The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 62 : Fire and Water (3)


“Valarie…” The mature Valarie pressed herself against Lin Xiang. Her elastic chest pressed against his chest, causing his breathing to become hasty.

Both of their bodies were soaking wet, and her fiery body pressed against his chilly body, warming him up. He even wanted to hug her tightly to get more warmth.

“What.” Valarie’s small red mouth let out a gust of heat, making his nose itchy.

“It’s very bad for you to look like this.” From his direction, he could see her body through the clothes.

Valarie occasionally wrapped her body with red ribbons as her underwear, but in many cases, it was not suitable, for example, now, two places were shaking, and Lin Xiang felt dizzy. He obviously did not feel anything before… With the mentality of seeing no evil, he turned his head away.

Two minutes ago, Valarie and Lin Xiang were talking. When it came to the sun, he remembered about [Fine Weather]. Wouldn’t the rainy day be eliminated by using it?

Lin Xiang told her that he learned the Sky Dragon’s Roar. Hearing that, Valarie nodded, and then climbed onto his body, trying to “transmit” her remaining dragon energy to him.

Holding his face in her hands, Valarie said suspiciously, “You’re so strange… young man. Before this… didn’t I… use this method… to give you… dragon energy. Why… can’t we do that… now. As long as… you can… make the weather clear… The dragon energy… that I lost… will soon recover. Bellina’s… strength will also… be weakened.”

“No, you look very different now compared to before.”

“I can’t understand.” Valarie shook her head, still looking at him blankly, “Hurry up… Don’t dawdle.”

After speaking, Valarie kissed Lin Xiang. Her chest pressed tightly on his chest. She did not know what kissing was. Neither did Lin Xiang, so it was just mouth-to-mouth. The two opened their mouths so that the energy could be transferred.

Soon, torrential fiery energy flowed into his body for about five seconds.

Gradually, Valarie seemed to lighten a little, and his hand that was placed on her waist gradually fell downwards. Lin Xiang opened his eyes, and the immature but familiar little Valarie appeared in sight, expressionless like usual.

The soft touch on the lips disappeared, and Valarie lay on his chest without strength. She was panting.

It seemed that she had no dragon energy anymore. Although the dragon energy in his body was still some distance away from fullness, it was enough.

“Thank you, Valarie.” Lin Xiang patted Valarie’s head and she shook it off.

“Don’t think of me… as a kid… Didn’t I… say this before?”

Precisely, Valarie did not let him touch her head recently because Lin Xiang thought of her as a little girl, so she was unhappy. Lin Xiang felt that it was reasonable to stop treating her as a kid since he saw her mature and beautiful look just now.

Although her figure was not very similar now, but in the future… Well, when Valarie grew to that level, Lin Xiang would already float like Freed and Yalide, after all, it would take hundreds of years.

“Sorry, sorry.” Lin Xiang helped Valarie up, “Can you stand up?”

“Yes… just now… I exited… adult mode… so I temporarily… lost energy. Now, it’s… fine.” After Valarie stood up, she walked out of the cave with him.

The rain fell, and the entire forest and grass were immersed in the gray sky. The air was filled with the fragrance of earth. Lin Xiang adjusted his breathing. That was the first time he had to use and experience [Fine Weather]. Before that, Freed and the princess said that [Fine Weather] required a lot of dragon energy, and his current dragon energy could only unleash it at most one time, so he definitely could not fail.

Feeling the basic [Fine Weather] energy left by Mother Sky Dragon in the body, what he had to do was to transform the dragon’s energy into [Fine Weather] energy. The so-called basic energy was something similar to a reference object. The same concept was for the little dragon flame in his body.

Valarie stood quietly beside and looked at him, letting the rain slide off her delicate little face. Lin Xiang knew she believed in him, so he must not let her down!

Taking a deep breath, he caught the feeling, “Hooo— Cadoe!”

An unprecedented energy group soared into the sky and plunged into the clouds.

Gudong—” The dull sound of a knock was emitted from the sky, and the clouds hit by the energy group moved quickly to all four sides, being swept away like a tsunami. The scene was very spectacular, and the blue sky appeared in front of his eyes. There were no clouds in the sky, and the sun hung high in the sky.

It was hard to believe that the forest, which was covered with clouds and light rain just now, was welcoming a sunny day. If there were no water accumulation on the ground and dews on the leaves, Lin Xiang would feel that he was dreaming.

“It’s really… good weather.” Valarie looked directly at the sun, white smoke began to appear on her body, and after that, her wet clothes had dried out.

“Leave here first… Bellina… will surely… come here… She won’t… give me time to… restore my… dragon energy.”

“Understood.” After unleashing [Fine Weather], the dragon energy in Lin Xiang’s body had been reduced by three-quarters, but there was no problem in entering the wind speed state for a few minutes. Picking up Valarie, he rushed out of the grass and returned to the natural path.

“Be careful.” As soon as Valarie reminded, a water blade wiped the tip of his nose and hit a tree on the side. The big tree slammed to the ground, splashing a lot of water upwards. The sunlight refracted on the water droplets, forming a temporary rainbow below.

If he was a second faster, the water blade would definitely hit him in the head. If that could knock down all the trees, then his head would bloom if it struck him.

What was going on? The same water blade, had a hugely disparity in attack power. Was the water blade that Bellina cut his cheek with just for fun?

Looking at the place where the water blade came, Bellina was standing there. Around her, the water on the ground or on the leaves was suspended and turned into water blades.

“Want to escape?” Bellina smiled playfully.

“What do you want?” Lin Xiang looked at Bellina warily.

“To relieve boredom. You know that, don’t you? It’s really boring to stay at home for hundreds of years. Since you are here, then don’t leave. Was that Sky Dragon’s move just now? Don’t tell me you made it.”

“So what? If there is no rain, your strength will decline.”

“Maybe just a little bit, but there is no problem at all to let you and Valarie stay behind.” After speaking, the water blade gave out a dazzling light under the refraction of the sun. With a swish, the speed was still so swift.

But with the wind speed state, getting out of its way was not a problem.

Taking a step back, the water blade flew into the grass and harvested a row of weeds.

“Huh? Your speed has become faster. Very good, very good.” There were a few more water blades, but they were scattered as they attacked.

“Hooo— Feiya!” Valarie’s one Fire Dragon’s Roar knocked down the water blades. However, there were too many water puddles nearby, and it took only a few seconds for Bellina to make a new water blade. The dragon energy that Valarie had just recovered was used. If that continued, the situation would not be optimistic.

They must retreat.

Just when he was thinking about leaving, the road behind him was blocked by a thin wall of water. Not only were they built on the road behind him, aside from Bellina’s direction, there was a series of water walls around them.

“Damn it.” Lin Xiang kicked it, but it did not work at all, because it just stirred up some ripples.

“I said before, if you come, don’t leave.” Bellina finished speaking, and the dozen or so water blades that had just been completed flew over again.

There was no way to avoid them. That time, the water blades came over in an irregular manner.

Just when Lin Xiang was unsure what to do it, Valarie pushed him hard, causing him to fall to the ground. After she jumped off his back, she blocked the front with her armour, and shielded him from several water blades. However, her abdomen was hit by the water blade coming from the side and she fell next to him.

“Valarie! Are you all right?” Lin Xiang hurried over to check on her.

“I’m fine.” The dragon’s defense power was much higher than that of humans. There were only a few superficial scars on her abdomen, and blood were faintly oozing out, which was not a major problem. She got up, staring at Bellina with her red eyes, like a Death God.

“Protecting him again? Valarie, your dragon descendant ally is not worth the risk. Well, you won’t have the chance to meet him again anyway. It’s time to end this.”

The water floated out again from nowhere, Bellina was about to launch that move with terrifying piercing ability, [Water Piercing].

The water gathered around her. Bellina pointed to the sky and smiled at Lin Xiang, “Look, there’s an aeroplane.” She smiled very brilliantly, and her eyes were a little more spiritual than Valarie’s. After the smile, she murmured a sentence, “Although I don’t know what an aeroplane is, I have to check it out when I have time.”

“Aeroplanes are very big and awesome. Can you stop the attack? I’ll show you. It’s fine to sit in it too.”

“Hmm… This is a headache, what you said is pretty good, but you lied to me just now, so I can’t believe you, because… humans are all cunning. Moreover, Valarie and I are enemies from birth, so I won’t miss this opportunity.”

“Hmph… You’re just… two hundred years… older, so your strength… is a little stronger… Young man, it is… me who made you… come here, so… I will… let you go back… safely. The water here… is not enough… The scope is limited… so, a while… later, I will… create an opportunity… to let you escape.”

After Valarie said that, Lin Xiang had a hunch that Valarie would sacrifice herself. He shook his head quickly and resolutely said objected, “No, Valarie. If we are leaving, we have to go together.”

“You have… done enough. I have… been prepared to… kill her… or be killed… by her when I… arrive.” Valarie stood in front of him.

“Finished your last words? With your current ability, do you think you can get him out?” A large swarm of small water needles appeared around Bellina. If they were hit, they would definitely have holes in their bodies.

Valarie did not answer, and suddenly a raging fire was ignited, which made Lin Xiang step backwards.

That kind of heat gave him a feeling that it would melt him when he got close.

The air was obviously evaporated, and there was a lot of water vapour. Bellina did not have any expression of fear, but a faint smile appeared on her face, “Are you burning with the power of life? It’s still not enough though, Valarie.”

Burning with the power of life? Valarie intends to die with Bellina?

No, such a thing must never happen.

“Valarie, don’t do th…” Before he finished speaking, Valarie turned and rushed towards him, hitting him with a fist that was burning with flames.

“Boom!” There was a muffled sound, and then there was the sound of water splashing. Valarie was standing next to him, and her fist hit the water wall behind him. Her strong high temperature disintegrated the wall of water in an instant. I’m scared to death… I thought she was going to punch me.

“Hurry up and leave.” Valarie pushed him, and attracted Bellina.


“Brother Xiang, where are you?” An unknown petite figure with a long robe and a hood looked around in the contestant’s lounge.

Laura was very impatient at the moment. She felt that Lin Xiang’s sudden disappearance was related to Richie. She was the one who harmed Lin Xiang. She was the one who let Lin Xiang compete.

“Don’t let anything happen to you…” Laura searched every corner, changing room, and bathroom, but she did not find him.

Could it be that he was burned to ashes by Richie?? Impossible, that’s impossible.

Laura shook her head. She felt that there should be a secret road there, a place where Richie could hide Lin Xiang.

Many people saw Lin Xiang come into the lounge, it was impossible for him to disappear for no reason.

Please, I must find him.

She searched again, but found nothing. Laura sighed as she arrived at the Dragon God monument on the center of a wall.

It was said to be the Dragon God, but there was only one dragon, an oriental dragon art stele carved on the stone wall.

“Great Dragon God, I, Laura Escal, hereby pray that Brother Xiang is safe. Because of my waywardness, he got into trouble. Please, you must protect him.”

After speaking, Laura closed her eyes.

Tap tap.” The sound of footsteps outside shocked Laura who was praying. For some reason, her hand pressed against the rock wall.


A white teleportation array appeared at Laura’s feet.

“I heard people say that there’s a stranger entering the contestants’ lounge. How could it be possible? We have been guarding outside.”

“The captain called us to check, so we have no choice. Anyway, it’s just a check-up. We will be done soon.”

Patrolmen? Oh no, what should I do?

Laura looked around, the bathroom and changing room could not hide people. The lounge was very empty on the other hand. Looking at the teleportation array under her feet, she thought that Brother Xiang would be on the other side of the array. Laura gritted her teeth and stepped on it.

“The person who made the report is very annoying. Others have gone to lunch now. Did they deliberately find us something to do?”

“That’s why we need to have a quick check and leave. There will be a banquet tonight. It’s the princess’s and Young Master Richie’s engagement ceremony.”

Two patrolmen walked into the lounge, but no one noticed that a teleportation formation was dimming, and then disappeared.

“Ah, the princess is such a great existence. She actually married Richie… Sigh.”

“She had no choice. Now, Young Master Richie’s family is of the highest prestige. Even if the princess doesn’t agree, others will persuade her and force her into this.”

“Ah—” The patrolman sighed again, “It’s a pity. Our status is low anyways. Before that, I watched the princess grow up… in a distance… silently.”

“Stop talking, let’s hurry up and leave.”

After the inspection, no one was found, and the two patrolmen planned to leave. The sighing patrolman came to the Dragon God monument before leaving and prayed, “Great Dragon God, please make our Royal Highness happy.”

“Hurry up.” His companion urged, and he left quietly.

After a while, the contestant’s lounge fell into dead silence.

“This is…” Laura walked into the teleportation formation and found that she was in a cave. The cave was very large, with unidentified purple-red crystals shining around the cave wall.

Tip tap, tip tap.

The sound of dripping water echoed in the cave. Laura turned around to find that there was no road behind, just a dead end.

There was something like a switch on the wall of the cave. After Laura pressed it down, a white teleportation array appeared.

“Fortunately, I can still go back. Maybe Brother Xiang is trapped here.” The teleportation array disappeared after only half a minute, and Laura also entered the cave.

Although the crystals on the wall of the cave were not bright, it was more than enough to illuminate a passage. Laura whispered her call to Brother Xiang, while being vigilant about her surroundings.

“Strange, where is this place? How come I’ve never been here before?”

There was only one passage in the cave, which was very long, and it seemed to be endless. The sound of water drops kept coming from the depths, and the sound of Laura’s footsteps also echoed in the cave. The place with fewer crystals was very dark, and Laura would speed up every time she passed by such a place.

“Why haven’t I reached the end yet?” After walking for a long time, Laura felt a little sore in her feet. At that moment, she saw a bright light ahead, much brighter than in the passage. There might be an exit there, and Brother Xiang could be there.

Thinking of that, Laura ran towards the glimmering area. The light was getting brighter.

“Huh!” Running to the end of the cave, Laura gasped in shock.

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