The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 55 : Escaping the Hotel


Lin Xiang opened the door gently, observing the situation outside through the gap, only to see a patrol team of dragon descendants at the entrance of the corridor knocking on the wooden door of the first room.

It was a blond white man who opened the door. With doubts, he asked in pure English, “Who are you? What are you doing?”

“We are the patrol team. Now, we are pursuing a girl, sixteen years old, about 159 centimetres tall. She looks like a child, but has a big chest. Have you seen her?” Although the patrolman looked like an Eastern person, he spoke very authentic English.

“I haven’t seen her.” The white man shook his head. When he was about to close the door, a patrolman pressed the door and prevented him from closing it, “Even if you haven’t seen her, we still have to make sure. Divide into two groups and check each room carefully.”

They were in trouble. Lin Xiang looked at Laura, who was breathing weakly on the bed. If the team came in to check, then they could not hide her there. He could not understand why Laura was wanted and was so badly injured? Where was the princess? With her, Laura would never be injured. He could only wait for Laura to wake up and let her explain the reason behind all that.

There were ten patrolmen, two of them searched a room, and there was still some time before they reached Lin Xiang’s. At that time, the opposite door opened, and Silent Water poked her head to see what had happened. Lin Xiang motioned her to be quiet. Her eyes blinked, and she nodded to express her understanding.

“What’s wrong outside?” Reidy walked to the door. Silent Water put her finger between her lips, and shook her head at Reidy.

Reidy frowned and looked at Lin Xiang who was also looking at her. She was filled with doubts. Did the human get in trouble again?

“Huh?” Dusty’s room was next to Lin Xiang. She opened the door and saw Silent Water and her Master staring at each other, not talking. She walked out of the room and walked towards Lin Xiang, “Mast…” Before she spoke her first word, Lin Xiang covered her mouth and pulled Dusty into the room.

“Silent Water, come here. Reidy, stay in the room. Let those people in a while later.” Lin Xiang said in a low voice.

“They came to catch you?”

“No, let’s talk about the details later. Reidy, remember to cooperate and don’t quarrel with them.” After Silent Water entered, Lin Xiang closed the door gently.

When Reidy was closing the door, she saw Laura lying on the bed inside, and could not help thinking, “Why is that premature child here?”

“Reidy, what’s the matter?” Satsuki and Nagisa from the next room opened the door to see why it was so noisy outside, like other visitors.

“I don’t know too well. You girls can just cooperate with them later.” After speaking, Reidy returned to the room and closed the door.

Satsuki and Nagisa glanced at each other and shook their heads, puzzled. They closed the door with a bang.


“How is it, Silent Water? Is Laura alright?” Lin Xiang stood by the bed, watching the blisters on Laura’s body gradually turned red because of the blood. He was very worried.

“The bleeding is too much. Her life is not in danger for the time being. Silent Water helped her clean up the wound, so it had stopped bleeding for now.”

“Really… Silent Water, thank you for the help.” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh and patted Silent Water’s head. She sat in place obediently, closing his eyes and feeling Lin Xiang’s touch.

Laura’s clothes were badly torn. There were burn marks, and there were also marks cut by weapons. There were slight abrasions on her arms and thighs, and the sword wound on her back caused her to bleed too much. Lin Xiang could not imagine exactly what kind of attack Laura faced.

“Master, what’s wrong with Sister Laura?” Dusty asked.

“I don’t know either. She usually looks and acts eccentric. She should not be the kind of person who will suffer. How could she be like this…” Lin Xiang sighed.

“Bang bang bang!” There was a rough knock on the door, and then someone shouted outside the door, “People inside, please cooperate and open the door!”

“Master! The villains who are catching Sister Laura are here! What should we do?” Dusty’s ponytail stood upright, panicking and looking to the door, then to Lin Xiang whilst repeating her words.

“Silent Water, I’ll leave it to you here. I wonder if there are other patrolmen outside. Dusty, come with me and take us to the ground in a moment.”

“Understood!” Dusty made a soldier’s salute, while Silent Water removed the blisters on Laura. With a sound, the water bubbles dispersed into crystal water beads floating upwards, quickly disappearing into the air. Lin Xiang picked up Laura and quickly walked to the window.

“Hey! Did the people inside hear it!? Open the door quickly!” The knock on the door became louder, the whole wooden door was shaking, and some dust and sawdust fell from the door frame.

“Silent Water, be careful!”

“Yes, don’t worry, Master.” Silent Water nodded and watched Lin Xiang going through the window and jumping down.

Dusty sluggishly stretched one foot to the window sill, and then immediately took it back, “No way, too high, too high.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t be afraid, Master is below. Huh? There’s a bone flying there.”

“Where? Blub~ blub~

When Silent Water distracted Dusty, she applied a water ball on Dusty and pushed her down. The water ball flew out of the window with Dusty struggling in it. Bubbles came out of her mouth, and she fell steadily to the ground. The water ball dispersed, but Dusty wailed with a grieving face, “Oh, Sister Silent Water is too much.”

Silent Water heaved a sigh of relief when Dusty went down. When she was about to open the door, she suddenly became nervous again.

Blood! The windows, floor, and bed had blood.

Time was running out, Silent Water hastily used water magic to clean up the blood stains left by Laura.

With “Bang!” the door was knocked open, and several patrolmen walked in angrily. They saw Silent Water on the bed rubbing her eyes quietly. Covering her body with a sheet, she sat up, “Excuse me, what’s wrong?”

The originally angry patrolmen were furious because someone did not open the door. Once they saw an elegant girl like Silent Water, their smiles replaced their fierce faces, “Miss, we apologise for bothering your rest. You see, we are looking for someone…”

With a description of Laura, Silent Water slowly shook her head and looked at the patrolmen with her jewel-like eyes, “Sorry, I didn’t see her. I was very tired today, so I have been sleeping.”

“Oh, is… is it? Someone of us found her hiding in the hotel here. For safety’s sake, we still have to check your room. May I know if it’s okay?”

“Of course, you can.”

The patrolmen quickly checked the closet and the bottom of the bed where people could hide. They then bid goodbye to Silent Water and reinstalled the broken door. After that, they went to other rooms to continue their search. When they left, they also whispered something like how could there be such a beautiful girl.

The door could no longer be locked. Reidy pushed the door, looked at Silent Water, smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to be so good at acting stupid. When they banged open the door just now, I almost wanted to make a move. Fortunately, I held myself back. Where did they go?”

“They went outside. I hope Master and the others are alright.” Silent Water looked out the window. The clouds on the horizon had been dyed red by the setting sun, and night was about to fall.


Like entering a tunnel, Lin Xiang was now walking through the underground passage created by Dusty’s magic. Dusty walked in front, and the soil one meter away opened up like a flower bud, forming a passage. The path behind Lin Xiang slowly closed, turning back into solid soil, as if no one had passed by just now.

“Awesome!” Lin Xiang exclaimed as he walked. Walking underground for the first time gave him an unprecedented sense of freshness.

“Does Master like it? The earthy world is very spacious and comfortable. But, occasionally I encounter a hard rock. I can’t let it melt away, so I can only take a detour.”

Earth magic was divided into two types, soil element and rock element. Just like water magic and ice magic, they were similar but different. Soil and water could be softened and hardened, but rock and ice could only be hard, which were magic that could be produced through multiplying. Water spirits could use ice magic, but ice spirits might not be able to use water magic. If both spirits used ice magic at the same time, needless to say, ice spirits were more powerful. Soil spirits and rock spirits had similar principles, except that ordinary soil spirits did not use rock magic, and ordinary rock spirits did not use soil magic. The skill of escaping through earth was universal.

“It’s really good here, and we can breathe well. I thought we would suffocate in a confined underground.”

“That’s because the earth can open the passage and collect air from the ground. I am not mature enough, otherwise I can show more magic to Master.”

“Dusty is already great now. Where is it up there?”

“Let me take a look. Well, Master, we are now near the square. There are some people on the street wearing the same clothes as the bad guys who knocked on the door. They are here to catch Sister Laura, right?”

“I don’t know…” Lin Xiang pondered for a while, muttering, “What’s wrong with the princess? Did she allow this?”


“Richie! What do you mean???” In the inner hall, several people gathered, including the Dragon Descendant King Mangu, Laura’s father, Richie, Old Richie, Lavra, and Liz. There were still many soldiers guarding around.

Liz, who was sitting on the stone chair at that moment, stood up and looked at Richie with questioning eyes.

“Liz, relax. I have just said very clearly. That guy’s daughter attacked the kind and highly dragon like Lavra. She also violated the law of Olipolia: Not allowed to hurt harmless and non-evil dragons. I just wanted to arrest her in accordance with the law. Who knew she had resisted and wounded several guards? Such a practice would add to the crime. I asked the people search, which is all in accordance with the regulations.” Richie’s words caused Laura’s father next to him to lower his head.

“How could Laura attack her?” Liz looked at Lavra, who just smiled and did not speak.

“Liz, more than twenty guards could testify. She ran away too, which is also proof. Do you still want to help her?”

“I just don’t believe that Lala would do such a thing.”

“Well, I’m also at fault in this matter. Maybe I said something that made her angry, and she lost her mentality for a while. Richie, I hope we won’t make a big mess. Once you found Laura, just giving her a warning is fine.”

“Lady Lavra, it’s not possible.” Old Richie shook his head, “The law is to be strictly followed. If we give her just a warning, then many people will make the same mistakes in the future. Lauda, as a father, aren’t you going to say something?” Old Richie pointed a finger at Laura’s father, Lauda.

Lauda stood up and bowed ninety degrees. He clenched his teeth, dripping with cold sweat, and said in a hoarse voice, “I deeply apologise, my King, Royal Highness, Young Master Richie, Prime Minister, Lady Lavra.” Lauda took a deep breath, “The little girl has been acting weird since her mother died, but she is definitely not a bad kid. Maybe she just consulted Lady Lavra about dragon roars?”

“To simply put it, are you thinking of favoring your daughter?” Old Richie’s voice deepened, giving a very harsh feeling.

“Humble servant doesn’t mean that, but…”

“Uncle Lauda, you don’t need to be nervous. I believe in Laura just like you. There must be some misunderstanding between this.”

“Misunderstanding!? Your Royal Highness, stop being obsessed with siding her. The descendants of the betrayer’s family are betrayers by blood after all. Their nature is to be rebellious.”

“Lala is not a girl like that. Prime Minister Daniel, please be careful when you speak. Those are all in the past. Don’t mention them again. If you want to mention it, Lady Lavra…”

“Liz, that’s enough, you don’t have to speak anymore.” King Mangu took Liz’s hand, patted her, and motioned for her to relax. He said to the people present, “Now, the most important thing is to find Laura, question her reason, then this matter can come to an end.”

“King, that servant Laura is a trickster. She will definitely not admit it.”

“Richie, shut up! Are you questioning the decision of my father!?” Liz patted the table, “Father announced that we wait till we find Lala before making further decision. If I find that someone hurt her, I will definitely not let them off!”

After Liz finished speaking, she walked out of the inner hall with a flick of her hair.

Outside the corridor, there was a beautiful woman with pink hair. Liz saw her, and her eyes moistened. Her serious face turned to sorrow at that moment, and she plunged into the woman’s arms, “Mom… wuu.”

“Good girl~” The woman gently stroked Liz’s head, and asked softly, “What happened to Lala?”

“Dad stepped in. Lala is fine for the time being, but the guards will still be sent out to look for her. Mom, I shouldn’t have let Lala go at the time, I should’ve let her stay by my side always, right?” Liz sniffed and her eyes were red due to the crying.

“It’s not your fault. Lala also had her own intentions, and she also wanted to do something for you. It’s just that this time, she made big trouble.” The woman sighed.

“I don’t believe that Lala will attack that Lavra. She’s an ancient dragon. Lala is stupid enough to still fight her knowing that she can’t beat her.”

“Well, we’ll wait until they find her, then we can figure it out. But now, many people are on Richie’s side, and they don’t favor Lala’s family. I am afraid that it will be difficult for her to convince anyone.”

“What should I do then? Mom? You are also caring for Lala, right? Think of a way quickly.”

“The only thing we can do for the time being is to stop her from appearing. I feel that the aura of the ice dragon is a bit subtle, but I don’t know where the problem is. I just feel that she came to Olipolia, not to show her gratitude, but to attempt something else.”

“Mom, your feelings can’t be wrong. My talent of sensing dragon energy is also inherited from Mom. Let’s go in and confront her now and ask her purpose.”

“Silly daughter, it’s not that simple. If you say it in a peaceful situation, then everyone may believe it, but now, they will only think that you are making up a lie to help Lala.”


“Don’t worry, let’s find Lala first and then talk about it. Do you know where Lala might be now?”

“Could she be at Akane’s? The only thing she can get along with among the many nobles is her. Wait, although I think it’s impossible, it’s still possible. Lala might search for Lin Xiang.”

“Lin Xiang?”

“Mom, you don’t have to care about him. He’s just an abnormal being. It’s not an exaggeration to say he’s a pervert either.”

“Oh, it seems this Lin Xiang left quite an impression for my baby girl.” The woman smiled slightly, “Is it possible that Lala is with him?”

“Not sure, but it’s possible.”

“Well, you don’t have to look for him. As not to expose Lala’s whereabouts, I will send someone to check it out.”

“Got it.” Liz nodded and looked at the sky from in the corridor. As the sun set, the clouds were as red as blood stains. With great beauty, grief stayed within.

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