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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 58 : Inheritance Competition (2)


“No way, that Doblin’s too funny. He can’t even stop the energy of the Tyrannosaurus Roar that is about to disappear.” A girl next to Nia smiled after watching the round.

“Lin Xiang is so lucky. He won glory for our junior dragon descendants.”

Many people who paid attention to the number seventh preliminaries match laughed after watching it. Leon on the mentors’ seat was smiling and rubbing his forehead with his sleeve. He saw Lin Xiang almost got hit by the Thunder Dragon’s Roar, and he was frightened in cold sweat. It was really too dangerous for a just-promoted intermediate dragon descendant to participate in the competition with zero combat experience.

Leon felt that Lin Xiang had good luck in the match, but the next round would be troublesome.

Soon, the one hundred and thirty two preliminaries were all settled. The relevant personnel sorted the winners, and the second round of preliminaries began.

The weather was cloudy that day and the sun was blocked by dark clouds, which gave the audience a good viewing environment.

In the third round of the preliminaries in the afternoon, after one or two rounds of screening, there were still some powerful dragon descendants left. They looked very nervous at the moment, but there was one guy who was out of place and looking around, that person was Lin Xiang.

Regarding Lin Xiang, everyone did not know whether he had the strength or luck. In the second round of preliminaries, the opponent was roared out of the line with only his Tyrannosaurus Roar.

People said that he was lucky because a junior dragon descendant made it into the third round of preliminaries with only the Dragon’s Roar and the Tyrannosaurus Roar. Some were saying he had strength, it meant that he avoided very fast, and the power of his Tyrannosaurus Roars seemed to be greater than that of others, because the roars constantly roared away the other resistant dragon descendants. He gained a lot of pride for many junior dragon descendants, making them think that they could do it themselves too. In fact, if there were no wind speed state and him being a half-dragon with strengthened dragon roars, then first round preliminaries would be eliminated, let alone continuing till the third round.

In the eyes of the remaining powerful dragon descendants, Lin Xiang was “in great demand”. Lin Xiang, a half-hearted dragon descendant who “could not” unleash the Elemental Dragon Roars, was a fat lamb, and they were confident that they could definitely win easily against him and enter the next day’s official competition. Therefore, everyone prayed in their hearts that they could match with him in the next round.

Especially Finnland, seeing Lin Xiang persisting to the third round of preliminaries, he felt that it was God’s plan to let him defeat Lin Xiang personally. He kept praying in his heart: Great Dragon God, please let me be against Lin Xiang, please let me be against Lin Xiang. I want to trample him under my feet severely.

Richie was arrogant at that moment. Looking contemptuously at everyone who might become his opponent, he completely considered himself as the champion. When looking at Lin Xiang, he almost laughed. He wanted to catch someone and ask how that piece of garbage got into the third round of the preliminaries.

The list of the competition was quickly arranged. That was also the last round of preliminaries that day. As long as someone won, they could enter the official competition the next day.

In the preliminaries venue of the number four, Richie was against a boy. After the round command was issued, Richie took the lead in attacking the opponent with a basic Fire Dragon’s Roar. The opponent was a noble like Richie, and he released Wind ● Sharp Blades towards the flame of the dragon roar.

Several transparent wind blades tore the flames apart, and with a strange range, the blades rotated 360 degrees, flying from the front and back. They cut through the air without dead ends and flew towards Richie.

A disdainful smile appeared at the corner of Richie’s mouth, “Hooo— Feika!” The roar sounded, and his body was immediately surrounded by flames. The wind blade hit against his shield, dealing him no damage, but made the flames burn more violently.

After a second, the fierce flame suddenly became smaller, and the bright red became dark red. Seeing that, the noble boy’s expression changed.

With a loud bang, the flames of Richie’s body quickly spread, forming a sea of ​​fire and heat that forced toward the boy.

Lin Xiang heard from the person next to him that Richie was using the Intermediate Dragon Roar, Fire ● Meteor. First, the flame was condensed, which was how the flame became smaller a moment ago and the color turned darker. After that, it erupted, letting the flame turn into a series of fire meteors to attack the enemy. Richie only sent out two syllables, so they did not really resemble meteors, but the power was amazing.

The boy released a wind dragon shield in front of him, but the wind and flame merged into a flaming whirlwind. The heat wave was pressing and forcing the boy to step a few steps back. Obviously, he could not stand the heat.

“Garbage.” Richie snapped his fingers. The flame suddenly escaped from the interference of the whirlwind and rushed directly at the boy. It was too late for the boy to dodge. He issued a dragon roar. His speed soared as he rushed towards Richie like a cannonball. Lin Xiang remembered that Leon mentioned it was a Wind Roar, called Swift ● Sprint.

Attaching the wind around the body, it formed an offensive and defensive protective cover. Under its leadership, it was a very practical wind roar for attacking and shielding purposes.

The flame was blocked by the boy half a meter away, unable to hurt him. However, the temperature of the flame still made him gritted his teeth, broke through the sea of ​​fire, and hit Richie.

Richie smiled disdainfully again, and calmly released a dragon roar. The floor began to vibrate slightly. The next second, like a volcanic eruption, a large pillar of fire spewed out from the ground, covering almost the entire preliminary field of in number three. The referees on the side were pushed back several steps.

“Wow! That’s awesome!”

“This is… Dragon ● Ground Fire!!! An advanced dragon roar! Richie is simply bullying him. He’s not thinking of turning Cobain into ashes, right? Why is he using an advanced dragon roar in the preliminaries?” Several boys next to Lin Xiang exclaimed. The dragon descendants who fought in other preliminaries also stopped and looked at the pillar of fire soaring into the sky.

 Dragon  Ground Fire? Lin Xiang looked at the twenty-meter-high and very spacious pillar of fire. He felt that the dragon roar was very extraordinary. The concentration of the flame alone was unusual. He really lived up to his title as an aristocratic dragon descendant.

Hhong— A figure rushed out of the pillar of fire. It was the boy named Cobain. He was now very embarrassed. With a gray-headed face, and black smoke from his clothes, he stepped out of the bounds. It seemed that he had no intention of fighting anymore.

“Contestant Cobain is out of bounds. Contestant Richie wins.” The referee immediately made a verdict.

The pillar of fire that soared into the sky lasted for a while and disappeared instantly, as if it had never appeared before.


Dragon ● Ground Fire obviously shocked the audience. They all clapped and cheered. Richie’s dragon roars were certainly very eye-catching.

Rich smiled contentedly and waved to the audience, then blew a kiss to Liz as he left the preliminaries with swag.

I only know one basic Fire Dragon’s Roar. How can I fight against this guy?

‘Freed, Yalide, do you hear me? Ah, just respond me, brats. Hello?’

Lin Xiang’s request for help got no respond.

Damn it. Lin Xiang sighed.

Among the crowd, a girl wearing a cloak and coat, covering every inch of her body while only exposing a pair of shiny big eyes, was looking at Richie’s leaving figure. She snorted, “Idiot, what’s so great about that? Tomorrow’s match, Brother Xiang will still defeat you with the simplest dragon roar. You want to marry Sister Liz? Dream on.”

After venting her dissatisfaction, the girl’s eyes fell on Lin Xiang among the contestants.

“Brother Xiang, keep it up.”

After a few games, it was Lin Xiang’s turn.

Lin Xiang’s opponent was a gentle, little boy with a childish look. Looking at the clothes, he was a noble. He was very polite and took the initiative to greet Lin Xiang.

“Prepare, start.” After the referee gave the start command, the short boy stepped back and distanced himself from Lin Xiang. Similarly, after learning the lessons of the previous two rounds, Lin Xiang also backed away.

“Hooo—Alkawin!” The short boy roared a dragon roar, and a lot of gray spots gradually appeared in the air. Those spots quickly converged, forming sharp stone cones.

“I will try my best to avoid the vital points, please be careful.” The short boy reminded him, and then a batch of stone cones emitting sharp blade-like light flew out.

They were fast, and the attack range was wide.

Without going out of bounds, Lin Xiang could not hide from the side at all. Ducking, he quickly slid below the stone cones that flew over his head.

“Oh~ Lin Xiang is really courageous. If he ducked a second later, he would have been shot,” Bemiru exclaimed. Nia and others also nodded.

The situation just now was really dangerous. The attack width of the stone cones was exactly the width of the preliminaries, so it was impossible to avoid it from the side. Nia and the others were shocked when Lin Xiang ran towards the stone cones.

“Not bad. I didn’t expect you to do this. Then, how should you avoid this next?”

Another batch of stone cones was generated, thicker than before. In the control of the short boy, they attacked Lin Xiang.

Some of the stone cones flew close to the ground, so it was obvious that he could not dodge by sliding across the ground.

“This is troublesome.” A cold sweat broke out on Lin Xiang’s face.

“I can only give it a try…” Lin Xiang took a deep breath. Before the stone cones hit him, he let out a Dragon Roar of Madness, “Hooo— Haggeli!”

The powerful energy group collided with the stone cones and bounced the stone cones away.

“What!!!” The short boy jumped in shock, and quickly avoided the energy group that came howling.

“Right bet.” Lin Xiang showed a wry smile. He had not much dragon energy left in his body, and another round of Dragon Roar of Madness would let his energy hit the bottom. But fortunately, he could bounce those stone cones off.

“It looks like you are tired. Your dragon energy is running out.” The short boy caught Lin Xiang panting. It was a good opportunity.

“Hooo—Bati!” The Earth Dragon’s Roar, Rock ● Windstorm, was unleashed.  Countless broken stones stirred up like a shock wave, and tore a hole in the ground.

“Sh*t!” Lin Xiang would have to spend the summer playing in the hospital if he was hit.

Quickly dodging to the side, before he could heave a sigh of relief, the rock windstorm passing by Lin Xiang’s side took a U-turn, bending towards Lin Xiang’s back.

“They can track too?” Lin Xiang ran away, squatting left and right to avoid. He wanted to attack the short boy who was controlling it, but that boy was very smart and kept covering himself with the rock windstorm. Lin Xiang could not get close at all. However, Lin Xiang neither could get close to the boy, nor could the boy hit Lin Xiang with the stones, because Lin Xiang’s speed was too fast. Even he suspected that Lin Xiang had used a speed-increasing Wind Roar, like Swift ● Footsteps.

“Let’s finish this!” In the boy’s control, the rock windstorm split into countless small stones, all floating in the air, and smashed towards Lin Xiang’s body.

Hhong hhong hhong.” A cloud of dust stirred up from the ground.

“Master…” Silent Water put her hands on her chest with a worried expression on her face. Reidy stood up even more excited. She did not notice that Dusty, who was next to her, was gone.

“Ah? Why isn’t it painful?” Lin Xiang only felt that his eyes suddenly went dark, and then he heard many collisions, but nothing happened to him.

“Hey hey~” There was a chuckle, and it was Dusty’s voice. Taking a closer look at the surroundings, Lin Xiang found that there was a layer of mud surrounding him.

“Oh, Dusty, thank you.” Needless to say, Lin Xiang also understood that it was Dusty who helped him.

“Master, good luck!” Dusty finished speaking, and the surrounding mud disappeared. A puff of smoke poured in.

“Cough cough.” Lin Xiang covered his nose.

“Hey, how is he inside? Mr. Referee, did I win?” The short boy did not think Lin Xiang had the ability to act under such an attack, so he looked at the referee.

“Well, then…”

Swish~” Lin Xiang rushed out of the dust, with a trace of air current, directly in front of the unsuspecting little boy.

“Are you…”

Lin Xiang showed no signs of injury at all, and the short boy could not believe his eyes.

When Lin Xiang was about a meter away from the short boy, he took a deep breath, “Hooo— Ha!”

The energy group of the Dragon’s Roar flew the short boy out of bounds. When the boy was out, he still did not understand how Lin Xiang dodged the attack.

“Hey, what’s the matter? What’s the matter? Am I bedazzled or something? Lin Xiang, defeated Olafra?” Like the short boy, that sudden twist made the audience unresponsive for a long time.

“Contestant Olafra, out. Contestant… Contestant Lin Xiang wins.” The referee made the final decision.

“No way… He only used the Dragon’s Roar. He used the Dragon’s Roar for all three preliminary rounds and entered the official competition. I must be still in a dream.”

“His luck is too good. I want that kind of luck too.”

After watching the rounds, the dragon descendants who lost and did not participate in the official matches envied Lin Xiang’s amazing luck. A small group of people was thinking about how Lin Xiang avoided that attack.

“Brother Xiang is awesome!” Laura shouted.

Although Lin Xiang had less dragon energy, Laura always had a feeling that Lin Xiang was very strong. Now that Lin Xiang was qualified to enter the official competition, she was very excited. He definitely can beat that guy Richie. Brother Xiang will definitely do it.

“That foreign young man named Lin Xiang is very interesting.” Liz’s mother put her hand to her mouth and chuckled very implicitly.

“That’s right, Your Majesty. This is the first time I have seen such a junior dragon descendant entering an official match.” An older dragon descendant beside her nodded and looked at Lin Xiang, who had left the field. With approving eyes he spoke, “His speed is not bad. I feel that he used the first syllable of Swift ● Footsteps. Even if he never used it, then I can say that he was born with Godly speeds. For people like him, if he learnt the third syllable of Swift ● Footsteps, then he could achieve the speed of sound, and be able to compete with Sound Dragons.”

“You think so, Scholar Bruce Barron?” King Mangu asked.

“Yes. If he didn’t use any dragon roars.”

“Well… the speed of the sound dragon?” Dragon Descendant King Mangu thought.

Liz bit her red lips, and her body trembled a little. She knew exactly what the Dragon Descendant King and the scholar said. There were not many nobles who could make Bruce Barron talk about, let alone the juniors. Liz knew that Lin Xiang had such speed without using dragon roars, and she discovered that Lin Xiang was deliberately suppressing the speed, so he should be retaining his strength.

Could he really succeed? Could Lin Xiang defeat Richie? Maybe it would really be like what Laura said.

Liz had a glim of hope and expectation.

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