The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 73 : Ice Strikes (6)


“As expected of Little Valarie, what a great way! Let’s go now.” Bellina’s hand was shook away by Valarie as soon as she took her hand.

“Walk by yourself.” After speaking, Valarie walked to Lin Xiang, and under Lin Xiang’s puzzled eyes, she gave Lin Xiang a princess carry. Yes, that’s right, a princess carry.

A little girl carried a boy almost at his adult age, and the picture was as disharmonious as it was.

However, Valarie did not pay much attention to that. Red wings grew behind her, and she flew up after giving a hard kick.

“Little Valarie, wait.” Bellina followed closely and flew out of the twenty-meter-high cave.

“That…Which of you can fly too?” Liz asked quietly.

“Leave it to me!” Dusty patted her flat chest, confidently.

“You can fly?”

“No!” Dusty replied decisively, “But I can let everyone go up, so try to stand and squeeze in a little bit. Hmm, that’s it, then prepare yourselves. Heyo!”

Liz only felt the ground shake, and it began to rise slowly, like a lifting platform, straight up to the outside of the cave.

“This is great!” Liz did not expect magic to be that magical and useful. She just looked at Dusty and found that she was holding Reidy’s thigh and constantly crying, “Too tall! It’s scary!”

“Hey… Don’t be so embarrassing, okay… Get up.” Reidy wanted to pull her leg back but was hugged tightly by Dusty.

Above the cave, the snow had been accumulated to a thickness of one centimetre. The cold wind was so chilly that Lin Xiang sneezed.

“Wow haha, it feels so refreshing! So comfortable!” Bellina stepped on the snow with her bare feet, and kicked the snow, “This is snow, right? It’s strange, like ice, but not.”

Compared to the excited Bellina, Valarie looked a little uncomfortable. After putting down Lin Xiang, she retracted her wings and her body became hot, which warmed Lin Xiang because he was next to her, and the snow under her feet showed signs of melting.

“Little Valarie don’t like snow?” Bellina held up a ball of white snow. Seeing Valarie nodded and heard that she did not favour snow, Bellina let go of the snow in her hand, “Actually… I don’t like snow either.”

“Heh.” Lin Xiang saw Bellina’s appearance and could not help but felt hilarious. She even said that she did not like things she liked because of Valarie. This is really…

“Valarie, get along well with Bellina a little bit more. You are no longer enemies.”

“Hmm.” Bellina nodded pitifully.

“It should be… over there… Let’s go.” There was no answer. Valarie moved and ran towards the North where sparks appeared in the sky.

“Little Valrie, wait.” Bellina flapped her wings and followed.

Although the snow on the ground made Valarie a little uncomfortable, she did not choose to fly. She consumed a lot of energy in the previous battle, and even used the fire of life.

After resting for a period of time, quarter of her dragon energy had recovered. Although flying would not take much dragon energy, she wanted to avoid wasting as much as possible.

Bellina was different. When she went fishing with Valarie, she jumped into the river and used the water environment to recover one-half of the dragon energy, so she chose to fly.

She was flying, but not as fast as Valarie, because Valarie was physically stronger and was a part of the war mechanics, while Bellina was a mage with a weaker physique.

Seeing the two small figures disappearing to the edge of the white area, Lin Xiang could only wait for Silent Water and the others to come up. There was no way, he was too weak, and there were too little dragon energy in him.

“Master!” As soon as the stone pillar rose, Dusty jumped into Lin Xiang’s arms.

Lin Xiang knew that Dusty was afraid of heights, and that it was at least seven stories high from below, so he patted Dusty’s head and comforted her, “Hey, good girl, isn’t it already up? Also, Dusty did a great job, you brought everyone here.”

“Yes.” Dusty’s mood stabilized a lot. Holding her head up, she moved from time to time, enjoying Lin Xiang’s touch.

“Plop!” Lin Xiang’s heartbeat suddenly sped up, and then returned to normal. After that, it thumped, speeding up again.

“Strange, what is this feeling?” Lin Xiang’s heartbeat got fast and slow. His spirit was suddenly very excited, and the next second he felt very tired. He was unsure what was wrong with him.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Silent Water asked when Lin Xiang’s expression was a little weird.

“No, just a little uncomfortable. It’s probably the cold.”

“Is Master cold? Then I’ll hold you tightly.” Dusty’s flat chest rubbed against Lin Xiang. Friction produces heat! That was what Dusty learned when watching TV.

“Where are Valarie and Bellina?” Liz walked over with Laura on her back, Reidy followed behind her.

“To the ice dragon. It shouldn’t be too late. Let’s go over and see if we can help. Princess, you just need to find a safe place and settle down for Laura.”

“No… I’m fine…” Laura opened her eyes weakly and said in a rather soft voice.

“You think you’re fine? Just take a good rest.” Lin Xiang’s voice was full of care.

“Hehe… I let Brother Xiang see my embarrassing state again… but I’m really okay… I must witness the moment when the evil dragon falls…” Although Laura looked tired and weak, her eyes were full of determination.

“Princess, please decide.” Lin Xiang looked at Liz and let her choose. Laura also looked at Liz, hoping she would agree.

“No.” Liz finally shook her head. She would not refuse Laura, but she had to refuse because of Laura’s personal safety.

“In this case… I’ll crawl on my own…”

“Lala, you…” Liz was so annoyed that she could not speak, and finally she could only sigh and nod, “After the cold is completely cleared, my dragon energy became lesser. I’ll take you and watch from a distance, but don’t get too close.”

“Hehe… I knew Sister Liz was the best.”

“Good,” Now that the princess agreed, Lin Xiang said no more, “Dusty, you are responsible for protecting the princess and Laura. Silent Water, Reidy and I will see if we can help. Remember to be careful, the other party is a dragon, an ancient dragon, so its power is different from the destructive power of demons. Whenever there is danger, retreat.”

The girls nodded, and then they began to take action. Lin Xiang and Silent Water ran in the direction of the battle first. The sky in the distance became white due to snow, but the flames were extremely dazzling.

“Hooo— Bifeiyah!” Yanshi spit out the spinning fire tornado and hit the frosty bone dragon’s body. However, it did not cause any damage, and the flame had frozen when it touched the bone dragon’s body.

The Frost Bone Dragon, who was facing Igro, turned its head abruptly, opened its big blue mouth. Countless small sharp ice cubes pierced Yanshi’s body. Before the blood dripped out, ice appeared on the wound.

Hhong!” A huge body fell down. The snow was mixed with mud, and Yanshi glided on the ground for a long time. It wanted to get up, but the ice on its body and the impact when it fell caused it to struggle a few times before lying on the ground. It could only snort, indicating that it was still alive.

“Why didn’t Venus and Bessica kill you?” There was also a lot of ice on Igro, but it did not affect its flight.

Climate and environmental conditions were very important for dragons’ battle. For example, water dragons could exert greater abilities in rainy weather and could also reduce the consumption of dragon energy.

The windy and snowy sky was undoubtedly the home of a Frost Bone Dragon. In fact, it had just resurrected, and it had not recovered much. If it was in the past, Yanshi would have already died in the attack just now, and Igro would not be able to stop it from further destroying Olipolia.

“They are not strong enough, so it is certain that they can never kill me.” The dragon’s voice itself was strong, but the voice of the Frost Bone Dragon with a decaying body was even more unpleasant. It gave an eerie feeling that would make people’s hair stand on end.

“It’s a pity that you didn’t get killed in the Demon Realm back then. Otherwise, there won’t be so many things happening now. Venus and Bessica wouldn’t have to die in vain. Lakyn.”

Lakyn was the real name of the Frost Bone Dragon. When Lakyn was just an ice dragon, it brought its race to kill other dragons and spirits in the demon world. Igro and other dragons launched an attack on them.

The dragons’ battle was very terrible. The vast forests of the Demon Realm have turned into barren wasteland. The mountains have been destroyed, and the rivers have dried up. The weak local creatures either escaped or died.

It was no choice that the ice dragons were so powerful. They seemed to be able to gain energy by killing other creatures, so Igro and the others’ side suffered heavy casualties.

However, later, a fire dragon and a water dragon joined forces. They were extremely powerful, much stronger than dragons of the same attribute! Moreover, the attacks cooperated tacitly, and the situation began to change.

They killed the evil group of ice dragons, but their leader, Lakyn, escaped under severe damage. Igro and the others searched for Lakyn’s traces. After looking for a few months, Lakyn seemed to have disappeared.

Later, Venus and Bessica left. No dragon knew where they were. Only Igro, seeing the humanoid Bessica released the ability to travel through space, and wanted to go to the human world with Venus.

Igro asked them why they went to the human world, and Bessica responded that the ice dragon fell into a crack in another dimension and reached the human world. That was a good explanation for why they had not found the ice dragon after looking for it for so long. Moreover, Bessica injected her own water into the ice dragon, and when she used her power, she felt it.

Igro also wanted to go, but Venus and Bessica refused, because Igro could not become a human being. They worried that Igro would cause panic in humans, and its body was too huge and would consume a lot of energy to be teleported there.

Finally, Igro watched them leave.

Year after year, Igro did not hear from Venus and Bessica. While flying in the demon world, Igro met Liz’s ancestors, and they brought Igro back to Olipolia.

Igro did not think that humans could get along well with dragons and would use dragon roar. Later, it was discovered that it was Olipolia that Lakyn had destroyed in the human world at that time. It was stopped and defeated by the red dragon and the blue dragon. But the two dragons also sacrificed themselves.

Igro wondered what it would be like if they knew they sacrificed without defeating the enemy.

Igro looked at Lakyn, and was determined to stop it anyway. That was its unfinished task before and his responsibility now to protect Olipolia.

Floating snow hindered Igro’s flight, but it was still so dexterous. It dodged a lot of ice thorns, sucked a lot of wind into its mouth, trying to compress the cold in him. It wanted to give Lakyn a heavy blow while taking advantage of its current unrecovered strength.

Igro flew around Lakyn and got behind it. With a boost, a mass of wind that could blast off a mountain was launched accurately, targeting at Lakyn’s wings.

Lakyn also noticed that. With a flip of its body, the wind group hit its back.

“Bang!” With a heavy sound, Lakyn fell downwards.

Igro followed closely, breathing in the cold wind again.

Hhong.” Lakyn slapped its giant wings while landing, and fell steadily to the ground with several vibrations.

It looked up at Igro, and its blue mouth opened. A burst of ice and snow spurted out. Igro’s wind group was also sent out.

“Bang!” Snow exploded to the ground, while white mist floated in the sky.

Igro hovered in the air. It knew that Lakyn could not fly temporarily. The air was its home ground, so it could completely ignore the falling snow and dodge Lakyn’s attacks sensitively. On the other hand, Lakyn would not easily dodge his attacks too.

However, the situation was not like how Igro thought it would be. The blue light in Lakyn’s eyes obviously brightened, and then a cone of ice fell from the sky. The ice cones were stuck on Igro’s wings. Although the cones did not penetrate, they injured and frozen Igro, making Igro lost the ability to fly.

Hhong.” Igro fell to the ground. It shook its head, got up, and quickly unleashed a dragon roar, “Hooo— Swit!”

Like a cannonball, Igro quickly slammed forward. That was the [Swift ● Charge] ability.

“Fuu—” Lakyn sprayed out frost and hit Igro from the front. Igro would be frozen if it was a few meters nearer. Lakyn’s icy bone tail flicked and pushed Igro hundreds of meters away. At the same time, the ice on its body broke apart, but it failed to get up after sliding for a certain distance in the snow.

“Even though your strength has not recovered… I am clearly not your opponent… It seems that only Venus and Bessica can defeat you. Unfortunately, they are no longer here.” Igro turned over and stood swaying. He got up, but stumbled down again. Before that, it had only ice flowers and some small wounds on its body, but now it had a deep wound. That was the place where it was hit by the bone tail just now.

“Yes, it’s a pity that they are gone. You killed my subordinates back then. Now, let your blood stain this piece of snow! Soon, the entire human world will fall into panic.” Lakyn opened its mouth, and numerous ice cones were shot.

Igro watched the cold light approaching, but he was unable to resist, and said with a sigh, “Is it going to end here? Alas, I still can’t stop…”

Glug glug.” It sounded like stones falling into the lake. Igro saw a huge water wall in front of him, and the tips of some ice cones protruded, but the water wall still blocked them well.

“This aura is…” Igro looked to the South, and in the snowy world, he could see a blue-haired “girl” flying over with dragon wings, “Bessica?”

Lakyn’s eyes were also attracted by the blue-haired girl, and its blue eyes glew brighter. It could be seen that when it heard the name Bessica, its eyes would be filled with murderous intent.

“Bang!” A fiery feeling came surging to its face, and Lakyn was hit back several steps. A small red figure appeared in front of it, braving a fist of flame, which was just used to attack it. It stared at the little red figure, and the light in its eyes became brighter.

“Venus? No, although they look very similar, they don’t. They are their offspring.” Igro looked at Valarie and Bellina, and hope rekindled in his eyes, “If it’s them, maybe we can.”

“This flame… you are a descendant of Venus!” Lakyn’s mouth flung wide-open, showing sharp teeth. It leaped forward, and with a screech, it bit at the place where Valarie was standing.

Valarie jumped high, avoiding the bite. A flame ignited under her feet and stepped down suddenly, like a falling meteor!

Hhong!” Mud and snow splashed all over, and Lakyn’s head hit the ground heavily. Valarie jumped up again, her right hand turned into a dragon’s claw, and transparent flames were condensed in it, aiming at Lakyn’s head, attempting to strike again.

“Little Valarie, kill it!” Bellina’s eyes showed many small stars, but her eyes changed in less than a second.

“Swish!” Lakyn’s bone tail flung to Valarie’s side. Valarie had no wings in the air, so she could not change her direction. Her ruby eyes reflected the barbed bone tail that was getting closer and closer.

With a plop, the bone tail fell into a water ball, and its speed slowed down a lot. Valarie glanced at Bellina, and saw Bellina smiling at her, “Little Valarie can rest assured. Just leave your back to this big sister!”

As she continued to fall, Valarie’s transparent flame punch hit Lakyn’s head that had just been raised.


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