The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 71 : Ice Strikes (4)


Aside from the guards who drank wine at the banquet, there were also several guards patrolling outside the castle. In the battle between the powerful dragons, they could not get themselves involved at all and could only watch from a distance.

The captain of the guards groaned for a moment. He saw Igro and Yanshi battling with great difficulties, so he immediately ordered the guards to risk being attack and move all the ice sculptures away to a place where they would safe.

Sure enough, without any scruples, the attack power of the dragon roars released by Igro and Yanshi became stronger. The guards in the distance could feel a heat wave and sharp wind oncoming.

Of course, Igro and Yanshi had not tried their best. If they really did, everything within those few kilometers would be destroyed.

“Hooo— Hhong!” Yanshi spouted fire waves again, rushing towards Lavra.

Lavra waved her hand relaxingly, emitting a faint blue light, which was swallowed by the fire wave. Soon, a strong cold current was generated at once, extinguishing the fire wave.

When the wind blew, traces of wind current could be clearly seen around Lavra. The wind was getting stronger. With a great howl, it surrounded Lavra. Lavra let out a few ice cones against the wind, but the ice cones crackled and shattered. That was a type of wind that could slice. The scope of the wind was decreasing. Lavra could not escape, and the consequence of being unable to escape was to be strangled by the wind.

“Hooo— Naluopu!” Yanshi spewed bright red flames to the wind, and the sharp wind with high-temperature flames surrounded Lavra. In that case, the rocks would turn into dust.

“Are we done?” Yanshi felt that Lavra’s aura had subsided.

“Be wary of your surroundings, this may be a clone.” Igro looked around to prevent Lavra’s attack.

It was just that none of them knew if they really did wipe her out. The surroundings were very quiet, leaving a pile of fire burning on the ground.

“Sister Liz, hold on.” Laura was tired, so her forehead was covered with fine sweat. Her red lips were bitten till they bled.

Many people outside the town’s walls looked towards the castle. They were all very curious about what had happened. They could sense and witness the abnormal changes in the sky, huge tornadoes, fire blazing into the sky, and the pressure exuded by ancient dragons.

At that time, a girl in black was carrying their princess. She appeared in front of them with an anxious look. Everyone could not help but step aside as Laura rushed towards the direction of the platform.

“Ah!” At that time, someone reacted: “Isn’t that Laura? The guards were looking for her the other day. Could it be that she was discovered and took the princess as a hostage?”

It seemed that the dear fellow said was quite reasonable, but soon, questioning voices sounded, “Impossible, although Laura is very powerful, she is just an ordinary dragon descendant. How can she be powerful enough to launch an attack at ancient dragons?”

“This… Didn’t the guards say that Laura framed the newcomer, Lady Lavra? Maybe she was the one who created that pressure. Anyway, why don’t we go and take a look?”

Thousands of people followed Laura one after another. Laura was stepping onto the platform of the battle arena and entering the lounge.

Dozens of dragon descendants who were relatively strong and were little nobles walked in and found that there was no one inside. They knew that there was no exit in that lounge aside from the main door, so where did Laura go? She was still carrying the princess on her back. Did they meet a ghost instead?

They were puzzled.

At the bottom of the arena, Laura was leaning on the wall, panting.  Looking at the shining crystal, hope was revealed in her tired eyes.

However, there were questions. How could she remove the crystals from the wall? And how should she use them?

At that moment, Laura regretted why she had not listened attentively in her basic classes before. Aristocratic dragon descendants learned the basics for a year when they were thirteen, including the types of dragons, how to get along with them, and how to use dragon energy crystals.

“Sister Liz, are you alright?” Liz, who was on her back, was very cold. Her body trembled constantly, and it was obvious that she too cold that she could not take it anymore.

“I…  Lala, where… is this…” Liz’s voice was hoarse, and the breath she exhaled was chilly.

“Some underground passage. Sister Liz, these are dragon energy crystals. With them, you can recover.”

“Hmm…” Liz turned her head and glanced at the crystals. Her pupils contracted, “Stones to seal dragon energy?” Liz was almost screaming. Her voice was no longer so hoarse, her body stopped shaking, and her eyes had unspeakable fear. The fear made her feel cold, but not physically. That moment, she was mentally cold, “Lala, what is this place?”

Laura avoided the topic just now, but she never knew she had to answer it. She replied with a mosquito-like voice, “A burial ground.”

“A burial ground? No, there is no underground passage for burial grounds in Olipolia, and it is impossible to find burial grounds with energy-sealing stones. Lala, what is this place?”

“An ice dragon’s… burial ground.”

“Oh no…” Liz’s pupils shook, “Leave quickly, Lala.” Her voice was like she was mumbling, but then she shook Laura’s arm quickly, “I said leave quickly, Laura! Put me down, that will be faster. Go, you have to leave this place without me.”

“What’s wrong with Sister Liz suddenly?”

The reality proved to Laura why Liz was so emotional.

The teleporting light array appeared. A smiling Lavra stood on the light array.

“This is a trap!?”

“Mm hmm.” Lavra nodded and admitted frankly.

Laura suddenly remembered what Lavra had said. Unless you have some external dragon energy…

Really… Lavra must have known that Laura had been there. Since Kyle took away all the dragon energy crystals, Lavra had predicted that Laura would definitely come here after listening to her. Otherwise, how could she sarcastically tell Laura so much about how dragon energy crystal could resist the cold?

Laura was innocent and cute on the surface, but she was so smart that she figured it out in an instant.

Backing up, Laura took one step back, then turned and ran into the hole abruptly.

The sound of Laura’s running and Lavra’s laughter echoed in the cave, “Don’t run in such a hurry. It won’t be good if you fall.”

“Why haven’t they come out after entering for so long? There seems to be a cool breath inside.”

“Why don’t we go in and take a look?”

Some people waiting outside the lounge were a little worried when they saw no one came out for so long, not to mention there was still no sound. The person who took the lead walked in and peeked. A sudden yell echoed, “Ah!!!”

The others were also frightened. In front of them, there were dozens of people who were frozen into statues.

Their expressions were normal. Some bent over to look under the stone benches, and some opened their mouths as if they were talking. To be certain, those people clearly did not know that danger was imminent until they were frozen.

Who did that? Who would be so terrifying to freeze them without their consciousness?

Da da da da da da da— Laura bit her lip and ran forward. She had to rely on the pain to motivate herself to run forward.

“Lala… let me go, I can’t stay with you… I will only be your burden…” Liz was weaker. Her lips were purplish, and her face was covered with ice, which made people feel like she was about to freeze. Liz knew that Laura could not hold on any longer with her on her back. Liz pleaded. She did not want to hurt Laura, but in exchange, she got Laura’s resolute answer.

“No! Sister Liz, I won’t leave Sister Liz in any way! Without Sister Liz, there would be no me, I will never be who I am now. For the sake of Sister Liz, even if I die, I don’t care.”

The front was getting brighter, and Laura knew that the end of the passage was coming. The road behind was gone, so she could only hope that there was a hidden exit there.

Running out of the passage, she arrived at a big cave. Liz watched the huge ice cube in a daze.

“Sure enough… this is where the ice dragon was sealed four hundred years ago…”

“Sealed?” Laura deeply understood the difference between the words “seal” and “perish”.

That being said, she figured that the light she caught a glimpse of from the dragon eye that morning was not an illusion (refer to volume 10 chapter 63). Then, who was that Lavra!? Could it be…

“So this is what my mother said about sensing something strange. This Lavra… is a soul…”

After hearing Liz’s words, Laura looked at the huge ice with a bit of shock. The huge ice was still dripping like it was melting. The ice water gathered into a small pool and seeped into the ground.

We must escape from here!

Laura looked around, trying to find a strange place that might be an exit. However, there was nothing left to exit except for the stones and the energy-sealing stones.

They were driven into desperation.

“What’s the matter? Not running away anymore?” Lavra gradually walked out of the shadow of the passage, and on her face was her constant smile.

“What the heck do you want?”

“What I want? It doesn’t matter. It’s just that my body has been sealed for so many years, so I just want to come back.”

The huge ice glowed faintly. The navy blue color of ice began to lighten, and then a huge skeleton of a dragon appeared in the ice.

The size of the skeleton was a bit larger than that of Igro’s, and the skin on its surface has been decayed. Only the huge wings were relatively healthy, but they were also damaged.

“Damn it…” Laura put Liz next to a large energy-sealing stone, preparing to fight Lavra desperately.

“Look, that’s my body, how majestic and huge. However! Those despicable Red Dragon Venus and Blue Dragon Bessica! They appeared when I was about to successfully invade Olipolia!” The beautiful face became hideous, “Hahahaha, it’s a pity that they couldn’t beat me at all and were completely defeated by me. But, the two dragons actually sealed my body by sacrificing themselves. What a joke. They still want to learn the Dragon God. Bah! Although I’m four hundred years late, but in the end, I will still invade Olipolia and make the world chaotic. Alas~ I just feel sorry for my body. I can’t come back anymore.”

Seeing Lavra sighing at her body, Laura shuddered. Her instincts told her that Lavra was scary, and she definitely did not use much strength in the previous battle.

“Hooo— Simu!” Even though Laura knew she could not defeat her, Laura would still fight Lavra with all her might.

The frost swept away, and wherever the frost went, the ground would be covered with ice.

Lavra returned to her smile, “That’s so cute. You should have known you were weak.” There was a blue light in her eyes, and the frost stopped in front of Lavra immediately. After a second, with a blow, she slapped Laura back.

“Hooo— Ice-sa!” Laura released a large ice shield to block the frost, and at the same time pushed hard against the ice shield. The ice shield turned into a sharp ice block and pulled towards Lavra. Needless to say, Lavra stopped Laura’s attack with another counterattack without moving her hand.

Liz watched Laura dodging from the left to the right. She tried to stand up, but she lacked strength. If it were not for the energy-sealing stones she was leaning against, Liz could not even sit up.

“Woah!” Laura yelled as she was hit by the hard ice. After falling to the ground and rolling, she continued to stand up.

Every time, she fell and got up again and again. Liz’s tears could not help streaming down. She really wanted to help Laura.

“Hmm…” Once again, Laura fell to the ground, but that time, she failed to get up. She, who was already tired, was now even more scarred.

Lavra walked to her, and a sharp ice sword appeared in her hand.

“No, don’t!” Liz was stirred up with numerous emotions. Under her shocked eyes, Lavra pierced Laura’s abdomen without hesitation.

Blood gradually flowed out. Laura turned her head and looked at Liz, with a smile on her face, “Sister Liz, I guess I finally protected you…”

“No!” Liz placed the energy-sealing stone behind her with one hand, and controlled the dragon energy within her.

Although the stone had a sealing effect, its essence was similar to that of the dragon energy crystal. Liz’s body was no longer cold by absorbing the dragon energy inside. Her eyes had a strong killing intent.

“Oh my, are you mad?” Lavra was satisfied with Liz’s performance. The ice sword in her hand stirred a few times, causing Laura to spit out mouthfuls of blood.

“Stay away from Lala!” Several wind blades were unleashed, flying towards Lavra with strong currents.

Lavra drew out the ice sword and backed up several distances. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Liz came to Laura.

“Lala, Lala, are you okay…” Crystal-clear tears fell on Laura’s pale baby face. Laura opened her eyes weakly, smiled at Liz, and then lost consciousness.

“Lala… Lala, wake up.”

“Your Royal Highness…Did you help me? Thank you, thank you for helping me.”

“You’re welcome. Tell me if you are bullied in the future. I won’t allow others to bully you.”

“Thank you… I really thank you.” Little Laura cried and apologized to Liz. It was the first time Liz met Laura when she was five years old.

Your Royal Highness… Princess… Sister Liz…

The changes of each title represented the deeper relationship between Laura and Liz.

The past bits and pieces, memories were in her mind.

Laura went from being timid at the beginning to being cheerful, even careless, and being a trickster everywhere. Liz remembered her changes.

Laura changed for Liz. The reason why her popularity was not so good was due to her family’s sake, her personality and something else.

Laura did not believe in anyone, and was hostile to anyone close to herself and Liz. The first time she performed trickery was because a boy said he liked Liz and wanted to associate with her. The beautiful Liz could not refuse so easily, so Laura made trouble for the boy and made the boy retreat. Soon, Laura offended more people.

However, Laura only dealt with the boys. She never did make the situation difficult for girls.

But despite that, Laura was still hated by the girls, because boys were speaking ill about her. Not to mention, Laura appeared cute. As she grew, her figure got better, and she eventually became the boy’s favourite, big chest and a child’s face, making her get hated more thoroughly.

However, Laura never complained. She only said a sentence: As long as Sister Liz is by my side, it is enough.

I really can’t stand you. Then, I will always be with you, and I will always protect you from being bullied by others. That was how Liz answered at the time.

Now, Laura’s blood stained Liz’s hands red. The answer about protecting her from being bullied by others was also taken away by the blood. Liz’s originally beautiful eyes were full of bloodshot and anger, “I want… to kill you.”

Lavra ignored Liz, she smiled happily, “Ah, the rare blood of ice can assimilate frost. The descendant of the person who placed the seal can remove the power of the energy-sealing stone. Both conditions have met. Finally, I can return to my body.”

“No… no wonder, you’ve already planned this!” Liz’s breathing rate increased a lot, “You took Lala’s blood, injured her, forced me to get angry, and then absorbed the dragon energy in the energy-sealing stone, breaking the balance of the seal array and achieve the purpose of lifting the seal.”

“Ah— Of course, otherwise you would have become ice.”

“No wonder that surging cold inside my body weakened…” Liz took a deep breath, “Although I can’t defeat you, I won’t make you feel any better. Hooo— Windtory!”

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