The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 chapter 66 : Memories of the Past


“Bessica, come out, you rascal.” A woman with bright red hair with a great highlighted figure stood in front of a large lake. There was a floating island in the center and a cherry tree stood on that land. Her voice echoed faintly.


The calm surface of the lake began to vibrate. The clear water seemed to have no bottom, and there was something drilling out of it.

Hhong!— With a high spray, the red-haired woman waved casually, evaporating the splashing water with a flame.

After a burst of steam drifted into the sky, a blue-haired woman and a blue-haired girl stood beside the cherry blossom tree. That girl was probably about five years old. Her spiritual eyes flickered at the red-haired woman who came forward.

“Damn it! Venus! Have you got nothing to do? Why are you here? Want to fight?” The blue-haired woman looked gentle and virtuous, but when she spoke, she was full of domineering aura.

“Leave the fight for later. Let me show you something.” The red-haired woman named Venus beckoned in the woods, and a three-year-old kid staggered out, apparently just learning to walk.

The child with pink skin, short flaming red hair, exquisite facial features, and was sucking her little index finger immediately attracted the attention of the duo with blue hair, big and small.

“Venus, this is the thing you said? It seems that you are the only one who would call your child a thing! What’s her name?” Bessica picked up the girl next to her, leaped over ten meters of lake and came to Venus.

“Her name is Valarie. She’s cute, right? Be jealous! Hahahaha, this is my daughter! Finally, I don’t have to envy you anymore! My daughter is a hundred times lovelier than yours!”

“Wu…” The little blue-haired girl was unhappy after hearing Venus’s words. She said with difficulty in her crisp voice, “Bellina is cute, cuter than her.”

“Oh. You can talk. That’s amazing, but you’re still not as cute as my daughter.” Venus bent down, put her hand on Bellina’s head. She looked at her playfully and rustled through her long blue hair.

Bellina’s mouth pursed even harder.

“Stop this nonsense for me, will you? The more I look at your daughter, the more she resembles your past ‘paralyzed’ self. I don’t have to look at her and I already know that she can’t speak. How can she be as cute as my little bell? Come, my bell, call her aunt.”

“Auntie.” The soft voice said a lethal word.

“What? Auntie!?”

They had not seen each other for hundreds of years, and the two had a great moment of reminiscing about the past. After that, Then Bessica said to Bellina, “Belina, this is little sister. Bring her to play, and take good care of her.”

Bellina nodded, and then looked at Venus with a vigilant look. After seeing Venus smiled heartily at her, she finally dared to walk to Valarie and talk to her.

“Ka, ga.” Valarie could not speak, but could only utter the cry of a young dragon.

“Really? Really? I’ll take you to play.” Bellina took Valarie’s hand and walked a distance away from the adult dragons.

There was no danger there. Venus and Bellina saw their daughters getting along fairly well, and they were not repulsive due to opposite attributes. The two looked at each other. Dragon wings grew behind them and they flew far away.

“Sure enough, it’s uncomfortable not to fight!” Somewhere else, Bellina was having a fierce battle with Venus. The forest was partially destroyed, while the birds were flying chaotically.

“Hey, if we are not here, will my Valarie fight with your daughter?” Venus punched the waterspout with a fist, letting it disperse.

“Probably not, your daughter is so young, and Bellina hasn’t learned any dragon roars yet.”

When two adult ancient dragons were fighting and chatting, a battle between toddlers was also staged around the lake level.

“Stop! I can’t beat you, stop.” Bellina was chased by Valarie, who had just learned walking. Then, she accidentally tripped over a small stone and fell to the ground.

Valarie walked slowly to her. Looking at Bellina condescendingly, Valarie raised her small fist.

“I just squeezed your face, why are you so mad about that? Can’t I apologize?” Before Bellina finished speaking, Valarie punched her.

Her mother was right. Valarie’s mother was a woman who spoke with her fist, so that little fellow must be the same. Bellina closed her eyes. With a bang, she just felt the buzzing in her ears. Opening her eyes, she found Valarie’s fist hit the ground next to her ear. The little fist actually cracked the ground.

“Haha, idiot, your shot is crooked.” Bellina took the opportunity to get up. She squeezed Valarie’s cheek again, and then yelled as she ran, “I can’t beat you up-close, so come chase me if you can!” With a plop, she jumped into the lake.

Seeing Bellina swimming around in the lake, and spraying water on her face and body from time to time, Valarie hesitated. After making a decision, Valarie decided to jump into the lake, like Bellina.

“Glug glug—” Valarie, who had never touched water before, immediately sank. Many bubbles came out of her mouth. After struggling for a few times, she sank all the way to the bottom of the lake.

After Bellina looked at her actions, she whispered, “Idiot,” and quickly dove in. She took a lot of effort to drag Valarie ashore.

“Cough, cough. Achoo, achoo.” Valarie coughed and sneezed multiple times. But instead of crying like normal children, she used a weak flame to dry her wet body.

Hhong! Without controlling it properly, Valarie’s whole body burst into flames, which shocked Bellina. However, fortunately Valarie did not get any burns, and her clothes dried out. Bellina heaved a sigh of relief, “Phew, it’s fine, otherwise my mother will definitely scold me. Hey, will you be my little sister?”

Valarie shook her head.

“How about little brother?”

Valarie shook her head.

“Big sister?”

A gleam of light flashed in Valarie’s eyes, and then she nodded. Who knew Bellina told her, “You little girl want to be a big sister? Don’t be stupid.”

“Gah, ka.”

“What? Don’t think of you as a child? How old are you? About two hundred years old, right? I am four hundred and five years old, how can you not be my little sister?” After speaking, Bellina hugged Valarie.

Valarie resisted fiercely. She pushed Bellina away, moved back, and kept shaking her head.

“I’m going to be your big sister.”

After three days, the two irresponsible mothers came back to find Valarie and Bellina seemed to be on good terms as they were sitting on the island in the middle of the lake. They leaned against the cherry blossom tree, fast asleep.

That was the first time Valarie and Bellina have met, and they had not seen each other in six hundred years since then.


“That’s really a good memory.” Bellina recalled what happened at the time because Valarie missed her punch. She stared at Valarie, “Did you remember, little Valarie?”

Although dragons’ memory was good, they only met once, and during their childhood as well. It had been six hundred years since they met, so it was really difficult to remember it again.

They never met after that, but their mothers would fight every two or three hundred years, so they subtly regarded each other as enemies.

“No.” Valarie shook her head, “I just want… to know… where Venus… is.”

“I don’t know about this either. When my mother left, she only said that she was going to fight the fire dragon, and then she never came back. According to the memory I recalled, our mothers would not really kill each other. What happened? Hmm… It’s really nerve-wracking, but it’s fine, I’ll protect you.” Bellina said as she slowly approached Valarie and hugged her.

“Go away.” Valarie broke free from Bellina’s arm with a turn of her body.

“Really, is little Valarie shy? We used to have very good relationships, although the time is short, do you really not remember?”

“I don’t remember… at all, so… don’t lean… so close… to me.” After Valarie finished speaking, she stood beside Lin Xiang.

“Damn, you brat.” Bellina’s calm face suddenly became fierce as she stared at Lin Xiang sternly. She gloomily spoke, “I admit that you are a bit special, but the only person who can get close to little Valarie is me! You better be careful. If you accidentally fall into the water… Ah!!! That’s so hot, too hot.” Lin Xiang was exposed to threat, so Valarie snapped her fingers without hesitation, causing Bellina’s buttocks to burn.

Bellina jumped on the spot a few times, and quickly wiped out the flames on her rear end with water, “Little Valarie, you’re bad. You are bullying your big sister.”

“I cannot… remember you… being my… big sister. We are… still enemies.”

“Really, don’t be kidding me. We are the type that gets closer the more we fight. Years before, you and I…” Bellina said again about what she remembered, and then gave Lin Xiang a provocative look, “Hmph~ That’s right. This is the relationship between me and little Valarie. You were nothing back then, human. Ah! Hot, hot.” Bellina’s buttocks burned again.

When the flames were extinguished, Bellina’s clothes had a big hole, and it was near her buttocks. She arched her reddened little buttock at Valarie, “Little Valarie, this is too much. Look at it, your big sister’s butt hurts so much because of your flames.”

Valarie was indifferent, but Lin Xiang had a nose fever, as if he had a nosebleed. The emotions he had when a seemingly fourteen-year-old kid with a rather nice figure shook her buttocks in front of him were no joke.

“Don’t look at it!” Reidy pulled Lin Xiang’s ear.

“It hurts, it hurts. I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. By the way, go get some clothes to wear.” Lin Xiang glanced at Reidy’s fair body and quickly closed his eyes. Fortunately, Lin Xiang mentioned about that, or Reidy would not have remembered that her body was still unobstructed in front of Lin Xiang.

Shame and anger surged.

With a flash of golden light, Lin Xiang’s face was covered in dust. His head grew smoke as he tumbled onto the ground.

“Oh. Lightning spirit, are you helping me teach him a lesson?” Bellina knelt down and poked Lin Xiang’s head with her hand.

“Master, how are you, Master?” Silent Water quickly checked whether Lin Xiang was injured. There were no obvious wounds. His heartbeat was normal, and his breathing was gentle, as if he was asleep. Phew— Silent Water heaved a sigh of relief, and touched Lin Xiang’s face, “You must be exhausted, Master. Please have a good rest.”

After that, she went to speak with Reidy.

Dusty and Valarie were discussing about ways to better the use of flames. Bellina was by the side, nodding her head from time to time. Looking at Valarie, she always had the urge to hold her, just like before. After all, Valarie was her only relative. Of course, it was another matter on whether Valarie did consider her as a relative, because Valarie clearly did not remember the past at all.

Without Bellina’s deliberate maintenance of [Rainfall], the dark clouds quickly dissipated. The sun was already setting, and the afterglow was warm on her body. The sunset was infinitely good.

It was sunny there, but on the other side, in Dragonborn Village, it had just ushered a cloudy day.


King’s Castle.

The castle that used to be guarded only by guards became lively. Nobles of all status gathered in the castle hall.

Inheritance competition was a match to let the powerful younger generations compete and be selected into the top eight in order to be taught with powerful dragon roar. To the dragon descendants, it was a very important occasion.

Being able to obtain a powerful dragon roar would greatly improve the strength of the dragon descendant. It was like a mage who had just learned powerful magic.

There were happy people and there were sad ones, especially that dragon descendant who was originally in the ninth place. Due to Lin Xiang’s departure, he managed to squeeze into the eighth place. He was grateful for Lin Xiang and almost wanted to hug Lin Xiang’s thigh and yell with joy: You are my third parent or something like that.

For the other dragon descendants who did not make the top eight, their family members could only comfort them. Those who were under the age of seventeen were encouraged by their parents, because there would still be opportunities in three years.

They had to know that in three years, there could be many changes. Who knew if oneself would be living in the world beyond the skies? Every year in Olipolia, many eighteen or nineteen-year-olds would head to the world beyond the skies to develop their skills, which was why the return of Richie with an ancient dragon caused such a sensation.

Since there was an ancient dragon sitting in town, how would they be afraid of losing villagers or lacking visitors?

Speaking of Richie, with the help of the servants, he was wearing a gorgeous evening suit in a room by the castle hall.

“Well, not bad, not bad.” Looking at the person in the mirror, Richie nodded in satisfaction. He then asked a servant, “By the way, has anyone seen Lavra?”

“Lady Lavra? Your humble servant is not clear about this.”

“If you are not clear, why aren’t you searching for her? Bunch of garbage.” Seeing the servant standing there, Richie gave a hard kick at the servant’s leg. After that night, he would be Liz’s fiancé. He could become king in the future. I’m naturally awesome.

“Yes, yes.” Regardless of the pain in the leg, the servant stabilized her body and ran out. The rest of the servants were even more careful to help Richie tidy up his clothes, not letting go of any wrinkles. Even the shoes were made shiny, fearing that Richie would be upset.

“I wonder where Lavra has gone. She hasn’t watched the competition either. By the way, why haven’t I seen Kyle recently? He seems to be busy with something. No matter what, what can that sissy do anyways?” Carefully staring at himself in the mirror, Richie was in a great mood, “I’m really excited to be engaged to Liz tonight. She is so good to others, yet so cold to me. In the end, she still has to treat me greatly, isn’t it?”

The inner hall was divided into two sides. In the middle was a large garden, and there lay a huge dragon. It did not move, but if one did not look closely to see its breathing, one would have thought that it was just a statue. That was the ancient Wind Dragon guarding Liz’s house, Igro.

One side of the inner hall was where Richie was located. The other side was where Liz was. She was in the room, sitting in front of the dressing table. With thin willow eyebrows, shallow eye shadows, light makeup, and pink hair, Liz looked like a character from an animation. Her look was perfect, as if she never had flaws.

“Ah.” Liz sighed. Her face was filled with sadness. If she was seen by other boys, they would have taken the initiative to solve her troubles, even if she needed to cut herself twice.

“Lala, where are you…” The two were inseparable in the past, but now they had not seen each other for several days. Liz was in a very bad mood.

Chuck. The door was pushed open, and a beautiful woman with pink hair entered with a smile.

“Mom…” Liz wanted to cry, but was stopped by the beautiful woman, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. You will be attending for a while. If you cry till you redden your eyes, it won’t be good for others to see it.” The dazzling woman stroked Liz’s head lovingly.

——A room in the castle

The dimly lit room was neat and tidy, only a small candle lit on the wooden table, which was obviously there not to be discovered by others.

“Have you found it?” A woman with blue and white hair sat on a chair and asked under the sway of the candlelight.

“Yes, I’ve found it. It’s under the arena. The way to enter is unclear, but if you go, you might know it.” A voice sounded in the darkness. A figure could be vaguely seen.

“Under the arena? No wonder I felt so uncomfortable after I went there. It turned out to be caused by the energy left behind during the seal.”

“Tonight… is the best time. With the occasion of inheriting the dragon roar, and the engagement of Richie and the princess, all the upper class people would be gathered in the lobby of the castle. We can cast them up all in one go.”

“I think so too. I still wanted to play, but this opportunity should not be missed. I failed four hundred years ago. This time, I must succeed. This place called Human Realm is so weak and small. I really am looking forward to this being changed into a Realm of Hell.” In the candlelight, a woman’s smile was beautiful, yet chilling.

“Definitely. Whether it is the Demon Realm, the Human Realm, or the Outer World, it will be the world of the Demon Race. I just yearn for that new era.”

“Well, it won’t be long before the Dragon God’s seal get weaker. When the Demon Kings come out, it will be the day when the Demon Race dominates the world.”

“I look forward to that moment very much.” The small candle was almost burned out. At that moment, its flame reached its brightest time, illuminating the person standing in the dark. He was a very sissy boy. In short, he was very suitable to be called a flower boy.

“Kyle, act according to your plans.”

“Understood, Lady Lavra.”

The candlelight slowly dimmed, and the whole room returned to silence, as if nothing had happened just now.

Outside the closed window, a dark figure that was attached to the window was listening to the conversation. The figure trembled and almost could not stand firmly. She cautiously stepped back several distances away, blocking herself with trees. Watching the exit, she murmured with her attractive voice, “That sissy turned out to be with the evil dragon. I was still thinking how could that silly Richie bring back such an ancient dragon with my blood. Is he a demon apostle? And who is that ice dragon? A demon? A demon from the world beyond the skies?”

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