The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 54 : Acting Gang


“Sister Liz! Why do you agree? Doesn’t this mean you are marrying Richie?” In the corridor of the castle’s inner courtyard, Laura gritted her teeth. She wanted to let out her anger but she could not.

“I have no choice. You also saw the situation, right? Those elders were all on Richie’s side. If I don’t make a decision, my father will be in trouble in the future. I can’t cause him trouble because of my stubbornness.” Liz smiled helplessly. The soldiers guarding in the corridor met her with infinite pity in their hearts. However, with just a low rank, they could only stare at them and sigh in their hearts.

“However, about the decision you made, if Richie wins in the inheritance competition, he will marry you. In the end, no matter how we think of it, he will surely win. Although I don’t want to admit it, that fool is really powerful. The young dragon descendants here are not his opponent? Also, even if there is someone better than him, the villain Richie will do everything possible to get the opponent out of the game. Sister Liz, you aren’t ignorant about this, right?”

“But what can I do? I can only admit my fate this time, right? In the situation just now, I have no other choice but to say that.”

“No. Sister Liz, we have agreed to marry the same person together. It doesn’t matter who that person is, but it can’t be Richie or Kyle.”

“Heh.” Liz stretched her sad eyebrows and rubbed Laura’s head vigorously, “You, what are you saying at this time of day? You are still a child previously, now, how can you take this so seriously? Also, you said before too, that you want to marry me in the future. Why didn’t I see you propose your marriage to my father?”

“Oh yeah! I can ask the king for the proposal! Then Sister Liz can agree, so we don’t have to marry Richie. Ah, why are knocking my head.”

“Don’t be stupid, Lala. We will have a day when we get separated. We will have people we like.” Liz’s smiling face gradually became sad again.

“But Sister Liz is going to be with someone I don’t like. I don’t want to see this.” Laura’s expression suddenly became serious. Liz could not remember how long she had not seen Laura like that. She always pretended to be crazy and dumb. Once she had that facial expression, it meant that Laura was serious.

“Alright, I’ve decided. Even if I lost my life, I have to win the inheritance competition.”

“Lala, I’m very touched by your words, but forget it, don’t hurt yourself.” Liz looked at the blue sky and her eyes gleamed with complicated light.

“It doesn’t matter if I get hurt. If I don’t have Sister Liz, then I won’t be who I am now. Sister Liz protected me from being bullied by others and gave me good food and clothes. It was obvious that my family is called the betrayal family, but you accepted me like an ordinary person. If I don’t do anything for Sister Liz’s happiness now, I really belong to the betrayal family.”

“Lala, the ancestors will always make mistakes and let future generations bear the consequences. You don’t have to prove anything to me. As long as you are obedient, it is the best for me.”

“No! Sister Liz, if this goes on, you will really have to marry that Richie brat. It is clear that the ice dragon is allied with him, so why does everyone value it so much? Yet, they despise our family so much.”

“The times are changing, and people’s mentality also changed. We haven’t brought in ancient dragons for a long time. Valarie’s arrival was silent, so no one knew. As for Lavra, although she is an ice dragon, the pure bloodline she had aroused people’s desire to have a powerful dragon to protect Olipolia. As you know, many powerful dragon descendants are unwilling to stay in Olipolia because of the dragons here. Basically, the dragons are very weak and the dragon descendants can’t learn any dragon roar from them, so they chose to go to the outer world and pursue what they yearned.”

“Although there are many dragons in the outer world, there are also great dangers there.”

“That’s why it’s safe here. As long as there are more powerful dragons, they will not leave. Maybe other dragon descendants will come here. That was probably what the elders in the hall think. Now, Lala, let’s talk about the future.”

“No. I definitely don’t want Sister Liz to marry Richie.” Laura took a step back, “I’m going to find someone to help. There must be someone who can beat Richie.”

“Then who do you think can? Among nobles and ordinary students, who else is more powerful than Richie?”

“I’m going to find Brother Xiang.”

“Do you want to ask him to perform cooking?” Liz smiled and shook her head, “I have seen his Dragon Roars. Although he knew how, those roars were just basic language and not powerful enough. The only curious thing I have for him is that his speed and that burning flame. That was the first time I have seen that state of fusion with flames. But, with just that, his level is only moderate among the many participants. He can’t beat Richie.”

“I don’t care. Sister Liz, just wait and see, the winner will definitely not be Richie.” After Laura said, she ran away.

“Lala…” Liz looked at the leaving figure of Laura, and found that she could not lift her hand. She could not stop her. Indeed, Liz did not want the winner to be Richie either, but so far, Liz could not think of anyone who could defeat Richie. Even so, she still had slight glimpse of hope in her heart that there must be someone who can defeat Rich. As long as the winner was not Richie, then her own marriage could be controlled by herself.

“Can anyone really beat Richie?”


“I can marry Liz if I win the inheritance competition… Lavra, this time Liz will definitely become my wife.” After returning to their home, Richie kept hitting the air with his fists to vent his excitement.

“Yes, that’s great.” Lavra’s face always kept her pleasing smile.

“It’s all thanks to you, Lavra. Without you, everyone would certainly not agree that Liz should marry me. I knew that Liz would not want to trouble her father, that’s why she decided that. Do you have any wish you want to come true? I will try my best to help you fulfil it.”

“My wish?” Lavra raised her head and looked at the ceiling, “I don’t have any wish. I just want to restore my previous strength.”

“Restoring your previous strength is not easy. Eat more and you will soon recover. What do you like to eat?”

“Richie, my situation is a bit special. You don’t need to care, as long as I see your happiness, I will be happy too. Good luck with preparing for the inheritance competition.”

“Ha, no need. In this match, I am definitely the first place. Aside from Liz, who among the dragon descendants of the same generation can beat me?”

“How about that nasty boy?”

“Which? Ah, that Lin Xiang? Oh, just a rubbish. I can kill him with only a dragon roar. Why would you talk about him?”

“The last time I saw him, I felt that the aura he has, is rather weird.”

“I told you, that guy is a pervert. You hate him because of his perverted aura.”

“Maybe… I’ll go to the bathroom first, Richie, go work hard.”

“Yes, I need to see what clothes I wear to make myself look handsome.” Richie said as he walked into his room a little flutteringly.

Lavra watched Richie entered the room, then turned around to open the door and leave. Outside the door was the courtyard. It was guarded by many guards to prevent outsiders from entering. When they saw Lavra coming out, they stood up straight, “Hello, Lady Lavra.”

“Hello everyone, I want to go out for a while.”

“It’s not possible, Lady Lafra, there are many people watching you. If you get lost, Prime Minister Daniel will kill us.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I won’t trouble any of you. However, you can’t send someone to follow me,” Lavra walked out without waiting for the guards to answer. As for the guards, no one dared to stop her, so they could only ask her make sure she return as they watched Lavra leave.

After Lavra went out, there were no people beside the house. After all, that was a gathering place for nobles, so ordinary people could not enter.

Lavra did not go far, but walked around to the back of the house. There, a girl was stepping on a high piece of ice, her petite body jumped and leaped as if she was about to climb over the wall of the house.

“It’s dangerous, come down quickly. It’s not good if you fall.” Lavra smiled at the girl.

With her hands lying on the wall, Laura heard the voice and turned her head, “It’s you? I was looking for you, how do you know I am here?” Lauraa let go and stood on the ice.

“You are special, so I will definitely remember your smell. As soon as I smell your scent, I came out.” Lavra walked to Laura’s feet and knocked on the ice. Ice cubes the size of a wooden box slowly melted, making Laura lowered slowly.

“Why are you paying attention to me?” Before the ice melted completely, Laura jumped to the ground and moved a little away from Lavra.

“Well, if you insist, then it’s just that I like you.” Lavra thought for a while and showed a smile.

“Oh, don’t say such disgusting words.” Laura gave Lavra the white eye, and spoke seriously, “Tell me, how will you leave Richie?”

“Leave him? Why?”

“Because of you, many people are biased towards him, even the princess made a promise. I will never let the princess marry Richie. As long as you leave Richie, no one will help him.”

“But, Rich is very good to me. Do you think it’s possible to let me leave him with just one sentence?”

“Let’s talk, what conditions do you want? As long as it’s within my power, I will succeed.”

“Then, maybe give me your blood? I like your blood very much, it can restore my strength, although there is only a little, but it is better than none.”

“How much… do you want?” Laura heard that she wanted blood, and knew why Richie and the others had stabbed her in the first place. However, relying on blood to restore strength? Laura had never heard of it. But for Liz’s sake, she could only try.

“Well, all of yours.”

“What? All? Do you want my life?”

“Of course, I like you so much that I want you to be a part of myself.”

Confused, scared, and upset, Laura looked at Lavra with complications. Clasping her hands tightly, she spoke, “If I do this and you are really leaving Richie, for the sake of Sister Liz, I will definitely not hesitate. However, you give me a sense of danger. Your smiling face is like a mask, and after tearing it off, it will reveal an evil face.”

“Ah, Laura, I will be very troubled if you say that. So, are you agreeing or not?” Lavra’s smile disappeared, and her tone was lowered.

“Of course I won’t. If I die because I gave you my blood, then how do I know if you will leave Richie?”

“It seems that I really have no trust, but it is true. I can’t leave Richie now. I want to see him win the competition and marry your sister Liz.”

“What benefits will you get for doing this?”

“Benefits? I can’t tell you.” Lavra snapped her fingers, and the temperature in the air dropped sharply. Several ice cones appeared and slammed towards Laura. Laura took a breath, “Ice-sa!”

The dragon roar turned into an ice shield, blocking the ice cones, “What do you mean by this?” Laura asked in a low voice, “You want to force out my blood?”

“Sigh~ it’s almost what it means.” Lavra snapped her fingers again, and several ice cones shot at Laura’s ice shield again, but there was no effect.

“No wonder you said you wanted to restore energy. It turns out that you are so weak. If I defeat you, it will create a false impression that I am very powerful. At that time, those nobles who can only see people with their ability will definitely listen to me. Ha!” Laura pushed the ice shield, and the ice shield turned into countless sharp fragments and flew towards Lavra.

Lavra’s smile returned to her face somehow, “Hooo— Na!” A tongue of flame passed in front of her, swallowing all the ice.

“Hey! What do you want to do to Lavra, you under-trained maid!?” Richie roared and came in a rush while followed by a group of guards. Needless to say, the Fire Dragon’s Roar just now was made by him.

When Laura saw Richie and the guards coming, she immediately understood. That dragon girl was framing her.

“Richie, you can’t say that. I accidentally made Laura angry.” Lavra stopped him.

“Accidentally made her angry!? This maid already has a lowly personality. Lavra, you don’t need to make excuses for her. If I didn’t come in time just now, you would definitely not dodge. Laura! I want to bring you to jail in name of attacking a good dragon.”

“You don’t have to be like that. If you lock her up, I will leave here, Richie.”

Seeing Lavra as if she really was really trying to help her plead with Richie, Laura gave her a thumbs-up, “Acting gang, awesome!”

“Hey! Lavra is pleading for you, yet you said it’s an act? Lavra, as a servant, this maid doesn’t act like a servant at all. If it wasn’t for Liz to protect her, I would have taught her a lesson long time ago. Listen, all of Olipolia has their eyes on you. If you get hurt, and we don’t deal with the criminal, even if I agree, nobody else will agree.”

“Then… please don’t treat her too bad.”

“Of course, the specified people will deal with her.”

“Dumb Richie will always be Dumb Richie. How dare you use my blood to feed this dragon?”

“What nonsense are you talking about!?” After Richie heard that, his veins were visible, as if he immediately wanted Laura to shut up.

“Is it nonsense? You know very well yourself. But, who told you that my blood is useful?”

“Guards, grab her.” Richie pointed to Laura and shouted. The guards behind him brought their weapons and rushed towards Laura.


After having dinner, Lin Xiang returned to his room. He was exhausted. After shopping with Risa, he met Nia and Bemiru, and then went another round of wandering on the streets. Once girls went shopping, they would have infinite stamina.

They stayed in a big hotel in the small town. As before, two people stayed in a room. The room was very large, with two beds. Remi and Lin Xiang stayed in that room, which was equipped with daily facilities.

However, Remi was a person who could not stay idle. He usually either slept or walked outside, so Lin Xiang was the only one there. Silent Water and the others were next door, and they were probably preparing clothes for their bath.

When Lin Xiang lay down on his bed, he felt very tired. Closing his eyes, his sleepiness came to him immediately. Just when he was about to fall asleep, someone knocked on the door.

“Who is it… Just come in, the door is unlocked.” Lin Xiang said dazedly.

Tuk tuk.” There was another knock. Lin Xiang grumbled and got up to open the door. Tuk tuk? At that moment, Lin Xiang realized that the sound came from the wooden window.

Was it the wind? Lin Xiang walked to the window. Since it made intermittent sounds of knocking, then it could not be wind. Someone was outside? That was the second floor though.

Lin Xiang placed his hands on it vigilantly and gently pulled…

What appeared in front of him was Laura’s pale face. Her forehead was covered with cold sweat, her lips were shaking, and her hands were lying on the protruding part of the window sill. She smiled weakly at him, “Brother Xiang… If you don’t open it in time, I would have fallen…”

“Hey, what are you doing?” Lin Xiang quickly bent down and picked her up. When his hands touched her back, his palms were stained with some warm viscous liquid——blood.

“Hey, Laura, what’s the matter with you?” After he pulled her up, he placed her on the bed.

“Haha… I think I’m wanted… Brother Xiang, I’m tired, let me go to sleep…” As she said, Laura gradually closed her eyes.

“Hey, no way.” His heart became flustered, and he looked at Laura’s chest. Fortunately, she was still breathing. I’ll let Silent Water deal with the wound first.

Lin Xiang quickly walked to the door. When he placed his hand on the door handle, there was the sound of footsteps outside, “Laura Escal is nearby. We must catch this maid who attacked Lady Lavra.”

“Yes, sir!”

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