The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 64 : Fire and Water (End)


“Oh, lightning, how scary.” Bellina said, but no one could see her fear at all, instead, she wore a happy smile.

“Water spin!” Silent Water folded hands, and a blue magic circle appeared. It shot out a spinning waterspout, and at the same time, Reidy’s lightning entangled the water tornado. The mighty hydroelectric tornado hit Bellina directly.

With a wave of her hand, a crystal water shield appeared in front of Bellina. The water and electricity tornado hit the newly raised water shield and was instantly absorbed by the water shield. Bellina had expected that as she looked at Silent Water and the others with smiling eyes.

However, soon, the lightning soon played its role.

Buzz bizzz.” The electric current rotated in the center of the water shield, and quickly scurrying around.

Boom!” With a sound, the water shield exploded. Bellina was not affected in any way, not even a drop of water splashed on her. However…

Huh? Bellina looked at her feet.

Two small hands stretched out from the ground, clutching her ankles tightly, making her unable to move. Reidy seized the opportunity to immediately launch a lightning attack, and golden lightning pierced the thin air, hitting Bellina’s body.

Silent Water condensed a small water ball, and pushed it forward. The crystal water ball flew towards Bellina, whose body of golden lightning had not yet dissipated. The water ball wrapped her body all at once.

When the lightning stopped, Dusty came out of the ground and stood beside Silent Water.

Inside the water ball that wrapped Bellina, there was a golden lightning. The ball was like a lightning globe, very dazzling.

“Hmph, dragons are just like that when in the face of powerful thunder and lightning.” Reidy said to Lin Xiang behind him very complacently.

“Yeah, yeah, Sister Reidy is awesome! Sister Silent Water is also super awesome.”

“Dusty is also good. You locked the enemy’s movement.” Silent Water patted Dusty’s head, but a sudden weird feeling gushed within her.

“Master.” Dusty did not notice anything, and jumped over to Lin Xiang. Silent Water wanted to stop her, but with a sudden gurgling sound, Dusty was surrounded by a clump of water in a blink of an eye, floating upwards.

Dusty’s eyes blinked, and then her hands and feet kept moving randomly. A lot of bubbles appeared from her mouth.


The water ball surrounding Bellina burst and the lightning dissipated. Bellina stood intact and looked at Silent Water, “That’s great. Your water is very pure. Would you like to live with me? I can improve your abilities, while I can also have a companion in the meantime.”

“I’m sorry, I refuse. Silent Water already has a Master. Can you put Dusty instead?” Silent Water tried to break the water ball, but there was no effect. Dusty was struggling indiscriminately, but silent Water could only tell her to cover her nose and mouth, and not to move.

“No, since you refuse to stay, then I’ll kill all your companions.”

“Don’t even think about it. Smash ● Lightning Wall!” A lightning-dense power grid swept across them. Two traces were left in the places it passed, bringing up a burst of rubble, moving incredibly swift. As if having not enough time to dodge, Bellina was completely hit by it.

“Heh heh.” Bellina did not have any discomfort, but smiled at Reidy and shook her head instead, “Sorry, lightning does not have much effect on me. The two elements, water and electricity are relatively compatible anyways.”

Bellina snapped her fingers, and the ground under Reidy’s feet began to seep water. Before Reidy could react, she was wrapped into the water ball.

Glug glug glug— Reidy hammered the water ball, and it had no effect other than causing ripples. Dusty’s expression on the other side was very uncomfortable. She obviously had no oxygen left.

“Dusty, Reidy!” Lin Xiang was about to rush up when he saw that, but Valarie grabbed him, “No. You… can’t hurt her. Do… you know magic?”

“Magic? Not so much.”

“Fire. Can you… make a flame.”

“Yes.” However, the dragon energy Valarie gave Lin Xiang was gone, even if there was, her dragon energy might not be able to be converted into magic power.

Freed had said to Lin Xiang before that it and Yalide’s dragon energy were special and did not contain any elements. Therefore, they could become arbitrary energy. Valarie was a fire dragon, so her dragon energy might be inflammatory.

“If you want… to save them… hurry up.” Valarie urged.

On the other side, Bellina was facing Silent Water and said, “Your two friends are trapped. If I want to, I can let them die anytime. Stay with me, so life won’t be so boring anymore.”

Glug glug—” Reidy hammered the water ball hard. Lightning flashed all over her body, making the water ball golden, shining gorgeously, but she just could not break the water ball.

Damn it! Do I have dragon energy now? None! How can I use magic?

Seeing his close friends like that, he could not do anything. I’m really too useless.

Lin Xiang clenched his fists. H hated himself for being too weak.

Thump. Lin Xiang’s heart sudden skipped a beat. He was taken aback, and smiled. He felt it, felt a trace of dragon energy flowing in his body. The familiar dragon energy belonged to them.

Freed and Yalide.

A lot of magic could be converted at one point, right?

Lin Xiang recalled a high-level fire magic spell he memorised due to boredom. Closing his eyes, he meditated it in his head.

To initiate magic, meditation was very important, because magic was the result of imagination and magic power. The more skilled a magician was, the faster it took to activate the magic. Lin Xiang had not used any other magic except the fireball, let alone advanced magic, so he must concentrate very much now.

“Hurry up and make your choice, or your companion will die. Oh, your Master and Valarie will be next.”

“I…” Silent Water’s voice trembled. She looked at Lin Xiang with her eyes closed, and then said to Bellina, “What is your purpose for doing this?”

“My purpose? I don’t know. I just don’t want to be so bored by myself. Hurry up, or the spirit who loves to drill underground won’t be able to breathe.”

“I… I…” Silent Water put her hand on her chest. As she tried to speak, Lin Xiang let out a roar.

“Silent Water! Don’t promise her!” Lin Xiang’s body was filled with immense heat. Flames fluttered around his body.

Was that feeling of hotness caused by flames? It seemed that the use of magic had failed as he turned into flames.

Lin Xiang was a little self-deprecating that he was not suitable for magic. When he opened his eyes, his black pupils slowly turned red, and his hair became fiery red as if it had faded.

“You are all my family! It is my responsibility to protect all of you!” Lin Xiang finished speaking, and he dragged a long tail of the fire, heading towards Dusty. Valarie moved and followed him.

“Huh? This is…” Bellina’s eyes lit up. Seeing Lin Xiang punched the water ball that was wrapping Dusty. The water evaporated immediately after being exposed to high temperature.

Valarie quickly caught the falling Dusty and stood firmly on the ground. If the was witness was an ordinary person, it would be hard to believe that such a small body could embrace a girl who was much older than her so easily.

“Cough cough.” After breathing again, Dusty coughed out a lot of water.

Lin Xiang only paused for a while, and then went to Reidy’s.

“It’s not that easy.” Bellina’s eyes flashed with blue light, and the water ball surrounding Reidy moved backwards. At the same time, countless spikes appeared on the surface, stabbing in Lin Xiang’s direction.

“Gather the flames… to the front… and block them… Believe in… your own flames.” Valarie followed Lin Xiang again, and Lin Xiang’s flames floated into her body as if nothing happened.

Lin Xiang, who instinctively wanted to dodge, listened to Valarie’s words and immediately controlled the flames emanating from his body and blocked the attack.

Hiss—“ Countless evaporating noises sounded upon hitting Lin Xiang’s face, turning into gas. However, Lin Xiang was still a novice fire manipulator after all, and Bellina’s water was not easy to deal with. In the end, a water jet broke through the defense and stabbed his shoulder.

Lin Xiang did not say a word, and the water thorns quickly turned into gas and disappeared. He approached Reidy, and punched the thin water ball to set her free.

With a standard princess carry, Lin Xiang caught the falling Reidy.


There was a sharp pain from the injured shoulder. Lin Xiang was distracted for a moment and lost control of his flames, so Reidy’s clothes instantly turned to ashes.

Soon, Lin Xiang could not feel the pain in his shoulder anymore, he was shocked. The chest that seemed to have just developed was small, yet elastic. Two small pink dots reflected in Lin Xiang’s eyes.

“Ah!!! You…you pervert! Don’t look!” Reidy screamed, and quickly blocked her chest with one hand and her lower body with the other. Her face was crimson red.

“Sorry, sorry.” Lin Xiang turned his head, a little panicky.

“Quickly, let me down.” Reidy struggled, and her two white calves kept kicking forward.

Lin Xiang awkwardly put Reidy down. He was relieved that he was not scorched by electricity.

“It’s so small.” Valarie glanced at Reidy’s covered chest and commented.

“You are not qualified to speak of me.” Reidy was so angry that a girl younger than herself said hers was small?

Seeing that everyone was alright, Silent Water returned to Lin Xiang and kept a certain distance from Bellina.

“I underestimated you again, human. Now, I understand why Valarie wants to protect you. Hooo—Reuin!” Bellina used a dragon roar at the sky, and dark clouds emerged out of thin air, covering the sun. Tip tap. Rain began to pour, and the forest was shrouded in rain again.

“It seems that… you don’t have much… dragon energy left… Do you really… want to make… a move.” When Valarie saw Bellina used Weather Dragon Roar, she knew Bellina was starting to take it seriously.

“Yes, not much, not much. After playing with Valarie for so long, there is really not much left.” Bellina admitted frankly, but in that rainy world, with not much dragon energy left, it was clear that it was only enough to deal with Lin Xiang and the spirits, “It’s a pity, Valarie, although your dragon descendant friend can restore your energy, do you think you have time to recover?”

At that time, the rain around Bellina stayed in the air, as if frozen in time.

“Silent Water, take Reidy and the others away, it’s dangerous.” Lin Xiang had experienced that move. If Valarie had not burn her vitality and rescued Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang would have been filled with holes by now.

“We can still fight.” Just after Reidy said, Lin Xiang looked over at her, and she quickly jumped behind Silent Water to block her body, “Besides, there is nowhere to hide.”

Incorporeal lightning could pass through the water barrier, but Reidy and the others could not.

“Try to… avoid it. Just now… she did not… seriously fight… with you. Firstly… it’s because she… lacks dragon energy, so she… can’t make a strong… powerful move. Secondly, she just wants… to tease you… Third, she saw… the young man… let out flames. Knowing… that I can recover… my dragon energy… she wants to… make a quick fight… and end this.”

“Yes, that’s right. Valarie, I originally wanted to play for a while, but I don’t want to be killed by you because of fun. Now, you don’t have enough time to recover any more dragon energy. At this point, how many of them can you save?”

Seeing the rain slowly condensing, Lin Xiang frowned.

He knew that the attack needed a high concentration of dense flames to stop it. Even if Valarie, who had very less dragon energy, could resist it, she would not be able to save so many people.

“Ha!” Reidy shot a lightning strike, but Bellina was protected by an invisible energy shield. The lightning could not approach her, let alone attacking her.

“Belina… you are right… If I was… the former me… I definitely can’t recover… my dragon energy quickly… But.” After Valarie finished speaking, she grabbed Lin Xiang’s hand and pulled. Lin Xiang did not see that coming, so he abruptly bent down. Valarie grabbed his collar and kissed Lin Xiang’s mouth without any shame or hesitation.

“Wha…” Reidy’s eyelids split wide open. Reidy lowered her head and her body burst out with crackling lightning, “Aren’t we supposed to think about how to deal with the enemy? Why are you doing this instead!?” Wanting to separate the two, Reidy only found that they were surrounded by flames. Those flames kept pouring into Valarie’s body.

Valarie absorbed the flames, and her body swelled up. No, she was growing up at an astonishing speed. The body-swelling certainly referred to a certain part.

Lin Xiang did not expect that Valarie could absorb his energy in turn. He worried that Freed and Yalide would not supply enough dragon energy, but since the dragon energy slowly flowed into Valarie’s body, he could not care much. If she sucked it all away, so be it. It should not matter if the soul was repaired later. The most important thing was to survive!

“What’s this?” Bellina could clearly feel the dragon energy flowing into Valarie’s body. Although the speed was very slow, the pure dragon energy…

She quickly controlled her water blades to attack Lin Xiang and Valarie. Hhong! Valarie waved her hand, and a flame rose in front of her, engulfing the water blades.

Feeling that the transfer was too slow, Valarie used her small tongue to constantly stir Lin Xiang’s tongue, wanting the dragon energy to flow faster.

His tongue was constantly touched by the soft and wet little thing. Lin Xiang only felt a burst of electric current rushing through his body.

Brat! This is the dragon energy that I worked so hard to save! You little fire dragon, don’t think that I will speed it up for you like this.’ Yalide’s voice rang in his mind, and it disappeared in a flash.

The flow of dragon energy sped up, and Valarie felt the strange dragon energy more clearly.

Is this the strange dragon energy in the boy?

When it came to speeding up the transmission, it was actually not much faster, just a little quicker than before. Although she did not absorb much, Valarie felt that the energy contained in it was much larger than her own. For example, with the same dragon roar, it would require even less energy of his.

A pillar of fire soared into the sky. Silent Water and the others were forced to retreat.

In the flames, Valarie gradually could not feel Lin Xiang’s dragon energy coming, so she let go of him. She licked the crystal clear liquid on her lips, “Although it’s less, it’ll be enough.”

Lin Xiang only felt that his body’s strength was drained. His hair and pupils gradually turned back to the original black. He leaned on Valarie’s shoulder and panted.

“That’s just a little bit. It’s far from enough.” Tens of thousands of sharp water cones pointed at Valarie and the others. As soon as Bellina finished speaking, they all gushed at them.

Valarie pointed her palm at Bellina, and the transparent flame spread out from her palm, forming a protective shield that stood in front of everyone.

“A transparent flame! Awesome!” Dusty did not have any sense of crisis as she looked curiously at the transparent fire shield and the flying water droplets.

Hiss—” The transparent fire shield was hit by tens of thousands of water droplets, and there was no sign of being broken through, but instead aroused a mist of water vapour.

After seeing that, Bellina did not get furious because miss her hit. Instead, she laughed, “What wonderful dragon energy. It can even let you use the dragon spirit fire. However, after a few more attacks, do you think you will have dragon energy left?”

“Valarie.” Lin Xiang thought about it before. If she could not get close, she would not be able to use her true attack power. If that went on, there would be no dragon energy at last. He whispered in Valarie’s ear, “Valarie, I still have the last bit of dragon energy. After a while, I will enter the wind speed state and bring you behind Bellina. You can take that opportunity to give her a close blow.”

Valarie nodded upon listening.

“Do you want to make senseless defense?” Bellina had already thought about it. She wanted to keep a distance away from Valarie and she could never let her get close to her. In that case, Valarie’s dragon energy would be wasted and victory would be hers. The battle between fire and water would be put to an end that very day.

A woman with fluttering blue hair, similar to the mature Bellina, appeared in Bellina’s mind at the moment: Mom, once this is over, I’ll go to you. You promised you won’t die easily.

“Valarie, take this!” The ground near Bellina cracked, and several water jets surged. The tops of the water jets were intertwined to form a large mass of water.

“Water ● Dragon Roar!” Accompanied by the dragon’s roar, the large water ball turned into a dragon head. It burst with roars, and came over with its big mouth open.

“Valarie, protect Silent Water and the others.” Lin Xiang had already stood up straight in front of Valarie. No one knew what he wanted to do.

After raising the transparent fire shield again, Dusty looked curiously at the flying water dragon head. Reidy showed a worried look. That move put a lot of pressure on her. Silent Water let out a surprised sigh, “What strong water currents. When can I better myself to help the Master?”

The dragon head smashed into the transparent fire shield. The fire shield was like a slingshot that was pulled apart, severely dented, while the dragon head kept evaporating, and continued to head towards Silent Water and the others. However, it was unable to break through the weak transparent fire shield.

“Huh!?” Bellina had a bad feeling, because she found that Lin Xiang and Valarie disappeared in place. She looked around, and felt a heat wave approaching from behind.

Turning around, Valarie’s hands that were turned into dragon’s claws, was clenching a small, floating, transparent flame ball. She came rushing at Bellina, and fiercely pressed the transparent flame ball on Bellina’s abdomen.

Boom!” There was a big explosion. Rain waters were dispersed and black smoke was emitted. The air current lifted the weak Lin Xiang away.

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