The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 67 : Wine


“Haha, congratulations!”

“Look, isn’t that XXX’s daughter.”

“Your son’s not bad. He won fourth place in the competition.”

“Don’t be discouraged, I think he is very promising. He’ll definitely be the top eight in the next competition.”

The current castle hall was very lively. Logically speaking, it would be lively there every three years, but that time, due to Richie and Liz, the number of people arriving was more than before.

It was about eight o’clock in the evening, and everyone who should be there was present. The Dragon Descendant King, Mangu, who was on the main seat, nodded to a few elderly people with long robes, hoods, and gray beards nearby.

The elderly were indeed very old and extremely thin. It seemed that a gust of wind could blow their bones away. However, those few old people had more experience than the Dragon Descendant King. They were the real elders, the great elders, usually living in a big stone house in the deep mountains. They had no contact with others, but they were the ones who ordinary people wanted to gain favour from. Although they were incomparable to ancient dragons, they were almost close, making them respectable even if they were put in the world beyond the skies.

Each of those elders had a different Elemental Dragon Roars, which were very powerful. The one that used wind was the most powerful, and he was the father of the Dragon Descendant King Mangu. It was said that his dragon roar could destroy a small town.

“Ahem, silence, everyone.” Mangu’s voice was loud and clear. When he opened his mouth, the noisy hall suddenly became quiet.

“Today is the last day of the Dragon-Training Festival, and also the most important day. Today, we, in Olipolia gave birth to eight capable young people…” After talking about the origin of the inheritance competition, Mangu entered the main topic, “Eight outstanding juniors, today is a day of your honor and a day of transformation. Don’t be discouraged by others. Passing on is a way to gain abilities, but as long as you train hard, you can also get the qualifications to improve your abilities. Now, let us witness the moment to inherit the dragon roar!”

“Ohh!!!” Everyone present shouted.

“Heh.” Seeing that scene, Lavra in the corner gave a chuckle and walked to the inside of the castle. A dark figure stared at her closely outside the French window.

“What do I do? She has taken action. If I go warn them now, I will definitely be arrested. But if I don’t, Olipolia will be in danger. What to do…”

Laura stomped her feet anxiously, “It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll just follow her and see what she’s up to.”

When Laura was about to act, a group of guards came. Shocked, she hurriedly got into a pile of grass under the castle. When the guards passed by, Laura discovered that she had lost Lavra’s whereabouts.

“Damn it, I’ll go find Sister Liz first.”

To enter the heavily-guarded castle, Laura had various ways. When she was a child, she played hide-and-seek with Liz. She knew every corner of the castle and every place where she could enter.

Coming to an abandoned escape exit blocked by weeds, Laura bent down and crawled in with a swish.

The escape exit had existed long ago, but it was obvious that nothing happened in the castle that needed escaping. Therefore, the escape exit was forgotten over time. It was fortunate to be discovered by Laura before.

Standing up, Laura patted her body. She was located near the wall next to a palace, “This is the inner palace hall, so Sister Liz should be nearby. I have to hurry up. Huh? Why’s that girly here?”

————In the large kitchen

“Lady Lavra, why are you here?” The maid who was preparing food was very surprised when she saw Lavra coming.

“I came to see you guys, you all have worked hard. I’ll just walk around, don’t mind me.” The smile on Lavra’s face was very comfortable to see. At least that was what the maids thought so, “It’s not that hard,” They were very happy, which made them work harder.

Needless to say, the kitchen in the castle was very large, and the utensils were also complete. There was a variety of food on the long table. Lavra walked around, keeping her eyes on the dozens of wine barrels in front of her.

With a smile, Lavra turned around, gave a soft blow at the busy maids from a distance.

“Pa krrt.” In an instant, the entire kitchen was like a freezing room, and the maids turned into ice sculptures.

Still keeping that smile, Lavra waved to the barrel, and countless crystal shavings appeared and fell on the barrel.

“Hmm… My power is not enough, otherwise, it won’t have to be so troublesome.” Lavra snapped her fingers. The maids who turned into ice sculptures instantly returned to their original condition, and there was no ice blossom in every part of the kitchen.

“This is strange, why do I suddenly feel so cold?” The maids did not know what happened, and continued to do what they had just started.

“Huh? Why are the dishes cold?” When a maid picked up the dish on the table, she found it cold.

“Really? Go to reheat them.” Several people took the dishes to the stove and heated them up for the chefs.

“Ah, I’m sorry. It’s probably because I am an ice dragon. I apologise for causing trouble to everyone.” Lavra said apologetically to everyone.

“No, no, it’s nothing like that. It’s not about Lady Lavra. Anyway, the nobles usually talk before having their meals, so they eat the food when the food is cold. We warm the dishes up only when we deliver the food, so they look relatively fresh.” The head maid shook her hand quickly. She was obviously flattered by Lavra’s apology, and so did everyone else.

“Really?” Lavra took a piece of bacon, put it in her mouth and chewed it. She smiled contentedly, “It’s delicious, you guys did a great job. I like it very much.”

“Thank you so much.” The maids were very happy to be praised by an ancient dragon, especially the fat cook, whose beard was almost up to the sky due to the compliments, “Since Lady Lavra likes to eat them, you can have some here in the kitchen. I don’t think the nobles will have any objections.”

“Um… This is not good. I’ll just go out and wait. Everyone, see you.” Lavra smiled and waved to everyone as she walked out of the kitchen gracefully.

“Lady Lavra is great.”

“Yes, yes. Her status is higher than other nobles, but there is no feeling of domineering at all.”

“Well, she’s the same as Her Royal Highness. And she is really beautiful, especially when she smiles.”

After Lavra left, the maids were all talking about her. They did not continue to do their own business until the head maid yelled them to work.

————Inner Hall

“Today is really good. It will be even more beautiful if the moon comes out.” Several guards chatted casually on patrol.

“Do you think Richie will become King in the future?”

“This will naturally happen. King Mangu has only one daughter, the princess. He has no sons. If Richie marries the princess, he will definitely become King in the future.”

“But I don’t like him very much. When he becomes King, the common people will definitely return to their previous low status. Look how good the king is now, he treats everyone equally.”

After the guards talked and walked away, Laura walked out of the dark. Although the castle was having a celebration, the defense work continued to be strictly carried out.

Tip-toeing across the garden, Laura saw Igro, who was sleeping on the ground. Igro was also opening his eyes slightly, looking at Laura.

“Hello, Uncle Igro.” Laura thought that it would be easier to dodge the guards by going through the garden, but she did not expect that Igro, who was usually sleeping, would be awake.

“What’s wrong? Looks like you became a thief here?” Laura was always with Liz, and Igro was very optimistic about Liz’s talents, so aside from the king, queen, and Liz, another individual who Laura could talk to was Igro.

“Hush! Hush! You’re too loud. I can’t be found here by others.” Laura sighed in relief when she found that there was nothing around, “Uncle Igro, you’ve been here all day, of course you won’t know the situation outside.”

“Yeah. Just now, the little fellow and her mother came to see me.” Seeing Liz grew up, Igro had always called Liz the little fellow, “The little fellow looks a little weird and as if almost bursting to tears. I asked her what’s wrong, but she didn’t answer. She just said that she hopes to find you, and  a human named Lin Xiang. So, what happened?”

“I don’t have enough time to talk about it. Olipolia is in danger. Uncle Igro, that Lavra, the new ancient dragon, is actually an evil dragon.”

“Oh? I haven’t seen her, but how can you tell that she is an evil dragon?”

“I thought she was weird before. I was framed by her, so I was wanted. After following her and eavesdropping on the secret conversation she had with the girly, I found that she planned to kill the people gathered in the castle. Just now in the inner hall, I saw the girly looking for a lot of dragon energy crystals. My guess is that her ability is not enough, so she needs to use the energy of the dragon energy crystals. There are all powerful dragon descendants here, as long as she kills them all, then ordinary people in other places can’t do any harm to her at all. She wants to create chaos and welcome the devils.”

“Devils? Are they creatures that resemble demons, or are they demons?”

“They are creatures fiercer than demons.”

“If what you say is true, then this is a big deal. But… you say you are wanted, so will others believe what you say?”

“Of course not, so I’m going to find the princess.”

“Well, it’s not convenient for me to go there, and it may not be what you think. Just in case, I’ll give you this. If something happens, just crush it. I will arrive as soon as possible. Be careful.” Igro blew gently, and a small transparent stone came to Laura with a whirlwind.

“I understand,” Picking up the little stone, Laura turned and left. She must hurry to Liz now. If anything happened to Liz, she could never forgive herself.


The session of inheriting the dragon roar had already ended. Of the eight people who had won the new dragon roar, seven of them were in joy. However, Duke, who was in second place, was a little unhappy.

He was not an adult, but that day, he drank a lot of wine. He dreamt that when he woke up the next day, everything from the previous day was just a dream, and Liz was never engaged to Richie.

The hall was full of food, and Duke sat aside, drinking and eating. His eyes were fixed on Richie.

“Richie, can you come with me?” The beautiful Lavra, the identity of the ancient dragon, undoubtedly attracted the attention of many people. Seeing that Richie was walking with Lavra, the young male dragon descendants were envious and jealous.

“Hmph, I wonder what kind of darn luck he had.” Duke drank another glass of wine, his vision was blurry. He had secretly drink alcohol with his friends before, and he drank it often, but he was unsure why the wine that day was so cold. There was a kind of cool thing scattering in the belly once he drank it.

Like Duke, there was another fat girl named Sweiha with smoky makeup. She watched her beloved Richie being taken away by Lavra, and stuffed all the food in front of her into her mouth. Her sausage-thick mouth was covered with various oil stains, and her smoky eyes exuded a ghostly light. She chewed the food in her mouth vigorously, as if that could vent her negative emotions.

“Brother Richie, it’s fine. If you marry a princess, it doesn’t matter if I be your lover.”

Sweiha thought so, and her mood instantly lightened up a lot. When she was in a good mood, she naturally wanted to eat, so she took more food and stuffed them into her mouth. From time to time, she showed her teeth that had vegetables stuck in between as she smirked. There seemed to be a beautiful picture in her mind.

In the hall, everyone was holding a wine glass as they were drinking, eating and chatting.

Richie was taken to a room by Lavra and closed the door. Under Richie’s puzzled expression, Lavra suddenly kissed his mouth.

“Hmm.” Rich was stunned, and then very skilfully began to cater to Lavra.

After a while, Lavra let go of Richie, but Richie was still lingering on the feeling.

“Richie, I actually like you.” Lavra looked at Richie in a charming manner, which made Richie dumb-founded at once. After a while, he nodded quickly, “I like you too, Lavra.”

“Then who do you like more? Me or Liz?”

“Of course it’s you. You are so gentle and virtuous, in fact, I liked you the first time I saw you, but because you are a noble ancient dragon, I didn’t reveal my thoughts.”

“Really? I’m so happy. But Richie, you are getting engaged tonight, what should I do? If you marry her, don’t you want me?”

“It’s fine, I used to like Liz, but for you, I can abandon her. I still have to be engaged to her and then get married, because I want to become the Dragon Descendant King. When I become King, I will abandon her.”

“Yes, I know. This is Richie’s dream. I can wait for you, but I want to do a little test. Go out for a toast and see if you can get everyone to drink. After that, you can observe who can receive your orders in the future.”

“You’re right. This will show my appeal. Lavra, I will go out now.”

“Yes.” Lavra kissed Richie again, and then went out with Richie. The well-behaved and docile appearance was like a little wife. Her face was always the same, unchanging and beautiful smile.

“Everyone,” Richie took the wine glass and stood in front of the master seat, in front of the Dragon Descendant King and the others. He cleared his throat and shouted, “Can you please be quiet?”

At that time, Liz happened to be there with her mother.

Glancing at the expressionless Liz, then at the smiling Lavra, Rich snorted: I think Lavra is much better than Liz. When I marry Liz and become King, I must shake Liz away. Marrying an ancient dragon like Lavra is what a true King does.

“Today, it can be said to be double happiness. I, Richie, successfully won the first place in the inheritance competition. Not only did I get the super dragon roar taught by the elders, but I also had the qualifications to be engaged to Liz.” Richie looked at the more than two hundred well-known nobles at the scene and raised his wine glass, “This is something to be happy about, whether you’re a servant or whatever, I hope everyone will be happy with me! Everyone drink with me. I will do it first.” After Richie finished speaking, he raised his neck and drank the wine all at once.

“Not bad, not bad, that’s my son. He has the stupor of a leader.” Old Richie was very happy. He raised his glass and took a sip.

Hmm, this wine is sweet and thirst-quenching. It feels cool in the stomach, very good.

Everyone also picked up their wine glasses and drank.

A servant hurried to Liz and handed two glasses of wine to Liz and her mother.

Liz’s mother put her hand on her mouth like a lady, raised her head slightly, and took a sip. The moment the wine went into her stomach, she frowned. She felt strange, but if she had to distinguish the strangeness, she could barely tell.

Liz looked at the red liquid in the wine glass and saw that everyone had drunk it. She hesitated, her red lips pressed against the wall of the glass, and she was about to take a drink from it.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out very swiftly, slapping Liz’s wine glass away.

Splash— The wine in the glass spilled out, and everyone looked over to the source of noise.

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