The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 70 : Ice Strikes (3)


When the battle began, the atmosphere became depressed. The birds in the nearby forest were frightened and had long flown to the sky. The nobles who fled also stood far away from the castle, watching the battle.

The battle might be fierce, but not. The two giant dragons in the air constantly attacked the ground, and the strong attack made the ground vibrate. Explosion sounds kept coming.

In the area of attack, there would occasionally be ice fog and ice cones shooting into the sky. However, compared with the huge attack of the two huge dragons, the ice attack appeared to be much weaker.

“With Lord Igro and Lord Yanshi here, that ice dragon will definitely not have a stand.”

“That’s right. If it weren’t for the inability to use dragon energy, we would be able to handle her without the two lords.”

Several nobles spoke confidently, and the other dragon descendants also nodded in agreement.

“Now that the ice dragon matter is put aside, let’s talk about how to deal with Kyle and Laura.” While the Dragon Descendant King and the others went to the castle to find the dragon energy crystal to restore their combat effectiveness, Old Richie felt that someone must bear the responsibility for that matter. Of course, the one who would bear the responsibility could not be his son, Richie.

“Although there are no dangers this time, they must be severely punished. We must seek justice for those who are frozen.” The person next to him agreed.

Everyone’s eyes turned back to Laura. Liz immediately blocked Laura by standing in front of her. Laura’s father also walked out to plead, “Everyone, my little Laura is usually naughty, but this matter is definitely not related to her. She can never choose her place of birth, let alone inherit the bloodline. If you think she is wrong, please punish me. I am willing to take the punishment on her behalf.”

“Dad, ignore them.” Laura stopped Lauda. She looked at the people who were hostile to her and said without a trace of fear, “Richie brought her back, why does he seem to be fine?? I did not ask them to come and take my blood. It was he himself who was bewildered and stabbed me. If there are any punishments, he should bear it, not me.”

“Don’t quibble! The blood of your Escal family is the link between all this! Without your blood, the ice dragon would not be able to recover from the freezing. I now suspect that this Lavra has a close relationship with the previous dragon that attacked Olipolia four hundred years ago. They are either mother and daughter or sisters.

“Without the Escal’s blood, she would not be awakened. Richie would not have brought her back. I think that you Escals have been used as an energy source by that ice dragon four hundred years ago in order to prepare for another invasion in the future.” Old Richie’s beard trembled as he spoke, very impassioned. There was a loud noise in the distance, and then the two dragons never attacked. Old Richie and the others felt that the battle was over, so they continued speaking.

“Fortunately, this time, the ice dragon is not strong. Lord Igro and Lord Yanshi can solve her. In order to avoid upcoming troubles, we must clear the bloodline of the Escal family.”

“Prime Minister Daniel, what do you mean? You want to execute Laura and Uncle Lauda?” Liz frowned and looked at Daniel hostilely.

“I don’t have such an ill heart. I’ll just confine the people of their family, and forbid them from having further generations. Once they live through this generation, they can disappear.”

“Isn’t this ill-hearted? I will never allow it!”

“Your Royal Highness, now that the King, Queen, and elders are not here, as the prime minister, I yield the highest power! If this is the case, you can see if everyone here agrees!” Old Richie finished speaking, and the nobles all agreed.

“You guys!” Liz was so furious that she was speechless. Laura clenched her fists even more. Why do we Escals have to bear all of this now?

“What about your precious son, Young Master Richie?” Laura asked with a sneer. Richie looked at Laura fiercely in the crowd, but Laura looked at him with great confidence.

“Although Richie is confused, he is also a victim. He will be punished later, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.”

“You are really his father. At the beginning, our ancestors were only deceived and brought back the injured ice dragon. As a result, our family became the Family of Betrayers. This time, Richie deliberately brought back the ice dragon, but nothing happened. Could it be just due to the absence of a prime minister in our family at that time?” Laura seemed to be talking to herself, but many people present could hear her.

Old Richie was ashamed and angry, “Impudent! Who is the prime minister now, me or you?!”

“Yes, yes, prime ministers are really amazing. Having a prime minister father is even more amazing.”

“Disgrace! Guards, arrest the Escal family.” Old Richie gave orders.

“Old guy, believe it or not, do you think I will kill both father and son? Now, you all are the ones who can’t use dragon energy.” Laura looked at Old Richie and then at Richie.

Old Richie did not talk about it. If that matter really made her bear all the responsibilities, she would definitely kill Richie first so that Liz would not have to marry him. That was the only thing Laura could do.

Old Richie’s body kept shaking due to anger. Now that the battle was over, the influence of the ice dragon should have disappeared. He laughed, “You want to kill us? That’s good, threatening the prime minister adds one more crime. I will let you understand that as the prime minister, my authorities are not in vain. Hooo— Ah… ah… ah!!!” Old Richie just wanted to unleash a dragon roar, but the cold in his body stirred up wildly. The chill increase its strength through devouring dragon energy. Soon, it spread from the abdomen to the whole body. On the surface, Old Richie was now turned into an ice sculpture. His painful expression seemed to freeze.

“Prime Minister Daniel! What on earth did you do!?” Several nobles who were close to Daniel were trying to fight Laura desperately. The guards also clenched their weapons.

“You fools. It’s obvious that Lavra who did it.”

“Ha ha ha ha. That’s right, I did it.” A cold wind blew. A smiling Lavra, whose clothes were slightly torn, appeared in front of everyone.

“Impossible, why are you here!? Lord Igro and Lord Yanshi should have already killed you.”

“Have you seen it with your own eyes? Indeed, the current I cannot fight against them. After all, I am at a disadvantage in terms of size, but I can still escape under their attacks.” Lavra blew softly, and the few people who incited the crowd and spoke ill about Laura were turned into ice sculptures.

“Ah! The evil dragon has appeared. Everyone run!” The crowd soon became chaotic and fled everywhere.

“Laura, how is it? No matter whether you are right or wrong, you have already been identified as a bad person. Why don’t you give me your body, and let me kill all these people? Soon, you and your family can have a quiet living environment.”

“No. I tracked you before, and I already know your intentions. You are an evil dragon, and you are with the demons.”

“Well, yes. I actually noticed you a long time ago. You know, the smell of a person can’t be concealed by any perfume.”

“What do you want?” Liz glared at Lavra. Her eyes full of alert.

“Heh~ Want to know?” Lavra’s blue eyes shone with cold.

“She wants the devils and demons to rule the human world. Sister Liz, Dad, let’s go.” Laura quickly used the Wind Dragon’s Roar [Swift ​​● Footsteps] that Liz taught her, and pulled Liz and Lauda with her as she ran to the back.

“Lord Igro, there seems to be a situation over there.” Lavra has brought a huge sense of danger to Yanshi. The battle just now was so easy, so Yanshi simply could not believe it, and never thought that Lavra would be defeated so easily. After searching a few times, the dragon could not find Lavra, but saw the crowd in the distance suddenly becoming agitated.

“She’s over there, and her target is… the little fellows.” Igro’s huge body turned a deftly turn and flew to the place where the crowd dispersed.

Lavra was like a wolf entering a flock of sheep. Everyone standing in front or around was frozen into a statue, one by one. The smile on her face was like a demon with the appearance of an angel.

With the aid of [Swift ​​● Footsteps], Laura’s speed was much faster. On her lead, Liz and Lauda avoided being caught up by Lavra, who was still behind them.

Screams and footsteps sounded everywhere. Accompanied by a slight earthquake, Igro landed in front of Laura.

“Uncle Igro, please help.” Laura yelled, and ran past Igro. Igro stared at Lavra who was rushing over and took a breath, “Hooo— Windtor!”

A tearing tornado sucked Lavra in. With many snapping sounds, there was an instant sound of ice breaking inside.

“Did you succeed?” Laura was a little excited to see ice pieces flying out of the tornado when she could not feel Lavra’s aura.

“Hmph—” Igro exhaled through his nose. It did not think Lavra would die in such an attack.

“Huh?” At that moment, Igro felt Lavra’s aura reappeared, and it was just beside him. When he turned around, a hard icicle hit the dragon’s head. The huge body instantly flew out.

“Ah— I wasted a clone.” Lavra looked at the ice on the ground and sighed.

“Uncle Igro.” Seeing Igro sliding several distances away, Laura immediately launched an attack at Lavra, “Hooo— Icycane!”

Sharp ice flew towards Lavra like broken grenade fragments. Lavra did not evade. With a light snap of her fingers, all the ice stopped. Laura immediately realized that the situation was not good. At that moment, the fragments took a U-turn and attacked with astonishing speed.

“Ugh…” Liz wanted to use a dragon roar, but the cold inside her body immediately rolled up. Seeing that the broken ice was about to hit, Lauda who was in front turned around and pushed them down.

“Cough cough.” Hearing her father’s cough, Laura felt some warm liquid with the smell of iron splashing on her face. Opening her eyes, she saw that Lauda’s face was smiling, and there was a blood stain on his mouth, “My little Laura, don’t blame Dad for being timid. I have no right to speak in front of them. When you are wronged, I’m sorry I can’t fight for your jus… cough cough, cough cough.”

“Dad, don’t speak anymore.” Laura and Liz got up. After seeing Lauda’s back, Laura took a deep breath, tears streaming down involuntarily.

The broken ice pierced into Lauda’s back like pieces of glass. The blood mixed with the melted ice water slowly flowed down.

It’s my fault… It’s entirely my fault. I should have known that I can’t beat her.

“Lala, it’s fine…Dad is fine… Quickly take the princess with you…” Crack piak. Lauda’s surface began to freeze, and within two seconds, the whole person was covered with ice.

“Dad? Dad!!! Ice Dragon Lavra!” Laura stood up as her body trembling with anger.

“Oh my, don’t thank me. Letting your father live in the ice for a while is just a matter of effort.”

“I am going to kill you!”

“Mm hmm? Kill me. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Having said that, it was impossible for Laura to attack Lavra with ice, and Liz very well knew that, so she came forward.

I only drank a little wine, so there won’t be so big of a problem.

“Sister Liz?”

“Don’t worry, Laura, leave it to me.” Liz took a deep breath. As soon as the dragon energy in her body had a tendency to be used, the cold air from nowhere would begin to swallow her. At first there was only a little bit of cold air, but the more the dragon energy was swallowed, the more the cold would be.

Forget it. Liz suppressed the cold air forcibly, and took a deep breath, “Hooo— Windtorie!” The rotating hurricane shot straight towards Lavra. On the other side, Igro also stood up, and shook its head.

The strength of the dragon’s body was very high, but Lavra’s previous attack was very powerful, making it feel dizzy for a while.

“Not bad. You can still have such an offensive power in this state, but you can only be like this.” Igro said.

“Really?” Lavra escaped Liz’s attack easily. Her smile remained.

“Hooo— Hhong—” Yanshi had slower speed, so it arrived late. It faced Lavra’s back and spewed out a flaming tongue.

“Oh my, playing sneak attacks now?” Lavra dodged aside, and the tongue of fire hit the ground. Sparks flashed, immediately burning the ground.

“Ugh…” Liz, who released the Wind Dragon’s Roar, pressed her chest and squatted on the ground in pain.

“Sister Liz!” Laura also squatted down hurriedly to check Liz’s condition.

“I can’t, Lala…” As Liz was talking, there was still cold air exiting her mouth, “No matter when I become ice… Lala, you must take care of yourself, and absolutely don’t give her blood.”

“I know, I know. Sister Liz, you will be fine. Yanshi, can you help Sister Liz warm up?” Laura hugged Liz tightly, and she could clearly feel Liz’s body getting colder. All she could do was rely on Yanshi.

“No, she has no resistance to flames. My flames will only hurt her.” Yanshi finished speaking and stared at Lavra to prevent her sudden actions.

“Heh~ I won’t mention those older dragon descendants just now. I really didn’t expect a little girl like you to be able to hold on for so long under the erosion of ice.” Lavra affirmed Liz’s ability, “However, if this continues, you will still be frozen, unless you have some external dragon energy that can suppress the cold.”

Laura was unsure what Lavra’s schemes were, but she understood that as long as there was external dragon energy, it can suppress the cold. The dragon energy crystals would be the best choice.

Suddenly, Laura figured out why Kyle would go to the inner castle to collect dragon energy crystals.

There were no dragon energy crystals now, where could she find them? Laura’s eyes rolled.

That’s right! The crystals inlaid on the cave wall that buried skeletons. Although they were different from the conventional one, they must also be dragon energy crystals.

Thinking of that, Laura patted Liz on the shoulder, “Hold on, Sister Liz, I have a way. I can’t lose you.” Laura took Liz on her back with some difficulty, and saw that Igro and Yanshi were still fighting against Lavra. It was a good opportunity.

“Dad, I will save you too.” Controlling the ice on Lauda, Laura let him float in the air, but it was a difficult task for her. She was carrying Liz on her back. She never did any rough work, so she got tired even after a few moves.

However, Laura gritted her teeth and initiated [Swift ● Footsteps] to speed up. She let Lauda who had turned into an ice sculpture hide in the forest in the distance. After a few breaths, she ran towards the platform with Liz on her back. .

There were still signs of life for people who have turned into ice. There were many people who have been frozen around there. Lavra knew that Igro and Yanshi dared not release a large-scale dragon roar to avoid hurting others. Therefore, while being attacked at close range by two huge dragons, Lavra was still able to dodge with ease. With a smile on her face, watching Laura’s disappearing figure on the other side of the road, her smile became more obvious.

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