The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 69 : Ice Strikes (2)


“Oh! Not bad, not bad! So this kind of creature can be eaten like this! I only drank water before so I didn’t know!” Sitting in front of the fire, Bellina looked a little excited.

“Yes, if there are seasonings, the taste will be even better.” Lin Xiang could not help but spoke when seeing Bellina’s reaction.

“Who allowed you to speak?” Bellina had a gleam in her eyes.

Valarie casted her gaze over, and Bellina immediately changed her face. With an innocent smile, she talked, “Haha, your name is Lin Xiang, right? I’m just kidding you. What was the seasoning you said?”

“Uh… it’s something that can make them more delicious.” Lin Xiang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. If Valarie was not there, he estimated that Bellina would have killed him.

“Although I don’t quite understand, can I eat it now?”

“Well, yes.” Lin Xiang checked. It seemed the fish was mostly cooked.

“Awesome. Come to Little Valarie, I’ll feed you.” Although Bellina looked like she wanted to try the taste of grilled fish, the first one she picked up was passed to Valarie’s mouth. That made Lin Xiang a little surprised, and it was hard to imagine that the two were still fighting each other before.

“No need.” Valarie coldly blocked Bellina’s hand. She picked up two grilled fish by herself, and handed one to Lin Xiang.

“Thank you…” Lin Xiang took the grilled fish under the eyes of Bellina’s envy.

“Little Valarie, give me one too.” Bellina lightly bumped Valarie next to her with her shoulder.

“Do it yourself.” Valarie opened her small mouth and took a bite of the steaming fish.

Bellina puffed up her mouth in depression. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She took Valarie’s hand and bit on the fish.


“Wow! That’s hot! That’s hot!” Bellina spouted her tongue and jumped up, quickly fanning her mouth with her hand.

Ignoring her, Valarie continued to eat the grilled fish. When Bellina saw Silent Water and others blowing the fish with their mouths, she followed suit. Her goal has been achieved.

Looking at Valarie from the corner of the eye, Bellina was excited when Valarie was about to bite the place she had bitten.

Little Valarie, although you ignore me, you don’t reject me, right?

“Huh?” Valarie glanced at Bellina, whose eyes shone like gold stars, then looked at the small teeth marks on the fish. She immediately turned the fish over, and continued eating.

Kachak. Bellina felt a small knife stuck in her glass heart, and there was a vague tendency to split.

It’s fine, Little Valarie. Sister knows you want to save that bite until the end, and savor the fish that Big Sis has bitten, right?

Valarie was eating very fast, and after a few bites, the fish was left with bones, except for a piece of meat with teeth marks.

Under Bellina’s expectant eyes, Valarie threw the fish aside.

Kachak. Another knife was inserted into her heart.

It’s fine, Little Valarie. Sister knows that you are a good kid. You don’t eat what others have eaten, right?

As there were not many fish skewers, only six, so only six fish were grilled, one for each person present. There were more than a dozen fishes swimming in the water ball behind Bellina.

Lin Xiang saw that Valarie had finished eating, and knew that she was definitely not full, so he handed his portion over, “Valarie, here, have some. There are still a lot of fish, so I’ll grill them later.”

Nodding, Valarie took the fish that Lin Xiang had only eaten a few bites, and indifferently bit the place Lin Xiang had bitten.


My Little Valarie… Hmph, this human must have used some method to deceive Little Valarie. It’s fine, Big Sis knows that you will definitely not eat anything given by anyone other than him.

“If Lady Fire Dragon is hungry, eat mine too.” Valarie quickly ate the grilled fish that Lin Xiang had given, and Dusty handed hers over when she saw his actions. Valarie nodded and took hers too.


“If Lady Valarie doesn’t mind,” Silent Water also passed her grilled fish.


“I haven’t eaten this, so I’ll let you have it first,” Reidy stuffed the grilled fish into Valarie’s hand.


Bellina took a few deep breaths.

It’s fine, Little Valarie. Sister knows you must be hungry. That’s right, after fighting so fiercely, and also overdrawing your vitality to make flames, it is excusable to eat what others give, right?

“Little Valarie, I have it here too.” Bellina handed her fish to her. Valarie did not even look at it, but just ate the grilled fish in her hand.

Kachak. A gust of wind blew and Bellina was like glass that was broken on the ground. Soon, she recovered instantly.

“You brat!” Bellina grabbed Lin Xiang’s collar, “What the hell did you say to Little Valarie!?”

“I didn’t say anything.” Lin Xiang shook his hand quickly. He knew that Bellina would definitely be furious when Valarie did not accept her grilled fish.

At that moment, Bellina’s sapphire eyes widened. Her thin eyebrows frowned and the tip of her nose touched Lin Xiang’s nose, as if she was about to eat Lin Xiang, “You didn’t!? Little Valarie can’t just eat all of your fish. She will definitely be more willing to accept this big sister’s fish. You deceived Little Valarie and told her some bad things about me that never exist, so she could reject me. Don’t think I don’t know about this.”

“Noisy.” Valarie snapped her fingers. The cloth tangled on Bellina’s little buttocks to prevent her from getting exposed was instantly ignited.

“That’s…” The scorching sensation from her buttocks made Bellina instinctively leaned forward. Her small mouth covered Lin Xiang’s lips before she could say the word “hot”.

Big eyes stared at small eyes.

Bellina immediately pushed Lin Xiang away, and slapped off the flames. She pointed at him, and cursed, “You human! What are you doing so close to me! That’s my first kiss prepared for Little Valarie!”

“It’s none of my business though.” Lin Xiang felt the rays of lightning emerging behind him. Needless to say, Redy must be furious. Cold sweat shed. He was obviously the victim, right? Also, was that even a kiss just now? Lin Xiang cried secretly.

“It’s none of your business? You…” Bellina saw Valarie was still eating fish. She looked at her mouth, and looked at Lin Xiang, “Little Valarie’s mouth had kissed this mouth before… and I kissed this mouth. In that case, I was kissing Little Valarie, right? Yes.” Bellina nodded thoughtfully, “Unfortunately, I didn’t savor the taste of Valarie on that mouth. Well, it’s a pity, what tragedy. In that case, in order not to leave any regrets, Little Valarie, let me have a taste of yours. I won’t be polite.”

Bellina rushed towards Valarie whilst talking to herself.


“Pff. That hurts.” Valarie cleverly avoided Bellina, causing Bellina to pounce and fall to the ground.

“Don’t come close… Otherwise, I’ll burn.”

After hearing Valarie’s words, Bellina subconsciously covered her buttocks, “Little Valarie is so cool for being shy. It makes Big Sis’s heart pound.”

Thump. Bellina’s heart really did beat faster.

Sensing a strange feeling, Bellina’s expression suddenly became still.

“This is… Mom?”


Like Bellina, Valarie felt it too. Although she did not have any expression, her thoughts could be shown from the fish that was slipped down from her slightly opened mouth and hands.

“Venus…” Valarie murmured a name.

“…You seemed very refreshing just now.” On the other side, Reidy was holding Lin Xiang’s collar and shaking him back and forth. Dusty felt it was funny, so she lay on Lin Xiang’s body and shook him together.

“I didn’t.” Lin Xiang sighed helplessly. At that moment, he glanced at Valarie inadvertently… and found that her pupils and Bellina’s were stirring.

What happened to them?


At night, the sky was pitch-black. Dark clouds obstructed the moon, and the earth appeared dim. The wind from time to time made the trees rustle, and then everything returned to silence.

“Howl!!!” A long cry broke the silence.

Igro slapped his giant wings high in the sky and roared. The originally majestic and solemn hall had been turned into a flat ground. Igro’s summon of a giant tornado was so powerful that it uprooted and shattered the entire hall, flying into the sky with the tornado.

Mangu and several elders had always been noble existences. At that moment, they were standing in a distant place in a hustle. Looking at Igro in the sky, they had a feeling as if they had escaped from death.

Fortunately, Laura and some guards who were outside just came back to rescue them, otherwise Mangu and a few elders would either die in Kyle’s hands or under Igro’s devastating moves.

But Kyle could not fight that many people, so he turned and ran away. The guards had no time to chase him, so they carried out the people who had become ice sculptures.

Seeing the servants and guards turning into ice sculptures, the nobles were very disturbed. They drank the wine, so when the cold slowly swallowed their dragon energy, it would invade their bodies, turning them into those

“No! I don’t want to become ice sculptures.”

“What to do? Help me.” Some timid people started sobbing.

“It’s all because of you. It’s you who brought the ice dragon back.” At that moment, an irrational young man rushed to Richie, grabbed him, and yelled in front of him.

“Get out of the way!” Richie recovered a bit with the aid of the young man’s shout. He shouted a little agitated, “It has nothing to do with me. It never has anything to do with me. It’s Kyle, that guy deceived me, yes. He tempted me to bring me back Lavra. And, there is this maid. When I met Lavra, she was in a frozen state. Kyle said that she was injured and was healing herself, so he used that maid’s blood to awaken the frozen Lavra!”

Everyone put their eyes on Laura.

Being watched by the people, Laura widened her eyes. She looked at Richie, and said angrily, “Hey, Young Master Richie, you stabbed me with a strange knife without saying a word when we were in the demon realm, and brought back this evil dragon. How can you blame me for this? Also, I warned you before that she is not a good thing. You even wanted to imprisonment me, and fight for her justice. Now, you put the blame on me? Can you dare be a better fool?”

“Maid! Who are you scolding at! If it weren’t for your blood to wake the evil dragon, would Richie bring her back? Richie was just a victim, he was just deceived.” Old Richie said angrily. He looked at everyone and heaved, “Think about how excited you all were when this dragon first came? Richie was in the same mood as you at the time, how could he think so much? In the end, it is the Escal Family of Betrayers’ problem! That Laura and that Kyle are the culprits that draw everything in!”

Old Richie was worthy of being the prime minister of Olipolia. He spoke with accuracy, which let people think he made a lot of sense.

“Prime Minister Daniel was right. I was very excited when I knew an ancient dragon was coming. I could understand Young Master Richie’s mood. It is normal for him to be deceived! It was Kyle and Laura Escal with the blood of the evil dragon who made this happened!”

“That’s right! The Family of Betrayers is always the Family of Betrayers. Maybe she is an undercover sent by the evil dragon. After we hide in a safe place, she would surely sneak the news to her.”

Instigated by a few nobles who had a good relationship with Old Richie, everyone pointed the finger at Laura. The way they looked at Laura became more unfriendly.

Laura could not help taking a step back. She did not expect those people to blame herself in the end.

“Impossible! Lala is definitely not that kind of person!”

At that time, a figure stood in front of Laura, making Laura feel extremely safe. She even remembered that it was the same figure that protected her when she was bullied as a child.

“Sister Liz…” Laura felt that even if the whole world did not believe her, Sister Liz would always be the one who believed her. Lin Xiang would count as one as well. Thinking of Lin Xiang, who was missing now, the tears in the corner of Laura’s eyes had a tendency to flow out.

“Your Royal Highness, the descendants of the Betrayer’s family will always have the nature of betrayal passing down by blood. Her blood that awakens the ice dragon is a good example.”

“That’s right, your Royal Highness. Her blood is evil. Without her blood, this ice dragon would not have come here.”

Facing the nobles with divergent opinions, Liz bit her lip. She was really angry. What did all that have to do with Laura? Laura was obviously wanted because of the ice dragon. And if they had not been fooled by the ancient dragon at the time, and had taken precautions against her, it might not be the case now.

Yes, human beings were such creatures. If there was a place where they could shirk their responsibilities, they would definitely point the finger at that place. The result they wanted was to make sure there was nothing to do with them.

Mangu and the other elders just looked at Igro in the sky and did not hear their dialogue. They felt that the ice dragon would not be resolved easily.

“Howl—” There was a dragon cry in the distance, dragging a long spark. The unusually dazzling Fire Dragon Yanshi in the dark was flying towards their side. Yanshi stopped in front of Igro and talked to Igro through the dragon language.

“What happened?”

“She’s back. I didn’t expect that she was not dead.” Igro’s voice was anxious, and looked down under the dust and smoke.


“Ice Dragon, namely Lavra. You have only been here for nearly two hundred years, so it’s normal if you don’t know. But remember, she is definitely a terrible enemy.”

“Lavra, she’s been to the family that I serve, but I never met her before. I just felt that her aura… Her aura seems very strange.”

“Yes, because she is… Be careful!” Igro immediately shot out a whirlwind from his mouth and collided with the blue and white ice cones flying up from below.

The ice cones detected the whirlwind as air, so they continued rushing forward without a trace of obstruction.

Igro was a wind dragon. Although its body was huge, it had good manoeuvrability. It dodged sideways, but Yanshi was different. It spewed a ball of flame at the ice cones.

The trait of flames that could instantly melt ice and snow did not show up when hitting the ice cones. The ice cones only evaporated a little, and their sizes were about the same as a closed umbrella.

A few of them hit Yanshi’s abdomen, and a layer of ice formed on the surface, but after a few seconds, it disappeared.

Although it was only a few seconds and could not cause any harm to Yanshi, Yanshi was shocked. That ice was different from other ice! It could actually have an effect on it. That was as incredible as having a high-temperature flame being frozen.

Yanshi’s pupils shrank, and he suddenly saw a woman standing on the flat ground below. The woman exuded a strange dragon aura. That dragon aura made Yanshi chilly.

The woman smiled, and then began her attack.

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