The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 56 : Dying


Led by Dusty, Lin Xiang went underground to the forest outside the town. The vague moonlight was shining on Laura’s pale face. As Lin Xiang walked and swayed, Laura groaned, and her long eyelashes moved, “Brother…Xiang?”

“Oh, you’re awake. How do you feel?” Lin Xiang asked caringly.

“My back hurts, and my body feels weak… Brother Xiang, where are you taking me? Are you trying to…”

“What are you thinking about all day? Now that many people in town are looking for you, how can we stay put? Anyway, we’ll find a place to stay overnight and regain your strength.”

“Yes. It’s great to see Brother Xiang… Brother Xiang really didn’t let me down… Want to know what happened?” Listening to Laura’s weak and hoarse voice, Lin Xiang sighed, “Alright, alright, stop talking, it’s not too late for you to tell me these later.”

“Yes.” Laura closed her eyes slowly, feeling the warmth of Lin Xiang’s back, and fell asleep again.

“Master! There is a small cave there, hurry up.” Dusty, who was walking in front, waved to Lin Xiang quickly, and then turned at a corner.

Lin Xiang picked up his pace and arrived at the cave. At that time, Dusty was looking inside from the cave entrance, “It’s pitch-black, so… Flame time! Humph!”

Under the shining of the moonlight, Dusty’s face flushed red, and then a small fire ball appeared on her palm.

“Ah~ Why does it look like this? Fire magic is so difficult.” Dusty grimly expressed dissatisfaction with the fire ball in her hand.

“Dusty is already great, not everyone can make flames.” Lin Xiang smiled.

“But, Lady Fire Dragon can clearly summon flames so casually.”

“Don’t use Valarie as a comparison. If you practice more, you will surely be able to make a good flame.”

“Yeah. I understand, Master. Let’s go, I’ll go in first.”

Although Dusty’s small flame was not big, it was equivalent to the luminosity of two candles, enough to illuminate a dark cave.

There were no other creatures living in the cave, so it was relatively empty, very dry. Without water, there were no plants such as moss. The cave was also very shallow, about six meters in depth, and more than two meters in height.

Lin Xiang gently put Laura on the ground and leaned against the wall of the cave. At that time, Laura opened her eyes again, “Where is this…”

“It’s a small cave. It seems that we can only stay here tonight.” Lin Xiang touched Laura’s bangs that were sticking together because of sweat.

Dusty also leaned down, and worried for Laura, “Are you better, Sister Laura?”

“Hmm… Much better than at the beginning, just a little thirsty…Brother Xiang, bring me a bottle of juice.”

“How is it possible? You can’t drink if you’re injured either.” Lin Xiang groaned and thought for a while, “Well, you can’t go to the small town, or villages. It seemed that we will have to stay here for a while, so we need water and food. Dusty, can you go back to the hotel and bring some water and food?”

“Leave it to me.” Dusty shook her fist at Lin Xiang, and then said, “But if I leave, there will be no fire here.”

“I’ll do it in a while. You have to be careful not to be discovered by others.”

“No problem, Master, I will go back as soon as I leave.” Dusty dived into the ground like diving into water.

As soon as Dusty left, the light in the cave disappeared. The surrounding area was pitch-black. After a while, the faint light of the moon at the entrance of the cave shone in a little. After adapting, Lin Xiang gradually saw clearly.

“Laura, wait here for a while, I’ll go out and find something to make a fire.”

“Brother Xiang, I’m scared by myself. Bring me to the entrance of the cave. Can you look for firewood around?”



There was not much dragon energy left by Valarie. Lin Xiang consumed some and after summoning a flame, the dry wood ignited instantly, illuminating the cave again.

“Brother Xiang, how come I feel cold… Am I going to die?”

“What are you talking about? You just lost too much blood. Sit closer and you will soon be warm.”

“Hey, in case… in case I die, can you promise me one thing?”

“I told you, you won’t die. Tell me what you want.”

“It’s to win the championship of the inheritance competition.”

“Inheritance competition?” Lin Xiang recalled for a moment. Indeed, there would be that kind of programme in a few days, but he did not plan to participate. He only knew three dragon roars, and one of those three was a dragon roar that had no offensive power—— Fine Weather. How could he participate, let alone win the championship?

“You clearly know my standards. I might be defeated in the preliminary rounds. Besides, I will return a few days later.” Lin Xiang picked up a stick and made the wood burn more evenly.

“Ah, my chest hurts so much. My wound seems to be opened. I’m dying.” Laura puffed up as if it were painful.

Lin Xiang threw the stick into the fire without even looking at Laura, “Your wound is on the back.”

“Anyway, Brother Xiang, you have to get the champion.”

“Hey, there are more than five hundred dragon descendants. Excluding all junior dragon descendants, at least more than three hundred dragon descendants will participate in the competition. I really can’t do it.”

“Cough cough, cough cough!” Laura coughed a few times, “Brother Xiang, I can’t believe I can’t hear you agree to this small request before I die.”

“Hey, don’t keep talking about death. Have a good rest and don’t talk.” Lin Xiang added some firewood to the fire.


Noticing that Laura did not speak, Lin Xiang could not help but wonder, “Laura?” Turning his head, he saw Laura turning her face sideways, as if she was asleep.

“Hey, did you fall asleep?” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand and shook Laura, and found that her body was cold.

“What’s wrong…” At that time, Lin Xiang found that Laura’s balloon-like chest had no ups and downs of breathing. A bad feeling surged within his heart. Lin Xiang swallowed his saliva and trembling brought his fingers to Laura’s nose…

No way! Lin Xiang felt shortness of breath. His scalp began to numb, and his heart seemed to be in a bottomless pit.

“You are lying, right? Laura? Hey, wake up!” Lin Xiang helped Laura up and shook her head, but she seemed to be asleep very well. No matter how he shook her, she did not respond.

Lin Xiang looked at Laura’s cute, childlike face in disbelief, “Laura, I promise you, alright? Hurry up and wake up. Come on!”

There was no response. Lin Xiang originally had a feeling of fluke, thinking that Laura was just joking with him, deliberately trying to force him to agree. However, since Lin Xiang had already agreed with her request, it made Lin Xiang’s heart completely cold to find that she had no response.

His eyes were a little moist. Lin Xiang hugged Laura tightly. For four years, his tears never flowed. At that moment, they appeared in the eye sockets, and there was a tendency to gush out.

Laura, who was close to Lin Xiang’s chest, raised the corner of her mouth slightly, as if she had a good dream.

“You said it, Brother Xiang, you must fulfil it.”

“Yes, I must fulfil it.” Lin Xiang nodded in pain then froze for a moment. He pushed Laura, held her shoulders, and looked directly at her face. Laura’s eyes were still closed, but there was a slight smile on her lips. Lin Xiang suddenly understood, “You brat, you deceived me!? You scared the living out of me.”

“Nothing, I just went to Heaven, and when I heard Brother Xiang agreed, I suddenly came back. Huh? Brother Xiang, are you crying?” At that instant, Laura opened her eyes and looked at Lin Xiang with a smile on her face.

“No! You brat can go act in a movie. Especially in the last scene, I obviously promised you, but your long silence after that was simply too scary.”

“Who told you not to promise me at first? But I didn’t expect Brother Xiang to cry for me though.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Hehe~ I never knew that Brother Xiang is so simple and cute.” Watching Lin Xiang continue to cover it up, Laura slowly put her arms around Lin Xiang’s waist and pressed her face to Lin Xiang’s chest. Her eyes gleamed, “Brother Xiang, you said it just now, you must get the champion. As long as you get the first place, I can be your maid for a day. If you want anything from me, I will fulfil your wishes.”

“Anything?” Lin Xiang’s heartbeat that had slowed down accelerated again.

“Yes, anything.”

“Hoo hah…” Lin Xiang took deep breaths, “According to your personality, you will definitely find a reason to shirk my request. Tell me, why do you want me to be champion?”

“If Brother Xiang isn’t the first, Sister Liz will marry that stupid Richie.” Laura briefly talked about Liz’s decision to Lin Xiang.

“Although Richie is annoying, his strength is really there. Aside from Brother Xiang, I can’t think of anyone else, and I don’t have friends to discuss what to do.”

“Isn’t Princess popular? Everyone seems to be able to be friends with her, you too.”

“Sister Liz is Sister Liz, and I am me. Don’t think I’m always a cheerful being. I used to be completely afraid to speak. The accusation that our family bears made me get bullied often. It was Sister Liz who rescued me. I will do everything for the sake of Sister Liz.”

“So you went to meet Lavra, and you were wanted, right… What was your family’s charge?”

“This is something that happened more than four hundred years ago. Brother Xiang, I am tired. If you are interested, I will tell you later. Just let me stay like this, can I sleep in your arms?”

“Ah, yes.” Lin Xiang looked at the fire, he somehow felt a little weird. Freed and Yalide somehow had not spoken to him for more than two days. Lin Xiang could not think of anything alone, but felt very strange, vaguely thinking that all the things that happened were connected with a kind of event.

“Brother Xiang, don’t do strange things while I am sleeping.”

“No, I won’t.” Laura’s speech before sleeping really made Lin Xiang dumbfounded.

Laura turned in Lin Xiang’s arms, found a comfortable position and fell asleep. Lin Xiang had not felt anything before, but now he finally reacted, and it was super bad. Laura’s elastic chest pressed against his abdomen, and the feeling was indescribable.

Pah~” The wood burned, and after the sound, the cave was extremely quiet. Lin Xiang leaned against the wall and dared not move.

Feeling the even ups and downs on Laura’s chest, Lin Xiang knew that she was asleep.

“Why hasn’t Dusty return yet?” Lin Xiang muttered.

“Master, did you call for me?” Dusty’s head suddenly sprang out from the ground, and there was some dust on her little nose.

“Wow!” Lin Xiang was taken aback, speak of the devil.

“Dusty, when did you come back?” Lin Xiang looked at Laura in his arms, sleeping very soundly. She did not wake up, and he presumed that she was exhausted.

“Just now, as soon as I came back here, I heard Master calling my name.” Dusty quickly got up, holding a big shopping bag in her hand, which contained a lot of things.

“What’s the situation outside?”

“Many people are looking for Sister Laura, saying she attacked a dragon or something.”


————The next day, Richie’s house

“Trash! That maid has been injured, yet so many people can’t find her. Don’t tell me she could fly to the sky?” Richie was furious after hearing the report of the patrolman.

The entire town and the royal guards could not find a little maid. Was there such a ridiculous thing?

“We apologise, Young Master Richie. We have searched the entire town. We can find the places where people can be hidden, but we didn’t see Laura.” The reporting patrolman lowered his head, and he thought it was weird. Yesterday’s search could even find a little rat, but Laura was nowhere to be found. He and his companions have tried their best, but because of their low status, they dared not say anything, they could only make Richie lose his temper.

“Go away, keep looking. Search the village too.” Richie waved his hand impatiently. The patrolman responded and retreated.

“It’s fine if these patrolmen are newbies, but why can’t the royal guards find her as well? Did Princess tell something to the guards and let them hide the maid…” Sitting on the sofa, Richie kept thinking.

“What’s the matter, you look troubled.” Lavra walked in from the outside and sat next to Richie.

“Just now, the patrolman came to report and said that Laura was not found. How could this be possible?”

“Richie is so anxious to find her, why?”

“I want to find her first, and after I find her, I’ll lock her up. Otherwise I’m worried that Liz will find a reason, like taking care of her, to delay the marriage.”

“Richie, you think too much.” Lavra smiled.

“No, this is an assurance for myself. As long as I am married to Liz, I will release her immediately.”

“It seems that Richie has considered a lot.”

“Of course, I am the one who wants to be King. How can a king not think carefully about one thing and come up with several ways?”

“Yes, Richie is amazing. I’m a little tired, so I’ll go back and rest first.”

“Alright, go. When I find the maid, I will share this joy with you again. Then you can punish her any way you want. She was to blame for attacking you.”

“In fact, it’s nothing. But I’m so touched because of Richie’s effort for me.” Lavra leaned down and kissed Richie’s face, then walked out of the living room.

Richie did not react for a long time. He touched his face, and laughed, “Laura, even if you run out of Olipolia, I will catch you back no matter what.”

Looking at the sun just rising outside the window, Richie clenched his fists.

In the corridor, Lavra stood behind the door. Her smile was still on her face, but it was a little different from the intimacy she used to have.

———— One day later, the training grounds

“You want to participate in the inheritance competition?” Leon looked at Lin Xiang in surprise after hearing what Lin Xiang said.

“Yeah.” Lin Xiang nodded firmly.

“But… You haven’t learned any Elemental Dragon Roars. Even if you join, you will only go there for nothing.”

“I have learned the Fire Dragon’s Roar.”

“What!?” Nia who was next to her let out an incredible cry. Several students also exclaimed in awe.

“No way, how long has he been here.”

“Is he a genius of learning dragon roars? But why did he have so little dragon energy?”

Leon stared at Lin Xiang’s eyes for a while. He did not think he was lying and nodded, “You are a very pleasant surprise. Let me tell you, in the inheritance competition, both sides will unleash their own dragon roars. It’s extremely easy to get injured. If you don’t have actual combat experience, you might be disabled. Doesn’t that concern you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It’s a huge matter, Lin Xiang.” Bemiru said with worries, “We believe that you have learned the Fire Dragon’s Roar, but only the basics, right? It’s impossible to participate in this way. Let’s not talk about the nobles, even senior dragon descendants alone have more than a hundred that participated in the match. Each of them has at least four types of dragon roars. It is a great disadvantage to compete with them.”

“No way…”

“Of course, you now only have two types of dragon roars. Others have four, which is half the difference. Nonetheless, they have much more dragon energy than you.”

“Hmm… Even so, I have to participate.”

“But,” Several people who knew Lin Xiang advised Lin Xiang not to participate. In each inheritance competition, many participants were always injured, and some even nearly died.

“Lin Xiang, the girls both care about you. The inheritance match is a very dangerous competition. For the powerful dragon descendants, they can protect themselves from serious injuries, but for juniors, with limited dragon roars, they are very easy to get injured. If you cherish your own body, then I don’t recommend you to participate. However, if you must insist on participating, then I can’t stop you. So, I’ll ask again, are you sure you want to participate?” Leon looked at Lin Xiang and found Lin Xiang’s eyes were full of determination no matter the predicted outcomes. Needless to say, he also knew his final decision.

“Yes, I must participate.”

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