The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 65 : Is this small cloth even for humans


“Cough cough.” After the explosion bounced Lin Xiang away, he got up again. Valarie’s transparent flame was really powerful, and the temperature was super high. The energy it contained was huge.

Due to the rain, the black smoke produced after the explosion quickly dissipated. Probably because Valarie was running out of dragon energy, she recovered to her petite appearance.

The place where they stood was a ten-meter-wide pit created after the explosion. In the deep pit, there lay a blue-haired girl in front of Valarie, who was also petite and only a little bigger than Valarie. That was obviously Bellina’s real appearance.

Without her mature appearance, Bellina seemed like a little sister next door. Her soft water-like hair was scattered around her. Her little nose was dusty, and her sapphire blue eyes looked at Valarie, showing a trace of self-deprecating smile, “Too careless.”

“Now, what do you… want to say.” Valarie’s dragon claw on her right hand had a transparent flame flowing on it. She looked very cool at the moment.

Bellina did not speak. She just stared at Valarie. Her eyes were the same as Valarie’s, quite hollow and blank, but she possessed a little spirituality that Valarie did not have.

“Then… you can die now.” Valarie’s dragon claw gripped, Bellina closed her eyes. As if accepting her fate, she knew losers would also die.

“Valarie, don’t do it.” Lin Xiang yelled, and realized that his voice was a little hoarse. His body was weak and it was difficult to move.

Valarie turned and glanced at him. The murderous expression in her eyes was very serious. Ignoring him, she returned her focus to Bellina. She lifted her clenched dragon claw, and was about to punch her.


Lin Xiang knew that Valarie was blinded by revenge. He could imagine a young child, who had spent four hundred years alone, being helpless. However, the daughter of the culprit who had caused all those incidents was right in front of her, so she naturally pushed years of pain she had been suffering onto Bellina.

But Bellina was also the same as Valarie. Well, the battle started because Valarie took the initiative to find Bellina first.

“Master…” Silent Water, who came over to support him up, looked at Valarie and the other in an uneasy manner.

Lin Xiang watched Valarie raise the dragon claw high up, burning with transparent flames. He could not block her, so he could only yell to halt while slowly moving towards her.

“What’s the matter? He’s just a human being, how can that affect you? If we change positions, I will kill you without hesitation.” Bellina did not seem to be afraid of death at all. Lin Xiang really did not understand the dragon race at all. It was obvious that no one knew what happened to Venus and Bessica back then, how could it be concluded that they were fighting each other? Freed said that their relationship was actually very good.

“Since you want to… die so badly… just die!” The roar of the transparent flame slightly increased, and Valarie’s tone became cold. She bent and punched Bellina.

“Bang!” There was a loud noise and countless water splashes. At that moment, Lin Xiang closed his eyes, not wanting to see Valarie, who was stained with Bellina’s blood.

His current emotion was very complicated. Valarie was a little girl to him. She looked dull and petite. She seemed very simple and was an obedient child who did not lie or speak much. However, Valarie now bore the mentality of great revenge, which blinded her eyes. Her hands were stained with blood of the same kind…

Alas, Lin Xiang sighed secretly and lowered his head.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me that you miss your shot.” Bellina’s clear voice sounded, and Lin Xiang heard Valarie answering her, “You are not worthy… now. One day, I… will use my… most powerful self… to defeat you.”

He raised his head and opened his eyes.

The imaginary scene where Valarie’s body was stained with blood did not appear. Lin Xiang saw her bent body stood up slowly. Her muddy small fist had been restored to human form and it was slowly pulling away from the cracked and indecent ground next to Bellina’s face.

“So awesome…” Bellina said suddenly.

“What.” Valarie tilted her head and looked at Bellina. Bellina climbed up from the ground, staring at Valarie with her star-filled eyes.

“Valarie, I suddenly found that you are so awesome! The mature you has such a hot body. With your intermittent speaking style, you look very cool. Now, although your short hair, cute face, and indifferent tone may make you seem childish compared to your mature look, you are still so amazing.”

“You intention is… all over the place… Is this… your new move? Hey… let go… don’t let me… take back my words… I will kill you… now.” In the middle of Valarie’s speech, Bellina suddenly hugged her from the front. Bellina, who was taller than Valarie, kept rubbing her face against her hair.

“This is great.” Bellina was completely intoxicated by the feeling of hugging Valarie, “You may not remember, but I just recalled the moment we met each other a long time ago.”

What happened? What’s the situation? Lin Xiang did not understand at all.

Maybe it was due to her not feeling Bellina’s hostility. Valarie did not move her for a while. After looking at Lin Xiang, she then pushed her away, “Don’t come near me.”

“Cool! Valarie, I found that I seem to like you. How come I haven’t found you so awesome before? There is cuteness in your awesomeness too.”

“Have your brain… become stupid… due to shock… just now.”

“No, no. I was scared to death when you fisted down just now. But you didn’t kill me, and you said those words so coolly, which knocked open my heart instantly! I also remembered something from a long time ago. I finally understand why I am so bored and lonely, because I lack you.” Bellina said excitedly, and took Valarie’s hand.

Valarie shook her off mercilessly and took a few steps back, “Don’t come here. Your… defense and… dragon energy… have been broken up… by my dragon spirit… flame. Now, you are vulnerable… You come again… you die.”

Not moved by her words at all, Bellina moved on, “Now, I think it is actually a blessing to die in Valarie’s hands.”

“Ugh…” Valarie was obviously not used to dealing with enthusiastic people. Bellina moved forward and she retreated. Instead of actually attacking Bellina, she ran behind Lin Xiang and used his height advantage to block Bellina.

“Hey, human, you spoke for me just now, so I won’t do anything to you. Get out of the way.” Bellina waved to him like a small animal.

“You are… the one that… needs to get out… of the way. Don’t… get close to me.” After Valarie finished, she raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang, “Just now, I… should have… killed her, or we… will be fine… by now.” Although Valarie said so, Lin Xiang sensed no murderous intentions in her eyes. Instead, she seemed to be at a loss, apparently troubled by Bellina’s behavior.

“Saying you want to kill me or something… That’s so bad of you, Valarie.” Bellina rushed to his back and hugged Valarie. Valarie struggled a few times, ran away from her grasp, and ran around Lin Xiang under Bellina’s pursuit.

Well, in that situation, Freed also mentioned that Venus and Bessica liked to fight when they meet, but their relationship became great again after the fight. Was it like how Lin Xiang witness?

In order for Valarie and Bellina to stop killing each other, it was necessary to know what happened four hundred years ago. The poems of the red dragon and the blue dragon shared by the elders in Dragonborn Village… I’ll be sure to ask the princess when we head back.

Princess!? Oh right, the princess, my competition!

“Silent Water, how was the inheritance competition?” Lin Xiang asked Silent Water.

Before she answered, Reidy said, “It’s glorious. You fled without a fight, so you were disqualified from it.”

“So it turned out to be like this after all…” He sighed, and the rain fell on his cheeks, making him feel very melancholy. He did not expect himself to fight so hard to enter the top four, yet got such a result in exchange.


“Contestant Richie wins!” With the referee’s shout, the champion of the inheritance competition was born.

“Wow!!!” Everyone in the audience stood up and cheered excitedly, looking at Richie, who was standing in the center of the arena, seemingly invincible.

Although Richie was arrogant, he did have the qualifications to be arrogant. His powerful Fire Dragon’s Roar was brilliant and dazzling, super aggressive as well.

The dragon descendant in second place was also very powerful. He was a dragon descendant of the water element, almost on par with Richie. His moves were equally colorful. But in the end, due to consuming too much dragon energy, he was knocked down by Richie and suffered some minor injuries.

The runner-up was called Duke. His family status was similar to Richie’s. He was also one of the few young dragon descendants who was not afraid of Richie and liked Liz. It was learned that if Richie got the first place in the inheritance competition, the princess would marry him, so he tried to stop Richie, but lost in the end. He clutched the burned area, looked at Rich unwillingly, and was helped by the healing dragon descendant to get off the platform.

“Congratulations, Prime Minister Daniel, your son has not only won the favor of the ancient dragon, but also won the inheritance competition. He will finally marry the princess. This is simply the dream of every young man and a role model for every young people! ”

“Yes, yes, a tiger father has no dog son. Young Master Richie is indeed the son of Prime Minister Daniel.”

Old Richie was surrounded by a group of nobles pleasing him, he felt on cloud nine. Finally, their family was about to become a royal family, and his son would be the future king.

“After inheriting the dragon roar tonight, the engagement ceremony will be announced, right?” an aristocrat asked cautiously.

“Well, don’t miss the banquet at that time.” Old Richie laughed and stood up to leave the first-class auditorium, obviously preparing for the night.

The nobles all looked at Old Richie enviously, and were really hoping to take his place.

“Prime Minister Daniel is incredible. After tonight, his status will definitely be comparable to that of the king.”

“Yes, yes, the princess will marry his son Richie too. My son cried so hard, wanting me to stop them. That silly boy, how can I stop them?”

“The same is true for my grandsons. Alas, I can only blame them for their lack of strength and inability to marry the princess.” An old nobleman sighed, “Richie’s character can’t be said to be good. He is arrogant, and constantly looking down on his peers. He can’t tolerate anything. He is simply not king material. How would the princess make such a decision if he hadn’t saved of Lady Lavra? Now, it’s just the princess to suffer.”

“Alright, alright, stop saying these things. It would be bad if we were heard by the Richie’s family. Let’s go home and prepare their gifts.” After hearing the words of a dragon descendant, the group of higher status dragon descendants who was gathering together, scattered.

It was in the afternoon. The original cloudless sky was soon filled with dark clouds, just like the mood of a person.

“Sister Liz.” Laura, who was wrapping herself tightly, looked at Liz who had left the auditorium. She bit her lip then looked around. She did not notice Lavra’s presence. To be exact, she had not seen Lavra in the spectators’ lounge for so many days.

“If I suddenly rush out and told Sister Liz that the ice dragon was an evil dragon, she will believe me, but the others would arrest me without hesitation. What should I do? How can I let her show her true colors? “Laura’s eyes rolled and thought.

After sneaking to the hotel where Lin Xiang was located, Laura found Silent Water’s room. When Silent Water and Reidy rummaged through his luggage, they could not help but frowned, “What’s the matter? Why don’t Brother Xiang’s women have anything like perfume? Wow, is this small cloth even for humans?”

Laura picked up a blue bra and gestured in front of herself, “Um…it should be that blonde woman’s. Tsk tsk tsk.”

Laura put the bra down and put her luggage back, feeling a little distressed, “What should I do if I can’t find the perfume? The ice dragon has a very good sense of smell. I must find something that can conceal my body scent.”

She had no money, and it was impossible for to show herself in public, otherwise she would have been out on the street to buy perfume.

After looking for another round, Laura decided to leave. She just opened the door and found two girls standing outside. They were two white people, and the two girls were just about to knock on the door.

“You are…” Laura had put down her hood a long time ago, so her childlike innocence was naturally seen by the two girls in front of her. Now, she was thinking about freezing them with ice.

“Laura? Are you Laura?” The two girls on the opposite side looked at Laura in shock.

“Yes.” Laura felt that the girl in front of her looked familiar, but she could not remember. Should she freeze them up?

“My name is Nia, and I belong to the same team as Lin Xiang. This is Bemiru, and she’s also in the same team.” Nia introduced them to Laura.

“So it was you two.” Laura remembered, “Why are you here?”

“We came to meet Silent Water and the others. Lin Xiang was gone. After the match in the morning, we promised to go search for Lin Xiang after dinner, but they were gone before the meal.”

“Something like this happened?” Laura was puzzled. Brother Xiang and his harem have disappeared?

“Yes. The guards have been searching for so long, so you’ve been hiding here all this time? By the way, why did you attack Lady Lavra? Isn’t she an ice dragon? Laura also uses ice, right?” With Nia’s doubts, Laura could only smile wryly.

“There are some things that you won’t believe even if I say it. You won’t report me coming here, will you?”

“No, no.” Nia shook her hand quickly, and Bemiru also shook her head.

“Good, I believe you. Do you have any perfume or something? If not, can you buy it by the streets? It’s best if it can completely cover smell.”

“Perfume? Let’s go buy it.” Nia and Bemiru did not ask Laura what she was there for, because Lin Xiang and Laura were close, and they regarded Lin Xiang as a friend, so it was a foreigner’s character to help the friend of a friend.

Ten minutes later, Nia and Bemiru brought back a bottle of strong and pungent perfume.

“Thanks, I have no money now, so I will pay you back when I have money later.”

“No problem, it’s fine.”

“That’s all. I have to do some things, so I’ll leave here first. Please, you must find Brother Xiang.” Laura put on her hood, covered her face, and left.

Nia and Bemiru looked at each other. They were shocked to see that the usually crazy Laura, who constantly kept others away from her, had such a serious side.

What was she going to do?

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