The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 60 : Fire and Water


“Brother Xiang…Where are you…”

In two days, Lin Xiang relied on his wind speed state and his close fighting skills to enter the top four. Although the process was very laborious, in the eyes of others, it was already a miracle. Now, Lin Xiang met Richie in the first four matches, and they met ahead of time. At the moment when the match officially started, Lin Xiang did not show up. Everyone was discussing whether Lin Xiang had escaped.

Laura could hardly breathe. Others said that Lin Xiang had escaped, thinking that Lin Xiang felt that he could not defeat Richie or something. Naturally, Laura did not believe it. If Lin Xiang had not arrived, then something must have happened. Could it be that villain Richie did it?

Laura glared fiercely at Richie who was standing casually on the field, suppressing herself not to rush up to him.

Liz’s beautiful face was now filled with sorrow. She was worried when Lin Xiang had to compete with Richie, but again, if Lin Xiang’s powerful combat skills defeated Richie, wouldn’t she be free? However, her fire of hope was gradually extinguished by reality.

She was worried that Richie would make sneaky actions against Lin Xiang, so Liz’s mother sent someone to protect Lin Xiang secretly. The person who had just protected Lin Xiang reported that although Lin Xiang had contact with Richie before the match, Lin Xiang had no danger. At that moment, the match had started for a minute, and Lin Xiang had not appeared yet, which made Liz disappointed with Lin Xiang, “It turns out that you are just a person who is afraid of the strong. But, it has been hard for you to make it up to here.”

People who were optimistic about Lin Xiang also started scolding. They had seen Richie’s moves, gorgeous, yet powerful. They still wanted to see how Lin Xiang defeated Richie with his fists, but now Lin Xiang had ran away? How could they not be angry about that?

Of course, there were also some people who think that Richie made the move. That was Nia and the others. They did not know how Lin Xiang was, but at least, it was clear that Lin Xiang would not escape in the competition.

“Reidy, where did Lin Xiang go? Don’t you know?” Nia asked Reidy, who was also anxious.

“How do I know?” Replying in a moody tone, Reidy looked at Silent Water, “Silent Water, did something happen to the human this morning?”

“No, Master was the same as usual. He even got a little excited, because he was going to fight the person named Richie. Silent Water believes that Master will never have stage fright. Something must have happened.”

Hearing Silent Water’s words, Nia’s eyes dimmed, “In this case, Richie must have done something to him. It must be the case.”

And Richie, who was being discussed by the people, was standing on the spot and said impatiently, “That rubbish must have been afraid of this young master. Didn’t he think that it was impossible to knock this young master down with close combat? Hey, referee, hurry up and judge me for the win.”

“Young Master Richie, please wait one more minute. According to the regulations, a contestant will be disqualified if he fails to reach the competition venue within three minutes.”

“It’s troublesome. That rubbish, I really don’t know how he got into the top four. No, it should be that his opponents are rubbish.” Richie cursed while waiting for the time to pass.

One minute was very long for some people, yet very short for some people.

Laura and Liz looked at the quartz clock inlaid on the stone wall at the highest point of the auditorium, and a minute passed.

“Contestant Lin Xiang failed to arrive. Contestant Richie won this round!” After the referee made his judgment, the noisy scene became livelier.

When Laura heard the referee’s words, she felt her heart stopped beating. Brother Xiang, what are you doing? Didn’t you say that you will defeat Richie?

————Half an hour earlier

“Master, try your best!” Silent Water smiled and cheered Lin Xiang, and then left the contestant’s lounge.

Lin Xiang was very nervous, because in that round, he was going against Richie. Success or failure depended on that.

“Lin Xiang, your bratty luck is not bad. I finally understand why you are so good. It turns out that there is such a beautiful girl cheering for you.” Richie walked to Lin Xiang in contempt.

“Yes, her cheering is one of the main factors for me to be in the top four, but this is not the actual point. My real reason for working so hard is to defeat you.”

Like hearing a very funny joke, Richie laughed it out, “You? A garbage? Let me tell you, don’t think that you are very fast, and imagine you can win me by those close combat moves. Later, in the match, if you can stay in a range of one metre from me, then I will consider my lost, how about it? Rubbish.”

“You’ve been saying garbage and rubbish all day. It seems that there is nothing else in your mind except trash. You are not worthy of the princess at all.”

Hearing the word princess, Richie’s expression became terrifying, “Why? You are in the top four because of Liz? Hey, Liz is mine, always and forever. Don’t think spending a few days with her in the Demon Realm makes your relationships closer. In this competition, prepare to get maimed by me!”

After speaking, Richie snorted and walked elsewhere.

Lin Xiang looked at Richie’s back and did not speak. He only decided in his heart that Richie must be defeated.

Huh? Out of the blue, Lin Xiang felt a warm feeling in his pocket. What happened?

Reaching into his pocket, Lin Xiang touched a hot object. He took out and had a look to find that it was the dragon crystal given by Valarie.

The dragon crystal was a very valuable item to the dragon descendants. Lin Xiang understood that, so he quickly walked into the toilet, closed the door, and looked at it with some puzzlement, “What’s the matter? Why are flames getting stronger all of a sudden?”

The dragon crystal given by Valarie was crimson and translucent. In the past, there was always a small flame burning that would not go out. Now, the small flame had become a big flame, filling the whole dragon crystal.

Lin Xiang felt its heat in his hand, but not hot enough to burn him.

“I don’t even know what happened to Freed and Yalide. They can’t give me any hints right now either. Should I be injecting dragon energy in here?”

Lin Xiang slowly injected the dragon energy into the dragon crystal. Originally, he only planned to inject a little bit, but obviously things were not what he thought. Every time the dragon energy could flow into the dragon crystal, the dragon crystal would forcefully absorbed Lin Xiang’s dragon energies. He had not many dragon energies originally, but it kept sucking away the few dragon energies left by Lin Xiang.

Om—” In an instant, a dazzling red light was emitted from the dragon crystal, illuminating the entire toilet. At the same time, Lin Xiang felt a strange force pulling him, and his body was light and fluttering, as if he was flying.

When Lin Xiang opened his eyes, it turned out that he had arrived at a forest.

The ancient trees… The bloody sky… I came to the Demon Realm?

Lin Xiang looked around. Correct, it was indeed the Demon Realm. He was unsure why he was in the Demon Realm though. What was wrong?

Fuu—” The dragon crystal in his hand floated out a ball of flame, which circled around Lin Xiang’s side, and then flew forward.

“Hey, where are you going?” Lin Xiang followed. The flame floating in front was fast, as if they were leading the way in a hurry.

Without dragon energy, Lin Xiang could not enter the wind speed state, but fortunately, after the transformation of a humanoid dragon, his physique had improved a lot. His soul was almost restored too, so his energy was restored to how it was in the beginning. He would not pant so easily due to tiredness after a few exercises.

After running after the flame for more than ten minutes, Lin Xiang found that the sky in front of him was blue.

I entered the City of Spirits?

That was Lin Xiang’s first thought, but when he ran another distance, he realized that it was not. There were only trees around, not a single creature was in sight.

Tip tap.” At that moment, a drop of rain fell on Lin Xiang’s nose. It was cool. Soon, there was light rain.

Lin Xiang stopped and looked back. It did not rain before. Large dark clouds suddenly appeared above his head at some point.

What happened? Was it nature or the masterpiece of Sky Dragons?

Lin Xiang was puzzled by the sudden appearance of dark clouds and rain.

But no one answered for him, and now he just hoped to follow the flame to know why he was there.

The flame leading the way was not extinguished by the rain, but it weakened a bit.

It was another run, and Lin Xiang felt that he had already run a distance of more than two kilometers. At that moment, the rain was getting heavier. But the flame still did not stop, it kept drifting forward. As the rain got heavier, the flame got weaker.

Bang!” With an explosion, Lin Xiang saw huge smoke rising in the distance where he was heading. As if something exploded, the fire blazed into the sky, and the ground vibrated slightly.


In the depths of the forest, the original lush forest had been destroyed. The trees fell to the ground in a slanting manner. With flames burning on one side of the tress, the other half of them were unharmed. They formed a demarcation line of illumination. On the burning side stood a red-haired girl, while on the other side, a blue-haired girl stood.

“Valarie, you damaged all the potted plants in my house.” The blue-haired girl said slowly, not feeling sad because of the damage to the trees.

“After… you die, I will… turn this place… into a flat ground… I’ll use them… to bury you.”

“Oh, it seems terrible, but, do you think you can really kill me?” Bellina’s mouth curled slightly, and Valarie shook her fist, bursting into flames and rushed up.

The battle of water and fire began again.

Fire Dragon Valarie and Water Dragon Bellina had a battle that lasted for five days. It was ten kilometers away from the lake when Valarie first arrived. Wherever they went, severe damage was done.

The duel of ordinary dragons could be determined in two days or so at most. However, the duel of ancient dragons was different. Ancient dragons that had high IQ and were capable of transforming into human would test the opponent’s abilities. In the first five days, Bellina, the water dragon, had not had a direct confrontation with Valarie, because she was testing how strong Valarie’s flames were. Valarie also knew that, so she did not release any powerful moves as she waited for the moment when Bellina really made her move. Now, it was obvious that the time had come.

Bellina released a torrent of water, the turbulent tide was like a sea wave, slapping heavily towards Valarie. Valarie jumped high, and the armour on her hand glowed with a faint red light under the flames, “Ya!” With strong explosive power, Valarie attacked Bellina like a meteor.

That punch was enough to destroy a hill.

Bellina knew the power of that punch just by feeling the dragon pressure exuded by Valarie, but she did not panic. With a wave of her small hand, a thin wall of water appeared in front of her. Valarie’s fist struck onto it, and the flame spread quickly inside the water wall, and then burst. The process only took one second, but Bellina was already far away from Valarie in that short moment.

“It’s really unstoppable.” Bellina smiled, and a mirror-like hexagon appeared in the air. With Bellina as the center, it was constantly rotating and spinning, “Valarie, to express my courtesy, here’s a big gift for you.”

Bellina spoke some ancient dragon words, and Valarie immediately sent out an ultra-high temperature ray enough to vaporize a hundred years of ice. The ray hit parts of the water, but the ultra-high temperature pillar of fire that could vaporize ice could not vaporized the water. Not one gas came out.

After the dragon chanted her words, a strange-shaped word appeared on each corner of the water hexagon. A faint light was exuded.

A drop of cold sweat slipped down Valarie’s face, and she knew that the opponent was using the Hidden Dragon Roar. That was one of the skills that awakened the blood heritage, which was the same as Valarie’s Fire ● Flame Dance. Any elemental dragon had a profound roar of its own. Ordinary dragons could only master it when they were adults, while most ancient dragons could master it underage. Valarie felt a lot of pressure after seeing Bellina unleashing it so easily.

“Water ● Cold Dance.” As Bellina chanted the three words calmly, destructive water sprayed out. The trees near her were the first to be contaminated, and immediately vanished in the tide.

Each corner of the water hexagon was enough to spray out the water of a lake. There were a total of six corners beside Bellina.

Facing the vast tide of water, Valarie did not think she could stay away. Flames burst out of her body, resisting the damage of water with her own flames.

The range of the water surge was more than four hundred meters. The surrounding area became a vacuum. All the plants disappeared, only the water on the rocky ground showed that the place had been attacked just now.

The flame disappeared, Valarie began to gasp slightly. She consumed a lot of dragon energy to resist the attack just now. She looked at Bellina’s calm face, and the killing intent in her eyes became stronger. She must fight quickly, and end it.

Valarie’s left hand drew a crimson blade of fire in the void, and attacked towards Bellina, distracting her vision. At the same time, she made a firm grasp on her right hand. With a “Sheng” sound, the armoured arm and the hand merged to form a bright red dragon claw. A group of transparent flames appeared in the center of the dragon claw, emitting a terrible high temperature, and even the air felt like it was evaporated.

“Oh?” Looking at the transparent flame in Valarie’s hand, Bellina smiled playfully, “Are you going to make a real move now?”

No answer, Valarie’s dragon claws clenched, and the transparent fire ball shattered, turning to fierce snakes out of a hole. The transparent flames swayed towards Bellina.

Moving forward with both hands open, Bellina was wrapped in a thick layer of water polo, and a large burst of steam was emitted from the flame. Valarie’s petite body rushed into the steam. The next second, with a loud bang, the flames, steam, and soil mixed together, Bellina was knocked away.

Bellina, who flew out, adjusted her body in the air and stood steadily on the ground. At that moment, she looked a little hasty. Her clothes were partially burned, and her pale skin was stained with mud.

After the dust and smoke dispersed, like the aftermath of a big explosion, a pit appeared on the ground. Valarie stood in the middle of the pit.

“Very good, very good. Since you are getting serious, I have to be serious as well. This is a long way from my home. If we have a serious fight, we won’t pollute the water.” Bellina’s expression suddenly became serious, “Valarie, are you ready to meet my anger?”

In the sky, dark clouds appeared at some point, tip tap, and gradually it started to rain. Valarie froze for a moment, and the determination in her eyes became firmer, “Even if it rains… It’s still the same… You can’t change… the result of… your death.”

“It just so happens that this is the battle left by Mother. Come on, let’s end it!”

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