The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 72 : Ice Strikes (5)


“Lavra!” In the noisy wind cave, Richie’s voice sounded as he ran out of the passage.

“Oh my, Richie, why are you here?” Lavra replied with a smile while fending off Liz’s attack.

“Of course I came for you, Lavra. Tell me, Lavra, that you are not an evil dragon. All of this is not true, right?”

“Richie, what are you talking about at this point of time? Stop her quickly. We can’t let her resurrect.” Liz was very angry when she saw that Richie was obsessed.

“Shut up! Answer me, Lavra.” Richie looked at Lavra affectionately.

Lavra sighed and said regretfully, “I’m sorry, it’s true.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is true, Lavra. We can be together anyway.”

“Together? Even though I will be destroying Olipolia, we can still be together?” Lavra looked somewhat surprised.

“Of course, you can do whatever you want.” Rich nodded heavily. He had already thought that since Lavra wanted to invade Olipolia, after she succeeded, he could also become the King of Olipolia, or possibly be King of a new world.

“Really? I’m so happy.” Lavra smiled with joy, “Then can you help me hold Liz and prevent her from interfering with me in completing the unsealing ceremony.”

“Richie, don’t tell me you really want to rebel. Olipolia raised you. It is your home. Do you want Olipolia to fall into the crisis like four hundred years ago?” Liz felt that the man in front of her was so stupid that it became obvious that Lavra was just using him. She just hoped he would not be deceived by Lavra’s lies.

“So what? After the crisis, new life will begin. I will become the new King with Lavra. And Liz, I was once fascinated by you in the past, but now you are not worthy of my liking. Only a beautiful woman like Lavra is the yearning for men. Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. After I become King, I will make you my maid, and the maid next to you… will be a slave! Hooo— Haier!” Richie seemed to have seen the moment he become King as he unleashed a dragon roar Liz.

Seeing the flames coming, Liz shook her head. That person was helpless, “Hooo— Windtor!”

The wind cut through the flames and turned into sharp blades with strong currents. It went straight at Richie.

Behind Richie was Lavra. He could not dodge, but he would never try to dodge. He sent out a dazzling wall of fire, blocking the attack of the wind blades.

The wind blades hit the wall of fire. Hhong— Just like adding fuel, the flames of the fiery wall got bigger.

“Hahahaha.” Richie laughed. He felt extremely satisfied with the situation, “Did you see it? I got the inheritance, so my dragon energy has gotten more vigorous. Now, I can finally fight you. Take my attack, Liz!”

The wall of fire grew like tentacles, twisting and turning. One part of it attacked Liz, and the other part attacked Laura who was dying on the ground.

“Despicable!” Liz stood in front of Laura and launched a counterattack.

On the other side, Lavra’s red lips kept opening and closing, uttering the dragon language. The ice sword in her hand emitted the same faint light as the giant ice, and the color of Laura’s blood at the tip turned into a weird blue.

Lavra’s smile became more obvious. Like harvesting wheat, she cut off the energy-sealing stones in front of the huge ice. Whenever a piece of energy-sealing stone was broken, there would be colorless energy groups flowing to the huge ice.

Although the energy-sealing stones had sealed Lavra’s previous remaining dragon energy, it had now become a source of energy for her to restore.

Liz wanted to protect Laura. She could not break through Richie’s attack. All she could do was only watch, helplessly.

Krrt Krak— Cracks began to appear on the huge ice. The energy-sealing stones in the cave lit up, and all the colorless energy groups flowed to the huge ice.

“Richie! You will regret it!” By now, Liz only hoped to protect Laura. She did not want to expect any accidents to happen so suddenly.

“No, I won’t, Liz. We are ushering in a new world.”

The ground vibrated slightly. Dust and small rocks fell from time to time. Liz was worried that Laura would be hit by the small stones, so she could not help but divert her attention. Richie caught the opportunity, and unleashed a fire tongue, which hit her body.

“Ugh…” Liz fell to the ground, looking at Richie and Lavra coldly. She slowly approached Laura, planning to leave there, but now she could not do anything.

“Richie, thank you for buying me time.” Lavra walked up to Richie, put out an arm around his neck, and heaved a short breath at him.

Richie was on cloud nine. Holding onto Lavra’s waist, he kissed her attractive red lips.

In Richie’s eyes, it was a sweet entanglement, but Liz did not think so. Liz could clearly see that Richie’s still tender body seemed to be “leaking air”, and it was slowly shrinking.

At the beginning of realizing something was wrong, Richie wanted to let go of Lavra, but his neck was held tightly by Lavra, like a lover who was reluctant to part. There was a stream of heat in his body flowing to Lavra through his mouth. When Richie began to feel unable to breathe, Lavra let go of him.

Richie, like a puddle of mud, sat on the ground with no energy. He looked at Lavra with difficulty breathing, and his eyes were full of puzzlement.

“It’s really good, a little less though.” Lavra licked her lips incessantly, as if she had tasted something delicious.

“What did you do to him?” Liz looked at Richie who was like a corpse, and could not help panicking in her heart.

“Absorbing vitality. You and Laura are next.”

“Why…” Richie’s voice was hoarse, he could not believe it. He had always thought that he would be King.

“Richie, you like me, don’t you? If you do, can’t you just give me everything including your life? Become part of my strength.” Lavra’s face became terrifying. Her skin resembled the cracks of ice, “The seal is about to be lifted, and there is no need to maintain it like this.”

“Don’t come here…Don’t come here…” Richie wanted to step back, but he could not drag his lifeless body without the strength. It could be said that sitting was his limit.

Lavra looked particularly horrifying after shedding part of her skin. She moved her face to Richie, “Didn’t you say that you like me?”

“No!!!” Richie yelled. His eyes turned white, and he fell back.

“Hehe, human beings are easily fooled by appearances.” Lavra looked at Liz, “Are you ready to hand your vitality over to me?”

Seeing Richie’s hideous and distorted mummy face and sunken eyes, Liz did not want to become like that.

“Don’t come here!” Although she was afraid of Lavra, Liz still hugged Laura tightly and slowly moved back.

Krrt krak— At that moment, a huge crack appeared in the ice. Lavra looked a little shocked, “Impossible, they are already dead. How can there be energy fluctuations? Are they not dead?”

No longer absorbing the vitality of Liz and Laura, Lavra’s skin was completely unravelled, turning into a blue-purple incorporeal body as she dove into the crack of the giant ice.

In the ice, a faint blue light appeared in the empty chest cavity of the dragon’s skeleton. The dragon’s mouth and eyes also lit up.

The ice was completely shattered, and the frost dragon skeleton let out a very eerie roar. Expelling a cloud of icy air, it rushed to the stone wall above to break it. After that, the skeleton slapped the somewhat corrupted long wings and rose into the sky.

At the same time, a blue teleportation magic circle appeared at the location of the giant ice, and under Liz’s surprised eyes, several figures she knew appeared.

A minute ago, when Valarie and Bellina were stunned by the sudden feeling they had, a blue teleportation magic circle suddenly appeared on the ground, and then Lin Xiang and the others came to a strange cave.

“Pervert!” A familiar voice sounded, and Lin Xiang looked over to find that Liz was looking at him with unfriendly eyes. The reason was simple.

The blonde girl was wearing cloth strips as underwear and pulling Lin Xiang’s ragged clothes with full exposure of her body. Meanwhile, the dull-looking girl with brownish-red hair was lying on his back.

Really… and I was here worrying about your safety! Being flanked back and forth by two girls, Lin Xiang, you must be really happy!

However, Liz did not want to care about Lin Xiang too much now, at least he was not dead. Her top priority was Laura.

Lin Xiang also saw Laura resting on Liz’s chest. Although she was wearing black clothes, he could tell from the darkening of the abdomen and the blood on the floor that Laura was injured.

“Princess, what happened? Silent Water, hurry up.” Lin Xiang stood up and brought Silent Water to Liz.

Silent Water quickly released water magic to treat the wounds for Laura. Laura’s face and lips were already pale.

“Princess, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang asked anxiously. That was the second time Laura had been injured, and it looked more serious than last time.

“Lavra… just like Lala said, she’s an evil dragon. She lifted the seal.”

“Lavra? Evil dragon?” Lin Xiang recalled the smiling woman.

“Ah!” A hair-raising dragon howl sounded.

A white petal fell gently in front of Lin Xiang’s eyes, and when he looked up, there was a big hole. Many white “petals” fell from the dark sky.

In that summer, it actually snowed.

The second group of people who entered the lounge were shocked when they saw the frozen people. One of them was shocked when he checked the frozen people. When he retreated, he accidentally hit his back on the Dragon God monument.

He originally planning to bow and worship the Dragon God for forgiveness, but found a white teleportation formation on the ground instead.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do. At that moment, Richie appeared, and he told everyone to not go in, saying it was extremely dangerous inside. After all of them went out and waited, they walked in. After a while, the teleportation array disappeared.

After hearing what Richie said, people went out and waited. They needed Richie to tell them what happened to the castle and why the dragon was upset.

People were talking on the platform, and suddenly the ground began to shake. About three minutes later, there was a roar of a dragon, followed by the sound of the ground cracking open. A dragon skeleton with blue light shadow rose into the sky.

A cold current blew, and everyone shuddered.

The dragon skeleton had been an ominous symbol since ancient times. After the death of an ordinary dragon, there would be no dragon souls. Only dragons with strong spirit and high intelligence have dragon souls.

After a dragon die, the dragon soul would escape from the body and was absorbed or dissipated by the dragon descendants. The few dragon souls with resentment were neither absorbed nor dissipated. When returned to the body, it would become a bone dragon.

Of course, at the beginning, the bone dragon was the same as a normal dragon, and there was nothing unusual about it. However, over time, the body would rot because it was dead and its body was no longer active.

Although the flesh was rotten, the bone dragon’s defensive power and destructive power would increase a lot.

Such an evil bone dragon appeared in front of everyone. They were in a daze. No one had seen the bone dragon. Then, screams were everywhere. Many people flocked to the exit, and a small number of people hid in the lounge.

“Ah!” A dragon howl rang through the sky, and the frost bone dragon seemed to yell in excitement for its own resurrection.

A cold current began to appear in the air, and snow fell from the sky.

Humans, weak humans appeared in its field of vision, they were surging like ants, panicking and screaming.

Flicking its wings, the frost bone dragon dived and flew towards the crowd running on the ground.

“It’s coming here! The evil dragon is here!”

It was unsure who shouted so, but that made the crowd more chaotic.

“Hooo— Fu———” Flying at low altitudes, the frost bone dragon quickly caught up with the people running. Its mouth that was emitting blue light sprayed out frost, and all the people turned into ice.

Igro, who was talking to Mangu and others about how to rescue the frozen humans, suddenly raised his head and looked to the South. Yanshi also felt the horrifying pressure of an ancient dragon.

“This… It’s resurrected!” Igro’s thick voice was jittery. With a slap on the giant wing, it flew up, and flew towards the South where the dragon energy came from.

Yanshi followed behind, but not as fast as Igro, so there was a huge gap between them.

“Really…” After listening to Liz’s description, Lin Xiang understood why he had a bad feeling when he first met Lavra. The other party was the soul body of an evil dragon, not to mention Freed and Yalide stopped talking at the time. Lin Xiang could not confirm his doubts without them. Otherwise, many things could definitely be avoided.

“Is Lala alright?” Liz touched Laura’s face, looking very heartbroken. The blood stains on Laura’s body were all cleaned up by Silent Water, so Lin Xiang could see that her slightly thick little lips were bruised and swollen. It was not difficult to see the traces of her biting herself.

“She has no major problems. Although the wound is deep, it is not big. Her internal organs have stopped bleeding and will slowly recover under the guidance of water. It’s just that she has lost a lot of blood, so her body will be very weak. After all, she was injured last time and bled a lot.”

“Thank you, Silent Water.” Liz thanked Silent Water, and sighed, “It should be a mess outside. Olipolia is in crisis again.” At that time, Liz looked at Bellina, who was busy approaching and pleasing Valarie. She had noticed the girl was about two years older than Valarie, and felt the aura of an ancient dragon from her, “Is she the daughter of Blue Dragon Bessica?”

“Do you know my mother?” Bellina looked at Liz for the first time. She kept focusing on Valarie for the past few minutes.

“Yes. The seal of the ice dragon is the work left by both of your mothers…” Liz simply recounted the legend that has been passed down for more than four hundred years.

“Are you speaking… the truth…” Valarie stared at Liz, seeming to want Liz to confirm.

“It’s true. It’s been passed down from the ancestors, and it’s only been four hundred years. There won’t be many mistakes.”

“Impossible, we just heard our mother’s call, to let us stop the Frost Dragon. If they really did die, how can they call us? They must be alright. They should have just injured pretty badly in that battle. Little Valarie, don’t listen to this woman. All humans like to deceive.” Bellina glanced at Lin Xiang.

What does this have to do with me?

Lin Xiang was speechless. He found Valarie was looking at him and could not help asking, “What’s the matter?”

“Like what this… Water Dragon said… I don’t believe… this human. Do you… think I can… trust her…”

What I said is the truth. Liz stared at Lin Xiang in anger. Poor Valarie had been deceived by that Lolicon.

“I believe in Princess.” Lin Xiang said it almost without hesitation, causing Liz, who was not trusted by Valarie and was a little unhappy about it, to be slightly stunned. Her heart felt warming.

“Well… then I… believe her.”

“Hey~ Little Valarie, how could you? This human being likes to lie.” Bellina was deeply dissatisfied with Lin Xiang. She felt that Lin Xiang had spoken ill of her to Valarie and made her little Valarie not get close to her.

“In that case… Once we defeat… the ice dragon… everything will be clear.”

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