The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 63 : Fire and Water (4)


There was ice, a very large piece of ice. That piece of ice was dark blue, and something was seen inside, but it was not clear. A corner of the ice was dripping continuously, as if slowly melting. The water dripped onto the ground to form a water puddle.

Laura originally thought that there was an exit, that Lin Xiang was there, but it was the real dead end, or in other words, she was at a place where the huge piece of ice was stored.

The purple-red crystal was not only large in volume, but also large in quantity, as if it had grown out of the ground, illuminating the entire place.

If she had to compare herself as a little ant, then that place was a big bowl. Among them, that piece of ice occupied two-thirds of the location.

Tip tap. The water dripped faster, and Laura felt that her dragon energy seemed to be flowing towards the huge ice. The upper left part of the huge ice began to lighten. Finally, Laura saw something similar to a skull, probably at the part of the eyes.

“Wuu— Dad, why is our family always looked down upon? Why is it so bad to use ice? We are always called the betrayers.” Little Laura cried and asked when she stood in front of her father’s desk.

“It all started from the past. More than four hundred years ago, an ancient ice dragon came to Olipolia secretly. She was seriously injured and fainted in the forest. Our ancestors found her by accident, so they took her home to heal her injuries.”

“Ancient dragons are so big. Our house couldn’t fit it.”

“Haha.” Lauda picked up Laura, and put her on his lap. He patted her head, and continued, “That’s why I addressed ‘her’. She became a human and was a beautiful big sister. This big sister is very powerful. She awarded the Ice Dragon’s Roar to our ancestors. At that time, our family status was not low. With the support of the ancient ice dragon, we were excelling in every aspect in the country. But one day, she attacked the residents without any warning and bewitched the ancestors to bring her dragon energy crystals, which enabled her to fully regain her strength. As a result, she was out of control. Olipolia was almost destroyed in an instant. There were heavy casualties.”

Lauda got more agitated, “Fortunately, at that time, they came. Red Dragon Venus, Blue Dragon Bessica. They fought the ice dragon for a day and night, destroying many forests and mountains. In the end, they defeated the ice dragon. After that, the red dragon and blue dragon never appeared again.”

“Where did they go?”

“No one knows. Some people say that they went back to their place, but more people said that they died in the battle. Four hundred years passed, and people gradually forgot about them. However, the people remained disliking our family, and looking down upon the Ice Dragon’s Roar.”

“After the evil Ice Dragon died, how would people deal with it?”

“Its body was put in a sealed place where no one will find it. This reminds us that such a thing happened.”

The memories of childhood were so beautiful, but for Laura, it was a conversation with her father that scared her.

As the water dripping on the ice became lumpier, the color of ice in her eyes faded. Laura backed away several steps. She was unsure if she was panicking or something when a blue cold light reflected on her eye sockets.

“It’s… It’s her!” Laura’s pupils were stirring. Cold sweat broke out all over her body. She turned and ran back to the direction she came from without turning her head or daring to look back. That was the remains of the evil dragon. That was the burial grounds.

“Sister Liz… Sister Liz is in danger!” Laura muttered as she ran.


The trees fell horizontally one by one on the ground. Valarie had one hand on the ground, and her blood reached the ground, drop by drop.

“Sorry, if you can’t get close, then there’s nothing you can do, Valarie.” Bellina spread her hands, shook her head, and looked at Lin Xiang, “Hey, you, why didn’t you run? There was a chance just now. Well, who knew if Valarie could unleash her strength if you stay?”

Indeed, Lin Xiang just had a chance to escape, but he refused. If he left, Valarie would die and he certainly would not let that happen. However, it was also a fact that he could not do anything even if he stayed.

“Stupid boy.” That was what Valarie called him.

It was another round of attacks. Lin Xiang had seen Bellina’s water power, and it was much stronger than Silent Water’s. The attack speed was also fast. As soon as her water hit, Lin Xiang threw Valarie, who had lost her strength after the hard fight, aside, which avoided the attack.

“It’s great watching you two protect each other, but it also makes me feel so angry.” A chill came out, and the water slowly turned into ice cones. With Bellina’s one wave, the ice cones flew at lightning speed towards them.

They really could not avoid them.

Lin Xiang covered Valarie with his body, silently waiting for what would happen next—— Injury or death.

Plok—” The result of waiting was the sound of something falling into the water. Turning his head, he found a blue magic circle in front of him. The magic circle released a water shield to block the ice cones’ further attack.

“This is a magic that can help Master when Master is in danger.” Silent Water’s words suddenly echoed in his mind. Silent Water kissed him the night before he entered the official competition and mentioned it was magic. At the time, Lin Xiang only thought that she just wanted to encourage him, but he did not expect it to be true.

Silent Water applied that magic for fear that he would be injured during the competition.

“What’s the matter?” Bellina was puzzled by the sudden appearance of the water shield. The water shield did not last long and quickly disappeared.

“Although I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m sure you won’t have such luck next time.”

Bellina took a breath and was attempting to release a dragon roar. She never used the dragon roar just now, yet she had such strong battling power just by controlling the nearby waters to attack. It was really hard to imagine how strong her dragon roar would be.

“Hooo— Splarida!” With the roar, a surging torrent rushed towards him and Valarie. At first, he did not think the water was any different from ordinary water, it was just a wave rush and it did not have any attack power. But soon, Lin Xiang found himself thinking too naively.

The row of trees in front of him was impacted by the torrent, and then instantly swallowed into fragments, even more powerful than a cutter. Observing carefully, he found the torrent very strange, dividing it into countless small streams, that is, the direction of motion is different between each stream.

To put it simply, like an electric saw, part of the saw blade rotated forward and some of the saw blades rotated backwards to increase the cutting force of cutting hard wood.

Probably because death was approaching, Lin Xiang had become smarter. Since he understood the concept, it was a shame that he could not do anything about it. He could only watch the fast cutting torrent approaching him.

Three magic circles of different colors appeared, and the ground vibrated. A big crack opened, and the torrents all smashed into them.

“Is there a flood?” A lively voice came. The bronze magic circle among the three dimmed, and Dusty’s ponytail was swaying side to side in front of his eyes.

“Really, why did you come here?” The yellow teleportation array was also dimmed and disappeared without a trace. The blonde girl turned around. Reidy said in a dissatisfying voice, and looked at Lin Xiang, who was covered with scars. She immediately jumped up in shock, “Hey, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, just scratches.” Yes, they were all scratches, which was why Silent Water’s magic protection was not triggered before. It took effect when the ice cone was judged to be severely damaging, which saved him.

“Master, Lady Valarie, are you both alright?” Silent Water’s voice was as gentle and delicate as ever. She walked over quickly, knelt down and cleaned their wounds with water.

When the wound was covered by water, Valarie’s brow furrowed, seemingly being repulsive to Silent Water’s actions, but she did not speak.

“Silent Water, why are you here?” The wound was soaked in her magic. It was cold and very comfortable.

“You still have the face to ask this? You suddenly disappeared, and then came running to the Demon Realm. Who knew you got wounds, so you tell me what’s wrong?” Reidy had a hand on her waist and looked down at Lin Xiang condescendingly. She thought she looked very domineering, but in fact, she did not notice that her skirt was slightly lifted upwards. A pair of snowy-white thighs flickered under the skirt.

Namo Amitabha.

Lin Xiang shifted his sight slightly.

“Why don’t you answer?” Reidy raised a brow.

“Hey, spirits. I actually did all this.” Bellina beckoned to them in the distance.

Hearing the sound, Reidy and the others discovered Bellina’s presence. Her clothes were torn. The torrent rushed into the seam just now, and the high water splashes blocked their sight, so they did not see her.

“Hey, have you done something strange to that girl that caused your body to be full of injuries? She was so furious, that’s why she done this, right? This fire dragon too, she always listens to you, so she was injured because she became an accomplice, right?” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang with a serious face.

“Am I so unbearable in your eyes?”

“Seeing her clothes torn like this, I have a reason to believe that you are a perverted human.”

“Look clearly, she’s a dragon. She wanted to kill me and Valarie a minute ago.”

“Who told you to be hungry and not choose food? There’s obviously some… in front of you, yet you go provoke others.” At the end, Reidy was a little unclear with the situation.

“Human, is this your spirit? Not bad, not bad, I can be busy for a while. I hope you can relieve my boredom.” Bellina smiled.

It was not good. Lin Xiang was too happy when Silent Water and the others came that he forgot he was about to be killed just now.

“Master, who is that big sister?” Dusty asked.

“Water Dragon Bellina. Dusty, Silent Water, Reidy, you have to be careful. She is very strong, even Valarie could not beat her. Let’s retreat first. I don’t want to see any of you hurt.” Lin Xiang said seriously. How could spirits fight against an ancient dragon?

“I heard that you are retreating, human. Have you tried a life of being bored for hundreds of years, except for sleeping? Valarie has no strength now, and you are too weak. As for them, well, I hope they can relieve my boredom. Hooo— Partila!” Bellina unleashed a dragon roar towards the sky, and a huge water fountain appeared, splashing like a whale’s spray. In her control, the water rushing to the sky gave out a sharp cold light as they drove down diagonally with great momentum.

“What the heck?” Reidy seemed to be frightened by the scene, and Dusty could not help but open her mouth wide. Only Silent Water quickly reacted, “Dusty, block it quickly.”

“Oh. Hey!” Dusty spread opened her hands as a magic circle appeared ten meters from the ground. The ground shook, and an earth wall quickly rose, reaching the height of the magic circle. The water just shot on it.

However, the very hard soil wall only blocked most of the attack before being broken by sharp water waves. The waves of water continued pressing down along with the soil.

“Ha!” Electricity rushed out of Reidy’s body, and the golden currents quickly converged, colliding with the water waves. White smoke appeared.

“Yes, not bad.” Bellina nodded in satisfaction, “I hope you won’t be like your Master, no attack power. If this is the case, then you shall die very quickly.”

Silent Water and the others looked at Bellina as if they were facing an enemy. Now, they finally felt the murderous intent hidden in Bellina’s eyes.

After the three women looked at each other, Silent Water said to Lin Xiang, “Master, please go to a safe place with Lady Valarie.”

“But…” When he wanted to say something, Valarie interrupted him, “You don’t have… to worry… too much. Bellina… and I have fought… for a long time… There was water… before, so her attack… was more convenient, but… water control… also consumes dragon… energy. Therefore… the water spirit can… fight with her… now.”

“Really?” After hearing Valarie’s words, Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. Although he did not want to be protected by girls, what else could he do besides being protected?

I must get stronger.

Lin Xiang picked Valarie up and said to Silent Water and the others, “Be careful.” Then he ran back.

“It’s a good thing to have someone fight with me, but I can’t let Valarie and you escape just like that.” Bellina uttered another dragon roar. Feeling something in the sky, Lin Xiang raised his head to find a blue dot appearing in the sky. The blue dot was like an automatic water spray system in shopping malls and companies. It sprayed transparent water and spread around, turning into a huge water barrier, blocking their way of escape.

Damn it, is escaping not going to work? Lin Xiang originally wanted to summon Silent Water and the others when he was far enough away from there after achieving the goal of a smooth escape, but it was clear that it could not be done.

“Dusty, take away the human and the fire dragon.”

“Understood.” After listening to Reidy, Dusty dived into the ground at once.

It suddenly dawned on him. It turned out that they could also pass the barrier from under the ground. However, Bellina had no means to stop her. She just looked at them with a faint smile, which made Lin Xiang feel that things would not be that simple.

“Oh my!” Dusty stretched out her head like a gopher.

“What’s wrong, Dusty?” Reidy was facing Bellina. She looked at her closely, paying attention to her every movement, for fear of being attacked if she was distracted.

“There’s also something blocking the way underground. I can’t make it through.” Dusty said anxiously. She casted a bewildered look at Lin Xiang, “Master, what should we do now?”

“There is no… other way… Only a flame… of ultra-high… temperature can break… it.” Valarie said lightly.

“Flame? Let me try.” Dusty heard that a flame could break through the barrier, so she breathed in as much as she could and attacked the water barrier with her half-hearted fireball technique. The result was clear, no effect.

“Fire.” Valarie’s eyes seemed to light up after seeing Dusty’s magic.


At the same time, Bellina launched an attack. Silent Water and Reidy began to initiate counterattacks. Upon seeing that, Dusty hurriedly created a wall of earth to block in front of Lin Xiang and Valarie, and stepped forward to help them.

Lin Xiang looked worriedly at Silent Water and others. Bellina was an ancient dragon, although she had been battling Valarie for a long time and had consumed a lot of energy, he did not think the three girls could defeat her by teaming up.

Bellina smiled, and calmly dodged the tacit attack of Silent Water and others. Lin Xiang felt something was not right.

“I originally thought… that her energy… has been consumed… a lot. But now… it seems… she still had… strength storage. Her [Rainfall]… just now… had already given her… stronger and… less tiring… attack conditions.” Valarie looked at Bellina while speaking, “If there… is fire… I will recover… faster.”

Indeed. Bellina was a water dragon and could control water. The moist environment gave her convenience, so she did not need to use dragon energy to make water by herself. During rainy days, Valarie needed to release fire while being weakened by the rain. They were both ancient dragons, but since Bellina was older than Valarie, she was stronger. The last point should be similar to the difference between a war technician and a mage. Valarie was in-charged of close combat, while Bellina was long-ranged. Suppressed by Bellina’s powerful water control ability, Valarie could hardly get close to her, so Valarie would lose, for sure.

To defeat Bellina, aside from letting Valarie regain her abilities, there was also a way to get Valarie close to her…

While Lin Xiang was thinking, Dusty let out a yell.

“Ah—” Dusty, who was knocked into the air, hit the ground heavily, and a deep pit suddenly appeared.

“Damn it! How can you, to Dusty…” Reidy clenched her fist in fury, strong electric current gleamed bright golden light in the dazzling sun.

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