The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 57 : Inheritance Competition


The inheritance competition was the last programme of the Dragon-Training Festival. The programme was extremely important for young dragon descendants who were eager to become stronger. For tourists, it was just a competition of dragon roars between the dragon descendants.

The previous programme made visitors feel the atmosphere of getting along with dragons. They have seen and petted the dragons, bought a lot of specialties, and spent a lot of money in a day, so at that time, most of the tourists had already left Olipolia. Only a small part of them stayed to watch the competition.

Although the departure of tourists had reduced the income of Olipolia, it had also reduced the burden. After all, the people who came were rich people from various countries, and it was not easy to explain if accidents happened. Fortunately, the Dragon-Training Festival went smoothly.

At the back of the first town, there was a sunken area, like an open-air gymnasium. The stone chairs surrounding the oval platform in the middle were arranged in rows and could seat thousands of people. The structure was similar to a colosseum.

That was where the powerful dragon descendants usually compete and fight. The oval platform in the middle could accommodate three big dragons for them to move freely, which was very spacious.

Generally powerful dragon descendants had their own dragons, so they were always with the dragons when duelling, which was why the area was so spacious and was called the duelling platform.

The surrounding of the platform was now full of people. Most of them were locals, civilians, students, soldiers, mentors, etc. A few were tourists staying to watch the match.

According to the hierarchy, tourists with authority could sit in the front, while those with more ordinary identities could only sit in the back with civilians. The middle part was the students, in front were the tutors and other upper-class people.

Below the seats, there was a spacious space, similar to a basement. At that moment, there were two hundred and sixty-four participating dragon descendants. Those dragon descendants were above intermediate level, except for—

“Master, please be careful.” After Silent Water helped Lin Xiang tidy up his collar, she smiled and cheered.

“Ah.” Lin Xiang touched Silent Water’s hair. The perseverance in his eyes suddenly flashed with confusion.

Could he really get the first place and help the princess?

The princess misunderstood him a lot, but he received a lot of care from her. Laura also pleaded like that…

What made Lin Xiang confused was not only the uncertainty about his own strength, but also because of Freed and Yalide. They had not spoken to Lin Xiang for several days, which made Lin Xiang a little worried. He even wondered if they had left his body.

“Master, believe in yourself. You will definitely get the first place.” Seeing Lin Xiang thinking hard, Silent Water said.

Lin Xiang nodded. At that moment, a soldier walked into the contestant’s lounge and said with a loud voice to the people inside, “Get ready! The preliminaries are about to begin.”

Hearing that, the originally noisy crowd had more commotion. The dragon descendants there were all of certain strength. Although not all of them had to get the first place, but they were in the top eight.

In the inheritance competition, the first to eighth place could be taught by the elders about dragon roars.

The reason why the powerful dragon roar must be obtained through the competition was because if there was no certain strength, let alone whether it could be unleashed, absorbing the dragon language would also be another problem. However, once learned, it could be released. The dragon descendant’s strength would also increase a lot.

Naturally, many people paid attention to Lin Xiang’s presence, because he was a junior dragon descendant, as well as having a beautiful and picturesque girl like Silent Water by his side. He was close to the princess before, and his reputation was so great that it was difficult to not attract attention. Everyone did not know that Lin Xiang could unleash the Fire Dragon’s Roar, so they were looking at Lin Xiang with mostly contemptuous thoughts, thinking that he was to boastful. The boys were envious of Lin Xiang for being surrounded by beautiful girls.

One of the boys looked at Lin Xiang with more confusion. He clenched his hands and showed a seemingly non-existent smile: “Lin Xiang, I hope you don’t meet me in the first preliminary round. Lose to others obediently, otherwise, I will definitely make you hurt so bad that you regret your participation in this competition.”

“Now, here’s the list of the preliminaries.” The soldier picked up the roll of paper in his hand and announced the groups.

There were a total of one hundred and thirty-two groups in the preliminaries, and it took the soldiers five minutes to finish the list.

“Captain Finnland, my opponent is Lin Xiang.” The companion next to the boy said with a smile.

“Doblin, you are so lucky to have him. You must have no pressure to win.” The other person patted the shoulder of the person called Doblin enviously.

Finnland’s clenched hands had long been released. The Dragon Roar Exchange with Lin Xiang caused him great loss and made him be ashamed in front of so many people, which made him furious. Now, he was in a group with Lin Xiang. Although he was disappointed that he could not teach him a lesson himself, but since Lin Xiang had bad luck, he felt that it was not bad, “Doblin, during the preliminary rounds, settle him in seconds. Make him feel miserable as much as you can.”

Doblin patted his chest and responded very confidently, “No problem.”

The preliminaries were about to start, so Silent Water left. Lin Xiang did not know anyone there, so he had to sit in the corner. Lin Xiang noticed that many people looked at him from time to time, and heard some of them saying that he was did not know he was incapable, but all he could do was smiling bitterly.

He looked at the people around him. There were either nobles or middle-to-high-level dragon descendants in short robes. He could only know the level of their dragon roars after the rounds.

Looking at Richie, who was surrounded by a few people in a distance trying to please him, he had a smile on his face. Lin Xiang shook his head, closed his eyes, and recharged himself.


The duelling platform was very spacious. It was a preliminary match, so the contestants were divided to eight preliminary destinations. Once knocked down by the dragon roar, surrendered, and fell out of bounds, the contestant would lose.

The dragon descendants in the preliminaries were as if they were having a small fight, especially the nobles and high-level dragon descendants. They could deal with the middle-level dragon descendants with ease. They had more dragon roars, so they could also defeat the middle-level dragon descendants with no suspense.

The kind of huge gap between their strengths did not really attract the spectators’ attention. Only those matches, where both sides were trying their best, could make the audience excited and cheered by chanting.

Lin Xiang watched from the side. The duelling platform was chaotic. Various types of dragon roars were emitted. Some dragon descendants also attached dragon roars to their weapons to attack their opponents.

The preliminaries were so intense, and Lin Xiang finally knew why Leon was reluctant to let him participate in the competition. After every round, someone would get injured. The power of dragon roar was completely different from magic. It was basically a roar that determined the outcome. The attack was strong, so the dragon descendants in the competition wore robes that could reduce the damage of the dragon roars. But in spite of that, as soon as the dragon roar hit the opponent, it could immediately make the opponent lose the ability to attack.

The injured dragon descendants were carried aside and healed by some medical dragon descendants. Skin injuries recovered quickly with the aid of the Healing Dragon Roar, while those with broken bones were more troublesome.

Lin Xiang looked at the most protruding part of the viewing platform. Liz was sitting next to the Dragon Descendant King. Although there was a smile on her face, it was not difficult to see that she was forcing it. She responded to the person talking to her from time to time.

After Laura left Liz, Liz had basically been like that. Her mother had asked someone to track Laura, but she found nothing. Liz could not help but worry.

If Liz knew that Laura was having a very good life the past few days, eating Lin Xiang’s homemade food and teasing him, Lin Xiang wondered if their friendship would break shatter. She cared about her so much, yet she was playing with Lin Xiang all along?

“Silent Water, here, here.” In the middle of the spectators’ seats, Reidy beckoned to Silent Water, who was looking around for Reidy and the others. She smiled and quietly walked over to their side.

Sitting on the seats were Reidy, Dusty, Nia, Bemiru and others. Satsuki and the others had already gone back. The cost of living there was too much. Lin Xiang and Kamiki paid for the living expenses, so Nagisa felt sorry. The previous day, she made a request to go back. Needless to say, Kaoru agreed. Fire Lotus was cold and did not express any opinions, but she also wanted to go back. Satsuki thought about it for a while and felt that it was time to go since they had been there for quite some time, so she nodded in agreement. Remi had been walking around in Olipolia for several days, and felt bored, so he followed back.

“What’s the state of the human?” Reidy asked.

“Quite good.” Silent Water replied after sitting down.

“Huh, it would be a shame if he loses in the preliminary rounds.” Reidy did not agree with Lin Xiang’s participation. The power of dragon roars was too powerful, and he would be injured if he was not careful.

Silent Water looked at the center of the duelling platform, where the dragon descendants were fighting, and she did not speak. Regardless of winning or losing, as long as Lin Xiang was fine, that was the best.

“@&#*%” Dusty stuffed snacks into her mouth, and said vaguely.

Retty listened carefully, probably meaning that “Master is the best. If he can get the first, he can get the first.”

Reidy snorted, gritted her teeth and murmured, “Damn human, damn perverted ghost, just like all other men, willing to go up a sharp mountain and down to the sea of fire for the sake of pretty girls. That kid’s breasts are just a little bigger. In a while, if he loses, then it’s on him.”

With that said, Reidy still hoped that Lin Xiang could win the championship.

Nia and Bemiru were watching the match, guessing who would win each preliminary round. After a while, Nia called out, “Ah, Lin Xiang is up next.”

“Where?” The girls looked around.

“There, in the number seventh platform.”

Nia pointed, and everyone looked at the number seventh platform where Lin Xiang was.

Lin Xiang walked into the line of the preliminaries. The platform was large rectangle that was thirty meters long and twenty meters wide. There was a line in the middle. After standing on the side of the line, Lin Xiang’s opponent, Doblin, also stepped in.

“Doblin… Lin Xiang is in trouble as soon as he comes up.” Nia and Bemiru sighed.

Doblin was the deputy captain of the Finnland’s team. He was good at the Thunder Dragon’s Roar, and his strength was as powerful as Finnland’s. He was considered half a senior dragon descendant. Lin Xiang was against him, even if he did not win, it would be great if he did not get hurt.

“There’s no hope.” A girl sighed.

After Doblin came up, he did not speak, but looked at Lin Xiang with a smile. In his eyes, Lin Xiang was already a wounded contestant lying on the ground.

Lin Xiang felt the opponent’s despise by the look of his eyes, and he entered the wind speed state, waiting for the referee to start the round.

“Remember, friendship first, and competition second. Your dragon roars must be controlled, not too strong.” After the referee finished speaking, both sides were ready.

“Then, round… start!” As the referee gave orders, Doblin, who was already ready to attack, issued a Thunder Dragon’s Roar, “Hooo— Ppo!”

With the roar of the spinning Thunder Snake flying towards Lin Xiang, the gaps between them got very close. If Lin Xiang could not avoid it, he would definitely fly out of the platform and be injured.

Doblin already calculated, so he activated the basic Thunder Dragon’s Roar as quickly as possible.

At the moment when the dragon roar was seen, Finnland who was watching the round showed a disdainful smile. His team members laughed a lot, and it seemed that the results were obvious.

“Wow!” Lin Xiang did not expect Doblin to start so fast. He quickly reacted as he entered the wind speed state. Feeling the electric current within the thundering roar, he turned sideways and escaped the small area of ​​Thunder Dragon’s roar, making Doblin stunned.

The attack speed of Thunder Dragon’s Roar was too swift, and the distance between the two was so close. Ordinary people could not avoid it at all, how…

After Lin Xiang escaped the attack, he did not stay idle either. Taking advantage of his opponent’s dazing pauses, he took a deep breath, “Hooo— Ha!”

As soon as he got back to his senses, an energy group hit Doblin’s stomach, making him arched like a shrimp. He fell to the ground and rolled a few times, almost leaving the platform.

“Eh…” Lin Xiang did not expect the Dragon’s Roar to be so powerful. He directly caused Doblin to fly ten meters away.

Doblin got up in a hurry, as if he had not understood what was going on.

The referee was also surprised, and did not believe that someone with weak dragon energy, like Lin Xiang, could fling Doblin away.

“Contestant Doblin, can you continue to compete?” Seeing that Doblin’s whole body was dirty and looking at Lin Xiang blankly, the referee could not help but asked.

“Ah, I can, I can.” Doblin was taken aback for a moment, and nodded quickly. The look he shot towards Lin Xiang became agile and sharp, “How despicable of you to sneak an attack.”

“What? Are you qualified to talk about me?”

“Hmph, in that case, don’t blame me for being impolite. I’ll let you taste my…” Before he finished speaking, Lin Xiang issued a Tyrannosaurus Roar, wanting to make a quick end game.

Previously, Doblin was not ready to be knocked into the air by Lin Xiang. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to defend it. Without the robe, dragon descendants had certain resistance to the dragon roars they learned, especially a dragon roar like the Dragon’s Roar.

At a distance of ten meters between the two of them, the power of Tyrannosaurus Roar weakened a lot. Doblin stood still confidently, letting the rest of the Tyrannosaurus Roar hit him.

As if being pushed hard by someone, Doblin stepped back and looked at Lin Xiang in surprise. The previous Dragon’s Roar hit him because he was not ready. With a farther distance now, he was still well-defended, but he was still knocked back a few steps, which made him got surprised by the power of Lin Xiang’s dragon roars.

“Fine, I underestimated you. Now, let’s have a serious fight.” Doblin was ignited with battle power. At that moment, the referee shouted.

“Contestant Doblin, out.”

“Ah? Out? I didn’t admit defeat, and I haven’t played seriously yet. What do you mean, referee?” Doblin questioned dissatisfiedly. He was going to get serious.

“Hahahaha.” The dragon descendants who had not competed all laughed.

“What are you laughing for!?”

“You are out of bounds, idiot. Out of bounds.” It was embarrassing enough to have Lin Xiang dodge the attack, and send him flying with Lin Xiang’s Dragon’s Roar. He was shaken out of bounds by the “aftertaste” of the Tyrannosaurus Roar, yet he was clueless about it. He even questioned the referee, which made Finnland had the urge to give Doblin a punch.

“Huh?” Doblin lowered his head and realized that his feet had already stepped out of the line.

“Finnland, is that the deputy captain of your team? That’s hilarious. He actually got defeated by that Lin Xiang.” Several dragon descendants clenched their stomachs and laughed.

Finnland and the teammates were speechless, but they could only look at Doblin with grievance. Doblin was also speechless. He was defeated by two ordinary dragon roars, and he blamed himself for underestimating the enemy.

“Referee, this doesn’t count, not this time.” Doblin said quickly, “Come on, again. I’m sure to defeat him.”

“The round is over. If you lose, you lose. Stop the nonsense. Get out of the platform and prepare for the next group.” The referee said impatiently.

“Hahaha.” Seeing Doblin that way, the laughter around him grew louder. Lin Xiang scratched his head. He won, but he was still in daze as he stepped from the preliminaries somewhat inconceivably.

Doblin blushed. It was all because he underestimated the enemy. He glared at Lin Xiang and unwillingly returned to his team.

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