The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 61 : Fire and Water (2)


Bang!” There was another loud noise, and it was the fifth time. In addition to the skyrocketing flames, Lin Xiang could see jets of water and even waterspouts wandering in the distance.

What happened?

He followed the flames and continued running forward. About ten minutes later, he was close to the waterspout.

The forest seemed to meet its end, and there were no trees in front anymore.

The rainfall there had also increased a lot. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as a torrential rain. The cheeks hit by the rain in the process of running were very painful.

Fuu—” The flame leading the way went out, and at that time, Lin Xiang also ran to the end of the forest.

Seeing the scene before him, he just wanted to say, was there a missile attack just now?

The bumpy land had no plants at all, not even a single weed. There was a forest one kilometer away on the opposite side, a destroyed forest.

Although Lin Xiang was clueless about what happened, he dared say that the potholes there must also be part of the forest, because a fight must have been initiated, which caused the ground to raze. It seemed that the fight did not extend to that side, so the plants on his side were still intact.

Boom!” The forest on the left spouted flames, evaporating the rain, and several waterspouts in the surroundings also collectively flowed to the place of the flames.

There was a loud noise again, and the tree fell to the ground. Who was there?

At that moment, Valarie’s immature appearance flashed through his mind. That was right, who else would be there besides her? That flame was taking him to find her. Valarie was in danger.

Thinking of that, Lin Xiang ran to the place where the waterspout disappeared.

The fallen trees on the ground were burning constantly in the rain. As he crossed some roadblocks, he saw an empty space in sight. There were two people there. One of them was a mature girl with blue hair and her clothes were dilapidated. Her pale skin was faintly exposed, and her profile was very clean and beautiful, hydrated to its finest. With a crystal water sword in her hand, she slowly walked towards a girl with short red hair sitting on the ground.

The girl with short red hair sitting on the ground was about the same age as the girl with blue hair. She was about eighteen years old. She had a very well-developed body. Her clothes were the same as those with the blue-haired girl. She was in a robe. The cloth at the chest was slightly opened, showing part of her big chest. The girl looked at the blue-haired girl walking towards her, expressionless.

Could it be that the two of them were fighting just now? How strong were they for such a large-scale destruction? Lin Xiang could not help but halted and watched them.

“I have to say, you are great. But no matter how great you are, the premise is that you can get close to me, Valarie.” said the blue-haired woman.

Valarie? Did she talk about Valarie just now?

“You are… only a brat… who knows… to hide and attack… from a long distance.” The red-haired girl’s eyes showed a strong killing intent.

That voice, the intermittent way of speaking, was very similar to Valarie. Taking a closer look at the girl, yes, she was Valarie. Her face was more mature. Her nose, eyes, and mouth have changed a bit, making her look mature and charming. If those were not enough to indicate that she was Valarie, then the red rock armour on her hand was definitely the best proof.

Although Lin Xiang sometimes wondered what Valarie would look like when she grew up, but her mature appearance did surprise him. Wait, why did she become like that? Who was that blue-haired girl? Water Dragon? Bell… what again?

“Aren’t I fighting you right now? Get up and continue fighting.” The blue-haired girl approached Valarie step by step, and at the same time, she raised the transparent water sword in her hand to face Valarie.

“Huh.” Valarie tried to stand up, but it seemed that she had no strength, and her little muddy hands supported the ground for a while before letting go.

“In this case, then farewell.” The blue-haired girl stood in front of Valarie and waved the water sword in her hand…

“Stop!!!” Lin Xiang rushed over and stood in front of Valarie. Because of the rain, there was water on the ground. After Lin Xiang ran over, the water on the ground splashed, flicking against Valarie’s face. She lowered her eyes and silently wiped the dirt off her face.

I’m so sorry, Valarie.

“Oh?” With an interested voice, the blue-haired girl’s big shiny eyes rolled around him, “A human. There is a faint strange energy in you. Hey, what’s an unarmed human coming back here for?”

“I am the dragon descendant of Valarie’s alliance, and of course I am here to protect her.” While answering, Lin Xiang looked for opportunities to take Valarie away. If she could make Valarie lose combat power, needless to say, she was very powerful. Based on his current ability, he would be lucky enough to take Valarie to escape.

“Protect? Heh~ An alliance too. Valarie, why is he so weak, is it really alright? Don’t tell me that you want to use him to bring me down.” The blue-haired girl did not seem to take Lin Xiang seriously. That was a good opportunity. If the time was prolonged, he would have more time to figure out a solution.

“His strength… is definitely not… what you see… now.” Valarie said lightly. Although Lin Xiang was very touched that Valarie accepted him, but he was basically a one-shot weapon now.

“Really? Then I want to see how strong this human is.” The blue-haired girl raised the water sword in her hand and swung it towards him.

With a turn, Lin Xiang dodged the attack in time, and the seemingly soft water sword cut open the rain. It was extremely sharp.

“Your speed is not slow.” The girl continued to wield the water sword. Fortunately, she did not know anything about sword skills, so there were many flaws in her attack. Lin Xiang easily escaped.

Seeing the opportunity, Lin Xiang grabbed her hand and wanted to get rid of the water sword in her hand, but Valarie suddenly said, “Quickly leave her.” The voice was flat, but Lin Xiang could hear a trace of tension in the ordinary voice.

Hearing that, Lin Xiang immediately let go and stayed away from the girl. But nothing happened after that.

“You’re a mere human, how dare you touch me. If you slow down, your dirty hands can’t be kept to yourself anymore.” The girl smiled indifferently, and he felt her murderous intent at that moment.

What would happen if he had no time to let go? Lin Xiang felt scared after thinking about it. Not all dragons were as approachable as Valarie and little sky dragon. Lin Xiang engraved that thought in his mind.

“Since you touched me, you should pay the price.” After speaking, the rain falling around the girl stayed in the air and slowly gathered together.


There was a shallow cut on his cheek, and the rain rushed the blood into his mouth. In such a short moment, I was injured?

The rainwater gathered and formed sharp water blades. One of them had cut his cheek when he was not paying attention. Then, it disappeared without a trace.

“This is just the beginning. Get ready, human.”

Whoosh— Whoosh— At that moment, there were only water blades flying in his eyes. Without the wind speed state, his brain could react, but not his body. Moreover, the attack speed of those water blades was really fast, and they came to him in the blink of an eye.

“Hooo— Feiya!” A hot flame hit him, and the rain and water blades instantly turned into steam. They almost hit me.

“Thank you, Valarie.” Lin Xiang turned his head and looked at Valarie. She opened her small red mouth and panted. It was not good. Valarie would really pass out if it continued like that.

“You take really good care of him, Valarie. Is this guy really the dragon descendant of your alliance? Tsk tsk.” The girl shook her head and looked at him, “I thought you were capable enough to ease my boredom. I didn’t expect you to be so useless. Well, Valarie, you can go to hell with your dragon descendant friend.”

Lin Xiang’s eyes suddenly became sharp, and an invisible force almost made him unable to breathe. Especially when the surrounding rain stopped falling and all gathered on the girl’s side.

“[Water Piercing]?” Valarie looked at the dense small scars on the armour, and Lin Xiang felt bad. Needless to say, the marks on Valarie’s armour were caused by that trick. He did not know the strength of her armour, but what dragons used were definitely not that simple.

That move could cause such marks on the armour, if it hit the body… Lin Xiang could not even think about the consequences.

Could they only try all possibilities? Now, Lin Xiang just hoped that his instincts were correct.

“Look, there’s an aeroplane.” Lin Xiang yelled and pointed to the sky behind the girl.

Sure enough, she turned her head away. Lin Xiang thought it was easy to fool a dragon, like her, who had not had much contact with other people. Unexpectedly, his bet was right.

Time was running out, so he quickly picked up Valarie and ran away.

“Human, you’re really cunning.” When he left, Lin Xiang obviously heard the blue-haired girl say something like that.

However, she had no means to catch up. Very good.

Lin Xiang could not enter the wind speed state. Although his speed was not fast, at least he had not slowed down because of holding Valarie. It was the time to escape.

The rain hit his face mercilessly, almost making him lose sight of the way. After running a long way, Lin Xiang felt that the opponent was not catching up so quickly, so he slowed down. He was tired.

“We can’t escape.” said Valarie in his arms. Her expression was very indifferent, without a trace of fear or anxiety. Looking at him, her ruby-like eyes were very beautiful, especially her mature appearance now. She asked him, “Why has your… previous strange energy… weakened.”

“Strange energy?” Freed and Yalide’s? Valarie and the little sky dragon’s mother could feel their existence, and the blue-haired girl just said so too.

Has the energy weakened? Freed, Yalide, what the hell is going on with you guys?

“Actually, I don’t know too much about this either.” Yes, it happened suddenly. Freed and Yalide had not spoken to him until now.

“Then… how about… the dragon energy… I left you.”

“I participated in the competition in Dragonborn Village, so the dragon energy was almost used up. When I came here, the dragon crystal absorbed all the dragon energy that I had left.”

“Really… Not enough… dragon energy, so you… can’t teleport to… my side, right.” Valarie nodded. If he had enough dragon energy, he would have been next to Valarie long ago.

“Valarie, what did you mean by not being able to escape?” But Lin Xiang was more concerned about that matter than his dragon energy. It was a huge concern that the blue-haired girl did not catch up.

“Now, it’s raining… She is a… water dragon… capable of sensing… water… movement. When rain… falls on us… she can know where… there are living creatures.”

“That powerful?”

“Yes. Moreover, the rain… will make her… increase strength… weaken the power… of fire. Otherwise, I… won’t be so… vulnerable and let you… see a joke.” Valarie’s eyes flashed unwillingly. Combined with her face from her previous battle, from the murderous intent when facing the water dragon, it was obvious that she wanted to kill the opponent very much.

The other party felt as if they were playing, but it was absolutely true that the play would take Valarie’s life.

“Valarie, how did you meet her? Logically speaking, the Valley of Fire shouldn’t be nearby.”

“Want… revenge… for Venus.” Speaking of that, Valarie’s eyes appeared murderous again, and it frightened him. The rain drenched his whole body and made him shiver even more.

No matter what, Lin Xiang tried remembering how he accidentally found a cave nearby. If running in the rain would let the water dragon know their location, then with something to cover themselves, it would be better. At least they would not be spotted immediately. It would be great to wait for Valarie to recover some physical strength.

After walking under the trees for a while, Lin Xiang found the cave he saw when he came, and tried not to let the rain dripped on his body. He carried Valarie and walked in.

The cave became a little damp because of the rain. Lin Xiang put Valarie on the ground, and he looked at the cave. There were no living creatures inhabiting the cave, only moss growing on the stone walls inside. A gust of wind blew into the cave and made a whining sound. Lin Xiang’s body was soaked, and he felt a little chilly.

Just now, Valarie’s warm body was naturally good, but she had become a mature girl. Originally because of her growth, the small size robe completely highlighted her figure, now she was soaked in rain. The back of her clothes clung to the body, and it also outlined her bumpy figure. A deep gully appeared on her chest, and the two white rabbits seemed to be squeezed out. Lin Xiang looked away. She was not that child Valarie now.

“Huh?” Valarie seemed puzzled by his behavior. Through the peripheral light, Lin Xiang could see her tilting her head and looking at him.

“Valarie, why did you grow up suddenly?” He tried to divert his attention.

“I have… to enter the… adult state temporarily… to activate… the ancient dragon blood… in me. This body… is the most powerful… but it is very… consuming of… dragon energy… It’s the same… for the blue dragon… Bellina. If it’s not… for her to use… [Rainfall]… I will definitely… defeat her.”

Lin Xiang did not really believe what Valarie said, because he could see that Valarie had many small scars on her body, but the blue-haired girl had none. Although the rain was not good for Valarie, Valarie must still have a lot of tactics of great lethality. Now, Valarie had no strength, and the other party was getting comfortable, letting him and Valarie escape. It meant that she still had the strength, so she only wanted to play with them for the time-being.

“Then, what should I do now? It’s only a matter of time before she finds us here.”

“Yes. I don’t have… much dragon energy… anymore. This… adult state… can only be maintained… for a few minutes… If I change back… to my past body… my defense and… attack power will be… weakened. If you can… let the sun… come out… my dragon energy will… speed up its recuperation.”

“Let the sun come out? It means to make the weather clear, right?”

————Human World, Olipolia

Richie entered the finals without a doubt, and now the dragon descendants were fighting on the platform for the third and fourth rank.

Sitting at the front row, Richie was not far from Liz. It was confirmed that he would get the first place. Many patriarchs of the nobles gathered around him to please him in every possible way.

If Richie got the champion, he would marry the princess and become the king in the future. If they did not have a good relationship with him now, they would be fools.

Because of being surrounded by various noble patriarchs, Richie could not get close to Liz. That made Liz a little relieved, but she could not relax either.

That night, after Richie and the first eight dragon descendants received the Inheritance Dragon Roar, the engagement ceremony would be announced, and Liz had no hope. She just wanted to find Laura. It was enough for her.

In the audience, Laura’s figure had long been missing. Nia and the others were thinking about the worst possible consequences about Lin Xiang’s disappearance. Only Silent Water, Reidy, and Dusty could sense his existence, but they could not teleport to his side, as if an invisible force was blocking them. That made Silent Water and the others very anxious, but what they could confirm was that Lin Xiang was not in any serious trouble.

“Damn it, human, where did you go?” Reidy gritted teeth while looking at the clear skies.

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