The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 68 : Ice Strikes


The guards immediately noticed that something was wrong. Dropping their wine glasses, they drew out their weapon, and rushed towards the figure.

“Sister Liz, did you drink it?” Laura pushed the hood off her head and put her hand on Liz’s shoulder, asking anxiously.

“I drank a little, Lala? Why are you… here?” Liz was surprised at Laura’s sudden appearance.

“I’m here to save you, Sister Liz.”

“You evil maid, how dare you come here to make trouble? See how I teach you a lesson! Hooo—…” Richie took a deep breath, and was going to release a dragon roar, but he found out that he could not do it anyway. When the words reached his throat, they got stuck, there was a strange air current swimming in the body consuming his dragon energy. Forget it, he could not care more, Richie quickly yelled at the guard, “Come on, brats, are you waiting for me to add your salary?”

“But…” It was not that the guards did not want to approach Laura, but Liz had already spread opened her hands to block Laura, shielding her from the front. They really did not dare to go forward.

“Lala…” In the crowd, Laura’s father’s eyes were teary. He saw his daughter, healthy and well, but he also blamed her for coming out to make trouble at that time, “Lala, don’t resist. Be obedient, we will surrender and you will be fine.”

“Dad, have you all drunk the wine?” Laura looked at the wine glass in her father’s hand and immediately felt something was wrong.

“Lala, what’s the matter?” Liz asked.

“There is a problem with this wine. When I came just now, I passed by the kitchen and saw a few guards turned into ice sculptures. They were motionless, and under their feet were scattered wine glasses and wine.”

“How dare you attack the guards while they are drinking?! Guards, catch her quickly. Princess, please get out of the way.” Old Richie, who was sitting at the master’s seat, stood up and looked at Laura angrily.

“Hmph, it’s not me, it’s your good ice dragon, Lady Lavra.” Laura glared at Lavra not far away, but she kept smiling all the time without any movement.

“Impossible! How could Lavra do such a thing? You hurt her before. Do you still want to frame her?” Richie was furious. He and Lavra had confessed their love for each other, and he was deeply in love with her. He could never allow others to say that to her.

“Ah, freezing… They are all freezing!” As one yelled, everyone looked at the servants by the door and the table, and found that they had become ice sculptures.

“Have you seen that?! Their dragon energy is relatively low, so they became ice sculptures first.”

“You b****, what have you done!?” Richie was shocked to see the ice sculptures turned into by the servants, but he never thought it was Lavra in any way.

“Hmm.” As soon as he finished speaking, Richie clenched his neck. He felt unable to breathe, and an ice-piercing air current rushed across his body. Ice chips also appeared on his face.

“Richie!” Old Richie stood up abruptly. His eyes changed when he looked at Lavra. He wanted to use a dragon roar, but found that it could not be used. There was a cold breath flowing in his body.

“What’s the matter?” Old Richie’s eyes opened wide, and he tried again. The cold breath became icy. He immediately choked his neck like Richie, unable to breathe. His body kept shaking.

Others wanted to unleash a dragon roar, but they felt the same as Old Richie.

“Hehe, don’t try to use dragon roars. The first time, you’ll feel cold. The second time, you’ll start to get invaded by ice, and for the third time, you will become ice sculptures.” Lavra was still smiling. It was hard to believe that she was the one who made the devilish voice just now.

Several great elders tried, and found that they really did felt cold. Their dragon energy was swallowed by the cold. Without dragon energy, they were just like ordinary old people.

They looked at Lavra with complicated eyes.  Could something that happened four hundred years ago repeat itself?

“What’s your purpose for doing this?” Mangu stood up, guarding his wife, Liz and Laura behind him. He was still quite calm.

“Heh~ To ruin everything.” Lavra’s body began to spew a cold current, and several elders looked at each other, nodded, surrounded Lavra, took a deep breath, and made a dragon roar at the same time.

The overlapping roars echoed throughout the noisy hall, and a white energy shroud covered Lavra, making her cold current stopped flowing. Several elders moved their hands forward, as if forming a light shield.

“Run quickly. Although we temporarily suppressed the cold in the body, we won’t hold for long.” An elder said with icy fog appearing on his face, “I have kept my guard up before to prevent her from making trouble. I didn’t expect that she would be able to make a breakthrough in the body to devour the dragon energy.”

The hall was suddenly in chaos. The powerful dragon descendants were now no different from ordinary people. If they did not run, they might die under the hands of the ice dragon. They did not care about who brought the ice dragon at the moment, and how they respected her before that happened. There was only one word in people’s minds now, run.

“Go, quick, go.” Old Richie trembling helped Richie, who was stunned, to the exit with his father.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that. It is really rare for a mere human to have this kind of strength.” Lavra looked at the light shield that surrounded her. She remained unmoved, just standing in place.

“Mangu, take Liz and the others and leave.” The strongest elder, Mangu’s father, turned his head and shouted at Mangu.

“No, father.” As a King, Mangu naturally would not be afraid. He turned and looked at Laura, “Now only you can protect Liz. Take Liz and her mother and leave here.”

“Dad, no. I won’t leave.” Liz said decisively.

“Be obedient, Liz, hurry up and leave. Although I don’t know what the evil dragon has done to the wine, but since you have already drunk it, you can’t help. Leaving here is the best help for us.” Mangu winked at Alice (his wife, Liz’s mother), and Alice nodded, but she was also worried about the safety of Mangu and others.

Putting a hand on Liz’s shoulder, Alice said softly, “Listen to your father. We leave here, or we really can’t help much.” Alice also thought about breaking through that layer of cold, but as long as she used the dragon energy, it would be swallowed by the cold. If she forcefully used the energy, then she would definitely become an ice sculpture.

Seeing the painful and strenuous expressions of her grandpa and other elders along with Mangu’s pleading eyes, Liz finally nodded, “Dad, you all must be careful.”

Liz did not understand what was going on all of a sudden. In fact, no one in the room expected that moment to happen, except for Laura.

“Relax, Sister Liz, I have already called Uncle Igro, and that dragon must be here now. Let’s leave here first. The King and the elders will be fine.”

After taking Liz away, everyone in the hall had already left except for the servants who had low ability and turned into ice sculptures.

Mangu gritted his teeth and used his strong dragon energy to resist the coldness in his body abruptly. He joined the elders to maintain the shield.

“This is really interesting. I just like to see you humans struggling in front of death.” Lavra just smiled when Mangu joined.

With a roar, the hall visibly shook a few times. “Crack.” The towering ceiling was cut by something in the next second, and it fell to the ground outside the hall without any debris.

In the gloomy sky, a huge dragon hovered above the hall and looked condescendingly at the light shield below. With an aura of endless majesty, at that moment, it saw Lavra.

“It’s you!?” The dragon’s muddy voice was accompanied by surprise.

“And I was wondering who came, so it was you. You are called Igro, right?” Lavra did not look scared at all.

“Impossible, impossible, how could you be here?”

“Oh~ Nothing is impossible.” Lavra smiled, and then shouted, “Come out.”

Kyle, who was hiding in the dark, walked out with a wicked smile, holding a big bag in his hand.

Under Mangu’s shocked eyes, he threw his baggage over to Lavra, and purple dragon crystals scattered out of the bag.

“Dragon energy crystals!? I won’t let you succeed!” Igro spit out a few wind blades, and the wind blades passed through the shield to hit Lavra. The floor shattered and a cloud of smoke was stirred up.

“Master Igro.” The elders no longer listened to their hands and feet. They only felt cold and their uneven breathing.

“Leave this place. She is very dangerous.” Igro flapped his wings and flew slowly.

“Boom.” The dark cloud on Igro’s head began to twist and spin like a spiral tube, but there was no wind around him.

Upon seeing that, Mangu hurried away with the elders. Although they did not know what happened to Igro, they knew that Igro was afraid. If an ancient dragon was actually afraid, then who was that ice dragon?

“Want to leave? You are the King, this is not good. You and the elders are going to be buried here.” At that moment, Kyle had lost the girlish feeling from before, and replaced it with indifference, revealing an evil aura.

“Kyle? What the hell are you doing?” An elder roared, seemingly very emotional.

“Grandpa, I have had enough of this world. I will create a new world. And you all will be the sacrifice before the new world comes.”

“You…” The elder only felt a pain in his chest.

“Elder Nickhun!” Mangu’s hand touched Elder Nickhun, and a tearing pain came from him. He retracted his hand and his fingers had turned purple.

What a strong chill. Was the coldness as strong as the dragon energy a person has?

Mangu and the rest of the elders watched as Nickhun turn into an ice sculpture. As for Nickhun’s point of view, a teardrop shone in the ice at the corner of his eye.

“Have you seen this? Now if you apply more force, you will become like this. You’ll no longer have any ability to resist.” Kyle gave a wicked smile.

The ancient Wind Dragon Igro was launching a big move and had no time to take care of Mangu and others. Mangu and the others could only stare at Kyle closely, with a strong sense of powerlessness in their hearts. If they were like before, how could they be in such chaos?

Dragon descendants were just like a mage. If a mage had no magic power, then there would be no attack power, like an ordinary person. A combat technician would be better. However, the question was which of the dragon descendants there learned combat skills?

Outside the hall, everyone saw the ancient dragon Igro and the sky changed. Many nobles had never seen Igro, but now that Igro appeared, they instantly felt a lot safer. By looking at the twisted clouds, they knew that Olipolia’s ancient dragon, Igro, who guarded the royal family, was getting started with his move.

“No, no, no. This is impossible, my Lavra, my Lavra.” Richie’s face was pale, like a person who seemed to have lost his soul. He kept muttering, “I was going to be King. And after that, I will abandon Liz and marry Lavra.”

Old Richie and his father, Old-old Richie glanced at each other and shook their heads. What happened that day would make Richie in trouble after it subsided. In other words, their family would be in trouble. What to do?

Liz raised her head and looked at Igro, who was flapping its wings in the sky. Her heart was vaguely disturbed. For the first time, she saw Igro exuding such an aura, as if facing a powerful enemy and feeling scared.

That night, all the dragons in Olipolia were restless. Although the people tried their best to appease them, they were still very restless. They seemed to be afraid of something and wanted to leave.

Many people walked out of their homes, trying to find others to find out about the situation. However, they found that in the direction of the castle, an extremely strange scene appeared in the sky, and the clouds were raised and distorted.


“Ugh…” Lin Xiang slowly opened his eyes. The fire next to him was very dazzling.

His head was resting on Silent Water’s fair thighs. When Silent Water noticed that Lin Xiang woke up, she smiled sweetly at him, “Master, you are awake.”

“Hmph.” Sitting next to her, Reidy had already wrapped strips of cloth around vital parts, like wearing striped underwear. At that moment, she turned her head, hugged her knees and looked into the distance, as if to say that Lin Xiang’s unconsciousness was what he asked for.

Lin Xiang only remembered that he saw before he fainted… Well, then he was electrocuted. After that, Lin Xiang was yelled at by Yalide in that gray space in his sleep. The dragon was complaining something like: You brat! You wasted the dragon energy that I worked so hard to store… blah blah blah.

Lin Xiang asked why the dragon was storing energy, but Yalide just pretended to laugh mysteriously, without speaking another world. No matter how Lin Xiang repeated his question, or tried to trigger Yalide’s anger, Yalide remained silent, which made Lin Xiang felt strange.

Logically speaking, as long as there was something about Yalide’s damaged brain, he would say everything as long as he praised or excited the dragon. However, that time, he never answered, leaving Lin Xiang still puzzled. Moreover, he used to see Freed and Yalide as dragons in his dreams, but just now, it was just a gray space. Yalide’s voice just sounded out of thin air, and Freed did not say a word, as if they had disappeared.

Lin Xiang really could not understand.

“Master, are you feeling anywhere uncomfortable?” Silent Water gently touched Lin Xiang’s face. Lin Xiang regained his senses, shook his head, and then sat up.

“Where are Dusty, Valarie and Bellina?” Lin Xiang remembered that that was the cave where he hid with Valarie before. It was dark outside. I wonder what time it is.

“Dusty went to find clean water for Master. Lady Valarie and Lady Bellina went to catch fish. They should have returned by now.” As soon as Silent Water finished speaking, Dusty’s cheerful voice came from outside the cave, “Water is here.”

Dusty got a big leaf from somewhere, and was running back with the leaf-filled water.

Seeing that Lin Xiang had woken up, she sped up and ran to Lin Xiang, “Master, Master,” and handed Lin Xiang the clear water rippling in the leaves.

“Dusty, thank you.” Lin Xiang took the leaf with one hand, and touched Dusty’s head with the other. Dusty giggled, and enjoyed it as she squinted. All she missed was wagging her tail.

“Dusty, where are Lady Valarie and Lady Bellina?” Silent Water asked.

“They are just right behind me.”

At that time, Valarie and Bellina also appeared in Lin Xiang’s sight. Similarly, Bellina’s chattering voice became clearer.

Valarie dragged a big tree and moved forward slowly, completely ignoring Bellina, who was trying hard to please her by the side.

Around Bellina, there were two large water masses, one of which had many fish swimming. There was another one that had nothing, which was obviously for drinking.

“Yo.” Valarie yelled to Lin Xiang as a greeting. After putting down the tree, she broke some branches and used it as a tool for grilling fish in a while. With a soft blow, the trunk of the big tree began to burn.

“Heh, I didn’t expect you to wake up.” Bellina looked at Lin Xiang maliciously. Valarie turned her head and looked at Bellina, but Bellina’s mouth immediately turned into a smile. She waved to Lin Xiang, “Ah, isn’t this the human being? Are you finally awake? Is your body alright?”

“Uh… Well, it’s fine…”

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