upper-level personnels are waiting for you.”

“What happened?” Laura walked to the princess’s side and asked while raising her head.

“It’s Young Master Richie. He once again proposed his marriage to the princess. Because there’s the existence of the ancient dragon, so many people agreed with the marriage contract.”

“What!? No, Sister Liz… Princess will never marry such a person.” Laura was a little agitated, and the princess frowned.

“So, this is not something we can decide. Now, Your Royal Highness, please go back and make the decision.”

“Alright.” Liz nodded, and another flying dragon landed on the ground. She and Laura sat on it and hurriedly followed Zeduli. Only the pedestrians discussing on the street about the flying dragon and both Lin Xiang and Risa were left behind.

“Xiang, what’s the matter? Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to propose? Why is your expression so serious? Don’t tell me that you like that princess Liz.” Risa hit his abdomen with her elbow.

“No… The partner is what’s bothering…”

“It’s the guy named Richie? His attitude is quite arrogant, but aren’t nobles all like that?”

“The princess and Laura were not. That Richie might seem a little strange to me, but he is definitely not a good guy. I hope that the princess’s father can decide according to the princess.”

Having lived there for so many days, Lin Xiang also knew the importance of the ancient dragon to the dragon descendants. An ordinary dragon descendant can become a noble if he can form an alliance with a more powerful dragon, let alone the original noble Richie and rare ancient dragons. There must be a lot of people waiting to have connections with them now.

————Castle Hall

The hall of the castle was very spacious with gilded candlesticks and neat guards standing at the side. At that moment, many nobles from Dragonborn Village gathered in the hall.

In the center of the crowd were Richie, his father, Lavra, and an old man. The old man was one of the three elders of Dragonborn Village, Richie’s grandfather. He had a great tone in speaking though.

“What’s the matter? King? Does my Richie make your Liz look down so much?” Richie’s grandfather’s loud voice was completely different from that of other old people.

“Elder Duncan, Richie is very good, and the surprise that he brought us this time is also very incredible. Personally, I like him very much. But I am a father, so I, of course, have to let these important marriage events be decided by my daughter.” On the throne in the hall sat a thin man with long hair and a crown. Beside him was a woman with pink hair who seemed to be only in her twenties, but she was already in her forties.

“In a marriage, if parents don’t make a decision, but give it to their children, isn’t this spoiling the child?” Duncan snorted.

Others also started booing, “That’s right, King. Master Richie is great. Her Royal Highness should marry him and she would absolutely be happy with this. The combination of two excellent people will give birth to even better offspring.”

“King, make the decision for her Royal Highness. If Young Master Richie has his eyes on my daughter, I will immediately agree.”



“Alright, silence. It’s up to Liz to decide.” The Dragon Descendant King, Mangu patted the armrest of the chair.

The noise was also reduced.

“What? Is it really impossible to make a decision by yourself?” Duncan asked sharply. He knew that Liz would definitely not agree.

“Please wait.” Mangu smiled.

“Report to the king, the princess has returned.” Zeduli walked into the hall. After that, Liz appeared at the door.

“Sister Liz…” Looking at so many people, Laura’s heart was very depressed. The last time Richie proposed his marriage, it did not look as serious as the atmosphere now. She had a bad feeling, so she unconsciously used force and clenched Liz’s hand tightly.

Liz’s thin eyebrows had never been budged. Seeing Richie smiling at her, Liz felt very uncomfortable. That Ice Dragon Lavra also smiled, making Liz even more despise.

“Don’t be afraid, Lala. Mom and Dad won’t force me to do things that I don’t like.”

“But depending on the appearance of those people, they are all here to put pressure on Sister Liz… Maybe I can tell them about the matter when that idiot Richie stabbed me.”

“It’s useless. There is no evidence, and Akane is also very timid. It is impossible for her to stand in front of so many people to testify. Maybe she will stop speaking with just a scare by Richie and the others.  Don’t trouble her.”


Liz and Laura walked slowly towards the center of the hall.

“Good, Liz is back. Let’s save the ted talk and go straight to the point. My family’s Richie is proposing his marriage to you. What do you think?” Before Liz walked in front of him, Duncan spoke.

The others followed suit, and urged her to accept the proposal.

“May I know what Father thinks of?” Liz ignored everyone, she needed time to think about what to say.

“Hmm…” Mangu groaned. He knew his daughter’s intentions, so he deliberately delayed it a little longer, “Richie is pretty good. He has reached an alliance with the ancient dragon, and has a bright future. What do you think about your own marriage contract?”

“Your daughter still thinks the same as last time. These things are based on feelings.”

“Feelings? My grandson is excellent, yet you don’t even feel anything about him?” Duncan stared at Liz with his widened old eyes.

“It has nothing to do with being excellent or not.”

“Oh? What do you think it has to do with?”

“Grandpa, don’t scare Liz. I’ll do it.” Richie looked at Liz with a meaningful expression on his face. He walked towards her slowly, “Liz, we have been acquainted for so long, you know what my feelings. Can you promise me to be my wife?” Richie reached out his hand, trying to touch Liz’s face. Liz stepped back, and her face was expressionless, “No.”

“This is really…” Everyone around them was shocked. Duncan and Daniel were irritated and trembling even more. Richie looked at Liz in a daze, and after a while, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

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