The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 59 : Inheritance Competition (3)


There was a quiet place…

…in the Demon Realm.

The sky was blue instead of the color of blood. There were no birds, no insects, no wind, only an endless lush forest. At its center was a big lake.

The water of the lake was clear, but it had no bottom. The area below five meters was dark.

The blue sky was reflected on the lake, and white clouds moved slowly as if floating on the water. There was a small raised land in the middle of the big lake, with green grass and some unknown flowers growing on it. Those plants grew around a cherry blossom tree. The breeze blew off a few pieces of cherry blossoms as they fluttered into the lake, causing a rippling wave. The lake sparkled in the sunlight and the scene was picturesquely beautiful.

Shashasha~” The grass around the lake rustled, breaking the silence by the lake.

The still water of the lake rippled again, seeming to respond to the surrounding sounds.

“Hooo—” A small pink mouth exhaled a fire, and the grass in front suddenly burned into ashes.

Red pupils, red hair, a black robe, bulletproof gloves, small stature… Those were the characteristics of the little mouth’s owner.

Standing by the lake, the girl’s hollow eyes looked at the cherry blossom tree in the middle of the lake. A strange light flashed behind it.

“Come out.” A low voice came from her mouth, but it was soon covered by the surrounding silence, as if she had never spoken.

The girl stood for more than a minute, and bubbles began to emerge from the lake. At first, it was on one side, on the next, they were on the other side. Then, the entire lake surface was bubbling, as if it was boiling.


It seemed that something exploded in the water, or that a huge object had rushed out of the water, suddenly splashing the surrounding. The girl waved her hand and turned the water to steam, failing to let the water touch her clothes.

“Oh, isn’t this Red Dragon Valarie? You wouldn’t be here to just play with me, right?” Under the cherry blossom tree in the middle of the lake, a girl with blue hair stood up.

Her slender arms were around the cherry blossom tree. Her hair fluttered in the wind like streams of water, and her delicate face made her look very charming. Like the red-haired girl, there was no expression on her face, but her eyes were more expressible, not so hollow. She spoke fluently and her words had emotion. Her maturity made her look around fourteen years old.

“Blue Dragon… Bellina.” Seeing the blue-haired girl, Valarie had a strong murderous look in her eyes.


“Cheers!” In the restaurant, a group of girls were sitting at a large table. Everyone raised their drinks and clunk their glasses.

“Lin Xiang, you are really amazing. You can enter the official matches tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes, you are the first junior dragon descendant to enter the official competition. That’s great!”

“Haha. Thank you, everyone.” Lin Xiang responded with a smile.

“Although it’s a bit difficult, as long as you rank in the top eight, you can get the powerful dragon roar taught by the elders.”

“Yes, according to today’s performance, let’s make the top eight in one go!”

Nia and the others were so enthusiastic, as if they were the ones who had entered the official game and set their goal for the top eight.

Hearing that, Lin Xiang’s smile was a little helpless.

Sigh— The top eight… My dragon energy is running out. He could only send out two Dragon Roars of Madness at most. The next day’s competition was dangerous.

Although Lin Xiang was distressed, he concealed it so well that ordinary people could not see it. Silent Water glanced at Lin Xiang and found his weird side.

After dinner, Lin Xiang went back to the room and looked at the dark sky outside the window. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. He felt uncomfortable. Was it because he was worried about the future matches?

Knock knock—” Just when Lin Xiang was thinking about what was going on with him, the door of the room was knocked, and then the door was pushed open. Silent Water’s head stretched in, and her bright big eyes blinked.

“Silent Water, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Master doesn’t seem to be very energetic.” Silent Water walked into the room, closed the door, and walked towards Lin Xiang, “Did something happen to Miss Laura?”

“No, she’s fine. I’m just thinking about what to do with tomorrow’s match. My dragon energy is almost gone, and I have to win at least two matches to get into the top eight.”

“Master…” Silent Water was stunned when she heard that Lin Xiang lacked dragon energy. She smiled, “If you don’t have confidence, you can’t do anything well. Master, didn’t you say that you want to get the first place and prevent the princess from marrying Richie? Where’s your original determination?”

“Yes… It’s just that I’m too weak. I didn’t consider my abilities when I said that.”

“Why does Master have such thoughts?” Silent Water stood beside Lin Xiang, and looked out the window, letting the evening breeze brush her hair.

“I have little spiritual power, so I can’t use magic. My dragon energy is less, so I can’t unleash that many dragon roars. How am I not weak?” Lin Xiang sighed, and said somewhat self-deprecatingly.

“Master, please don’t have such thoughts. It’s just that Master’s ability is not suitable for dealing with humans. As for the demons, Silent Water believes that Master can destroy them in a jiffy, whether if they are superior or special.”

“Heh heh, a dragon descendant’s attack is very strong, even defeating demons are no problem.” Lin Xiang remembered Liz’s battle against the demons in the Demon Realm. He could never do that himself.

Silent Water thought about it for a while. Lin Xiang was feeling that he was inferior to others.

“If Master says this, then Master must have been really weak in front of others. But, in Silent Water’s heart, Master is the strongest. Therefore, in front of Silent Water, please always be the strongest and knock down the enemies.”

“Heh heh.” Lin Xiang patted Silent Water’s head, “That’s right, in front of you, I have to perform well.”

“Lastly, Master,” Silent Water’s small face flushed, and she gently tiptoed. Holding Lin Xiang’s cheek, she kissed his lips.


Lin Xiang still did not react after Silent Water released him. There was still a faint fragrance of Silent Water on his mouth.

“This is a magic that can help Master in times of danger. Master must know that you are powerful in the eyes of others. As a spirit, Silent Water has a great responsibility, so let’s become stronger together, Master.”


Before the official competition the next day, Lin Xiang touched his lips blankly. His mind was filled with what Silent Water said.

Become stronger… Good! Although my dragon energy cannot be increased, through the competition, I can accumulate combat experience. No matter who the opponent is, I must defeat him. Wait for it, Laura, I will definitely get the first place and let the princess be free.

Lin Xiang clenched his fists.

Perhaps the Great Dragon God responded to Finnland’s prayer. In the first round, Lin Xiang met him.

“Yes!!!” Finland yelled happily when he heard the news.

Doblin looked at Lin Xiang on the field and said viciously to Finnland, “Captain, you must teach that kid well. First, defeat him, make him lose his combat effectiveness, and then ravage him.”

“You don’t need to say this. I already know what I should do.” Finnland nodded. The smile on his lips could not hide, as if he had seen Lin Xiang kneeling in front of him, begging for mercy.

“Finnland, you have to be careful. That kid is wicked. His speed is very fast.” A middle-level dragon descendant who played against Lin Xiang in the second preliminaries came over and said to Finnland.

“If you lose, you lose. Don’t make excuses!” Finnland snorted displeasingly. What did that mean? I have to be defeated by a low-level dragon descendant who could only unleash ordinary dragon roars? What a joke.

“Yes, Amrito. Wait and see, Captain Finnland will knock that kid down. No matter how fast he is, can he be faster than the Wind Dragon’s Roar?” Doblin had always thought that Lin Xiang’s entry into the official competition was considered luck, because they all underestimated him. As long as Captain Finnland captain went all out from the beginning, it will not take a few seconds to finish the lad.

“Alright, I hope you can win.” The boy named Amrito said no further as he watched Finnland stepping onto the field to fight against Lin Xiang.

The official competition was not held like the preliminaries, where many people were competing at the same time. Instead, it was one-on-one. However, the fighting platform was very spacious, so it was impossible to use the whole area. Like the preliminaries, a dividing line was drawn. The range of the competition was very large, covering more than five hundred square meters.

Lin Xiang stood on the court for a while before Finnland came up slowly. The greatest were always late.

Feeling the gazes of numerous people, Finnland was even more determined to beat Lin Xiang to his knees and let him beg for mercy.

“Lin Xiang, it’s not too late to withdraw now. Kneel down and beg me, and I will let you go, otherwise if you are injured later, don’t blame me.” Finnland said domineeringly.

Lin Xiang looked at Finnland and felt that he looked familiar. However, he could not remember it for quite a while. He knew that he was not welcomed among the male dragon descendants, so he just smiled, not responding to Finnland’s words.

“Good, it seems that you won’t weep until you see a coffin. In this case, don’t blame me for not reminding you after the match.” Finnland was afraid of Lin Xiang’s surrender, so he stopped talking after finishing his harsh speech.

The referee walked onto the field, glanced at the two of them, and briefly explained the rules, “You must not intentionally hurt the opponent. Try to suppress your strength. If you surrender, lose your sense of fighting, or got out of bounds, then you will lose. Let the round begin!” After that, he left the battlefield.

“Hooo— Boratte!”

Like other contestants, Finnland used a dragon roar from the beginning. Lin Xiang was ready to dodge at any time. After Finnland issued a whirlwind, he dodged aside. His dragon energy was not enough, so he could not use dragon roars to counterattack. He could only look for opportunities.

“Haha, Lin Xiang, go ahead and run awkwardly away from my whirlwind.” Finnland’s dragon roar split into many small whirlwinds and struck Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang was almost hit several times.

The people around laughed. They were thinking that Lin Xiang was a guy who could not attack, but would only hide.

“That Finnland is really not a good person! Lin Xiang, come on!” Nia and the others cheered on Lin Xiang one after another.

The people sitting nearby were all juniors. Soon, many people were cheering for Lin Xiang.

A few minutes later, with three consecutive Wind Dragon’s Roars, Finnland still failed to hit Lin Xiang. His teammates were secretly anxious, but Finnland himself was very calm. In his eyes, Lin Xiang dodged for so long, and soon he would lose energy. That was the highlight.

“Hoo~ Mona!” Another dragon roar was unleashed, but it was not an attack type dragon roar. Lin Xiang stared at Finnland warily, not understanding what he wanted to do.

“You seem to be very fast? But in my opinion, it is still too slow. I will let you know what real speed is.” After that, Finnland only had a ghostly image, and the next second, he was in front of Lin Xiang, and punched Lin Xiang in the face.

Lin Xiang’s pupils shrank abruptly. Finnland’s speed was very fast, about the same as the wind speed state. Although Lin Xiang was a little surprised, his reaction was not slow. He turned his head and barely avoided the attack.

Finnland did not expect Lin Xiang to dodge, and then shook his fist again. Lin Xiang, who was already prepared, saw the right time and grabbed Finnland’s wrist.

“What?” Finnland was taken aback. How could that guy’s speed have a normal wind speed? Finnland, who had learned some close battle, could not help but slammed another fist into Lin Xiang’s temple.

Lin Xiang did not block with his hands. He had some doubts now, and took a few steps back.

“Hey, is it possible to fight so close in the match?” That was Lin Xiang’s doubt. If he could get close, Lin Xiang would not have to work so hard.

“Nonsense, haven’t you seen some dragon descendants using swords to compete? Those people just use weapons to make up for their lack of dragon roars. Unlike me, I am afraid that my dragon roars are too powerful and might hurt you, so I’m using my fist to take you down.” Finnland said superficially, but he became vigilant in his heart. Judging from the actions just now, Lin Xiang was not as simple as he imagined.

After Lin Xiang listened, he was obviously excited, “You should have say it earlier!”

“Huh?” Finnland let out a puzzled voice, and saw Lin Xiang rushing forward at an incredible speed, greeting his face with a fist.

What’s happening? Before reacting to that sudden move, Finnland immediately received a punch. Nosebleeds splattered. With a scream, the whole person fell backwards.

“Oh——” The audience exclaimed in awe, and Lin Xiang’s sudden counterattack was really shocking.

Finnland clutched his nose and got up from the ground, nosebleeds constantly pouring out. It was fortunate that Lin Xiang was a little laid back with his strength. Otherwise, the bones of his nose would definitely fracture.

“Hey, I’ll give you a chance to surrender now, or there will be no chance in a while.” That was Lin Xiang’s advice from the bottom of his heart, but to others, it was a provocation to Finnland.

“That kid is very annoying. Captain, come on! Knock him down fiercely!” The teammates were very dissatisfied with what Lin Xiang said.

Finnland was furious, especially the blood from his nose. He wanted to plunge Lin Xiang straight to the ground. With a long battle cry, Finnland kicked towards him.

Lin Xiang sighed lightly and stepped behind Finnland. At that moment, Finnland’s reaction was quick, but it was of no avail for him to react. Lin Xiang hugged his waist and threw him back.

Before he could scream, Finnland and the earth came into close contact and he passed out.

“Wow!!! Go, Lin Xiang!!!” The junior dragon descendants yelled in excitement, and the referee also judged that Finnland had lost the consciousness of fighting.

“Captain… No way…” Doblin was shocked. The round was all fine at first, but suddenly it had a twist and turned out to be that. What was it with the enemy-hugging and falling backwards?

“Hahaha! That guy Lin Xiang used melee combat skills to defeat a senior dragon descendant with only two moves! We won’t complain anymore when we lose in his hands!” Guan Jieyan had a grudge since Lin Xiang defeated him with that kind of approach, but now, he suddenly felt that the senior dragon descendants were no better than him, because Lin Xiang also used two tricks to bring him down, so he immediately felt very honored. His gang mates nodded. They were senior dragon descendants, so what? At last, weren’t they overthrown by the juniors?

“Yeah! Brother Xiang is awesome, just go ahead and take first place! Especially in the finals, we have to knock down that idiotic Richie!” Laura looked at Liz on the podium and smiled, “Sister Liz, wait and see. Brother Xiang will let you get rid of the marriage you never wanted.”

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